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06:00 Thank you. And thanks for the invite to being here.

06:04 Yeah, it's, it's a pleasure to talk to you. So you know, I reached out to my audience because I was planning another round of episodes, I record all my episodes in batches. And I was like, hey, so who should I interview next? And everyone was like Steve Hill, everyone. Everyone wanted you on the show. So I really, yeah, so I really appreciate you

06:31 being chased by the police.

06:32 Oh, no, I hope? I hope not.

06:37 No, I got I got a thing with the police right now.

06:39 So let's talk. So let's talk about that. And before we do, just tell my audience some about who you are and what you do. All right,

06:46 man, who I am. My name is Steve Hill. I was born on the north side of St. Louis in the summer of 1961, about two weeks after President Barack Obama born to a ghetto dirt poor, you know, I learned kind of from my father and big brothers, they were all military men. And you know, I got I got men in my family who have fought, you know, documented all the way back to the Civil War. So my father fought in World War Two, my brother thought Vietnam, we got another brother that retired US Marine and me myself, I spent about proximately, six years as a United States Marine. Okay. had little situation happened in the Marine Corps. And, and I just told them, you know, it just led me to just let me out, you know, and one of my commanding generals, was the one that suggested it, because they the Marine Corps had fucked up so bad with me, they were like, you want to get out? I was like, Yeah, okay, because you guys are kind of fucking weird. So anyways, I went to LA worked in aerospace worked as a CNC aerospace machines, which is a computer numerical control machine is made really, really precise parts as it relates to application on usually to stealth fighters and the jet fighters, the F two and all kinds of, you know, anyway, it was a it was kind of a stressful job because of the exotic metals we worked with, like titanium, and, you know, really these weird metals. But anyway, I kind of got bored with that, you know, making these inanimate objects for and I thought I would do something a little bit more exciting. So I went to prison for 10 years as an officer. Don't get it fucking twisted, folks. Yeah, I worked in two different maximum security prisons. One being CCI, which is California Correctional Institution attach B and worked at CSP lac, which is California State Prison, Los Angeles County, the only state prison within the bounds of Los Angeles County, okay. Had enough of that after about 10 years. I just, I just couldn't, I couldn't do it anymore. Got into a little situation with administration. And I had to go because I kind of caught them in a fucked up situation. I just decided to take an early retirement and they were like, Would you like to retire? Like, yeah, so Anyway, anyway, so I've been retired for like 20 years now. After that, I went, you know, I wanted to do something a little bit more positive, maybe something with kids, you know, something, you know, working with the children trying to straighten them out. So I went and worked as campus security for two middle schools in my area, and that was kind of like working at the prison, but at the prison, I didn't have to worry about getting shot. I mean, these schools are fucked up. And that's where we need to be putting our money into, you know, educating our children and making sure everybody got a good shot at the American dream and future and all of that. At this point. I was like, okay, you know, I'm not getting any younger, I need to do something to make some money. You know, it's time you know, it's time to rubber rubber meets the road. It's time to, you know, bring home the bacon, make some little, you know, and it really doesn't give me any amount of pleasure to, you know, admit this, but I had to go into a life of crime. Yeah, I went into real estate

10:13 that is a life. That is a life of crime.

10:16 Yeah, really? Let me tell you, if you only knew what I fucking knew, I mean, you hope this isn't a Sunday show?

