The ABCs of the Alphabet

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a weekend of telling stories for an internet livestream way back in 2004... shane
bugbee hosts with co-hosts doug mesner & amy stocky. the concept was to do a radio show without the need of a specific topic or guest to lean upon, this was meant to mock talk radio shows who have to cling to topics rather than the talk, the story, the communication to a listener... this was to practice and strengthen the art of telling a story as well as create a 30 min radio show for an internet radiostation and podcast.

Transcripts with timestamps to the right of the speaker are fully auto-generated and unconfirmed by manual effort.

Letter A

[music plays] Song: The Three Stooges: Swinging the Alphabet [music stops at 01:46]


01:46 Shane Bugbee 

Hello, let's put that on pause. Doug. (Doug Misicko, faintly: Yes.) Can't even hear you. Try it again. [faintly: I don't know]. Try it again, Doug. (Doug Misicko: Okay.) ah, there we are. Very good. Amy. (Amy Bugbee, faintly: Hello.) Can't barely hear you.

02:04 Amy Bugbee 

Hello, hello.

02:06 Shane Bugbee 

Didn't I teach you how to talk into the mic?

02:09 Amy Bugbee 

I'm talking right into it.

02:12 Shane Bugbee 

All right. What's up. We're reprives-(sic), priving-(sic) Our role- pre-. How do you say that? Reprising? Yeah. (Amy: Reprising?) Something. We're re-enacting our roles in the 9/11 broadcast right now. (Doug Misicko: Married and stupid.) Yeah, but this time Doug isn't refusing to talk.

02:28 Doug Misicko 

Now I did last time, remember?

02:33 Shane Bugbee 

Your ride's here. So what we're going to do is 26 half-hour shows. And the only thing we have to go on is, they're all going to start with the letter A or B or C, something like that.

02:45 Amy Bugbee 

In order of the alphabet?

02:48 Shane Bugbee 

And we we wrote down lists of things, and we talked about doing for an hour show, and bands that start with the letter A or B or C. We really don't have a name but- (Amy Bugbee: The Alphabet Show?) The Alphabet Show. Doug says "The ABCs of Hate", that- you know, how typical. (Doug Bugbee: Filth.) (Amy Bugbee: Filth, was the-) Filth, how, how- your brother would be disappointed.

03:08 Doug Misicko 

Yeah, he probably would he'd say, "Typical."

03:12 Shane Bugbee 

Yeah. That was the best thing about meeting him? "Eh. It's expected."

03:15 Doug Misicko 

It should be the ABCs without W. (Amy Bugbee: Why no W?) 'Cos our world is a world without "W".

03:20 Shane Bugbee 

What do you mean "without W"?

03:24 Doug Misicko 

You know, they call the president, "W."

03:27 Shane Bugbee 

Our world is dominated by W (Doug Misicko, raising his voice: But, I'd rather, I'd rather it wasn't!) This is A. And speaking of A, asshole...

03:32 Amy Bugbee 

Hey, I got my White Stripes CD out.

03:36 Shane Bugbee 

No, no. We're talking A, now see? (Doug Misicko: [laughing] "C"?) Asshole. Animosity. Aggravation.


Doug Misicko  03:43

An-en-ce-phalic. (Shane Bugbee: Oh, hey man-) (Amy Bugbee: Atrophy.) That's my favorite A word.

03:47 Shane Bugbee 

Nah, you can get the fuck out.

03:48 Doug Misicko 

No, it means born without a brain.

03:50 Shane Bugbee 

Really? What is that word again? (Doug Misicko: Anencephalic.) Now you're gonna try to start a school?

03:54 Doug Misicko 

Yeah, it's like Joe Coleman's Jr. You know, the kids with the collapsed heads in little jars and shit.

03:59 Amy Bugbee 

That's what happened to Prince's kid.

04:01 Doug Misicko 

Pickled babies.

04:02 Shane Bugbee 

Wow! So that is- what happened to Prince's kid? An-a-phallic-jalic? (sic)

04:06 Amy Bugbee 

Born without a brain. [Ed note: Amiir Nelson's death was due to Pfeiffer syndrome, not anencephaly]

04:07 Doug Misicko 

Oh, really? Did he smoke crack?

04:09 Shane Bugbee 

Was that the name of a death song? (Doug Misicko: I dunno.) "Born without a brain"?

04:14 Doug Misicko 

I couldn't tell you. (Shane: But what is the name, what is that again?) Anencephalic. (Shane: Ana-sana-phallic? (sic)) Yeah.
Doug Misicko Radio Free Satan bio as of Nov. 4, 2005. In his hand, he appears to hold a small jar with a fetus in it. Text says, "Artist, commentator, and self-proclaimed "One Man Gang-Bang," Douglas Mesner takes on the world armed with a tape-recorder, police scanner, and sardonic wit. An unscruplous journalist of the Muckracker/Gonzo School, Doug takes his tape-recorder everywhere it's unwelcome. Bringing pranking to the level of stone-faced professionalism, Mesner's Show promises to revolutionize Rotten Radio and serve as the definitive audio documentary of the apocalypse."
Doug Misicko bio as DJ for Radio Free Satan as it appeared Nov. 4, 2005. Picture date unknown.

04:21 Shane Bugbee 

Huh, I got it. Well, we're onto another word.

04:22 Amy Bugbee 

I think Doug's making up words.

04:23 Shane Bugbee

Yeah, Doug's just fucking with everyone.

04:24 Doug Misicko 

True word. Medical.

04:28 Shane Bugbee 

Yeah. So hey, any good stories? D- Doug. You got any good stories about anna-phalla-atic (sic)?.

04:35 Doug Misicko 

I never met one, but if anybody's willing to sell me one...

04:39 Shane Bugbee 

Is that a pickled punk? Is that what you're saying? Yeah, yeah. "Born without a brain." Wow.

04:43 Amy Bugbee 

Maybe that's what Joe Coleman had- was Prince's son, huh?

04:48 Doug Misicko 

And you can say that to people, and they won't know what you're talking about. You can say, "What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you anencephalic?"

Shane on meeting Amy

04:55 Shane Bugbee 

Nah, they're just gonna say you're a fucking asshole. (Doug Misicko, snickering: You're right.) (Amy Bugbee: That starts with A.) (Doug Misicko: Yeah.) And I love the asshole. Okay, Amy- and Amy, my favorite "A" word of all, Amy. Beautiful Amy. (Amy Bugbee: Aww, you're sweet.) Remember when I first met Amy? On the streets of Chicago, she was running through the streets angry looking for a mad fix. (Amy Bugbee: Exactly) Something like that.

05:23 Amy Bugbee 

Have you heard that in a commercial recently? (Shane Bugbee: No.) Makes me so angry.

05:27 Doug Misicko 


Shane's story about an escort finding corn

05:28 Shane Bugbee 

But you know, I told earlier a good story. I think about something about anal, we said was- we started talking about the idea of doing the show. And I said, "Well, Doug, you know, we can talk about anything." A, anal. And I said, I knew this escort girl who had came- we were hanging out after one of her first experiences as an escort. And she had told told me that the gentleman had requested a finger up the ass. "A", ass. And, you know, she thought, she was freaked out by it. But when she pulled out her finger, there's a piece of corn on it. And so I don't know if- (Doug Misicko: But did she eat it?) No- I you know what? She- I don't know. Maybe if she- he- the guy paid extra, she may have. That's maybe why she was so filthed out. But um, you know, when she told me the story, I sort of laughed I said, "Well, maybe you should get yourself a pair of rubber gloves. Be prepared for the work, you know that you're doing, pretend you're milking a cow, or whatever, and just go at it, get the rubber gloves on, and, you know, go to town on these people." She was really disgusted by the- it wasn't the act of sticking the finger up the ass. She thought the guy was weird. But, um, it was the part of pulling the piece of corn out on her finger. And it just filthed here out.

06:41 Amy Bugbee 

She must have been really digging around in there because it's really hard to grip on to stuff when you're in there.

06:48 Doug Misicko 

Or maybe it was sitting right at the rim! You never know.

06:51 Amy Bugbee 

Must have been. (Shane Bugbee: Yeah.) Or she had really long fingernails or something.

06:54 Shane Bugbee 

She also said that it was common and a lot of the girls that worked in that trade said it was common, that guys did not wash and had really they were dirty, and a lot of the girls had figured that was- they were clean for the wives, but they got dirty down there for the girls because it was like a humiliating act almost. You know, "You have to go down I mean for 200 bucks, and it's nice and dirty." And sweaty.

07:18 Doug Misicko 

And I guess that's the reason to do it.

Amy's anal candle story

07:20 Amy Bugbee 

Well, I got a good anal story. (Shane Bugbee: Oh! Okay.) One time. I stuck a candle in this guy's butt.

07:32 Shane Bugbee 

I love this story. I've heard it before. Usually when Amy tells me the story, I have my pants down and we're in bed and it's romantic. And I say, "Tell me a story about your past."

07:40 Doug Misicko 

Was he asleep?

07:42 Amy Bugbee 

No, no, he was wide awake.

07:43 Shane Bugbee 

This is a good story. Doug, take your pants off if you want. It's a good one. (Doug Misicko: All right, all right.)

07:47 Amy Bugbee 

So, so- (Shane Bugbee: Chocolate, anyone?) (Doug Misicko: No, no.) this guy started getting into you know, having his ass worked. And so I had gone to this candle shop and gotten all these long pillar candles.

Shane Bugbee  08:00

(muffled) Hey, hold on. I'm eating chocolate. Doug just looked at me like it was me. Explain to him it wasn't me. (Amy Bugbee: It wasn't Shane.) I do like my ass worked. Okay. (laughs)

08:09 Doug Misicko 

Alright. You're- boy, you're eating nutty chocolate, I realized.

