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HOH_Cat_Ejaculation6njxp SUMMARY KEYWORDS people, twitter, stoicism, cat, happening, trump, problem, fucking, talking, gatekeepers, ejaculate, toxoplasmosis, listened, love, neutered, called, book, david pakman, eye, podcast SPEAKERS Timothy, Stephen Bradford Long

Stephen Bradford Long 00:20 All right. Hello my kittens. Hello, my degenerates. My unicorns. Welcome to the house of heretics podcast The show where Timothy and I drink coffee or tea and talk about bullshit for your listening pleasure. Hi, how are you?

Timothy 00:35 Hey, I'm doing really well.

Stephen Bradford Long 00:38 Good. DC my DC this i right there?

Timothy 00:42 Yeah. Oh, what do you have in there?

Stephen Bradford Long 00:44 It's it's very swollen and my eyelid is I think it's a spy. So my eyelid is super swollen or it was something it's it's something and now it's like super itchy. It was like hurting. I woke up yesterday morning. With it's so swollen. It was gummed shut. Like, like, crusted gummed shut. I could not open it. And I like had to go into the bathroom and like, open it like pry open my eye and wash out the gunk.

Timothy 01:25 So many inappropriate things I could say right now there are so

Stephen Bradford Long 01:28 many someone did not come in my eye. Timothy in the middle of the night. It wasn't Eli, the cat did not come in my eye.

Timothy 01:40 Say you are either that or you very dexterous.

Stephen Bradford Long 01:46 That. Yeah. It was probably the cat. So let's be real.

Timothy 01:53 As most as I was on the way

Stephen Bradford Long 01:55 talks, oh, I have toxoplasmosis. I, I I am people who people probably don't know what this is. Toxoplasmosis. I don't know how much of this is like an urban legend or not. But toxoplasmosis is this parasite in cats that makes people be deeply in love and attracted to cats. Not sexually, just to clarify amorously like, I want to be around cats, and I have it. I have a deranged level of love for cats where I will literally just think about cats and weep because they're so wonderful. I'm pretty sure I have toxoplasmosis. At least that's what we're going to blame it on.

Timothy 02:50 Well, it's actually also it can be a very debilitating disease, especially if you're immunocompromised. Uh, yes.

Stephen Bradford Long 02:56 However, I think half of the human race has it.

Timothy 03:01 Yeah, and that's the thing about it. That's what I mean. Most of our bodies can just normally fight it off easy. We're good to go. That's why it's really dangerous with immunocompromised people.

Stephen Bradford Long 03:11 Yep. Yep. Well, fortunately, I'm not immunocompromised so it's all good. So my cats won't kill me. Although they might come in my eye in the middle of the night.

Timothy 03:26 Fixed What's that? You get them fixed? Of course, but you know, they can't come in your eye. Does that mean look out for another excuse? Does

Stephen Bradford Long 03:35 that mean they can't ejaculate? No, they can't. They are physically unable to ejaculate?

Timothy 03:41 Yeah, it's not like they get a vasectomy when they're neutered. They will not object to like,

Stephen Bradford Long 03:45 Oh, that's interesting. Let's look this up.

Timothy 03:49 Unless you stimulate their prostate and I don't think you're going to be stimuli.

Stephen Bradford Long 03:54 I'm not going to be stimulating a cat's prostate anytime soon. Okay, kick ejaculates if they are nude or I would doubt that your neutered cat is let's see here. Health care for pets. Oh, that's a very cute picture. You will look at that key. Okay. There may be some under a thorough history and exam the see here it does not look that does not answer the fucking question.

Timothy 04:36 Okay. Just Just trust me on this. I'm,

Stephen Bradford Long 04:40 I have to verify I have to practice proper. I have to trust but verify. And to quote to quote, Mussolini, or whoever the fuck said Lenin.

Timothy 04:54 Lenin Lenin said that Reagan quoted him all the time.

Stephen Bradford Long 04:58 Okay, If the short answer is No probably not. However, there are some exceptions to this okay my poor Mr. Balls is the very picture of sexual frustration he is neutered, but he still acts out his horrible urges on his little stuffed purple melts.

Timothy 05:28 Probably got neutered after he was after he has matured.

Stephen Bradford Long 05:35 Yeah, the problem is that it's too small for him to effectively. So he carries it around to different parts of the house, yelling and trying without success to seal the deal with oh, that's that's such a sad story. I've tried giving him larger toys but he cannot love another I was pondering I was pondering whole are you going down? This is on straight dope.com Stay away from the street dope. Anyone? I I just looked up. Ken Katz ejaculated and this is where it led me so we're here we're locked in. We're gonna keep we're gonna continue this story. Okay. Oh, I've tried. I've tried giving him larger toys but he cannot love another I was pondering whether to build some sort of elevating device a cat sized wedge pillow, if you will. Would it occurred to me that if he actually succeeds, he may make a mess of his little mouse. So my question is this will unneutered cat produce anything at all upon orgasm because he's my bro in all and I just do not need that in my life? No way. Bro problems these are bro problems bros with their bro cats.