10:24 No, we don't do show on Sunday shows around here. 18 and over,

10:27 this might get a little little of it. Yeah, man. So I opened up that very real estate appraisal in 2004, about three years before the Oh, mortgage meltdown happened, great recession, saw a lot of people lose their houses saw a lot of kids get uprooted from their foundational structure, which is the home and you know, wind up living with cousins and uncles and perverts and freaks. And who knows that who the kids get exposed to in those stressful circumstances where, you know, people are basically walking away from their homes and losing their homes in a stressful period in a kid's life. And, you know, I think about I think about that all the time that no one went to jail for No, you know, none of the real criminals, none of the real actors of the mortgage meltdown, financial crime, none of them went to prison. And, you know, I think back to how I feel so uncomfortable working in maximum security prison, and just seeing the enormous amount of black men behind bars. It is like, it's jaw is jaw dropping, jaw dropping, you know, I stood there on days, you know, doing mil release, you know, maybe C three C blah, Charlie blah, and you crack the doors to self control booth to open the doors and man for the next 15 minutes, you can see nothing but brothers walking out front of the sales or cellblock door, you know, it wears on you after a while, because that's where you learned that just inherently Something must be wrong with this fucking system for so many, you know, and then you start you know, if you know history, and you start thinking that too, you know, how do we get here? How, you know what, why us why. And you think about, you know, 1863 Masturbation proclamation, you think about 1865, outright abolishment of slavery, then you think about all of that time period in between the 60s, you know, we had the Civil Rights Act, and we had some real legislation and voters rights actions in 68, where they supposedly stopped the red line, and we could live wherever we wanted to, but I think that's actually still going on. But if you think about it, in that context, and he started linking history up together, and you see you got these, you know, you got to have these ghettos of black people where they've had, you know, so much lack of educational opportunities, upward mobility, you know, into the, you know, because you're basically trapping people into ghettos where there's no economic tax base to support the community, you know, that and that a direct adverse effect on public schools, you know, and then you throw people in there with no job, no money, no hope. But are you gonna do they're gonna feed on each other, like, animals? Just shit trying to survive? Yeah. Feeling all of that element that this country produces?

13:25 And then and then blame? Well, well, I was gonna say, and then blame the people for how they behave when it was the systemic realities that pushed them to that situation in the first place. Yeah, yeah,

13:39 exactly. Exactly. It's like, how many times can one group of people be victimized? Yep. And it's, it gets kind of redundant, especially every time you walk out, you fuck in front door, your skin is black. It's like, oh, you know, how am I gonna maneuver through the day? That's, you know, that's what I think about when I leave, leave the house. But yeah, it's, uh, until until everybody gets, you know, learn history and start applying, you know, common sense and logic and maybe gain some compassion and a little empathy and love and you know, everything that's a trip attributed to humans in a Christian nation. You know, they say it's a Christian nation, but I don't know. I don't know. I don't know if those Christians went to Africa and picked up more Christians and we're all God's children. I mean, all of that bullshit is just asinine to me. Yeah. How people can can can live their lives by some ancient comic book. It's absolutely mind boggling. Yeah. But anyways, in 2009 amount of time, Obama became active actively known on the national stage. I remember listening to him in I think 84 to DC convention in LA where I just happened to be freshly out of the Marine Corps and Be able to now really follow local politics. I've been a political junkie, all my life political nerd, I it was kind of inspiring. I was like, Wow, this brother can run for president I can at least say something about our society by telling a couple fucking jokes. You know, even though I am inherently a shy person, really, really just shy us to be so I do comedy, you know, part time now anyway, because COVID Still, we're still waiting to open the venue's up. And I have a new venue. I have a new show I'll be doing locally here in town, probably once a week, every Friday night, palm dz, California. I started telling first I started really just focusing on political humor. And I was basically discriminated against by a black church, which really fucking pissed me off. Because nobody was everyone was scared to touch him. I went to all the right people to complain. And they were like, Oh, you mad at the black church? You know, we can't get off the black church. We need to vote. So yeah. And so I kind of at my comedy towards religion. Welcome, everybody. You know, once you once you got, you're telling jokes against the church, everybody's included. Now you know what I mean? So start telling jokes, started telling secular jokes and started like going to working at the conferences and traveling here. They got one of my first biggest shows was for Edwina Rogers in the Secular Coalition. They're a group in DC, you know, did American Atheists a couple of times, lot of humanist stuff, especially on on the west coasts, Washington, San Diego, you know, this traveling kind of part time? Not really, you know, and of course, performing in the clubs in Hollywood and Los Angeles. That's, that's fine. That's where That's where comedy really gets good. Because you scare the shit out of southern people. When a black guy started saying fuck Jesus, and yeah, yeah. I mean, everybody. I mean, I've seen people put the drink down. They joke like, Well, what did he just say? Yes, so I'm just waiting for these clubs. When I'm gonna be doing a comedy special. It's gonna knock the ears off for some folks. Amazing. Love to see that people really need to hear you know, we don't have any comedians that I see that really talking about what the fuck is going on. But people need to hear right about now.