08:12 Amy Bugbee 

It was a Born-Again Christian I once dated. Okay, so he really like to have the ass worked-

08:19 Doug Misicko 

He was he Born Again at the time and still getting the ass worked?

08:24 Amy Bugbee 

Oh, yeah. He- I think he thought he could convert me. So... But look who what really happened, you know? So anyway, so I get these pillar candles, and I'm sticking it in his ass, you know, in and out in and out, and of course, his ass is really hot. And all of a sudden-

08:40 Shane Bugbee 

Do you mean "hot-looking"?

08:45 Amy Bugbee 

No. I mean, it was- (Doug Misicko: The friction's creating heat.) Heat! Yes. And the candle starts to get really soft. And so I'm thinking, ah, it'll be cool. It'll be cool. And all of a sudden-

08:53 Doug Misicko 

It was cool.

08:57 Amy Bugbee 

I pulled it out, and half the candle was gone. It was just the wick. (laughing) It all broke off inside of him. And I didn't tell him or anything. I just figured he'd poop it out later, but- (Doug Misicko: He probably had to go to the doctor for that.) Nooo, I'm sure it came right out.

Doug Misicko on anal play

Doug Misicko  09:15

I don't know. I've never had a foreign object in my ass though... But I saw in "Jackass" that dude stuck a little car up his ass and then he went to the doctor and got the X-ray. Did you see that? (Amy Bugbee: Mm-hm.) And they told him it wouldn't come out on its own.

09:32 Amy Bugbee 

Well, that's I mean- candle wax is gonna just ooze out when you poop, I think.

Shane Bugbee  09:37

Doug: I gotta ask. (Doug: All right.) Why have you never had your ass worked.

09:41 Doug Misicko 

I just- I don't know. I don't know.

09:44 Shane Bugbee 

You can't say you don't like unless you've tried it.

09:46 Doug Misicko 

I guess- I guess. (Shane Bugbee: "You guess"?) Perhaps.

09:54 Shane Bugbee 

"Perhaps"? You ever thought about it? (Doug Misicko: No.) Are you sweaty down below thinking about it?

09:55 Doug Misicko 

No, if it did I'd do it. But it hasn't, so I haven't.

09:59 Shane Bugbee 

You know, there's the prostate up there.

10:01 Doug Misicko 

That's what I hear, it's supposed to be like the male G-spot.

10:03 Shane Bugbee 

And I would have to agree with that.

10:06 Amy Bugbee 

A gay man told me that before.

10:09 Shane Bugbee 

Hey! I said I would have to agree with that. Then you have to say next right about "a gay man once told me", (Doug: And now I'm looking at you again.) Exactly. Doug's giving me the one brown eye he's got.

10:18 Amy Bugbee 

No, no, it was another- it was a gay guy.

10:20 Shane Bugbee 

"Another ga-"? I'll fucking beat your fucking skull in like a goddamn wife abuser, man! We're on live radio. (Amy Bugbee laughs) I just told the whole Evil Now group to join in. "Another gay man." Thanks, Amy. Thanks.

10:32 Amy Bugbee 

No, it was this gay guy. (Shane Bugbee: Uh-huh? You fucking bitch.) He used to date, oh, you know who he used to date was Daniel Day-Lewis. Anyway-

10:39 Shane Bugbee 

We'll save that for Ds. Tune in in a couple weeks when Amy tells you about Daniel Day-Lewis getting his ass worked.

10:45 Amy Bugbee 

Yeah, so, I was having a after-hours breakfast with some gay guys at this restaurant. And the guy was telling me how men really love to get their prostate massaged, and that it makes them have bigger and better orgasms. And so you know, I was like, "Hey, I've got to try this out." And it was true! All- you could feel it. You could feel the prostate getting bigger and bigger, the more excited the guy got and then when you know they shot, you know, it would get real big and then it would shrink back down again. You know, it was weird. It's weird.

11:18 Doug Misicko 

Well, I hear a legend — an urban legend — that old men, you know, of course they need to get their prostate worked or else they get prostate cancer. (Shane: No.) Yeah, if you stop shooting loads it pools up in your prostate and that's why old men get prostate cancer. (Shane Bugbee: Oh, really? I didn't know that.) Yeah, but friend of mine, Monty, claims that if you go to a general practitioner when you're an old man, they'll put on the rubber gloves, jerk you off. And tickle- work your ass with their finger. (Shane Bugbee: Oh, God. I believe it!) That's what he claims- It's just something they gotta do. I don't know.

11:52 Shane Bugbee 

It feels therapeutic to me. I don't know.

11:54 Doug Misicko 

I- Yeah, it was a fucking thankless job, I would think but...

11:57 Amy Bugbee

I would say so.

11:58 Shane Bugbee 

Oh yeah. I got I wouldn't go to a doctor. I mean, I'd head for the Bunny Ranch. (Amy Bugbee: That's why they-) if that were the case, I'd be paying some fucking hooker 300 bucks an hour to work my fucking prostate. Okay. (Doug Misicko: Yeah.) I got to be some old man going to the doctor for that. If you're going to pay someone pay a hooker.

12:16 Amy Bugbee 

I guess that's why doctors make the big bucks...

12:20 Shane Bugbee 

That's- man, you can't- I don't know if you can pay enough for that.

John Ashcroft

12:24 Doug Misicko 


12:25 Shane Bugbee 

You think they make- Ooh. Hey, speaking of Ashcroft, nice T-shirt. You got there fellow.

12:31 Doug Misicko 

Why, thank you. It's a John Ashcroft.

12:35 Shane Bugbee 

Doug drew a really cool T-shirt. He's an artist — a fartist, I like to call him — but, and you know, his talent is he can draw, and he's got one eye. That's- no, no I'm joking.

12:46 Doug Misicko 

How do I do it with just one eye?

12:48 Shane Bugbee 

I don't know. You see, he sticks the pen in the bad eye. And he draws with his head. That's the great thing about Doug. (Doug Misicko laughs)

12:53 Amy Bugbee 

You're not joking that he doesn't- that he does have one eye.

12:56 Shane Bugbee 

But I'm not joking. But I'm just teasing Doug. He's a good artist just because he's a smart kid. But Doug recently sat down and did a nice T-shirt that we're going to be selling on and and and We're all gonna sell the shirt. And it says, Doug?

13:15 Doug Misicko 

"Fuck John Ashcroft."

13:18 Shane Bugbee 

Right. And it has a really cool drawing of John Ashcroft on it. And so you brought up "Ashcroft". That's a beautiful A. He's, you know what, that's the song we should be playing.

13:29 Amy Bugbee 

You got to play it.

13:29 Shane Bugbee 

(singing) "Let the eagles soar"-

13:30 Doug Misicko 

Ah, you were listening to it all day.

13:36 Shane Bugbee 

(singing) "Like they..." I love the song. It's one of my favorite of all time songs.

13:40 Doug Misicko 

I heard he wrote songs. I wrote about it before. I think he's even been on late night shows.

13:44 Shane Bugbee 

Well, let me tell you, I played this song almost a year ago. And I've been playing it for about nine months now. Okay, so when you see it in the, um... The new movie, what's the guy's name? Michael Moore. (Doug Misicko: Oh right, right.) He's related to the guy in The Process.

14:04 Doug Misicko 

Right. Robert de Grimston Moor.

14:06 Shane Bugbee 

Right, hey, they're related if you didn't know that, but anyway, we're gonna get on to that with the Ps. Ashcroft. This great song and I'm gonna play it I think in a second, I'm gonna find it on the computer and play it. Ass-croft. Ass-croft. The porno. (Amy Bugbee: Isn't that your porno?) That's the porno I'm making. Ass-croft.

14:26 Doug Misicko 

I just got to add, I think Ashcroft is the worst fucking thing to ever happen to all of us. I don't know what you do is such a scourge on the planet, but-

14:36 Shane Bugbee 

I'm with you, man. I mean, I think the tanks will be rolling down the street after this next election. We're fucked.

14:42 Doug Misicko 

Now they're talking permanent Patriot Act.

14:45 Shane Bugbee 

Right we're fucked in the ass with that guy. (Amy Bugbee: Well of course it's permanent.) Ass-croft is an ass-fucker. Right. I don't have- I mean Bush put him in office, though.

14:53 Doug Misicko 

Right, he appointed him. He appointed all the losers. Ass- Ashcroft lost elections. Senator in Michigan, Spence Abraham, lost fuckin' election gets appointed head of the Department of Energy...

15:06 Shane Bugbee 

Here, it's playing right now. I can't turn it down, oh no. I'm going to stop this. See that was Ass-croft. (laughing) Sorry, go ahead Doug. I'm sorry.

15:20 Doug Misicko 

Oh no that's fine. Ass-croft was singing... Though the world stands still an Ass-croft sings.

15:28 Shane Bugbee 

Ass-croft is a real fucking cunt.

15:30 Doug Misicko 

He's like Nero. He'll be singing as the American empire burns,

15:34 Shane Bugbee 

Who's Nero?

15:35 Doug Misicko 

He's the Roman Empire. Roman Emperor. He was supposed to have been standing outside singing while the Empire burned.

15:44 Shane Bugbee 

Fuckin- Fucking hanging with Doug is like, hanging with the goddamn teacher. Yannow, my head starts to hurt after a while. And you're, I thought you were talking about Robert... De Niro. I was like, "Oh, yeah, huh? What movie was that?" Doug- that's why Doug comes down all the way from Detroit to hang out with a simple folk like me. So he could feel smarter than his friends. Okay.

16:07 Doug Misicko 

On the other side of the tracks. (Shane Bugbee: Yeah, right.) ...Nice neighborhood, Shane.

16:13 Shane Bugbee 

Yeah, so Ass-croft looks real good on that commercial for that Michael Moore movie. "Fahrenheit 9/11"?

