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"Chalice Blythe" in her own words

My name is Chalice Blythe. I am over the age of 18, of sound mind, and am capable of making this unsworn declaration.[1]

  1. I am submitting this declaration anonymously to avoid the catastrophic side-effects from the controversy surrounding this case and the deeply personal nature of the subject of this dispute.
  2. I am a member of The Satanic Temple (“TST”) and hold its tenets as sincere religious beliefs.
  3. I have been involved with The Satanic Temple (TST) since 2014 when I became a member. Since joining TST, I have been involved with TST in numerous ways and held various roles.
  4. I founded the first Utah Chapter (TSTUT) in 2016 as a Chapter Head (CH). This included vetting members applying to be members of the chapter, organizing and running monthly member meetings, running public education gatherings, writing rituals (Unbaptisms and Destruction Rituals) and organizing chapter events. I also established one of three operational After School Satan Clubs (ASSC) at Vista Elementary School when the campaign first launched.
  5. From 2017 - 2020, I served as a member of National Council/International Council (NC/IC), which oversaw the organization’s Chapters and provided advice to TST’s Executive Ministry. In that role, I acted as a point of contact between various chapters and NC/IC, as well as providing guidance/support for chapters under my purview. I helped create and implement many new and revised policy documents for the expanding organization. This role also included providing support and guidance for general TST operations in tandem with Executive Ministry
  6. From 2017 – 2018, I served as the Director of TST’s After School Satan Club (ASSC) campaign. This included expanding the program from its initial scope to opening the campaign up to vetted volunteers. This included interviewing and training volunteers, creating handbooks and materials, assisting in school applications and other administrative support. I also provided spokesperson support for local and international media.
  7. In August 2020, I founded the Suryan Council (SurCo), TST’s human resource group. This included creating/implementing SurCo structure, scope of work, policies, and supporting documents. I helped established a complaint reporting structure for the organization and investigating complaints submitted to SurCo.
  8. I was a researcher, lesson writer, and lesson presenter for TST’s ordination program.
  9. In March 2021, I became the first woman to become an Ordained Minister of Satan through TST’s Ministry program. In this role, I have overseen a handful of marriage ceremonies and a few private ritual events. I have also led several religious services.
  10. In April 2021, I collaborated with the Grey Faction Campaign to create and run their inaugural World Congress on Moral Panics Conference. This included scheduling and programming, recruiting presenters, coordinating with the online Estate platform, advertising, and hosting.
  11. In the summer of 2021, I was recruited onto TST’s Ordination Council (OrdCo). In my role on OrdCo, I oversee the ordination of Ministers of Satan as well as provide administrative support for the general operations of the Ministry Program.
  12. In November 2021, I created and ran the inaugural Satanic Ministry Conference. This included scheduling and programming, recruiting presenters, coordinating with the online Estate platform, advertising, and hosting.
  13. In February 2022, I helped coordinate and plan TST’s inaugural SatanCon in Scottsdale, Arizona. As Programming Director, I created the conference schedule, recruited and coordinated with presenters/panelists, and provided general conference support. I coordinated all media inquiries and interviews. I am still the Programming Director for the SatanCon campaign and actively working on SatanCon 2023.
  14. Most recently, I have been appointed as a Media Relations Specialist. In that role, I talk to media outlets, provide interviews for podcasts and YouTube shows, work with students and researchers, and speak at academic institutions and symposia. I still serve in this capacity as of this writing.
  15. I became and I remain a member of TST, as well as continue to do the work I do, because I am a religious non-theistic Satanist and believe that TST’s tenets, interpretation and application of nontheistic Satanism best aligns with my own religious views and values. TST is my church and the work I do is an active expression of my faith.
  16. TST has given me a religious community that I feel at home in and has given me the opportunity to actively contribute to its growth. TST has given me the opportunity to find a greater meaning to life, as well as given me a source of pride, happiness, fulfillment, and a greater sense of purpose. TST allows me to actively express and live my religious values, which in turn deepens my spiritual health and wellbeing.


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