Matthew Kezhaya

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Kezhaya Law PLC
Matthew Kezhaya
Other Names "u/stormsmcgee"
Occupation Attorney
Satanic Affiliation The Satanic Temple, Crown Law

Matthew A. Kezhaya is a lawyer from Arkansas who has represented TST in multiple lawsuits. Per recent letters to the FDA in relation to abortion in Texas, he describes himself as "general counsel for The Satanic Temple, Inc. (“TST”), an IRS-recognized atheistic religious corporation."

According to his previous law firm's website, "By refusing to accept trial losses, Matt has developed a reputation for being "the appeals guy" in Northwest Arkansas."[1]

According to his profile on Crown Law, Matthew Kezhaya is "The Zealot":[2]

Matt was born for combat. From his earliest years, he played war and puzzle games which refined his mental acuity into an unstoppable force. This prepared him for the greatest psychological game of all time: litigation.
A philosopher's mind and a priest's heart temper his fiery spirit. Every morning, he trains his mind and body in the iron temple before embarking on the conquests of the day. At night, he studies the occult, linguistics, history, and the violent arts.
In the courts, Matt is a fearless and unpredictable opponent. He seeks out the greatest challenges available, not for trifling profit but for justice and glory. All who cross him or his chosen clientele learn the error of their ways; sometimes swiftly, sometimes belatedly. It all depends on the strategic layout of the battlefield.

TST-related cases which Matthew has lost include:

Pending cases include:

  • The Satanic Temple Inc. and Anne Doe V. John William Hellerstedt, MD, in his official capacity as Executive Commissioner of the Department Of State Health Services, Texas Department of State Health Services, and Planned Parenthood Center For Choice, Inc. (CASE NO. 4:21-CV-00387)


  1., Nov. 27, 2020, Matt's unfair advantage is his dedication and resilience. By refusing to accept trial losses, Matt has developed a reputation for being "the appeals guy" in Northwest Arkansas. Appeals are a chance to turn a trial loss into a win. Appeals are hard to win because the system doesn't want to keep hearing and rehearing cases. Matt wins appeals. Attorneys and governments send clients to Matt when the stakes are at their highest.
  2. Crown.Law