16:20 Doug Misicko 

Yeah, that was the footage of the same song you got. Is that what you're saying? Yeah. Okay.

What is the show's name?

16:25 Shane Bugbee 

You want me to play that song? Want to hear it right now? (Doug: Go ahead). We got we got 13 minutes. We're doing a half hour show, and you should tune in again, wherever you're hearing this on the many stations that will be carrying this wonderful show. What's the name of it again? ABCs of, uh, Fate? (Doug Misicko: Filth!) Filth.

16:43 Amy Bugbee 

"The Alphabet Show."

16:45 Shane Bugbee 

"The Alphabet Show". We're all gonna have our own names after a while. Amy's calling it The Alphabet Show. Doug has the name the ABCs of... uh, Filth. (Amy Bugbee: Fuckery.) Fuckery. and I'm calling it yeah, that's my word, Fuckery isn't it?

16:58 Amy Bugbee

Well, you better get on Urban Dictionary-

16:59 Doug Misicko 

I dunno.

17:01 Shane Bugbee 

Bitch motherfucker, bitch, Fuckery is my word, motherfucker. My word, motherfucker.

17:05 Doug Misicko 

I've been using "dumbfuckery", "buttfuckery", to describe tomfoolery and you know, grab-ass. What?

17:11 Shane Bugbee 

Listen, you fucking cunt. I've been using "fuckery" for 20 years. When you were still sucking your mama's tit. When I was sucking your mama's tit. Before you were around I've been using fuckery, motherfucker. Alright. (Amy: This is all fuckery.) Yeah, that's my name of the show - Pure... Fuckery. Letter fuckery. Something. Okay. I'm gonna play John Ashcroft for you ash-holes. [pause] Is it playing, Doug? Doug, hello?

17:47 Doug Misicko

I don't know.

17:48 [music suddenly blares full volume, John Ashcroft singing the single word, "Eagle"]

17:51 Shane Bugbee

All right, I'm gonna figure out how to do this. And by show "Z", we're gonna have this shit taken care of.

John Ashcroft song break

18:00 Canned Audio

20:43 Shane Bugbee 

You've got to love the fucking, John Ashcroft. I love him.

20:52 Doug Misicko 

(indistinctly) God loves him.

20:55 Shane Bugbee 

Yeah, that was a good song. You know you love it, Amy.

20:58 Amy Bugbee

Oh yeah.

21:00 Doug Misicko 

You say he sung that at a press conference?

Doug Misicko's addiction to "pussy"

21:02 Shane Bugbee 

Yeah. You know the better "A", looking at my list of "As", is addiction.

21:08 Doug Misicko 

Never had one.

21:10 Shane Bugbee

Not at all? (Doug Misicko: Not that I can think of.) I would have to say, if I were to label you have one addiction it would be pussy.

Doug Misicko

...Alright. (Shane Bugbee chortles, Doug Misicko joins in)

21:23 Amy Bugbee 

You know, you're never supposed to speak of that.

21:25 Shane Bugbee 

No, I mean, I didn't speak of anything but his love of pussy. Doug has a fondness of pussy, and he's very obsessed, and- There's nothing wrong with that, it's good. You know? Nothing wrong with that at all.

21:36 Doug Misicko 

Yeah, it can get counterproductive at times. I would have a fucking empire by now. (Shane Bugbee: Right?) If I didn't have the- (Shane Bugbee: Right. I mean, he has-) -it's too much fucking time. (Amy Bugbee: "An empire"? (laughs)) I would!

21:44 Shane Bugbee 

That's no joke. He brings fucking girls over all the time. Anytime we're doing work now. And when I spoke about this 24 hour show or this 9/11 show last year, on September 11. We did the first 24 hour internet radio broadcast. Yes: we are three internet celebrities. Well, we did the first 24 hour internet radio show. We did! It's documented. The first. (Doug Misicko: That's right.) Yeah, you cunts listening, we're history bitch. You're talking to Bren (sic) fucking Franklin right now. Okay. And- And Betsy Ross over here. We're history.

22:25 Amy Bugbee 

Dolley Madison.

22:26 Shane Bugbee 

Dolley Madison. All right.

Doug Misicko  22:29

You were driving at something with that? (Shane Bugbee: I was?) Yeah. (Shane Bugbee: What?) Addiction?

Shane Bugbee on his own addictions

22:35 Shane Bugbee 

Oh, yeah. Right. Not history. Right. Right. Addiction, though. I have, as you can see from my rotund build, I have a lot of addictions, not just food. But I really love weed. I love weed like a fucking heroin addict loves heroin.

22:52 Doug Misicko 

I haven't seen you smoke- I've been here all week.

22:54 Shane Bugbee 

I don't have any, motherfucker, and I'm going nuts about it. You know, I break- I got a friend who makes it- or, he's involved in the pipe trade - glass pipes. (Doug Misicko: Right.) And he'll send me- he'll send me like thirty glass pipes, like $5, $10 apiece, piece or whatever, I'll smoke out of them. And when they get good and resin-y, I smash them and open them up and scrape the resin. And I mean, Amy freaks out because I am a real fucking- I've got a real bad addiction to weed. And it's weird to have an addiction to weed like others have for cocaine or heroin or something. But I really do! But I wouldn't have it for any other drug. I don't have it for cocaine. I wouldn't. I'd have a really- I guess I have a very, uh, hardcore, addictive personality. So it's easy for me to become- I can't say cocaine or heroin. I guess, I probably would grab on to anything I could. I'm just addicted to getting high. I like to get fucked up. We saw this great movie with Donner's something[?], and there's this guy. We're flipping channels. It was great one night and this guy drops to his knees because (yelling) "I fucking need these things!" He goes, "Cocaine, alcohol- I fuckin need these things! I need these things!" And it was so great to listen. I'm like, I came in the room and I'm like, "I fucking know how you feel, dude!" (yelling louder) "I fucking need these things! I need these things. (more quietly) Oh, it was loud.

24:17 Doug Misicko 

Sounds good. I think I'll take one up. An addiction. (Shane Bugbee: Well, you need-) Sounds like fun. (Shane Bugbee: Yeah. Well-) Sounds like it gives your life meaning.

24:25 Shane Bugbee 

You know what it almost does. The drugs you feel like they need you. It's like a- It's almost like a stalker kind of love. "I know that weed loves me."

24:33 Doug Misicko 

It's a symbiotic relationship, feed off each other.

24:36 Shane Bugbee 

And it's more than the ritual of it. Smoking, Amy talked about the ritual of smoking, just setting up the bong and...

24:41 Doug Misicko 

Walking around naked with a dull blade. (Shane Bugbee: No.) Okay.

24:44 Amy Bugbee 

You're gonna have to do a whole half hour on weed for "W".

24:48 Shane Bugbee 

No, we'll split it up. It'll get boring that, we only got five minutes left. How long is your song?

24:51 Amy Bugbee 

Two minutes and 44 seconds.

24:54 Shane Bugbee 

So we've only got a couple of minutes left but addiction. What a bitch. It can be fun at times. It's only bad- addictions are really only bad when you don't have the drug to fill the addiction. When you don't have the pussy. You- that's the only time it's bad. The addiction is great when you got girls willing to come down for a 24 hour show and be locked into a room for 24 hours without, you know... That it's- it's fun when you have you know, those things to comfort you. And when you don't, it's bad.

25:21 Amy Bugbee 

It's not good from the outside looking in whether you have them or not. (Shane Bugbee: What do you mean, when you look at me being addicted?) Yeah, when you're smoking tons of weed, or when I've seen drug addicts doing dope and stuff. It's just it's not attractive.

25:36 Doug Misicko 

Well, even when I should be writing an article or drawing a picture and I get the call, says "Come on over." All right. (Amy Bugbee: The booty call?) Yeah, the booty call. "I'm on call." (all laughing)

25:50 Shane Bugbee 

Hear, that ladies? That's Doug at - Pussy, on call. Or, on call dick. I dunno. What's your website? Again? Dysgenics? (Doug Misicko: Yeah.) Ladies, I'm telling you. This dude has a trail of fucking pussy. And he takes two or three of them out at a time. No fucking shit. Okay, oh, I'm good. Breaking the guy code. Oh! Oh, that was your brother. I'm sorry... Notice he's not saying anything. (all laugh) But Amy, you were saying how gross it looks. (Amy Bugbee: It is.) For me, it's beautiful. When I inhale that weed, it's like butterflies open up.

Amy Bugbee on addiction

26:27 Amy Bugbee 

You know, I love to smoke weed as much as the next person, but I can take it or leave it. I mean, there's days when maybe I have a bad day and I think, "Oh man, I'd really like to get stoned." And I do love the ritual of filling the bong and smoking the bong or rolling a joint, you know stuff like that. I love the smell of weed. But if I don't have it, I don't care. I mean, I've been smoking weed for... more than 20 years now. You know, so...?

26:53 Shane Bugbee 

Yeah, but you suck it down like an addict until it's gone. When it's gone, you seem to act like it's okay. Or whatever. It's cool, but I've heard you say "I could use the fucking weed right now." (Amy Bugbee: Sure.) "I can fucking use a joint" or sometimes-

27:07 Amy Bugbee 

I've said exactly that, sometimes I have a bad day, I come home. I think Man, I really want to-

27:10 Shane Bugbee 

Yell, get on your knees. (yelling) "I need these things!"

27:13 Amy Bugbee 

You know what, I've known so many addicts throughout my life. My parents were addicts to cigarettes and stuff. My sister was an addict. Everyone I know, everyone I've been surrounded with, is an addict. So I've never been addicted to anything.

27:25 Doug Misicko 

For a timeframe, I smoked weed regularly for eye pain. But when the pain went away, I stopped smoking it.