Timothy 07:05 Well, I'm looking at another one. Yeah, the only way it can is like if you get a vest and give the cat a vasectomy, but most you're not going to be doing that. Okay.

Stephen Bradford Long 07:20 All right. Well, with all of that out of the way. How are you?

Timothy 07:24 I'm okay. Great. I don't have cats ejaculating into my eyes. Good. Really good.

Stephen Bradford Long 07:36 Okay, um, so, today is Thursday, the 14th of January Trump got impeached. Again, again, yeah, he now has 50% of all impeachments in American history. He has 50% of all impeachments in American history for presidents that is um, yeah. Other presidents. Yeah. So

Timothy 08:05 impeach other politicians? About four presidents or it's only been four impeachments.

Stephen Bradford Long 08:14 Um, that was all I had planned for the show. All right. That's it. Welcome. Thank you for listening. No, I'm

Timothy 08:22 kidding. Okay, jazz relations and impeachment,

Stephen Bradford Long 08:25 cat ejaculation and impeachment. Yeah. What are your thoughts? Well,

Timothy 08:35 I had I knew there were two options being floating, floating around about his removal. I I seriously had doubted that he would resign. Although I had that in the back of my mind as possibility that he might. What I was really thinking would happen, though, would be the impeachment. I didn't think Mike Pence would have the balls to even try to invoke Article 25 section for the Constitution. Yeah,

Stephen Bradford Long 09:07 I mean, no, I, I totally agree. I

Timothy 09:09 don't I don't think that's going to happen. No, he Well, he said so as much and I can't remember if we talked about this last time, but Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, were on hold for 25 minutes to the vice president after the incident at Capitol Hill to talk to him about invoking the 25th amendment. And he refused to take their call and gave a written response which included something biblical, if I remember right, of course, illegal, of course.

Stephen Bradford Long 09:46 Great, wonderful.

Timothy 09:48 But well, here's the only thing about it though that fourth clause of the 25th Amendment is very difficult to enact. And from what I understand of it, and I, there's a YouTube channel I watch called Legal Eagles is really, actually really good channel about current events that are happening right now. And it's run by a lawyer, and he talks about certain things, and oh my gosh, he's all for Trump being impeached. But he was even saying it's very difficult to try to do that, because that amendment was basically made for somebody who was incapacitated and refused to give it up because of that reason. And I don't think you could find a way for some of you to say that the President is incapacitated, mentally, or physically or otherwise. I don't think that would have held water too much. But if for my understanding is correct, if we go through the impeachment process, then and then he is technically removed by the Senate, even after the trial isn't going to happen until after Biden is inaugurated. Yeah. But the thing is, I think that even if the if he does technically get removed, he won't be able to run for president again. And he loses all sorts of all the perks that comes with being a retired president. So

Stephen Bradford Long 11:27 what are the perks? Well, I know they all I know, they all get libraries. No, that's up to them. But they all get they all get they're all given libraries. They're all given like centers. No, I'm kidding. I'm kidding. I'm kidding.

Timothy 11:42 Oh, my goodness, I thought you're serious.

Stephen Bradford Long 11:46 I want to be given a fucking library. Be like Belle in, in in the Beauty and the Beast and be free from some huge given given a huge gorgeous library. Yeah, by by a bear. That's huge. I love bears. I'm here for it. I'm down.

Timothy 12:12 Okay, go Stockholm syndrome at the same time there.

Stephen Bradford Long 12:15 Yeah, that's true. But

Timothy 12:18 no, one, you know, they get Secret Service protection for the rest of their life. They get a stipend for travel. And then, of course, you know, their Secret Service protection, he you know, he'll be housing them and what Mara Largo or wherever he's going to be, and you know, he's going to charge them an exorbitant rate for them to stay there. So,

Stephen Bradford Long 12:40 yeah. You know, I'm back to my old news regimen, which is, I don't I just, I, I don't look at it. Because, you know, I decided earlier this week, I was like, yeah, no, I'm, I have one podcast. I have one news podcast. It comes out every day. It's David Pakman. He's amazing. Everyone needs to listen to David Pakman. I wish I could get him on sacred tension. That'd be amazing. I don't know what I would talk to him about because he's like a news guy. He's a politics guy. And I'm not really, I'm not really news or politics. But David Pakman is fantastic. And he's like, so measured and thoughtful and never hyperbolic and even when the world is falling apart. Even when the zombies are coming. He never loses his cool. And so, you know, I listened to him I listened to his show and then I'm done. And that's it. I don't get on Twitter. I don't look at CNN. I don't do any of that. Because I'm back at the point where it's just too overwhelming.