17:29 And what what are those things in your mind? What do people need? What do people need to hear? To hear? First thing

17:35 people need to recognize the black man's history in America? You know, we are the people that doubt he's talking about immigrants, immigrants, immigrants, think about think about attaching another word in front of the word immigrant think about this one word, putting this word in front of immigrants in voluntary. We are the only people who are involuntary immigrants. What fourth the actions of other people 6019 And the money and wealth that could be generated by enslaving another group of people, even though you're Christians, and we're all God's children, you go over and pick up humans brutalized and terrorize them. I mean, this this ship wasn't you know, things are now being caught on tape and smartphones a ship could you imagine a slave having a fucking iPhone. And, you know, recording some of the shit that had to be seen, you know, the brutality, the medical experiments, where people come all from all over the world and experiment on slaves in America, because they could I mean, there's got to be some documentation on that. I bet some people, some people from other countries paid to come and experiment on slaves. I mean, we don't know. We'll never know. I mean, I got people, you know, in my family, Mississippi, people who left home and never came back. Nobody ever heard from again, my mother's Uncle, let's come. never came back. Imagine that. I mean, in Mississippi, you pretty much know that there was some foul play involved. Nobody ever talked about it. Really. The white people talked about it. Black people didn't talk about it. So yeah, it's a that's one of the things first people need to learn history. Once you learn history, if you are half as decent human being with a fucking loving heart and a fucking brain that has the mere capacity for any amount of critical thinking and applying logic and fucking common sense to your life to your fellow humans. The rest should kind of fall in place. The reparations should fall in place. You know, because this white people lose their fucking mind. You start talking about giving black people money. Oh, no, Jesus.

19:51 And the thing is, you know, you're you're talking about history here. I I don't know how much it seems. Uh, in that this isn't just history this is very very recent history like incredibly recent history you know, I'm I'm this is a whole process that I've gone through, because you know, I I'm a clueless white gay bro. And it's taken me a long time to realize this stuff and I it's like I always knew the history but it was always almost it was almost like this alternate universe that never felt like it impacted my life in any significant way. And so even though I knew that the history was was recent, it never felt recent it was like there is a buffer and the realization of no The this is recent history that impacts untold millions of people to this day in ways that will continue to echo for generations. And for so many white people like me, there's this understanding that it's history, but it feels almost like a history from an alternate dimension and, and getting to bridge that gap. I don't know. Does that make any sense? What I'm saying? Yeah,

21:14 basic. Basically, what you just told me was you live in a bubble and you're starting to fucking realize it.

21:20 Exactly. Yeah. No, I mean, I love it the widest

21:23 part of this exactly. Hey, man. That's why I want to try to do this with comedy. I think I can sneak inside some of those bubbles. Good burst, fuckers Good. Get people to think a little bit bigger and live outside your bubble and have compassion and think from another person's perspective. If you know you want to be trapped with living your life like that, you know?

21:49 Yeah, absolutely. So when we were exchanging messages discussing what we want to talk about, one thing that you really emphasized was police reform. Talk about that. Talk about that