27:33 Shane Bugbee 

It was a good medicine for you. (Doug Misicko: Yeah!) Well, addictions get bad because you really need so much. I know with weed, I can't just get a joint and smoke it. If I get an eighth, I fuckin' smoke that thing in a night and I wake up the next morning I'm a grumpy motherfucker because I don't have any more. And I can go through about an ounce a week. And that's about 200 bucks a week. You know.

27:56 Amy Bugbee 

When we used to buy ounces every week, Shane would get down to about an eighth, and then he'd be really angry and mean.

28:03 Shane Bugbee 

Oh God, she's setting up the goddamn divorce thing right now, she's gonna call-, These are-

Doug Misicko on abuse victims' addiction to abuse

28:07 Amy Bugbee 

Oh, we didn't cover abuse! The other A-word.

28:09  Shane Bugbee

Oh god. Good thing we only have a minute left. That song is not getting played. (Amy Bugbee: Ah well, it was a good try.) Well, what's the name of the song (Amy Bugbee:" Public Assistance." [ed: by Agnostic Front]) We'll play that for P. (Amy Bugbee: Pee?) (laughter) We'll play it for P so you don't get disappointed too much. Abuse, real good. You wanna fit abuse into a minute and a half? Go for it. Mic’s yours.

28:29  Amy Bugbee

(laughing) Oh no, no. No thanks. "Abuse." Y’know, it’s just something that happens.

28:35 Doug Misicko 

It can be an addiction, too.

28:43 Shane Bugbee 

Yes, it can be.

28:45 Doug Misicko 

But I think more often the person getting abused is addicted to it.

28:52 Shane Bugbee 

Yeah, sometimes I think it’s a two-way street, but that’s just...

28:58 Doug Misicko 

...Or at least just as often.

29:00 Shane Bugbee

Just as we got literally a minute. That's a real hot one to talk about in a minute. And you know what, it's- goes back and forth. And you know what it really depends. Sometimes it's a product of your environment and your circumstances and your lack of cash. And sometimes, your dick gets hard when you're beating on someone. And that's what separates the characters that are going on. Me and Amy have had our problems, but I could tell you, my dick doesn't get hard when I'm arguing with her and shit. It shrivels inside me.

29:11 Amy Bugbee 

I guess we can talk more about it for "D", domestic violence.

29:15 Shane Bugbee 

D I wanted to talk all about my dink, my dick. My dork. (Amy Bugbee: The problem with-) Maybe I could talk about that for my hog.

29:23 Amy Bugbee 

The problem with abuse though is they'll treat the victims- (Shane Bugbee: You got 20 seconds.) -they don't ever treat like there's all these things for battered women but there's nothing for the men who are batterers.

29:30 Shane Bugbee 

(interrupting) Goodbye everybody. We've got 20 seconds Amy. (Amy: See you.) Thank you. (Amy: Sorry.), and Evil Mike Hunt Is On and Three Ring . Goodbye everybody the ABCs of abuse next week, B. (timer beeps) That was great. (Doug Misicko: Yeah. It was good.) Yeah it will, I think it's gonna go great.

Letter B

[Needs auto-generated text]

Letter C

00:02 Cookie Monster canned audio

things that start with C. Who cares about other things? C is for cookie. That's good enough for me. C is for cookie. That's good enough for me. C is for cookie. That's good enough for me. Oh, go get go get go get a start with C. O. C is for group. That's good enough for me. C is for cookie. That's good enough for me. C is for group that's good enough for me. Oh cookie cookie cookies starts with C. You know what are? A round cookie with one bite out of it looks like a C. Round donut with one bite out of it also looks like a C. But it is not good as a cookie. And the moon sometimes looks like a C but you can't eat that. So C is for cookie. That's good enough. That's good enough for cookie cookie cookies. Go get go get cookies

01:24 Shane Bugbee

You know, you ever wonder why farts are funny? I wonder. Anyway, this is an ABC kind of show. Okay. And this This show is C and my name is Shane. And you could find out more about me on Mike Hunt on Fire or Evil Mike Hunt on, uh, Club, Three Ring I'm here with my lovely wife, Amy. The Whore Of (Amy Bugbee: That's me.) And our... acquaintance. I don't know if I'm gonna call him a friend yet. Doug. Doug Miseecko- no, he's a good- I think, how do you say the last name?

02:04 Doug Misicko


02:05 Shane Bugbee Mesi- Misseek? Oh- You know, I don't even know this guy's last name. So, that's why I say he's an acquaintance. Doug Mesner. (Laughs)

02:17 Amy Bugbee

Do we need to start again?

02:19 Shane Bugbee

Should we?

02:20 Doug Misicko

No, no, no.

02:21 Shane Bugbee

No, I mean, I've already broken the guy, called him everything else. Mesner! It's his Nazi name. He's actually got Jew blood in him and doesn't want you to know that his last name is s-k-y and not s-k-i. But, Doug, does He doesn't really do anything with it. It's a cool domain name, he has about five seconds worth of reading on there, but the guy has like books and books written.

02:45 Doug Misicko

You know, I'm not HTML savvy. And I don't get to a computer very often.

02:50 Shane Bugbee

Blame it on your addiction. If you miss "the A show", go back and find out what Doug's A addiction is, his addiction is, and find out why Doug can't get his work done.

03:01 Doug Misicko

A is for "addiction". Not for what I'm addicted to?

03:05 Shane Bugbee

Right. But we're on C.

03:06 Doug Misicko

Cuz, I don't want people to speculate. Okay.

03:08 Shane Bugbee

And we started this C show with the great one of the greatest songs of my childhood. C is for Cookie. Cookie, Amy, cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C. my wife makes fucking kick ass cookies. Really good. It's so good. I probably gained about 50 pounds over it. And I tell her family, "You know you're lucky she's with me. Because I'm I'm the one jumping on all the fucking cookie landmines she's laying down. I'm the one that's gonna die in five years from heart disease. And it's all thanks to Amy's cookies." They're good though. That's a tested- that's a testament to how good our cookies are. I will be dead have diabetes and heart disease. Well before my... Well, I'm asking for it. But you know—

03:51 Amy Bugbee

But they're super healthy. The got unenriched flour, unbleached.

03:57 Doug Misicko

They're better than cannibalism.

03:59 Shane Bugbee

I don't know about that, partner.

04:00 Doug Misicko

I don't know.

04:01 Shane Bugbee

Well, you're right. human meat is poisoned. Gross. Sick fucking- I hate human beings.

04:06 Doug Misicko

You'd never do it?

04:08 Shane Bugbee

Just because they're disgusting creatures.

04:10 Doug Misicko

C is for cannibalism.

04:10 Shane Bugbee

I mean, let, let amy talk about cookies though— (Doug Misicko: All right.) —before we jump into canabalism. I wouldn't. I don't think I'd eat humans because they're just I don't really want to hang out with them. They're filth. Amy. Cookies.

04:22 Amy Bugbee

Cookies. I love cookies. (Shane Bugbee: Come on.) I love to bake cookies. I bake all kinds of cookies.

04:29 Shane Bugbee

Got any good cookie recipes right off the top of your fucking noggin? She's got some secrets and she gets pissed in the kitchen that people fucking watch when she makes stuff.

04:38 Amy Bugbee

Yeah, I gotta hide stuff behind things when people are in there.

04:40 Doug Misicko

C for kitchen!

04:42 Shane Bugbee

Yeah, or C for fucking cunt.

04:46 Amy Bugbee

I don't know I got some good sugar cookies, but I'm not giving out the recipe offhand.

Laci Peterson Cookies

04:51 Shane Bugbee

Or you make a good Laci Peterson. What is it called? Lavender--

04:53 Amy Bugbee

Lavender Cookies. Those are pretty good.

04:56 Shane Bugbee

Do we have that recipe available?

04:58 Amy Bugbee

I could go get it.

05:00 Doug Misicko

What's it have to do with Laci Peterson?

05:01 Shane Bugbee

It's her recipe.

05:02 Amy Bugbeee

It's her favorite cookie.

05:03 Shane Bugbee

You know what? We will go get it when we play a song. We're gonna play a song, Amy is gonna go get that Laci Peterson recipe when we play a song. You're gonna love the recipe. Laci- Okay, here's the deal with the Laci Peterson lavender cookie recipe. When you wrote to Scott Peterson before he was in any kind of contemptuous situation-

05:24 Doug Misicko

I guess in case anybody doesn't know Laci Peterson was murdered- (Shane Bugbee: Right.) -and her husband Scott Peterson is blamed. She was pregnant at the time.

05:32 Shane Bugbee

Wow you should have your own radio show, Doug, because I assume people know about murders--

05:36 Doug Misicko

Well you never know.

05:37 Shane Bugbee

--like you assume people know about fucking brainless kids and that kind of asinine word. Check 'the A show'.

05:42 Doug Misicko


05:45 Shane Bugbee

(Laughs) But, Laci Peterson, I guess made this wicked lavender cookie, and her family when you sent in a donation or condolence or something for her death, they would send you back her lavender cookie recipe- (Doug Misicko: Oh.) -with a purple and white ribbon. To remember Lacey and her— D- uh, er, killed her. I'm looking for a C word. That cunt. You know they sent ah— Connor! That's the kid's name. Ah, "C". Yeah, Doug, you mixed me, you mixed me up here, Doug. I'm shaking up here. (Doug Misicko: How'd I do that?) You explained who Laci Peterson was.

06:25 Doug Misicko

Oh, okay.


06:26 Amy Bugbee

Let's get back to cannibalism.

06:29 Shane Bugbee

Cookies. Lavender cookies. We're gonna get the recipe after a song. Cannibalism, exactly. I don't think I'd eat human flesh just because they're sick fucking people. I'd eat maybe someone like you- I'd make you into a jerky? Because you live a good lifestyle. You're a vegetarian mainly, a little fish. You have a healthy lifestyle. So that kind of meat I would think about. You're a little lean, but I think would make a good jerky.