Timothy 13:56 I for the most part stick with NPR because NPR is measured they don't necessarily always

Stephen Bradford Long 14:02 speak in those in those very nice soft voices. Yep, it's very soothing.

Timothy 14:10 But and they always have they don't do the breaking news unless something like really important is happening they take it measured they do research they do background checks on it until everything is sudden done and then yeah, then that's about it. Which is what I really like you know

Stephen Bradford Long 14:33 Yeah, I like the more I think about it. I I think the breaking news thing, the how do i I'm still waking up. I'm just realizing this and my brain is a bit adult right now. Can you tell my brain is adult because I'm just now realizing this? battled? Yeah, my eye is super fucked up. Right now. I'm going to when I'm done recording Gonna put a hot compress on it and try to drain some more of the semen out of my eyelid I kind of feel like the blow by blow. Yep, culture that we have not just not just in news. But on social media, where it's like on Twitter, this just happened this just in this job. But the problem is that that platform is built to escalate emotion. Yep. And so you're doing blow by blow on a platform that is built to escalate outrage and emotion because that because it's a for profit company. And I'm not sure that's healthy for society. I kind of I'm at the point now where it's like, I don't want the blow by blow. I don't care what's happening. right this second, I don't want to know what's happening. Right? This second, I want to know, tomorrow, when an objective and measured and professional investigative journalist has put it has put together a story for me that, or next week, or next month, like I don't, I don't want to know, this instant, unless truly the zombies are coming. Like I only want to know if my life is in imminent danger. Right? Like, I don't want to see the blow by blow. And I feel like that, that the blow by blow in the moment really creates massive problems, because then it's like this Rorschach test where people of any political affiliation can just project their, their narrative onto it. But the problem is that 32nd video clips are not enough to gain any substantial picture of what is actually happening. But we think it is.

Timothy 17:19 Well, I stopped. I had a severe adverse reaction to the whole breaking news, when I can't remember what year it was. But several years back, there was an airline from Malaysia that crashed somewhere in the ocean. That's right. And CNN kept on doing all these breaking news interrupting the special. We think that a a piece of the plane might be washing up the shores off of Australia, that actually happened, they stopped breaking news because of that. And it's

Stephen Bradford Long 17:56 like, that's great. I don't care.

Timothy 18:00 Well, and that was the thing. I just looked at this, like you guys are overusing this you want people to get get all this latest information, but is just basically they want you to watch it because of the advertisement and trying to get their money in for the revenue.

Stephen Bradford Long 18:18 Yeah. And it's the same with Twitter. I mean, and Twitter's actually, I think a bit more malicious because because there are some incredibly important grassroots movements on Twitter, you know, black lives matter. You know, Black Twitter in general, and is like a marvel. It's a wonder, I love Black Twitter. But the problem is that the contract is, is more sinister, the contract is, we're going to profit off of you and manipulate you and you won't even know it. You won't even you're going to use our platform and make us money. And we're going to make money off of your grassroots movement. It's just that's just gross. That's just really, really gross. And I do think that social media has been a catalyst for a lot of important social progress. At the same time. There's a very scary dark side to it, which is there. You know, no one was no one was making money off of MLK is every word. No one was making money off of his sermons. As he as as he preached them. No one was making money off of his marches as he was doing them. But that's what's happening now. It's super gross.

Timothy 19:48 Yeah, it's yeah, it's just really bothering to me. I remember before science Mike, Mike McHarg before he was diagnosed with them Autism Spectrum Disorder, he was saying that how he would he would purposely have to reduce the rate of notifications on his phone. In fact, I think you've done this too. If I if I remember,

Stephen Bradford Long 20:14 I've taken I've taken it off of my phone altogether.

Timothy 20:17 Right. So I I've done that as well with I do not get any my news feeds through Facebook at all. Facebook, I only use to connect with my friends and family. And that's, that's the only thing I do. Somebody might share something news on there. And I may or may not click on it, but more than likely I won't. Especially it's from some less than reputable site. So yeah. And even then I have I don't even like listening to what reading the Huffington Post because they're a bit too sensationalist. For me. As far as liberals go, it's

Stephen Bradford Long 21:05 been it's been years since I've read Huffington. Yeah, you know, I, it's hard. It's really, really hard. And I think I, I do worry that we have been sold a bill of goods, which is, you know, if we get rid of the gatekeepers, in terms of media, it is just going to be a net positive, it is just going to be a net good. And I'm, I'm like, I mean, it's, I think, I think the fact that the gatekeepers are coming down there is there are some goods to that, for example, I can blog, I wouldn't be able to do that 30 years ago, you know, I would I, I would have to do that through a newspaper, I would have to do that through, you know, it would be it would be more complicated. But now I can have an audience through blogging. So on the one hand, getting rid of gatekeepers is good. On the other hand, I do worry about the breakdown of standards and institutions that gatekeepers did tend to protect, you know, not perfectly and not with complete rigor. I mean, gatekeepers can be shitty to but but the investigative journalist, the the, the investigative journalist who would dive deep into a, a criminal subject or or a specific topic for months at a time and invest, you know, like the spotlight team who exposed the Catholic sex abuse scandal in America, that kind of stuff is on the decline, you know, it the the market for that kind of deep work is declining.