22:00 these motherfuckers right now. Right now I have legal action against Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department due to an incident of what I call bullied. I was bullied by a Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy what what it was he came and paid me a home visit. I mean, this is typical cop shit out, you know, I'm gonna pay you a visit. You know, this is he tried to turn one of those on me. You know, when you were a bad for 10 years, you know, you pay inmates sale a visit. You know, you go up you know they smart off or say something fucked up to you like, okay, you know, you stay calm and pay yourself visit later on. And now they know that they're getting ready to get a cell inspection today rooms going to be shut down. All inmates are going to be pissed off at them. And we get to go and toss their cell. I mean, they're all they sit around looking at it going all that personal shit. And then they got to go and clean our house backup. And I think this cop came to my house calling himself gonna pay me a visit. But it was like I mentioned before I'm in real estate, I appraise real estate I don't sell real estate lot of people get get those two confused. I give an opinion of value. That's what my job is to give an opinion of value of property. Anyways, one morning I was shooting cops in East Lancaster. That's Neil Valley, North Los Angeles County. And I went down this one street, it was a cul de sac street. So I had to go in and turn around in the coldest sack and come back out. And there was a guy out on the right hand side, there was the first thing I remember because we shooting cops. Were you a black man with a camera. I learned real quick, too. Don't let nobody see you fucking raise the camera. So I employed my regular sneaky techniques of putting my you know, top of my hand over the steering wheel and shooting underneath my arm to shoot the house. I can do it with pretty pretty great accuracy now. But anyways, I went and shot cops over in East Lancaster. And that took about 3040 minutes have had to be back home to meet the air conditioner repair guy. So I rushed back home got there before he got there. We started looking at the air conditioning. So we both walk outside because we see a police car cruise by and I'm like, That's unusual. You know, I live in a relatively exclusive neighborhood that has a view of the city and you can see the lake and you know, nice, nice piece of property really kind of exclusive. And we you know, we went out further to see what was going on. And by the time we got to, you know, to the top of my driveway and through the gate, this cop that turned his car vehicle around and was getting out of his car walking towards me. And I'm like, Why is he here? And he walks up and he asked me to quiet So, where were you about 3040 minutes ago? And what were you doing there? And I was like that, at that point, I took my camera out, thankfully, and said, Wait a minute, let me get a shot at you. Because nobody's gonna believe this shit. And I snap a picture of them. I did. It was actually a live photo on my iPhone. So you can hear actually, like two seconds of me, you know, telling him wait, nobody's gonna believe this. It's kind of like a short two second video clip. And man, I kind of you know, tell him about who I am. And did you read my place? Because he had to read my plate, because my plates have a clearance on him from the Department of Corrections. And he knew that I was affiliated with the Department of Corrections. I don't know if he thought I was a fucking dangerous inmate or what but nothing stopped him from coming to my house. And, you know, kind of humiliating, you know, somebody asked me you about, you know, and I asked him, Did someone call the police on me? And he said, No, no, I said, so nobody called the police on me. Yeah, I think his neighbor saw my license plate, which reads for Satan.

26:13 Numeric symbol for people, people that are friends with me on Facebook. They know I post sometimes, yeah, but I think that license plate just ate somebody the fuck up. And because his house was the one I took a picture of, he went and told him Hey, that guy with forsaken place, took a picture of your house or was looking at your house. I know he didn't see me to the picture, but I was just looking at his house because I'm a fucking appraiser. And I need to check out the value influencing characteristics of this houses, if he has any reason modernizations, anything that's atypical or customized from the rest of the houses. And he had just a big fucking tract home fucking 3500 square feet, probably five plus three, with granite countertops, tile flooring, and some type of vinyl linoleum bullshit in the bathroom anyway. big truck house McMansions is what we call Yep. Now the nerve of him coming from a neighborhood like that getting all of my input my private information to fucking chuck me down like a runaway slave and then come up to my house later going, why were you in my neighborhood? That was a bully move. And then this this is where I really got angry. I was a fucking candidate for state senate at the time. I just wanted to go and talk to the sheriff say hey man, train your officers don't be having come to my house and you know off the record and shit. He ignored me. So I went out to a meeting that he was at. I think the day after trying to talk to him I recorded part of it on tape. He asked if anybody have a problem with the sheriff. This is Catherine Schaffer prom devastation. I raised my hand yeah problem something some he told me he directed me to a website and one of my friends couldn't believe that she was behind me when somebody had to go to a website you said right here in front of you. And I was just like basically totally ignoring him. So now it's like Okay, fuck I got no choice I gotta go file file you know something official documentation with the sheriff's and and they did some bullshit scam. You know, I hung up on him. I told him I'm gonna get an attorney because they were lying to me and I knew they were lying to me. So now I've got a legal case. $1.1 million. I've got a fucking any attorney that as simple as this case is he has fucked it up just because he's trying to get more money out of me. I mean, I feel this motherfucker is Judas No, I'm fighting him and the fucking Sheriff's Department at the same time. But yeah, I mean politics disciple is coming up again. Now every fucking amazing a bullshit you not everybody wants Satan's endorsement.

28:52 What do you mean by that? What do you mean by that?