06:52 Doug Misicko

I'm honored. Shane would eat me. You know?

06:54 Shane Bugbee

Dead? Dead, motherfucker, dead. Motherfucker.

06:55 Doug Misicko

Right, right. Right, right. I mean, so I transcend the average filth though, at least.

07:01 Shane Bugbee: Well you do. You're healthy. You healthy live healthy. I mean, myself. I know I'd be a good piece of meat because this gut I have. It's gotta be $100,000, man. I eat really fucking nice food. Good shit.

07:13 Doug Misicko

I hear we compare favorably to pork.

07:16 Amy Bugbee

That's what they say.

07:17 Shane Bugbee

"Long pork"? Isn't that the name for human flesh? Long pig.

07:22 Doug Misicko

Hm, could be?

07:22 Shane Bugbee

Long pig. That's it long pig. Sorry.

07:24 Doug Misicko

I thought one of the interesting anthropological facts about cannibalism is tribes will either eat their own or they'll eat their enemy. They never do both.

07:34 Shane Bugbee


07:35 Doug Misicko

Yeah. We've never found tribe that does both. They either eat out of respect or they eat out of hate. They don't eat out of respect and hate.

07:42 Amy Bugbee


07:43 Shane Bugbee

That's, that's interesting. I can see eating out of hate.

07:46 Amy Bugbee

Well, I always say if, um, if it got to a point in the world where there weren't grocery stores to go buy meat at, I'd become a cannibal because I could much more easily kill another human being then I could go out and kill a deer or rabbit because I like animals. But I could go out and kill people no problem and eat 'em.

08:06 Doug Misicko

Oh fuck, I do it for a midnight snack. When it was coming to be Y2k, and they're saying everything was going to shut down I thought "Fuck it'll take two hours for him out resorting to cannibalism." You know?

08:19 Shane Bugbee

I don't know though because I probably just turned to veggies. I'd probably start you know, pulling bark off the trees and I don't want to... I'm not saying I couldn't slaughter animals or something. I just don't think- I think it would just be more practical to eat what's in my backyard. I wouldn't necessarily want to hunt because I'd still want to create or paint on the cave walls or do something like that where I... I don't know.

08:42 Doug Misicko

Stalingrad (sic). During World War Two. The provisions were cut off. Nazis were surrounding the city. They weren't getting any food, any resources. I guess, cannibalism, there's black market human meat being sold.

08:54 Shane Bugbee


08:54 Doug Misicko

Yeah. And they had like, you know, like anti-cannibal vigilante forces, you know?

Chicago Cop Stories about Cannibalism in the Projects

09:00 Shane Bugbee

Yeah. Oh, yeah. You know what I have heard stories about? I have some family and they were Chicago cops. And they tell these really gruesome stories and, you know, they would say "Oh, you're into serial killers. That's nothing." And I'm like, 'Oh, really?' And they go, 'Oh, man. These fucking projects'— Cabrini-Green. 'C'. One of the most infamous housing projects. The star of Candyman, Clive--. Clive Barker. Hey, Clive, we can do him in "C" the star of his movie. Candyman, Clive Barker, Cabrini-Green. Wow. Three C's. I wonder if Clive had that intentionally?

09:34 Amy Bugbee

You never know.

09:37 Shane Bugbee

Oooooh, I'm getting spooked by C... Um. My point is the guy told me a story about how they'd go through the projects, and they'd see that folks there would have a barbecue pit in their tub. Like they put grates and the stove in the tub, and they'd roast up people. Babies, mainly. Like, these folks would have babies, and they'd roast them up to eat.

10:00 Doug Misicko

And when was this? What time period?

10:01 Shane Bugbee

And this is a Chicago Cop. This is a Chicago cop. You go down and look at the— (Amy Bugbee: Now.) —the photos. If you go, they keep photo archives of all this at the-- What's that called? The— (Amy Bugbee: The Historical Society?) —Historical Society. And you can- this is in police records. This is not a shit story. I mean, this is coming from a Chicago cop, a real dude, and a real good guy. And he's telling me these stories. I think he was doing it in a way to try to give me the real... keep me in the real about serial killers and shit like that. He thought I was like, I was making an idol of serial killers. And that's not my angle. You know, I'm not- I don't make idols of that shit. But his story was true, to the point of I remember him telling me he had photos. Maybe he showed us photos and stuff like this. And it just- that's what he talked about. In the projects, they'd eat their... own. They need the kids and--.

10:52 Amy Bugbee

"Waste not, want not."

10:53 Shane Bugbee


Cannibalism, Chikatilo, Donner Party

10:54 Doug Misicko

Chikatilo. Cannibal. C.

10:56 Shane Bugbee

Oh! I love him.

10:57 Doug Misicko

Yeah. He's a Russian too. The Russians are fucked up on cannibalism.

11:01 Shane Bugbee

He's good serial killer. I remember being in Austin, Texas, right before that Butthole Surfers thing, and I made a stencil of his head because he was just making the news, and I was spray painting all over the town. "Chikatilo", you know, just putting his head all over the town.

11:13 Doug Misicko

Yeah that wild fucker, they had to put them in a cage during communism.

11:15 Shane Bugbee

"Communism"! C. "Chikatilo". C. "Cannibalism". We are "C motherfuckers". CCCP.

11:21 Doug Misicko

Pumping out all the Cs.

11:23 Amy Bugbee

I was gonna say we went to Donner Park before but that's D. But they were cannibals!

11:28 Shane Bugbee

Cannibals! They- cannibals. Yeah, tell him about Donner Park, Amy. That was a good story. I liked going there.

11:34 Amy Bugbee

Oh, it was cool. We went there. And we had just seen a documentary about it. So we had all the info. So the lady led us in the museum for free. And she told us that they have reunions there every so often for all the descendants of the Donner Party. And they had, when they were rescued, they were rescued a few at a time because they couldn't take them all at once. They had to keep leaving some of the people there. And the last guy that was left there was totally insane, and he just started hacking off the people that were there as arms and legs and eating them and stuff because he just went nuts. And so the descendants of his family at the reunion none of them will wear name tags because they don't want everyone to know. (Laughs.)

12:10 Doug Misicko

Oh, like when we went to John Wayne Gacy's gravestone, remember?

12:15 Shane Bugbee

Yeah, his stone. He doesn't have a stone. But you know he's laying next to his mom and dad. You know it because there's a plot there.

12:20 Doug Misicko

Right, unmarked graves.

12:21 Shane Bugbee


12:22 Doug Misicko

It's a strange idea. Why be buried at all, you know? Why be dressed up to get buried at all?

12:27 Shane Bugbee

I don't understand why he got buried at all. That's such a fuckin' waste.

12:29 Amy Bugbee

"Cemetery". C.

12:31 Shane Bugbee

There you go. Yes, cemeteries are for cunts.

12:35 Doug Misicko

Chris. Correct.


12:35 Shane Bugbee My favorite "C" is "cunt" and I just love saying "cunt". It used to be a dirty word. It's no longer a dirty word. I think Sex and the City and shows like that used it as shock value and it's, now, it does not upset as many women as it used to five, six— Oh! Remember when we went across the country. C. Cunt-tree. Another C. I have a "cunt-tree" in my backyard. I have the finest collection of nipples and dried up cunts you'll ever- next to the Sheriff of Plainfield, anyway. We went across 'cunt-tree'. And I took a wickets- they had these stores in Colorado, and they were called the C store. (Amy Bugbee: Oh that's right.) And at that, and at that time, I said 'cunt', and Amy was a little shy. That's you know, she doesn't like vulgarity. She's, she's raised proper. And, you know, the c-word was the way I said "Oh the Cs though. That's funny. Fucking take a photo of the C store for all those fucking cunts in your life."

13:28 Amy Bugbee

Oh we were laughing our heads off about it. What do you think? I was uptight?

13:30 Shane Bugbee

Yeah you were. I'm just--No, I'm not saying you're uptight at all. You're being uptight about being uptight, though. That's that's a fact.

13:35 Doug Misicko

You know, a book was put out called Cunt. I think that really was to the effect of the word because it's like a feminist book.

13:41 Shane Bugbee

You know? You're the only fucking teacher here. You're the only fucking person crackin' spines, buddy. (Doug Misicko: All right, I mean, right.) I'm mean the spine of a book, ya puss.

13:46 Doug Misicko

That's great.

13:49 Amy Bugbee

When my dad was also-

13:50 Shane Bugbee

You also work in Borders. He's gonna- every time a C-word is gonna come up, any word. "You know, there was a book called Demented Eggs. You know book-" You work at Borders, man!

Doug Misicko on Black co-workers and cunnilingus

13:58 Doug Misicko

I used to work with coloreds, and they always talked about cunnilingus. (Shane Bugbee :Oh!) They always did, every night, it was the fucking topic. “Did you do it?” Y’know?

14:07 Shane Bugbee

They don’t though! Coloreds don’t eat pussy.

14:08 Doug Misicko

Some of them... It was a big debate. Some of them would talk about- (Shane Bugbee: No, they don’t!) :“Do you eat pussy?” And others would... No, some would say they did, and others would say “Fuck, no!”.

14:13 Shane Bugbee

We’re talking "Coloreds" at the letter C. You’re funny, Doug. No really, I went to I lived in a really Black neighbor with a Black family for a while. And I was the big deal on the block because I was a white guy and all the girls were real friendly to me. "Heyyy," and it was funny because I was like a younger guy maybe 18 or whatever. And they're trying to get me 40 ounces to get me drunk and stuff and I'm like 'what's the deal?' and you know-

14:43 Doug Misicko

He was the white chap. C.