Timothy 23:01 Well, was a Bob Woodward. Was he the Watergate guy? Yes. Bob Woodward. Well, he wrote a book not too long ago about Donald Trump. And, and the big thing that came out about him is when they first came out, Trump was interviewed by him on the phone and Bob Woodward released these recordings. That happened in I want to say February of last year 2020. And in the recordings, he clearly, Trump is clearly stating this is a lot worse than people think it's airborne. It's, it's going it's worse than the flu.

Stephen Bradford Long 23:41 Trump was saying that. Yes, Trump himself. Yeah, yep. Of course. Of course. He of course, of course. How could he not because he knew because he has all of the countries advisors.

Timothy 23:53 Here's the thing. The book didn't come out until I want to say November, maybe December. I will say November though, and everybody criticize Bob Woodward for holding on to that information until was published in a book.

Stephen Bradford Long 24:07 Fair. Yeah. So what what is your take on that? Because I get that I get, I get how, okay, so for example, you know, depending on context, like if, if we're talking about someone who's dead, Michael Jackson, you know, and and it isn't, in the story isn't immediately pertinent to like, the entire fucking universe is survival or something, you know, and it's like, past criminal behavior or something. That's a slower story. That's fine. But when people are in imminent danger right now, and you're holding on to that story, I kind of I get why people would be mad about that.

Timothy 24:51 And that was my issue there too. Yeah. It wasn't like he was poets. He was writing for The Washington Post anymore. and interviewing Deep Throat, it wasn't that at all. He was writing a book something to make money for himself personally. And that something like that probably should have been.

Stephen Bradford Long 25:14 Absolutely should have been released immediately. Like the like the pussy grabbing video.

Timothy 25:22 Yeah, that was that came out.

Stephen Bradford Long 25:25 I mean, that was I mean that was old but when it was uncovered it was released or or Trump or Trump, you know, like a strong arming Georgian senators

Timothy 25:41 lashed out that that was that shit

Stephen Bradford Long 25:44 needs to come out, like that needs

Timothy 25:46 to come out. That came out at the right time. Yep. You know, it was recorded, you know that it was recorded with that Secretary of State along with the Secretary of State's lawyer, you know, something was down when you have a Republican Secretary of State for for Georgia, having to have a lawyer with him as he's talking to the president. So

Stephen Bradford Long 26:10 was it was it Georgia senators are was at Georgia Secretary of State,

Timothy 26:14 it was the Georgia secretary of state that Trump was talking to, I can't remember the last time something like Raffensperger or something like okay, and he was had his lawyer on the phone with him. That's crazy while they're talking to Trump and Trump kept on saying I need you to find 11,780 votes just

Stephen Bradford Long 26:34 11,000 votes Yeah. Yeah, it's fucking crazy. Um, so I'm I've been learning about oh my god, this will sound like such a douche bro thing to say. But I'm because all the tech bros are into this. But I've started reading a book by Ryan Holiday about stoicism. And I'm not on board with all of it. I think. I think it's a bit too clean cut. It's I think it's a bit too. I think reality might be a bit more blurry than Ryan holidays, interpretation of stoicism. We'll accept. But it it is helpful to you know, one of the key tenets of stoicism is basically like the serenity prayer. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. To wait, well, how does it go again?

Timothy 27:50 A God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change the courage to change the things I can

Stephen Bradford Long 27:56 and the wisdom to know the difference. Yeah. So I mean, that's basically stoicism. And one of the things that Ryan Holiday is talking about is how there's the only thing that I have control over is my mind as some however, as someone who as someone who has looked into, you know, neuroscience, and behaviorism, and all of this stuff, I'm not actually 100% on board with that, I think that there is a lot in our mind that we that is not under our control. But in theory, it's a nice idea that the only thing that I can control are my responses. The only thing that I can control is my own mind, my own choices, and all the stuff outside of that circle, I can't control. And, you know, that is actually a really right now a really helpful thought, because it's like, you know what, Trump, I've cast my vote, I've done my part. Now I just need to take care of myself and not just focus on what I can can what I can control.

Timothy 29:13 Right. I understand stoicism and the principles behind it. There's nothing inherently wrong with that at all. My only criticism of it is that when you take it to an extreme you miss out on enjoying life.

