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Alliance for Integrity and Justice Ltd.
Established 5/3/2018
Entity Type Nonprofit
Incorporated State Massachusetts
State ID# 001325870
EIN 83-0659288
Physical Address


Mail Address


Registered Agent Cevin Soling
Doing Business As N/A
Past Names N/A

Alliance For Integrity And Justice Ltd. (AIJ) is a Nonprofit Corporation registered in the state of Massachusetts. Cevin Soling is its registered agent as well as serving all other officer positions: President, Treasurer, Vice President, Clerk, Assistant Clerk, and Director.

It was founded May 3, 2018, in Medford, Mass. As of January 2021, its website indicates that it is awaiting 501(c)(3) status approval from the IRS, but according to the IRS, it was approved to be exempt from federal income taxes effective May 3, 2018, and was listed as receiving less than $25,000 in income for 2019.[1] In its first public financial filing in 2020, AIJ listed itself as having $35,000 in assets, which it described as "Movie 'The Gilligan Manifesto' ", a Spectacle Films Inc.-produced documentary that Soling attempted to twice crowdfund for under the name "Paul Anson".[2][3][4]


According to its website, its purpose is to "go on the offensive" and target organizations, institutions, and entities who support the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement.[5] The Palestinian BDS movement "works to end international support for Israel's oppression of Palestinians and pressure Israel to comply with international law", and is modeled on the South African antiapartheid global campaign.[6][7]

AIJ describes "Students for Justice in Palestine", pro-Palestinian college student activism organization, as a hate group providing cover for "violence against women, child abuse, sex trafficking, and female genital mutilation." AIJ also claims its goal is to advance "legitimate indigenous peoples’ movements, such as the Maori of New Zealand, to create strife for duplicitous governments who erroneously condemn Israeli government policy."

Connections to other corporations

On June 4, 2018, Spectacle Films Inc published a video to Vimeo comparing criticism of Israel to the two-minutes hate from George Orwell's novel 1984.[8]

Under the pseudonym "Malcolm Jarry", Soling gave an interview to the Times of Israel explicitly connecting the work of The Satanic Temple to his support of Israel.[9]

In addition to Jarry’s belief that Judaism and Satanism can co-exist, there are parallels with how Judaism and Satanism have been branded by their detractors, he said.

“The false accusations that have been thrown at Jews historically are similar to what some people say about Satanism,” said Jarry, mentioning accusations of blood libel and — more recently — fabricated allegations that Israel perpetrates genocide against Palestinian children.

“I do not accept when people delegitimize Israel or use lies to marginalize Israel,” said Jarry. “I am an unwavering supporter of Israel, so long as it remains democratic, pluralistic, and protects human rights.”

However, AIJ is not mentioned in the context of this interview.

Public financials

Public Financials
Year Total Revenue Total Expenses Revenue Minus Expenses Total Assets Total Liabilities Net Assets References
2020 - - - 35,000 - 35,000 [2]
2021 50 60 -10 35,047 - 35,047 [2]

It was not obvious why the Spectacle Films Inc. documentary film The Gilligan Manifesto directed by Cevin Soling was listed as a $35,000 asset for the nonprofit. One crowdfunding description said, "After years of research, interviews, and editing, The Gilligan Manifesto is now almost ready for its debut. It needs $35,000 to be completed and to rent a theater in NY for a week of screening", further breaking that down into "1) $25,000 to license the music in the movie" and "2) $10,000 for a one-week screening of the film at a theater in New York City"; however, the second crowdfunding listing stated the need was "$15,000 for a one-week screening of the film at a theater in New York City." In total, the two crowdfunding campaigns raised $290.[3][4]


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