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The Satanic Temple Santa Cruz
Established 8/19/2019
Entity Type Nonprofit
Incorporated State California
State ID# C4310448
Physical Address 1267 WILLIS STREET, STE. 200, REDDING CA 96001
Mail Address 1267 WILLIS STREET, STE. 200, REDDING CA 96001
Doing Business As N/A
Past Names N/A

The Satanic Temple Santa Cruz is a California-based nonprofit corporation registered in the state of California. It was created Sept, 19, 2019. Lana Davis is its chief executive officer, Brenan Peterman is its secretary, and Sara Barnson is its chief financial officer. "Northwest Registered Agent, Inc." is its registered agent.[1][2]

The principal street address for both corporations is 1267 Willis St., Ste. 200, Redding, CA 96001.[3] 


A Facebook group and page were created in March 2018 with a Facebook page coming in August 2017.[4][5] Its Twitter and Instagram accounts no longer appeared active, effective August 2020.[6][7]. As of February 2021, no chapter head or media liaison was publicly listed. From May 2018 to September 2019, Sadie Satanas and Lana Navalia were identified as chapter heads.[8][9]

In the May 2018 interview with free-circulation weekly newspaper Good Times, chapter heads stated the Santa Cruz chapter came out of an earlier, apparently now-defunct San Jose chapter, on whose behalf Satanas had also been authorized to speak to the media.[8][10] The San Jose chapter had been in existence since at least 2015 when its director of communications was Xepher Asche.[11]


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