Stephen Bradford Long 29:27 Yeah, I agree. And you know, I'm still really new to it. Like I'm, I just I just got this book on as a Kindle deal for like $1 And so like, and I've never read anything about stoicism before. Some of it sounds kind of Buddhists ask some of it sounds just very like 12 Step ish. You know a lot of the stuff that I learned in 12 Steps seems very In line with stoicism, yeah. And then I run, I run into other things where I'm like, Oh, I'm not sure about that. But I can see how like, as a broad, vague principle, it's helpful. You know, there are a lot of things where it's like, I don't know if this is actually true in every circumstance, but maybe as like a general rule of life. This can be helpful, but not Yeah, that. I'm worried about people who take it to an extreme though. Yeah. But as a as a kind of general philosophy, at least right now. I'm finding it helpful. It where it's like, you know, I can't I can't control Trump. All I can do is control my little sphere, my own actions, my own thoughts, right. And that's what I'm going to do. I'm not going I'm not going to overly fixate on Trump right now. Because I've been doing that. Here's the thing. I've been doing that for four years, I've been doing that for four fucking years. And I'm sick of it. I'm sick of letting this bloviating orange toddler just have so much headspace giving, giving him so much of my time. Well, I hate that.

Timothy 31:19 Here's my issue, though, with all that, and I agree, totally. There's so little that we right now can do with the people at the top. The most important part of Pollock's politics that we ourselves can be involved with, is local politics. Exactly. Yes, local politicians, give me on giving our say at city council meetings, or talking to our city council or Alder men or whoever, you know, writing them and letting them know how we feel about certain topics. You know, I live in a county where everybody, for the most part, if they're in politics, are Republican, there is no way you can do anything about it. So they are the people that I have to deal with whom I have to talk to. And you know, what are they? There's nothing wrong with that. I don't I'm not lambasting them for being Republican at all. They're trying to do the best that they can with what they have. And it's just one of those weird things that this is the only way that you can make it in this county is my being a Republican?

Stephen Bradford Long 32:26 Yeah, no, I understand. And, you know, I also feel like on the local level, working on the local level forces people to work together. Whereas I feel like when we when we fixate on the national spectacle that divides us. And I mean, for good reason. I mean, like, I'm not going to sit here and be moan being divided. I mean, it's not great. It's not good. But I'm not going to sit here and be moan people being angry that a Trumpist insurrectionist mob stormed the Capitol last week, like people should be pissed about that. Right. But I think that when we work on the local level, it forces us to work together. Right. And that's good. That's healthy.

Timothy 33:18 Exactly. And like it's certain things like say you're really concerned about infrastructure or the environment and you just say, You know what, there are so many potholes on this road, don't you think there's something that we can do as a county to make it a little bit better so that we're not doing that? Well? If we do that we're going to have to raise taxes? Well, I think I want to raise my taxes so I can able be able to drive safely to work. How about that?

Stephen Bradford Long 33:43 See, there you go. Yeah, like I want to get to work without destroying my van. My my vodka drinking soccer mom van

Timothy 33:53 ban. That's great.

Stephen Bradford Long 33:54 I have a soccer mom van. This episode is very revealing about my personal life. I don't know how I feel about that. I'm glad it's behind a paywall. Um, yeah, I can't my my eye is itching so much. I can barely think. But it's fine. I'll get through I will survive. I might just like remove my eyeball completely. Oh, the swelling was so bad the other day it was like pushing my eyeball out of alignment and making my vision all blurry and double.

Timothy 34:34 Was that why you're wearing glasses this morning? Because you normally don't.

Stephen Bradford Long 34:37 Yeah, and glasses. My glasses are reading glasses. So I was I was just making some notes on my notebook earlier. Um, god dammit what was I just about to say? I was going to say,

Timothy 34:51 infrastructure, local politics, and then you went over to two eyeballs. Yeah, I'm your van and I Oh, everybody, you reveal too much.

Stephen Bradford Long 35:04 I don't even I don't even remember. Right. Um I think that oh yeah, this is what I was going to say. I think that there is a, a fear of contamination and and a fear of having to work with the other side because that other side is fundamentally unclean. I really think that there is I really think that it is framed in this unclean versus pure purity versus impurity binary, that and I don't think that this is exclusive to the left you know, I've I recently kind of had a realization that I have been fixated on a lot of problems on the left but, but realizing that these are actually universal human problems and that I am just seeing the more on the left because I am on the left, whereas you know, Kancil culture is just fucking bad. You know, Donald Trump is the king of canceling Donald Trump is the Donald Trump is the canceller in chief and and so it's like no, these are human excesses and I don't know if you listen to my episode with Danielle about grandstanding. Yeah, where it's like, grandstanding isn't a leftist problem. It isn't a right wing problem. It's a human problem. Human beings do this. And and so you know, now I'm starting to resist saying cancellations are a problem of the left. No, it's a problem of human nature. It's what humans do. And does that make sense? Oh, definitely. Actually. Yeah.