14:44 Shane Bugbee

Yeah, chap chap yeah, C. But the older brother tells me "Hey, man, they know white guys eat pussy. But us Black- us niggas," as he said-- "niggas we don't eat pussy. A real nigga doesn't eat pussy." And I'm like, really? But it's so nice and "We don't eat pussy, motherfucker." That's it. And that's how they were And that's it. When this was a neighborhood where at night you had to get in at night when it got dark, packs of dogs came down the street and chased you to eat you. It was a fucking straight up, fucked up neighborhood. And anyway-

Crispy Critters

15:13 Amy Bugbee

When my dad was a fireman, and they'd go to a fire and there'd be someone inside they got burned up. They call them "crispy critters". That's 'C'.

15:22 Shane Bugbee

Oh man, and Amy used to wake up in the morning with her cornflakes— "C" — and have to listen to these fucking stories from her dad about "crispy critters" — "C" again. You cunt. Not Amy, the cunt. You, the listener are the cunt. Amy is the whore... of horror.

15:42 Doug Misicko

So anyways, back to the cunnilingus. Did the colored girls appreciate this Chicago chap for his cunnilingus? (Shane Bugbee: Me?) Yeah.

15:51 Shane Bugbee

I couldn't- I couldn't hang. No, I was too shy. I ran from that shit.

15:56 Doug Misicko

You couldn't chow on that.

15:57 Shane Bugbee '

No, I couldn't chow on that. But I did. I do look back on it, fondly-

16:01 Doug Misicko

You couldn't chow the carpet.

16:03 Shane Bugbee

No, I was- I was afraid. I was afraid.

16:04 Amy Bugbee

The colored carpet.

16:05 Doug Misicko

Chow the colored carpet.


16:08 Shane Bugbee

I was afraid of the cultural barriers there. I was just a little afraid. It was a scary thing hanging out the whole Black neighborhood, period. So I was, my eyes were wide open freaking out all the fucking time— cockroaches. And that same house, live in this family in the basement. And the first night I'm there, you know the lights go out and I'm sleeping in the basement on a couch and they put linoleum down it wasn't like a basement-basement. It was like a half built basement? And I remember we turn off the light and I woke up in the middle of light, night, light— in the middle of the night. And it looked like the wall was moving. You know, I thought man I was smoking good weed or something. And I turn on the light and the whole fucking wall, it was brown. What is it? Paneling? And it was all covered with cockroaches moving, the whole wall was moving. The next morning I'm freaking out. Holy fuck, but I've got nowhere to go. I'm homeless at this point. You know? So I'm with the coloreds- cockroaches — all 'C' words. And I remember going upstairs the next day... Is there something wrong Amy? I thought maybe I said "colored" the wrong way. Did I say "nigger" and not "nigga"? Amy's looking at me, giving me the eye. (Amy Bugbee: I burped. Excuse me.) Oh burped. B. That was last show Amy — but the wall moving — and the next day and I went up and the fucking sink is like a third full of fucking cockroaches because it left the water you know like dishes in there and shit. And all the cockr— and these fucking third, I mean it was infested, motherfucker, infested. And I was you know, it freaked me out but you don't have a choice. A roof over the heads better than in the park.

17:41 Amy Bugbee

You know, how do you take care of cockroaches?

17:44 Doug Misicko

No, how?

17:45 Amy Bugbee

Light one on fire and the rest of them will run?

17:48 Shane Bugbee


17:48 Amy Bugbee


17:49 Shane Bugbee What do you mean? How's that work?

17:51 Amy Bugbee

I was at a party one time and people had real bad cockroaches and they were running all around the walls and stuff. And the guy whose house it was just took his Lighter and lit one of them on fire and the rest of them bolted.

18:06 Doug Misicko

I guess they're smart as far as bugs go. That's what I've heard.

18:11 Shane Bugbee

Well, I didn't like living there but-

18:14 Doug Misicko

I hear there's bums that eat 'em too.

18:16 Shane Bugbee

I can see that I can see eating bugs for— That's what I would eat, if we were talking about cannibalism. That's probably what I would chow on is bugs and shit like that. I wouldn't want to work all fucking day building fires, and I'm fucking you know, I'm not I'm-

18:30 Doug Misicko

You'd just snack. Snack on the cockroaches.

18:33 Shane Bugbee

Yeah, I would eat bugs. I would eat. I would eat leaves. You know, I wouldn't want to kill birds or frogs or, might fish. I'd probably fish and eat a lot of fish.

18:42 Doug Misicko

You'd eat chives and corn.

18:44 Shane Bugbee

Yeah, corn. Oh, corn. Another corn story.

18:47 Amy Bugbee

We have chives growing in the backyard.

18:49 Shane Bugbee

Oh yeah. We have a beautiful garden. But that's not. That's 'G'. C. We do have a beautiful garden. Chives, fresh vegetables, fresh. Fresh herbs. (Doug Misicko: Mmm.) Yeah, Doug's falling asleep. What a cunt. Male Cunt.

19:05 Doug Misicko

Chives. And Herbs.

19:06 Amy Bugbee

What's your problem with chives?

19:07 Doug Bugbee

I don't have a problem with chives cause they're in the "C".

19:10 Shane Bugbee

Doug's too cool. I told, I told, ere's what I told Doug. He'll be a real man when he knows how to make a chicken broth. Chicken. "C", bitch.

19:20 Doug Misicko

By Christ.

19:21 Shane Bugbee

By Christ. Hey, we're gonna play a song right now. Amy Why don't you tell the folks tell them in your DJ voice what this song is Amy.

19:28 Amy Bugbee

It's Chris Connelly. C. Double "C". And the song is "Come Down Here". Another "C".

19:36 Shane Bugbee

You fuck.

19:36 Doug Misicko

I liked The Cocks better

19:38 Shane Bugbee

RevCo's great.

19:39 Amy Bugbee

That starts with "R".

19:40 Doug Misicko


19:40 Shane Bugbee

But don't don't fuck with Amy, yeah. You don't wanna fu-

19:43 Doug Misicko

I'm not fucking with her. I know she knows what's up.

19:46 Shane Bugbee

Yeah, she does know what's up with music. That's no doubt. Amy's hard.

19:48 Amy Bugbee

We're low on the Rs, okay?

19:52 Shane Bugbee

Amy is hardcore when it comes to tunes, and she took over when we did the show. I said what tunes we play Amy walked in with two arms full of vinyl, record player, CDs. I mean, she took the opportunity to be DJ so she's playing all the tunes. Chris Connolly. What does this cunt of corn?

20:10 Amy Bugbee

"Come Down Here".

20:11 Shane Bugbee

Okay. Do I gotta come down there to play the CD? Oh wow, "cunnilingus". I got- we're gonna play cunnilingus during the song

20:20 Amy Bugbee

Get over here, you Cock.

20:23 Shane Bugbee

Whoa give me that fucking nice tasting cunt of yours. Can you tell I'm not colored?

Chris Connelly song break

20:24 Canned Audio

Laci Peterson Cookie Recipe

25:34 Shane Bugbee Hey everybody, hey, hey. This is the C show. What's wrong, Amy? Amy's gonna--We're about four minutes left in the C show. We're doing like an impromptu talk show radio, internet radio show. And we decided just to do the ABCs of filth, hate, whatever Doug's calling it. Amy's calling it the alphabet show and I really have no name for it. It's just a fun concept to do. We talk a lot and we thought we'd catch it on microphone. We got some good stories. You missed Amy's anal story, candles and anal. You missed Doug's Beanie Baby story for "B". Fucking good story though. And this week, if you if you missed something, you missed it. C is for cookie, motherfucker. Cookie, motherfucker. And Amy's got a good cookie recipe. Go ahead, Amy.

26:24 Amy Bugbee

All right. It's the Laci Peterson lavender cookie recipe. I had a hard time finding lavender. But if you call around to health food stores, someone's bound to have it. All right.
  • 5/8th cup butter
  • a half cup sugar
  • one egg
  • a tablespoon of lavender flowers
  • one and a half cups all-purpose flour
  • And sugar, powdered sugar
  • And lavender flowers, another tablespoon. Okay.
So you put all the butter, the sugar and the egg all together. I add a little vanilla, but that's me. And then add in the flour. Well, you mix the lavender flowers with the flour and then you add that together and you bake them like 350 for about 15 minutes and they gotta get golden brown. Otherwise, if they're chewy, they're really disgusting. They have to be crisp. And then you put the lavender flowers in the powdered sugar on the top there.
Okay, I mean, there are different, something different.

27:39 Doug Misicko

The didn't please her husband.

27:41 Shane Bugbee

Pardon me?

27:43 Doug Misicko

They didn't please her husband.

27:45 Shane Bugbee

You know, that'a what I thought when they sent me-

27:47 Doug Misicko

It wasn't enough, at least.

27:50 Shane Bugbee

when they sent that. Now that recipes from Laci Peterson, the dead woman and her husband's on trial. And you know, he's gonna get get off. I mean, he is. But this is a recipe they sent out when you sent them a condolence letter. "C" for condolence. This is the "Alphabet Show", the "ABCs of Filth", whatever you want to call it. My name is Shane. Evil

28:21 Amy Bugbee

I'm Amy from Whore Of, and I'll post that recipe on there.

28:26 Doug Misicko

And this is Doug from

28:28 Shane Bugbee

Doug Mesner... with two Zs.

28:32 Doug Misicko

Yeah, not a whole lot on the site, but you can email me at And I may or may not reply because I'm in an elitist snob.

28:42 Shane Bugbee

(Laughs) Well, that's been another fine show.

28:46 Amy Bugbee

We never even got to converts.

28:48 Shane Bugbee

Converts? Who's converting? (Amy Bugbee: Somebody.) Con? con con. Those fucking. Con, exactly, ex cons, cons. Oh, we forgot Christians. I know. Doug has been on his knees. Yeah, we're about to cut off here Amy. So I'm gonna play- I don't know. Any other C's? Convert, Christians, cunts, cocksuckers...