28:54 I stay in the political with people, you know, from running for office. I know all the politicians, I can fucking get on the phone with every elected official, you know, assembly center. And even Mike Garcia is as from Washington, he lives down in South Korea, but I you know, we all talk. As far as I'm concerned, we're all friends. Because, you know, we're all kind of like trying to do something for the fucking community. So, you know, it's all of these motherfuckers run like sheep. Like, and that's, that's another fucking problem in this country have never deal with because we've got to find a way to cleave our politics, from our law enforcement. Yeah, they're closely related. It's a overfamiliarity of a relationship between politics because they can say nothing wrong because they lose support of the unions and the police and they lose all that patriotic bullshit they be yakking about in their freedoms and live in their religious liberty and Bill but they don't think about nobody else's. You know, it's fucking amazing. If you think about it, man, but if I got fired all my friends, I will.

30:04 Absolutely. And I think what I'm hearing you say is that there is basically like this militarized occupation of black communities by the police in America. And you know, when this police officer came to your house to check it out, it's a it is a form of like bullying and like a militarized occupation of an entire group of people in our country. And what do you want people who who don't understand the situation to know about it? What do you want people to know about what's wrong? And how to fix it?

30:38 Well, what's what's wrong? Is the over policing of black people. Yeah, you know, it's like, it's almost like a no, no lose situation for everyone involved. Because, you know, the cops, they, they always get these people from the military. And trust me, I know this one. I know this one from being a Marine and a peace officer. It's a certain group of people in this country, they, you know, they see themselves as protectors of this nation. It's almost like some like fucking some Christian organization. It's a it's a base core group, though. Just think Trump supporters just think whoever those people,

31:17 it's like a cult. It's like, it's like a religious cult almost, that attracts people who self select for like radical ideology and narcissism and sociopathy.

31:28 Yeah, they, they have their own ideology, their own way of fucking thinking. And then once they tie the Bible to it, it's like, you can't shake them off of it. And like you say, some of the characteristics are just like cult figures. I mean, look at look at black people in religion. You tell me that's, that's, that is definitely Stockholm syndrome, and I think readopted their religion as a conduit for survival. Yeah, you know, it's like fucking pleading with people, like, stop killing as well. We'll take your God if you could just stop killing us. But I don't know. It's, it's a lot. You know, what I suggest how to how to fix it, man. It's so complicated if people just want to remain willfully ignorant about how we got here. Like, how the fuck did we get here? And, you know, I know a lot of people think that literally, some figuratively but it's like, how do we get to where we are now, in 2021? How did we get here? Everybody needs to think about that. You know, and, you know, if it wasn't for the good white people, if it wasn't for the good white people in this country, and those that are ones I see as patriots, those ones that are they know is wrong, and they're actually helping us, you know, they they've been dying, right along with us. You know, you look at the abolitionist, you're looking at all the people who were against slavery and who helped them, you know, yeah, it's a, it's a long list.

32:56 That's how I feel about the straight allies as well, who've really, you know, it's like the gay community and the trans community. We need people of privilege to help us and to put their lives on the line as well. Yeah, I guess what I'm hearing you say, yeah.

33:12 Just to let you know, man, I got a gay daughter.

33:15 That's fantastic. Yeah, man. I

33:17 got a story. I got a story that goes with that, because I think she was still in. I think she was still in high school. I know she wasn't 18 yet. And her at the time my ex wife lived in content. And I'm in North LA County. Compton is a little south east of downtown anyways, her mother somehow discovered that she was gay. I think I knew she was gay since she was around four or five because she just looked awkward his fucking dress but her mom discovered that she was gay by going on a computer or something and she kicked her out of the house right there on the spot man. I was like I couldn't believe it. I was like you fucking in the suit you kick your own daughter out the house because she's gay. And you know if you can hate her ex wife any greater I think I found that that level you know, I got into car went down and we picked her up you know brought her to live with us eventually though. She you know, she reconcile with her mother. Her mother fucking grew up in the mind. And now they live together in in Atlanta. But yeah, I got I got joke's on the whole LBGT community. She's She's part of it. Yeah, that's, that's where my comedy special. You'll hear some LBGTQ

34:31 I can't wait. By the way, will there be any filmed versions of your comedy like it? Will it be put up on YouTube or anywhere where

34:40 we're searching? We're searching for a platform now. We're thinking about putting on TSDS platform first.

