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"Dex Desjardins" in his own words

My name is Dex Desjardins. I am over the age of 18, of sound mind, and am capable of making this unsworn declaration.[1]

  1. I am submitting this declaration anonymously to avoid the catastrophic side-effects from the controversy surrounding this case and the deeply personal nature of the subject of this dispute.
  2. I am a member of The Satanic Temple (“TST”) and hold its tenets as sincere religious beliefs.
  3. I have been involved with The Satanic Temple (TST) since I first joined in July 2015.
  4. Since joining TST, I have been involved in numerous ways. I co-founded and co-led a TST-oriented community group in November 2016 that was rebranded as the TST Albany Chapter in February 2018. I served as Chapter Head of the Albany Chapter from February 2018 until January 2020. During that time, I ran monthly Chapter meetings, oversaw the Chapter’s educational programming and project management, participated in membership onboarding and the appointment of leadership council members, and facilitated communication between the Chapter and TST’s larger organization and community. I briefly served as the Chapter’s media liaison between January and April 2020. After our chapters were transitioned into congregations, I was Regent over the Albany Congregation from July 2021 onward.
  5. From April 2020 to November 2020, I served on TST’s International Council, which oversaw the organization’s Chapters and provided advice to TST’s Executive Ministry. In my role on the International Council, I helped establish our organization-wide recognition ceremony and award categories, I consulted on the development of our holidays, and I worked on numerous policy documents. I also worked with community groups that were working toward chapter status in Maine, Ohio, Oklahoma, Utah, and Western New York.
  6. I was a researcher, lesson writer, and lesson presenter for TST’s ordination program.
  7. Starting in November 2020, I was recruited onto TST’s newly formed Ordination Council. In my role on the Ordination Council, I oversee the development of elective lessons that Ministers of Satan can take to fulfill their continuing education requirement for ordi- nation renewal. I have overseen the ordination of dozens of Ministers of Satan. I also researched, wrote, and presented an elective lesson for ordination renewal.
  8. In April 2021, I was ordained as a Minister of Satan. I have given several religious services and officiated marriages in that role.
  9. Most recently, I have been appointed a Media Relations Specialist. In that role, I talk to media outlets, provide interviews for podcasts and YouTube shows, work with students and researchers, and speak at academic institutions and symposia.
  10. I became and I remain a member of TST, and I do the work that I do in TST, because I am a religious non-theistic Satanist and TST’s interpretation of religious non-theistic Satanism best aligns with my religious beliefs and values. TST is my church.
  11. TST has provided me with a religious community and friends around the world. I find great value and meaning in supporting our community’s religious development and in providing useful services such as the various leadership and administrative roles I’ve held and that I hold today. It is a source of ongoing pride and happiness to be able to participate in TST in the ways I do.


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