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Belial_the_Demon9ijq4 SUMMARY KEYWORDS torture, harry, hell, people, satan, hear, nun, real, demon, satanic temple, christmas, socialist utopia, rock candy, questions, guess, satanists, long, vaccine, new arrivals, big SPEAKERS Harry Huffcloppin, Stephen Bradford Long

Stephen Bradford Long 00:00 You're listening to a rock candy podcast this is sacred tension, the podcast about the discipline of asking questions. My name is Steven Bradford long, and we are here on the rock candy Podcast Network. For more shows like this one, go to rock candy recordings.com All right, this is our very special Christmas slash Sol Invictus episode. Joining me for this episode is Harry Huffcloppin. He is a longtime leader of the Satanic Temple Colorado chapter. And he is the newest member of the International Council. Harry Huffcloppin, thank you so much for joining me.

Harry Huffcloppin 01:07 Whoa, this isn't the bathhouse Where the fuck am I.

Stephen Bradford Long 01:10 I know. This isn't the bathhouse This is the sacred tension podcast.

Harry Huffcloppin 01:15 Oh, yeah. No, I heard of you. I heard of you, man.

Stephen Bradford Long 01:18 So what Where the fuck is Harry? What did you do to him? Is he at the bath house?

Harry Huffcloppin 01:22 Fuck if I know.

Stephen Bradford Long 01:23 Okay, well, so I guess we have a change of plans here instead of Harry have clop and we have Belisle as our as this week's guest, so I guess we'll just proceed with the show, as usual. But Lyle, tell us some about who you are.

Harry Huffcloppin 01:42 Well, you know, I'm like, Hell's cutest demon. That's objectively true. I think everybody knows that. I'm number two in hell, right under the big guy.

Stephen Bradford Long 01:51 Big guy being Satan?

Harry Huffcloppin 01:53 Well, yeah.

Stephen Bradford Long 01:55 Okay. Just Just to clarify so. So you work for Satan. What is it like working for Satan?

Harry Huffcloppin 02:03 Well, you know, we're sort of bros actually, we, you know, we hang out and we shoot the shit. You know, don't have a whole lot of work to do. We do the show. Now we do a show called Dear Satan. And, you know, he answers questions and it's it's kind of a blast, or, you know, it was until till recently, and that's a long, long story. But, you know, Beelzebub, he used to be in charge true story. And now he's more like the big guys gopher. So you know, it's a long story in itself. I should write a fucking book.

Stephen Bradford Long 02:30 Okay. Very interesting. Well, I look forward to that publication. And where can people watch Dear Satan?

Harry Huffcloppin 02:38 Yeah, head on over to the satanic temple.tv And there's an entire season up there right now whole first season is all done.

Stephen Bradford Long 02:45 Okay, beautiful. So everyone definitely go watch dear Satan on the satanic temple.tv. But right now we have the pleasure of talking to Bill Lyle himself right now. So I'm just curious what Christmas plans does Hal have?

Harry Huffcloppin 02:59 Well, there's the you know, the war on Christmas da you know, we don't actually wage the war. You know, we just go up and say, you know, like, say out loud. Hey, I heard there's a war on Christmas. And you know, the funding sort of do the rest.

Stephen Bradford Long 03:12 Beautiful. And are do you? Do you have any celebrations in hell? Like anything plan? Does Jesus join you for this? Is this like a full celestial event?

Harry Huffcloppin 03:25 Oh, well, let's see. Right. Well, so you know, in hell we we bake? Get we make? Anyway, ya know, we're big on Gingerbread people.

Stephen Bradford Long 03:35 Okay, gingerbread people. Tell me about that.

Harry Huffcloppin 03:37 Yeah, we make gingerbread people with real people. I like my crunchy.

Stephen Bradford Long 03:43 Oh, Jesus Christ does. Does Satan himself do anything for Christmas?

Harry Huffcloppin 03:47 You know, it's actually it's sort of a friends and family thing. We actually even have Jesus over usually. Yeah, so as like a birthday gift. We let him work the souls over, you know, get some get some frustrations out. And man, wow, Jesus really knows how to lean into the lash. It's like, it's like that guy getting beat up and fight club, you know, he just keeps going.

Stephen Bradford Long 04:08 This is new theological information that I was not aware of. But it kind of makes sense, honestly, to me at you know, after years of hanging on that cross, and you know, being put back on that cross and churches all over the country. And it makes sense that he would want to be the dominant one for once.

Harry Huffcloppin 04:26 Yeah, you should actually, you know, hear him sometime he just riffs and riff like, I don't know why people think crosses are his his idea of fun because he bitches about that, like you would not believe he does not let it go.

