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Lua error in Module:Incorporated_Entities at line 16: header must be either of type string or number. United Federation of Churches, LLC is a Domestic Limited Liability Company doing business as and holding the trademarks for The Satanic Temple and Lucien Greaves.[1][2]

It was organized Feb. 14, 2014, in Salem, Massachusetts at 64 Bridge Street, a property shared by several other corporations owned by Cevin Soling, including 64 Bridge LLC, which owns the location.

The registered agent of United Federation of Churches is Douglas Misicko, while its manager is Cevin Soling.

However, "The Satanic Temple" is distinct from The Satanic Temple Inc, Federal EIN 82-3404757, which is owned solely by Misicko and in 2019 achieved Public Charity Status under Section 170(b)(1)(A)(i), "a church or a convention or association of churches." [3]


The United Federation of Churches, LLC has been involved in a number of lawsuits since its formation.

In 2018, the company sued Netflix Inc. and Warner Brothers Entertainment Inc. in the Southern District of New York over use of a breastless Baphomet statue with children in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, claiming defamation and that its intellectual property rights had been violated, harming its business reputation.[4]

The suit was eventually dismissed with prejudice after Netflix agreed to give a copyright credit on all episodes that had been filmed.[5]

The following list is non-exhaustive and includes several cases represented by lawyers of The Satanic Temple but did not include them as plaintiffs.

Court Cases
Filed Case Name Original Jurisdiction Case Number Result Appeal
4/03/2020 United Federation of Churches LLC v. Johnson et al US District Court for the Western District of Washington 2:2020cv00509 Ongoing -
11/08/2018 United Federation of Churches LLC v. Netflix, Inc. et al US District Court for the Southern District of New York 1:2018cv10372 Settled Out of Court (victory) [5] -
2/28/2018 Doe v. Greitens et al ("Judy Doe")[6] US District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri 4:18-cv-00339-HEA Dismissed (failure) [7] Affirmed (failure) [8][9][10]


Appeal to SCOTUS denied (failure) [11][12][13]

X/XX/2015 MARY DOE, APP V MICHAEL L. PARSON, ET AL, RES ("Mary Doe II") Circuit Court of Cole County, Missouri [Unknown] Dismissed (failure) [14] Appeals Court orders transfer (neutral) [15][16]


State Supreme Court affirmed (failure) [17][14]

6/23/2015 The Satanic Temple et al v. Jeremiah Jay Nixon et al. ("Mary Doe I") US District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri 4:2015cv00986 Dismissed (failure) Affirmed (failure) [18]
3/24/2015 FREEDOM FROM RELIGION FOUNDATION, INC. et al v. FRANKLIN COUNTY, INDIANA US District Court for the Southern District of Indiana 1:2015cv00484 Settled Out of Court (victory) [19][20] -


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