34:48 Yeah. Oh, that would be that'd be awesome. By the way, little infomercial here dear audience this show is sponsored by tst. TV and you can get one month free by using my promo code sacred tension all caps, no space at knockout. Okay done. Carry on we love you know, and for people who don't know Doug, aka Lucien Lucien Greaves, how did how did you and Doug meet? Hey, I

35:16 was at a conference of performing comedy. It was in my hometown of St. Louis check to check the murder rates in St. Louis constantly for the last 30 years. I think we're always wanting to anyways, I had a nephew that was murdered there a couple of years ago. It's like, the horrible most worse, Donald Trump would probably even go as far as calling it a shithole city that Northside but anyway, that's a that's, that's a whole different story. But we were at a conference there and Doug was speaking, he was given a presentation and we had a mutual friend named Nikki. She, she, you know, she came to me like Steve, you should be a Satanist. You should be. Come on. And, you know, I immediately started researching it. And she took Doug and I on a tour of Ferguson and you know, after after to look at the aftermath of the protest. Yeah. And, you know, I'm talking to him like Nikki Damn, and then you'll understand she said, I'm already black. I don't need no extra baggage. Going around that segment. Yeah, I was like, fuck it. I fuck it. Okay, I'm gonna be I'm gonna be in segments. I'm gonna be a black segments. Because I actually, you know, I talked to I think it's fucking brilliant though, that you? Because I'm a political junkie. Yeah, I think it's fucking brilliant that you actually use the system that is in place, the court system to, you know, declare us religion and fucking get get fucking up pimp status where you don't pay no taxes. You know, I was telling them, You know, I like to shit they were doing in Oklahoma and Arkansas and even Mississippi. Yeah. So I became the same as me. When we came, I came back and kind of help helped. The other. I think it was three people there that were starting a tsp chapter LA. Yeah, we started doing that and start doing things and having rituals. And yeah, it was it was a it was great. But that's how we that's how we met. Man. That's awesome. Come out to my house to visit and we've gone. I had to speak at a conference in Sacramento. He went up there with me and talk to people, you know, hung out. Yeah. I think he likes getting away from that East Coast to just come out to the West Coast.

37:22 I'm sure he does. Yeah. And he's, he's a great guy.

37:25 Yes. Yeah. I wouldn't want to be anyplace else. This is this is my heaven. That's Satanists. And heaven. Heaven. I'm in heaven now.

37:35 So since we're talking about Satanism, and we have a few minutes left, so I sent out a question on my Discord server for people who might want to ask you questions. And one question that I did get, is that just Just what are you? What are your thoughts about Satanism? In general, it's, it seems like a very white culture and what what are your thoughts on that? And honestly, it's been one of my big concerns because I am part of the ordination Council for the Satanic Temple and I want the temple to I want the temple and I want Satanism as a whole to push back against the segregation of our culture. Right and and push back against the white supremacy of our culture. And so I just I'm just wondering what your thoughts are on all

38:23 of that. Okay, we probably got to get ready to go extra extra

38:28 over that is fine with me.

38:32 But But yeah, man, listen, man, I think that's why I don't know that Doug and I used to have I used to have a better relationship. I used to call him he answered the phone I used to text him he asked me to text but now it's like that. But I you know, I keep telling him and I was preaching this when we were doing TST chapter in LA I was like hey man, let's Let's not turn this into something to where you know let's let's let's mainstream this more to where we don't frighten off people of color. And let's get this to where this shit looks like America. Yeah, you know I mean, I understand the whole the whole God thing and the rituals and the bloodletting and but mine is a little bit more more deeper than this I want I want I want this to be like a coalition while the voiceless people who haven't had a fucking voice and as a as a black atheists, secular satanic humanists. It's like, you know, nobody speaking for me. Could you fucking Name a famous black atheists that will come out and just yeah, I'm fucking atheists, who has it named a movie that motherfucker plays in name the team he plays on name the last city drop, nobody talks for us. You go fucking Sirius satellite radio. They got all these fucking Christian stations, not one fucking secular fucking atheist station whatsoever. You know, and I talked to my friend Dave Silverman about that. It's like, hey, why don't you guys try to make a bigger Press? So maybe we won't feel like we just a bunch of rejected idiots who don't have a God like Why aren't you guys pushing more? So I'm gonna drop this I'm gonna I'm gonna drop this comedy special on on America and see what fucking people think after they hear what I got to say brilliant. Yeah,

40:17 I I hear you and it's something that that does concern me in the satanic community and how do you how do you navigate that as a man who is black and also a Satanist? While it seems like just about all the satanists around us around you are white what does that what does that mean for you?

