Mary Doe v. Jeremiah J Nixon et al

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Mary Doe v. Jeremiah J Nixon et al
Filing Date 5/11/2015
Original Jurisdiction Circuit Court of Cole County, Missouri
Plaintiff "Mary Doe"
Defendant Jeremiah Jay Nixon (governor); Chris Koster (attorney general); Jeffrey D. Carter, M.D.; James A. Direnna, D.O.; David E. Tannehill; Jade D. James, M.D.; David A. Poggemeier, M.D.; Sarah Martin-Anderson, MPP MPH
Intervenor N/A
State Missouri
Case# 15AC-CC00205
Original Result Dismissed (failure)
First Appeal Transferred to State Supreme Court (neutral)
Second Appeal Upheld (failure)
Final Result Failure

The Satanic Temple's first abortion-related lawsuit and the first suit which TST took charge of the legal strategy. W. James MacNaughton represented "Mary Doe", a member of the Temple's local St. Louis chapter.

MacNaughton ultimately placed a gag order on Mary Doe, preventing her from speaking publicly about the case or to other TST members until the conclusion of the litigation, which was dismissed at Circuit Court prior to he dismissal being unanimously upheld by the nine state supreme court justices.