Timothy 37:01 I've been really, really into the liturgist right now and they've been going through some really great episodes about about non dualism.

Stephen Bradford Long 37:10 You know what I'm gonna make a note. I I need to get Michael Gungor on

Timothy 37:18 I see him every Sunday he has this thing for a litigious patrons called the Sunday thing

Stephen Bradford Long 37:24 is a is a what's her name? The the woman bride, Hillary McBride. i i Love Hillary. She's Yeah, she's incredible. Anyway, I'm sorry. I was I was fun. interrupting you

Timothy 37:39 know, Hillary McBride is great. She would be awesome. I think very easy also to get on your podcast. She likes talking about sex. And

Stephen Bradford Long 37:46 me and I love talking about sex. So it is a match. Podcast match made in heaven made in hell. Okay, go on.

Timothy 37:54 She does it in a way that is like, sort of nonchalantly and you're like holy cow. You did you just say that. But she's also Canadian. So there you go. There you go. Um, but what I was saying is, the whole idea about non dualism is we we humans really like to live in a binary type of system? Where everything is good, bad. Black, white left, right. And it's isn't. It's more complicated than that. Yeah. And, and I think we need to, like, ah, Michael ganger. The guy can be very, I love the guy. I love what he says. I love what he done with liturgist. But also he can come across as being an asshole. Yes,

Stephen Bradford Long 38:46 yeah. No, I know. He can come off. Not great. Sometimes. I I love him too. He's great. By the way. Beer Satanists who have no clue what we're talking about. This is this is a progressive Christian thing. So

Timothy 38:59 well, not even that he doesn't even consider himself Christian anymore. Yeah. But

Stephen Bradford Long 39:02 he's kind of he is still you know, very much in the post Christian sphere, you know, in like the progressive Christian slash post Christian sphere. Oh,

Timothy 39:12 definitely. Yeah. There was a time when he considered himself atheist just like Michael Mike McHarg. And that they met each other after they came back to a type of faith, which is how the lizard just started. But basically, he was Oh, he got too big Twitter storm, when he was saying that evil is subjective. And, of course, everybody. Everybody came up with saying that, Oh, brought up Godwin's Law right away and saying you say that Hitler was now that people can view Hitler as being okay and what he did.

Stephen Bradford Long 39:54 But that's why this is why Twitter is for cat pictures and blog posts are for hot takes. This is actually the this is the rule that I've made actually like I I'm just not going to post any of my hot takes to Twitter and it will make my Twitter feed boring as fuck. Like it will make my Twitter feed really dull. But that's okay. That's what my blog is for like if I have a nuanced controversial take it's going to be on my blog or podcast and not on Twitter.

Timothy 40:31 Well, it was a there was this House of Representatives he's a Democrat from the Kansas City area and he gave the initial invocation at the House of Representatives for this new session that's when they gave the oath of office to all the new representatives and to all the fresh fish Yep, at the very end he did a prayer is very generic very what's the word I'm looking for? ecumenical? That's not quite interfaith that's probably better an interfaith or is

Stephen Bradford Long 41:11 this Hi, all men all women thing? Yep, that's him. And this was so fucking stupid. Yeah, I mean, not what he said. But like the the reaction, the fucking meltdown? Yeah, actually, we haven't had a chance to talk about this. So to continue on, and let's talk about it.

Timothy 41:28 I can't remember his name right off the top of my head. But I started following him on Twitter afterwards. But he gave this speech calling for reconciliation for people to get along. He prayed in the name of the monotheistic God and in all the other, you know, face that we have in this world and ended it tongue in cheek with our men and our women. Yeah. And everybody went berserk.

Stephen Bradford Long 42:03 Everyone lost their goddamn minds. It was it was crazy.

Timothy 42:08 Well, then somebody somebody at Fox News tweeters, like called they don't understand that Amen is Latin for Sobia. Or verily, I'm looking at them. It's like, well, first of all, fuck the Fox News. Fuck off. You don't know anything about Hebrew. That's not Latin. It's Hebrew. Exactly. And it was actually sort of funny, because I saw see you're like,

Stephen Bradford Long 42:32 I'm a minister. I know the difference between Hebrew and Latin.