29:14 Doug Misicko


29:15 Shane Bugbee

Oh! I had cocaine down.

29:16 Doug Misicko

I know. I had a cocaine story, too.

29:18 Shane Bugbee

Hey Doug, check this out. Check this out. We got we've got 30 seconds. Take a whiff of that. Good. That's cocaine. Check it out.

29:28 Doug Misicko

Oh, I guess it is.

29:29 Shane Bugbee

Take a sniff. Just take a sniff so you can smell what it smells like.

29:32 Doug Misicko

I've smelled it before. I've tasted it before.

29:35 Shane Bugbee

I had a friend of a friend. (Doug Misicko: I did have a friend.) I had a friend that gave me that today. Said, "Hey man, someone left us at my house. You want it? You guys do drugs." Amy. I think in a past life was a coke whore. Because she's like, "I'll take that motherfucker."

29:50 Amy Bugbee

I was never a coke whore. Give me a break.

29:53 Shane Bugbee

Alright, we're signing off. Everybody goodbye and tune in next time for Ds, for dickhead and dumb. That was awesome we're gonna start a show up pretty quick right now. We're just gonna start banging them out you know so we're gonna Amy... a couple of seconds, and we're just going to start the D show how about---.

Letter D

[recording: ABCs of the Bible]

I’m gonna hide God’s Word
In my heart, it’s a lamp unto my feet
I’m gonna read God’s Word
Every day it’s my food, my bread and meat
I’m - (skips)
-truth of the Bible
I’m gonna open my eyes I’m gonna memorize
All have sinned and come short of the glory of God
Romans 3:23
Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved
Acts 16:31

00:34 Shane Bugbee 

(Interrupting, apparently not realizing mics are on) You gotta love this, Doug. Doug? I'm calling you. The ABCs of the Bible. (Doug Misicko: OK.) Yeah, this is the good stuff.

(Unintelligible talk over remainder of song continues.)

02:01 Shane Bugbee 

Okay, we're gonna stop that song, it sounds bad. It's the ABCs of the Bible. And it's fun to listen to, but probably good enough to scare everyone away. My name is Shane. I'm here with Amy, (Amy: Hello) and Doug. (Doug Misicko: Right.) We're working on- it seems like I'm doing all these shows in a row. And I am and we are. But we're working on an impromptu type of talk show. We didn't come up with any topic but a letter and the first thing that comes to our mind when we say a letter. This week, or this show, I shouldn't say this week because we don't know how the stations that will take these shows will play them. But this show is "D". And that's our topic. That's our letter for the day. And we just whatever comes to our mind first with the letter D we just tell a story if we have one if we can squeeze one out. Last couple of shows A, B and C- you missed Anal. Some good anal stories. You missed them good Beanie Baby stories, some cookie recipes. And now it's D. Who started last time? C was cookies. B was Beanie Babies, A was anal... (Amy Bugbee: I think Doug has to start D). Oh, you're right. I forgot we have "Doug" and the D. Dick-headed Doug is his technical nickname 'round here.

Doug Misicko  03:15

It's so it's my letter. (Shane: Yeah.) God damn right. (Shane Bugbee: Well, I got G.) Right. Right, right. (Shane Bugbee: Damn it.) Damn right. So I got another highfalutin' word like I had for A (Shane Bugbee: You're such a dick.) But it's defenestration.

Shane Bugbee  03:31

What's wrong with you, man? (Doug: I don't know! I know these words.) Are you going to be a professor? Oh, are you going to be in 12 years a professor like some professor where people call, "Do you understand what he was about 15 years ago?"

Doug Misicko  03:41

And believe me they don't have a dictionary here. So I- I have this in my head. Anyway.

03:47 Shane Bugbee

What do you mean "believe"...? What the fuck-how the fuck are you-

03:50 Amy Bugbee

Who do you think we are?

03:51 Doug Misicko

*laughs* Well I didn't consult a dictionary here.

Shane Bugbee  03:55

You know what for later? We're going to have for I- We're going to insert a dictionary in Doug's rectum.

Doug Misicko tries to tell stolen skull story, misunderstands defenestration

04:03 Doug Misicko 

Anyways, defenestration is when you jump out a window, and I have a story about that. A friend of mine stole a skull for me, out of a crypt (Shane Bugbee: What is defenes- what the fuck?) Defenestration is when you jump out of a window. (Shane Bugbee: Why can't you just say jump out of the window? Or crazy motherfucker?) Because if you're writing like an obituary or something sounds better. If you say- if you say it in one word. "He died of defenestration."

04:30 Shane Bugbee

Where did you find out about this word?

04:31 Amy Bugbee 

They never say how people died in obituaries.

04:34 Doug Misicko 

But if you were gonna write an obituary- (Shane Bugbee: No, no.) Perhaps it'd be a eulogy?

04:36 Shane Bugbee 

You! If you were gonna write an obituary. Where did you find out about this word though? Really, Doug.

04:43 Doug Misicko 

I don't know. It's just one of those. (

04:44 Shane Bugbee

(shouting) You know! You know.

04:45 Amy Bugbee 

You know, Doug reads dick-, the dictionary while he's sitting around-

04:48 Shane Bugbee 

I know Doug knows dick (Doug Misicko: It sounds smart.) but uh-

04:52 Doug Misicko 

Anyways, he steals a skull out of a crypt in France, and he crotches it to get out. And it was one of those- (Shane Bugbee: Who is this now? This is a story about your friend-) Yeah, the drunken [Murphy]-

05:01 Shane Bugbee

Who jumped out of a window? (Doug Misicko: Yeah, but-) -and his defenestration?

05:05 Doug Misicko Yeah, yeah. But he had this skull, and then at night- (Shane Bugbee: Where is this at?) This is in France, he went to France, and he figured I'd like this skull, but it's on a crypt tour, so he has to crotch it. A fucking skull. You know? As you know- they, they look for people stealing that shit.

05:22 Shane Bugbee 

And this is a drunk. (Doug Misicko: Yeah.) That's the drunk, we drew on his- D, for drunk. We drew on his face with markers when he passed out (Doug Misicko: Yeah, he passed out, right-) and he's a total dick. Okay, so he's he's the Triple D threat here. Now he suffered from the defenes- (Doug Misicko: Defenestration.) Ptthptpththpth. Yeah.

05:37 Doug Misicko 

Yeah. Anyways, he got roaring drunk that night in France. (Shane Bugbee: What a dick.) And then he was having nightmares about this skull he stole. So this led him to jump out a two-story window.

05:51 Shane Bugbee 

And where's he from? (Doug Misicko: Detroit.) Wow, he's got the four Ds going around and we can make a nice picture of him. His face with dick, drunk, defeneration (sic), Detroit.

06:02 Doug Misicko 

Alright, and right. I, too, am from Detroit. So it stands to reason.

06:05 Shane Bugbee


Doug Misicko hates Detroit

06:06 Amy Bugbee

Doug from Detroit.

06:07 Shane Bugbee


06:09 Doug Misicko

And it's every bit as foul as they say it is. (Shane Bugbee: Detroit?) Oh, fuck yeah. It was worse when I was a kid. You know, they used to have Devil's Night. Full swing. (Shane Bugbee: Oh, another D!) Yeah they burn they burn that city down, every year. And I was hoping they would burn it down again. Pistons won, but, you were just telling me — I didn't even hear the news — nine people got shot...

06:34 Shane Bugbee 

But about the Devil's Night. When did that stop? Because that was going on until about fucking what, four or five years ago?

06:40 Doug Misicko 

Yeah! It was going strong. Everybody go out and fucking burn down-

06:43 Shane Bugbee 

Maybe eight years ago, huh? (Doug Misicko: It was a you know-) When me and Amy was first getting married and stuff like that. We went through Detroit and there was shit that was on fire. And it wasn't no Devil's Night. It was like Tuesday, June 3, or something and fucking shit was on fire.

06:56 Doug Misicko 

Or shit was burned all the time. I was in a hospital in Detroit once, and I looked out from my room. And I got a good view of the city and I could see a couple houses burning. I mean, you think there'd be nothing left to burn in this fucking place? (Shane Bugbee: And it's not just Devil's Night.) Oh, no. It is like arson capital? It's where it's at. I mean- (Shane Bugbee: Fucking jeez.) But sometimes, I've heard different stories. I've heard sometimes it's people collecting, I don't know, like the landlord protect- you know, collecting property value somehow by burning his place down. or concerned citizens burning down a crack house because it's been condemned, and nobody's going to do anything about it. And other times, it's just silly little shits running around lighting shit on fire because that's what they want to do.

07:38 Shane Bugbee 

Hey, I saw the Eminem 8 Mile movie. They burned a building down in there.

07:41 Doug Misicko 

And it was a good deed.

07:43 Shane Bugbee 

Yeah, well, yeah. What a dick.

07:44 Doug Misicko 

Yeah. And best thing you can do to Detroit is burn it all down.

07:51 Shane Bugbee 

And why is that Doug? Is it the coloreds?

07:54 Doug Misicko 

Yeah, the place is just a shithole. I mean, they're not gonna do anything with it. Fuck it. We should carpet-bomb it and start again.

Amy Bugbee on Death

08:00 Shane Bugbee 

What's your D word, Amy? Or D- you got a neat thing to throw out there D-

08:05 Amy Bugbee 

Death, drugs, doom and Dennis doll(?)