Stephen Bradford Long 04:38 Oh, of course. I mean, I wouldn't let it go either. If I was the victim of medieval Imperial form of Roman torture. So yeah, I get that. So I have so I have the honor of speaking to a real life demon, that I have some questions about being a demon. Do you mind if I ask some?

Harry Huffcloppin 04:55 Yeah, well, you know, it's pretty awesome. I will say that but yeah, go go ahead.

Stephen Bradford Long 04:58 I've been watching a lot of nun-sploitation movies lately?

Harry Huffcloppin 05:01 I just I know, I know. Oh, I know.

Stephen Bradford Long 05:05 So, you know, I? I'm curious if you have ever possessed a nun?

Harry Huffcloppin 05:11 Well, let's see here. Well, you know what's Yeah, I was just on my way someplace else and I was passing by I saw this empty body and, you know, bow I woke up inside this nun. And at first I didn't even know where I was till I felt something tight around my neck. You know, I got really kind of excited about that, but it just turned out to be a rosary.

Stephen Bradford Long 05:30 So what was she doing unconscious on the side of the road?

Harry Huffcloppin 05:33 Yeah, you know, I actually weirdly, she was doing Adrenochrome and it wasn't even the good stuff, you know, like Adrenochrome made from children is I guess all anybody ever talks about but what you want is Adrenochrome Ultra because it's made from conspiracy theorists. They are always afraid.

Stephen Bradford Long 05:51 Mm hmm. So so she was doing the children Audrina Chrome, not the conspiracy theorist Adrenochrome.

Harry Huffcloppin 05:56 Why wouldn't you just go for the good stuff? This stuff is way better.

Stephen Bradford Long 06:00 Ah, okay. Very interesting. Well, let's not tell the conspiracy theorists that or else they'll just die of fright.

Harry Huffcloppin 06:07 No, no, no. Yeah, that's good. You want that? You want to get them riled up.

Stephen Bradford Long 06:11 Okay. Excellent. So, have you ever tried to drain a chrome just out of curiosity?

Harry Huffcloppin 06:17 No, I don't touch this stuff. My My drug of choice is hell SD. It just, it lasts for like, two months. And that's before the intermission.

Stephen Bradford Long 06:27 So what happened? Did you get exercised by a priest when you were in this nun?

Harry Huffcloppin 06:32 Well, they exercised all right. I don't even ask me about that. But for the most, I just I couldn't take it. I split. I just split.

Stephen Bradford Long 06:40 You know, that's understandable. I would split out of there myself. So another question that I had for you because you are a real life demon. Did you ever know Anton LaVey?

Harry Huffcloppin 06:49 Yeah, you know, actually, that dude was stylin. I boggled my horns after his, and he is smokin in a cape.

Stephen Bradford Long 06:56 Another question that I had for you was, tell me about your perspective on Q Anon.

Harry Huffcloppin 07:01 You know, that. They're, they're full of shit. I think even most of the q&a and people will tell you that, or at least about each other. The real conspiracy here that y'all don't even know about, is that the lizard people really do come to rule the earth because and this is complicated. Let me explain this. So the politicians were the first ones to get access to the new mRNA drugs, Coronavirus vaccines, but there was a problem with the first batch. And that, you know, it turned them all into lizards. And so that's what's coming. And I guess I let the cat out of the bag. I lizard out of the bag there. Sorry.

Stephen Bradford Long 07:39 No, that's fine. You know, that's important information. We'll let Alex Jones know as soon as possible. So it's been a pretty rough year here on planet Earth, you know, with COVID and whatnot. So what have been the high points and low points in hell? For 2020?

Harry Huffcloppin 07:58 Well, let's see. There's been a whole bunch of new arrivals in hell. And I guess it's both the good and the bad. But on the good side, we get to really flex our creative muscles down there, you know, working these working these new people out the worst of the year. Let's see, the worst of the year was that Jackass senator from Arkansas got our show shut down. So, you know, that's, I'm not happy about that.

Stephen Bradford Long 08:20 Oh, yeah. That was the conclusion of season one, wasn't it?

Harry Huffcloppin 08:22 Yeah. I mean, maybe the conclusion for all of it hard to know.