Timothy 42:37 And here's the funny thing about it. The representative who prayed that prayer is a Methodist pastor with an M div. So this guy is going to know what he's doing. John is doing something tongue in cheek,

Stephen Bradford Long 42:50 John McWhorter, who is kind of a he's a he's a brilliant linguist. He's a black man, brilliant linguist, brilliant scholar, and also is kind of heterodox in a lot of his takes. And, you know, he, I would say he's pretty solidly liberal. But he doesn't toe the right wing line. And he doesn't toe the left wing line. He's kind of he's kind of this Maverick scholar and makes a lot of people angry, but he I don't agree with everything he says, But he posted something on but but when it comes to linguistics, especially black English, he fucking knows his stuff like he is. He is an expert on especially black English, black American English. And he said, he posted a tweet saying all men and all woman is an all women is a black Southern tradition. It is it is a it is a tradition of ministers in the South. It is a it's a turn of phrase. It's a tongue in cheek thing. Yep. That that historic. That is historical, you know, people. People have been doing that for decades. There is nothing woke about this. It is a black linguistic turn of phrase. And I'm like, here's, here's my take on that whole thing. Don't you all have something better to do the fact I think the fact that people lost their goddamn minds over this is proof that their minds are broken. It's proof that they're that their brain is hijacked. And and you know when I heard it, I was like, I don't care. What is there to care about here? What if What is the story here? What is the scandal here? Why are we giving such an enormous fuck about this thing when there is a goddamn tyrant in the office with the brain of a three year rolled destroying democracy like why are we caring?

Timothy 45:05 Here's the thing. I also want to when I looked at that, I looked at all these comments on there, and I just tweeted in there I told you this. Was it last week going to happen is this right before the storm on the Capitol? So which is probably another reason why we did talk about it last week. But when I tweeted on in his line there the people's reaction to this say more about them than it does about the tweet itself. Yes, absolutely. Yeah. It's it says more about how they react, what their issues are, what their problems are, than it does with actually what he said. And oh, my goodness, I had so many replies.

Stephen Bradford Long 45:46 Oh, that's right. You got you got mobbed? Yeah, about

Timothy 45:51 this. And I looked at and it got to the point where Twitter sent me a nice little thing. He's like, Hey, you're being mentioned a lot. Would you like to restrict him? Yes, please. Thank you.

Stephen Bradford Long 46:01 I don't I don't understand it. Here's here's the thing actually, here's something that I've noticed as someone who periodically goes on social media and by I shouldn't I'm, I'm starting to learn that I am misunderstood when I use social media. I'm not. When I say social media, I mean, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Discord is social media. Yes, it is. And I'm I love so you know, and I'm on Discord all day long, because the sacred tension Discord is fucking amazing. And they're great people. But I, when I say social media, that's what I mean. I mean, Twitter, I mean, a specific business model of social media. Social media, as it is currently manifested in the big in the biggest platforms in the current model. But so when I things that felt normal, before you distance before you back away, and you do a little purge, and then you come back, it is it feels about 100 times crazier, because it's like you detox, it's like I, I go through this detox, where I don't look at Twitter for several days. Or I am very deliberate about only looking at it for like 10 minutes a day. And then I turn it off, I log off, I only do it on my laptop, and I'm done for the day. And then when you re immerse yourself in it, things that seem normal now seem utterly batshit insane. And this and this was like one of those things where it's like when you when you bathe yourself in just the present moment and the real world for a bit not saying that Twitter isn't the real world but you know, in IRL in meatspace when you just spend a good long time there, and then you go back. It's like stepping into an asylum. it in a way that wasn't obvious previously. So it's like, I get acclimated to the crazy, and then I get off spend a lot of time in meatspace and then and then I go back in just to check it out. And it is truly like stepping into the asylum in the movie Amadeus. It's It's insanity. I end and insane insane in a way that makes me feel crazy because it feels like no one else can see it because it feels like everyone else is so inoculated against it. And I'm like, nothing about what's going on here is normal, nothing about millions of people losing their minds over all men and all woman nothing about that is healthy or normal. Or, or in proportion to reality like and that is just like one example of a million of what happens when I get back on social media. I'm like you we're all losing your goddamn minds. This this software is rotting our brains but but it's only apparent it's only obvious when we detox from it, because and then I start to acclimate to it. And I start to get more used to it and I start to and then suddenly, things feel normal again, on social media. It's so bizarre. It is it is it's like culture shock. It really is. It is like going through culture shock again and again and again and again.

Timothy 49:54 Well, I've been purposely trying to follow people whose voices I need to hear Yeah. Oh, A little bit better. And so I've been doing that. And that's helped me out a lot. And I still and I will follow a couple of conservative evangelicals that I actually respect. Just to see how they react to them. Then there is this one. I follow him. He's a East Canadian. And me. Oh, which one? Drew dick?

Stephen Bradford Long 50:23 No, I don't know him. Dy ck,

Timothy 50:25 I think you do for a super nice guy. Canadian lives in America. And I think I want to say he works for like Christianity today. But I listened to it because for the most part, he tend to post reasonably reasonable tweets about things that are happening in the Christian world. And I noticed every now and then he'll get on the conservative side of it. And I'll tweet the response to whatever he says, but it always is always very respectful there and him. I can handle him. I can understand. Yeah, there are there are other people that I was like, oh, no, I'm not even going to Dane you with a follow but I'll go ahead and check on their website because they just freak me out. Like I have

Stephen Bradford Long 51:12 a I have a Oh yeah. Continue. For example, Greg Locke. Greg Locke is fucking insane. Or Michael Brown. Dr. Dr. Michael Brown is nuts. I had a little kerfuffle with Michael Brown several years ago. Yes, that was that was several years ago. I'm Franklin Graham. No, so I have a Twitter list called bat chittery. It's a private list called bat sugary and I just throw all of the loons all of the all of the nutcases in there all the Q anon people all the theocrats all the insane right wing Christians and then every so often, I will go in there and be like, holy shit. Look at the insanity.