40:39 I think I'm think I'm winning. I'm think I'm winning people over especially locally, I think I think I'm, you know, starting to see past the imagery, and you know, that actually kind of gaslighting they look and they say, Wait, you know, they see other shit did I do, you know, like, run for office and be outspoken and speak the truth to power and they kind of like, you know, we understand, you know, I still have some people who are scared as fuck, like, they actually think, you know, I worship the devil, which is like, Are you fucking retarded? You know, I'm a different kind of Satanists. Shit. I just got one tenant, you know, the temple has seven. Yes. No, I like that. I like the fourth window where it says fuck you if I offend you? I got that. Right. And if you fuck with my right, your right will be taken. Yeah. I love

41:35 the fourth for the fourth 10 It is one of my favorites. For sure.

41:38 Yeah, let's see. I'm the kind of savings I got is 120 That's Don't be an asshole. There you go. You live by that and just let fucking everybody else live. Don't fuck our children don't hurt animals. And protect the fucking Earth and educate these kids. Thank you fucking sadness. And I know millions of these motherfuckers I know millions of Satanists. They're out there but they just haven't learned how to you know, shake, shake the way they've been conditioned to

42:05 think and you know, I completely agree with with what you were just saying about how Satanism should be a broad coalition if Satanism is about the icon of the outsider which for me that's what Satanism is. It is about the underground Yeah, it's about the fallen angel the demonized yeah and and you know and so for me like my Satan is super fucking queer because I was demonized. I was demonized. Yes, he should be I was demonized my entire life for you know, I was raised in the conservative Christian world demonized for being gay and so for, for me, Satan is the icon of the outsider, whoever the oppressed whoever the marginalized whoever the outsider is, that is what Satan is for. And so because of that, I really want to see Satanism grow beyond just being a white Fedora tipping edge Lord religion you know what I'm saying? Yeah, I really want it to grow beyond that.

43:07 Yeah, I'm going to do it I'm gonna I'm gonna keep pushing man I'm gonna keep going it's gonna be a it's gonna be a lot though when this when this comedy special comes out I'm going I'm going full Satan.

43:18 Good. I can't wait and maybe when it comes out you can come back and we can talk about it again. That'd be awesome.

43:25 For sure for sure you will have you'll have first crack awesome

43:29 All right, I think we've reached our time is there anything else you want to add? Man I

43:32 just like to like to ask everybody especially out there and social media and Facebook. I don't I don't tweet much because my hands are so damn big. You know I'm six foot seven and I you know, I grew up with fucking watermelon. So phones are not like my favorite. No Sure. You know Facebook is kind of cool, but you know just just imagine fucking trying to type shit on a postage stamp. That's me. So yeah, I like Instagram a lot. I'm there so Steve at Steve Hill comic if every if everyone can go there and on Facebook I don't care what city you're in and I don't care you know what geographical location you're at please everybody when you see a Friends of TST group like that group that those groups linked us all together

44:24 yes absolutely

44:24 we can we can all simultaneously know what the fuck is going on so we should we should all any anything satanic man I've got it on my social media and you know that's a let's let's use this platform let's let's use media to unite like like the rest of the world has done so. Everybody just connect if you're a Satanism and you understand this shit, and you're not racist, unite like those groups go to those pages.

44:54 I think that's great. And I will put your handles your your Instagram and Facebook account. It's in my in the show notes for this episode so people can check out the Twitter too. Okay, I'll put Twitter in there as

45:07 well. Yeah, I think it's black Satan 4666 or something like that. Brilliant.

45:11 All right. Okay, well, Steve Hill it's been a pleasure. You're welcome back anytime

45:16 beautiful man. It's been a good time talking with you as well.

45:19 All right, well, that is it for this show. The music is by the jelly rocks and eleventy seven. You can find them on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you listen to music. This show is written produced and edited by me and Dante salmoni and is a production of rock candy recording as always Hail Satan and thanks for listening. More shows like this one visit rock candy recordings.com