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  • curprev 09:4609:46, 18 April 2022WikiGOD talk contribs 43,113 bytes +43,113 Created page with "'''March 1, 2021'''<br> '''Hail Satan - The Satanic Grotto - a chat with Mike Stewart'''<br> ''A chat with Mike Stewart''<br> https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/hail-satan/the-satanic-grotto-a-chat-lpU8fQLAPj6/ ''' == Transcript == ''' 00:00:23 Joseph Rose: Greetings heathens. Welcome to hail satan. This is the podcast exploring Satanism, culture and life in general through the eyes of modern Satanists. My name is Joseph rose. I'm a member of the Satanic Temple and I'..."