Timothy 52:01 This actually, I'm gonna mispronounce his name because his last name is a German name. Is first name is Sean and I pronounce it foist Feiyue. F EU ch T. Okay? He if he does, he's been doing these long blonde hair guy from California who's doing this let us worship rallies all over the place.

Stephen Bradford Long 52:25 That sounds like a drag name. But he let us worship. Yeah,

Timothy 52:33 he goes he Oh

Stephen Bradford Long 52:35 my Oh, he was he's the one who's been doing COVID He's been doing he's been having COVID super spreader events. Yes. That's all over LA.

Timothy 52:47 Well, the the reason I laugh every time I see his name because his last name in German means moist. So

Stephen Bradford Long 52:56 Is he is he moist? Okay, hold on. Let me let me look him up shine,

Timothy 53:03 as he am as ea NFVUXEU ch T ch T. For each. I pronounced it foist but I don't know.

Stephen Bradford Long 53:20 Oh, major douche vibes. Oh, Lord. Oh god that curly blonde hair. Oh God those buttons that those button up shirts Jesus Christ. And wearing jerseys. Oh god. Yeah, he's he's definitely Oh, god. Okay, so what about him?

Timothy 53:52 Oh, it was like, I will go in on his sites. Every now and then. Just to see what he's saying as well.

Stephen Bradford Long 53:59 Yeah. Let's go to his website right now.

Timothy 54:01 No, not as well as Twitter. I'm sorry. Okay. Let's

Stephen Bradford Long 54:03 go to his Twitter. Oh, he has a website. Sean foist.

Timothy 54:07 Yeah, I don't know if that's how you pronounce his name. That's just how I do it. I ever since I've been in Germany corrupted me. I've pronounced German things correctly. So let's see.

Stephen Bradford Long 54:16 Let's see what's going let's see what he's doing on Facebook. Okay.

Timothy 54:21 But he had this thing was uh oh, he was like furious at Twitter at especially after Twitter blocked Trump and took him off.

Stephen Bradford Long 54:31 Oh, God, how about you? How about you kick off your day with 7000 worshippers in Fort Worth, Texas, singing their guts out to King Jesus. All caps King Jesus all caps. The album is coming next week. Yee ha ha ha. It was

Timothy 54:53 this a you saying on there's like I'm going to leave for parlour just now. So it's too is going crazy follow me on parlour and this was before parlor got shut down. And I remember this wonderful meme that I shared on there and it was showing Ned Flanders in The Simpsons, saying hey, I have an important message to tell you and is Homer Simpson is slowly closing down a garage doors like hey, I'm leaving Facebook for parlor. I'm leaving Facebook for parlor. Doors just going down.

Stephen Bradford Long 55:28 I yep, yep, yep, exactly. I mean, my my very sad. Haggard's comm slash account is now gone.

Timothy 55:37 Because what? Oh, the parlor one? Yes. parlor.

Stephen Bradford Long 55:40 Yeah. Hold on. Let me pull it up. It actually it looks like it's been taken off of my phone.

Timothy 55:47 Has it could?

Stephen Bradford Long 55:48 No it hasn't. It hasn't been taken off my phone. I bet it will. When my phone updates.

Timothy 55:53 Yeah, the app. Will the app is no longer supported by Google or Apple. I know. And Amazon which control the actual physical website will no longer hosted either.

Stephen Bradford Long 56:06 I know. Yeah. So it's been it's been nuked. And that's a whole other conversation. There's, there's lots of lots of stuff to talk about there. But yeah, that'll have to wait. I am having a free speech lawyer on next week. And so I'm going to ask him all my thorny questions about, about stuff like that. Like,

Timothy 56:23 why is Twitter not free speech?

Stephen Bradford Long 56:25 Yeah, exactly. You know, and just just although all the confusion, there's so much confusion, like, like, is Amazon shutting down? parlor a free speech issue, a First Amendment issue? Hint? No, it isn't. But a lot of people just don't know that. You know, Senator Holly's book being polled is not a free speech issue. But anyway, so I'm going to ask him about, I'm going to ask my own ask him all that stuff. And I'm going to put questions to my audience when he when it gets closer to the interview. But anyway, well, we need to wrap this up. I I need to go clean out my eye and get some more work done. So remember, don't let a cat ejaculated in your eye. All right. Bye bye.