Stephen Bradford Long 08:25 Well, we're breathless with anticipation for the new season. So I can imagine that there are a lot of new arrivals in hell. And so, you know, we're taking this terrible situation and flipping it upside down. And you have this new influx of victims and hell to torture mercilessly for all eternity because they did not know Jesus Christ's name and they didn't accept Him into their heart. And so God in his infinite and benevolent wisdom is now torturing them in his kindness and love torturing them for the rest of eternity. And you have the pleasure of taking part in that

Harry Huffcloppin 09:02 well, okay, so that's the public story. That's what the big guy upstairs thinks he thinks he's running the show. But you know, the truth is actually quite a bit more complicated than that. There are a lot of people down here getting tortured. The rules are kind of complicated. I can't really go into that right now. But there's also a lot of fucking partying going on down here. We're we got all the best musicians down here. It's a goddamn party. We even have our own band, our own band down here. It's called infinite despair. I think that one guy wrote by John Milton wrote about it it was Paradise Lost. Infinite despair is is the best band in the universe. We listen to him all the time that hear all the dead musicians. They're all working together. It's this giant Superbad. And I think I'm told that you guys are going to be able to hear one of their singles real soon now that it's going to drop on on social network media things.

Stephen Bradford Long 09:53 Oh, beautiful. I can't wait. So do you like come by? It sounds like hell is is big on pa already, but do you combine the torture and the partying? Like, are people being flayed alive during concerts or stuff like that? Well,

Harry Huffcloppin 10:06 I mean, you guys do that too. Right? Yeah. BDSM parties, right?

Stephen Bradford Long 10:09 Absolutely. So do you have a favorite ritual? Yeah.

Harry Huffcloppin 10:13 Well, you know, sometimes I just pop in, you know, people are having rituals were my favorite thing is, you know, when there's a bunch of like, teenagers or whatever, they're, and they're like, trying to summon a demon, they have no idea what they're doing. They're not even fucking doing it, right. But I wait till they've done it like the third dry. And they completely gave up at that point, and boom, I tear. And usually it ruins their day, because they're like, What the hell? What the fuck have I done?

Stephen Bradford Long 10:38 I can imagine that that would be quite the start for them. Do you have what are your plans for the future after 2020? Well, yeah,

Harry Huffcloppin 10:45 we're kind of excited about that the vaccine thing you guys are doing up there. I know, there's a lot of vaccines coming around gonna be a lot fewer people. I mean, we're really backlogged down here. And then people are waiting. months in line, just and partly, that's the torture, you know, sometimes just waiting in line is part of the torture, and they don't even get it. But yeah, there's a lot of people waiting in queue here. And we're still working through that. We're actually kind of looking forward to a break, like maybe, you know, maybe a little bit of a vacation. You guys get that that dead virus under control, get that vaccine distributed? And, you know, give us a little bit of a breakdown here. Appreciate it.

Stephen Bradford Long 11:20 Do you get paid time off?

Harry Huffcloppin 11:22 We take off like a month of paid vacation every month. The benefits done here are amazing.

Stephen Bradford Long 11:28 That sounds like a socialist utopia. And I'm honestly kind of jealous.

Harry Huffcloppin 11:33 Well, you know, we're not making money down here. So you know, it's not capitalist. I don't want anybody to think that

Stephen Bradford Long 11:37 what I'm hearing you say is that Earth should aspire to be more like hell, an anti capitalist socialist utopia where money does not exist, and there's

Harry Huffcloppin 11:45 parties and beatings, but consensual beatings, consensual or was consensual.

Stephen Bradford Long 11:49 Okay. That's great to know. So, you know, I asked you earlier whether you've met Anton LaVey, I'm wondering, have you met Lucien Greaves?

Harry Huffcloppin 11:56 You know, I have not yet met that skinny little freak. Big fan, actually. And I'm looking forward to it.

Stephen Bradford Long 12:02 Great. Well, I'm sure you'll have an audience with Lucien Greaves at some point. And, but that actually makes me think, you know, there's been this controversy here on planet Earth, among some Satanists about which is more real, like, which are the real Satanists Church of Satan versus the Satanic Temple? What's your perspective on that debate?

Harry Huffcloppin 12:24 Well, you know, let me get this out front. You guys are all non theistic Satanists and props to you all for that, you know, figuring that part out? That was a big deal. And, and I respect that from from both camps.

Stephen Bradford Long 12:36 You know, it's been great talking to you. I should actually probably start looking for Harry Huff cloth in and make sure that he isn't on the side of the road to be possessed.

Harry Huffcloppin 12:47 Whatever. I don't care about that guy. I gotta run. Actually. You can bear that shit out. I gotta run. I gotta possession and 10. So later, man, all right.

Stephen Bradford Long 12:55 It was great talking to you, Bill. I'll Oh, okay. I guess he's gone. And Harry's studio is empty. I guess I should make some phone calls and figure out where the fuck that guy is. I'm getting worried about him.