08:09 Shane Bugbee 

Well, you're gonna have to start with one of them with a story. So we went over "drugs" with "addiction". So why don't you do "death"? I mean, you've got a lot of good death stories. As matter of fact, if you want to check out Amy's website Whore Of There's some really fucked up st- Amy's tales of woe on there, are some really fucked up stories, and some of them are true. The ones that you would think are not true, are the true ones. Let me tell you that. And I know this. I just know where Amy came from. I know- I met some of her friends. And you know, I've hung out with Amy long enough to know that that shit's- that she's in the real. Amy lives in the real man, (Amy Bugbee: "In the now," as Charlie says.) I say in "the real." All right, motherfucker, don't correct me. Corrections on, C, that's the deal, and Amy's all about the real. Okay. And that isn't the now it's the past. Okay? Tell them a death story. Amy. Maybe one that's not on your website? Because I know I've heard stories about Amy having boyfriends that drove around with dead bodies in the trunk. Amy had a boyfriend that was- slash a pimp that got shot dead in a phone booth. Amy watched the person get their head stepped on 'till their brains popped out of the top-

09:28 Doug Misicko 

So you never met a jealous ex-boyfriend?

09:31 Shane Bugbee 

I wouldn't give a fuck. They won't want to meet me. I don't give a fuck how big her friends are what they do. They better kill me or I fuck them up. And I'm not talking either. I mean, don't fuck with me. That's it. I'm a survivor, bitch. You know what I'm saying? Alright.

09:49 Amy Bugbee 

You know, I have so many dead people. I'm going to do a book: "Dead People I Used To Know"-

09:55 Shane Bugbee 

Great story. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, great idea for a book! (Amy Bugbee: because, I know somebody-) It's gonna get stolen now.

10:02 Amy Bugbee 

Do you think people know enough dead people to fill a book?

10:05 Shane Bugbee 

They'll lie. It's some cunt like Jim Goad(?)'ll do his still- (mocking voice) "Dead People I Used to Know", even though he's never left his fucking typewriter. Oh, I forgot that C for cunt.

10:15 Amy Bugbee 

Oh, I gotta good one. In fact, I was just reminded of a story recently because I did a search-

10:20 Shane Bugbee 

Ooh book story, I'm sorry to interrupt- "Dead People I Used To Know", that's a book Amy's going to work on. (Amy Bugbee: I'm working on it.) Yeah, right. She's working. Right. And that's a stellar idea. Because tell him about that book. How many people are dead that you know, and I just named off four off the top of my head.

10:34 Amy Bugbee 

Yeah, geez. I don't know. Probably a couple hundred. I probably know quite a few dead people.

10:39 Shane Bugbee 

A couple hundred is exaggeration. (Amy Bugbee: Okay, a hundred.) I mean, Amy does know- how many how many of your girlfriends have ended up in the lake over here? (Amy Bugbee: A couple.) two or three right (Amy Bugbee: Couple yeah, in Wolf Lake.) No shit man, we'll read a paper or story. There'll be something on the news. There was a girl found up in the lake, Amy will go, "I bet you that's one of my friends". And sure as shit, it is. This is the killing fields out here. That's Cal City, the Calumet Region. (Amy Bugbee: Right. Just south of Chicago.) So talk to me, Amy. So I've had a lot of sugar, chocolate and coffee.

Murder of Ernest Graves by Eddie Niksich

11:07 Amy Bugbee 

Well, we recently, Shane had a friend over from Serial Killer Central. And we were talking about- (Shane Bugbee: SK -SK (Shane Bugbee: Joe [Hiles]!) And we were talking about serial killers in this area, and there was one guy who was gutting hookers, and we couldn't remember his name. So I did a search on my local newspaper website. And I found this crime I've had forgotten all about. When I was a kid, I knew this family, the Niksich family. In fact, I dated the youngest Niksich in junior high. But the oldest one, Eddie went to school with my sister. And this other guy we knew Pee Wee, who was like this hat guy who never went to school ever in his entire life — I think he dropped out in second grade — and he owed Eddie Niksich and this other dude some money. So they ran into him at a bar and he and they invited him back to his apartment. So they get him to the apartment and Eddie Niksich, his friend, and his friend's dad, kill Pee Wee and the guy he's with, throw them in the trunk and drive around with them for about a week. And anytime they drive up to their friends, "Hey, how you doing?" They drove up to the woods and they'd be like, hey, look what we got in the trunk and they'd open the trunk and show everybody they're dead friend (Shane Bugbee: Who is this now? The dead friend is Pee Wee?) Pee Wee Graves. Fitting name, huh?

12:29 Shane Bugbee 

Is that his real name?

12:31 Amy Bugbee 

Yeah, it was Ernest Graves, is his real name. (Shane Bugbee: Hm, that's cool.) I always knew him as "Pee Wee", and when they got caught, of course — you know, driving around showing people your dead friend in the trunk — of course, they got caught and the guy who him and his father were two of the killers. He admitted later that he had killed like eight- eight girls and dumped him in Powderhorn Lake. So he turned out to be a serial killer. (Shane: Fu-ucked up. Death.)

12:59 Doug Misicko 

So the friend of yours was the guy who was killed, not the serial killer

13:03 Amy Bugbee 

I knew two of them. I knew Eddie Niksich one of the killers. And I knew "Pee Wee" the kill-ee, as it were.

13:11 Shane Bugbee 

And this is totally separate from the other guy you dated that had a body in his trunk?

Amy Bugbee  13:14

Yeah, totally different.

13:17 Shane Bugbee 

Man, that's funny- (exhale) You know, we should have waited for the end of the show for that one. I don't know what to say anymore. Oh, yeah, that's a good one.

13:25 Doug Misicko 

I know, you put a Dirty Sanchez on both of us. (All laugh)

13:29 Shane Bugbee 

I've seen a couple of deaths. I saw- I saw someone not as personal but I did see someone thrown on the third rail once right in front of me and get electrocuted. That was, you know. Oh! (Doug Misicko:Really?) As far as death goes, though, I did grow up in a funeral home. At least I spent my summers in a funeral home, so it was really weird. I used to help set out flowers for funerals, and stuff like that. And I always like the first couple of times I... poke at the- You know, see this body laying there in the face. The skin didn't look real. It's all makeup and stuff like that. And I'd poke the face- I'd like poke the cheek, and I remember the first time I did it, I poked it. And it cracked it all cracked apart. And I ran- I run up the stairs, "Wuuuuh!"

14:14 Doug Misicko 

Cracked how, like the makeup coming off?

14:17 Shane Bugbee 

Right, right. Well, I didn't know at the time why? It took a couple of years for me to understand why it cracked. I thought it was crumbling like glass or something. Yeah, it was like, "Oh my god!", I fucking ran out of it. Right after a couple more years, seeing my uncle prepare bodies and stuff I had and- I'll talk more about the funeral home in F, in a couple shows, but finding out more I found out that I cracked the makeup. It was so much makeup caked on there. That that cracked or something like that. And I remember getting in trouble that day. My uncle's like, "What happened Who touched-" you know, "Eho did that?" And you know, I said I ran into him with the flowers. But they knew I was lying. And they looked at me then like I was a sick demented person you know, and when it finally came out what I did for a living and it was on the cover The Reader and all the serial killer stuff I saw whatever, they call my parents to say, see, we told you he was fucked up, you know, whatever. And anyway, that's- I can't top Amy's death stories.

Death of Dana Plato

Doug Misicko  15:15

With you. There's death D. Dana Plato.

15:19 Shane Bugbee 

Yeah, Dana P- why did you want to ask me about Dana Plato? I don't really talk about that too much now. But-

15:24 Doug Misicko 

Why not?

15:26 Shane Bugbee 

It's a horrible thing. I didn't like it. I got it out of my system with that book and CD I did, and I left it behind. That's why I did that book, and CD was hard, hard to deal with. Tell you the truth. It was really hard. It took me probably- took a year out of my life. And, you know, made me reassess things. It was a real hard thing. I know people- Hard to believe, you know, there I am taking tens of thousands of dollars from Extra and the National Enquirer and other people that do stories and stuff. But, you know, at the fucking time, you know, I do this for a living, I don't have a job, so when someone offers me five grand to talk, I talk. And I did it for all the right reasons. But I- What else was I gonna say about it? You have a specific question? It was horrible. The whole experience is horrible. Have to befriend someone, and then- and then- I guess my whole problem always is with potential. I don't mind the person dying. I don't mind a drug addict. But it's the ones that break my heart are the ones with so much potential, great potential, they can do something. And Dana Plato had- she started you know, I made friends with her. And she had so much potential and so much creativity and a lot of life in her, and she really wanted to live that life, and she's full of that and had potential to do something cool, and do something with her controversy. And it was a sad thing. And I was so close to it. Like she literally died on the phone to me and I was on the phone with her every day. For fucking 60 days, dude fucking eight hours a day. I listen every aspect of her life, so I understood she was getting out of the gutter. She was really, you know, I can understand that. And it was I don't know. Is there something specific? (Doug Misicko: No.) Do you want to know about that. I mean-

17:21 Doug Misicko  17:13

I really don't know the story that much. I was never- I didn't really know her I didn't you know, I don't know what she- I've never seen anything she was in or...before my time, I guess.

17:21 Shane Bugbee 

Dana Plato. Before your time, yes I'm a little older than you, I grew up watching Dana Plato on TV, and she was about- probably a little older than older than me. But she was (Amy Bugbee: On "Diff’rent Strokes") -on "Diff’rent Strokes". And I'd seen that it was like a (Amy Bugbee: D.) -pre pre-pubescent type of, D, yeah, "Diff’rent Strokes", right. It was a pre-pubescent type of love affair- TV love affair. I think I whacked off to her one of the first whack offs I had or something like that. So it's that base, you know, I found that she was stripping in Vegas and wanted to exploit her and you know, get a sniff of that crotch or something. (laughs) And you know, when it worked out, I wanted to bring her up to Chicago to get her top off on the Internet or something to make money and we became friends and shit. We were starting to work on a nice book, a coffee table book of memories and shit like that. And you know, and I know that sounds weird that it- but it sucked because she had potential. She had potential it sucked to go through that shit as well.

Dirty Sanchez

18:20 Doug Misicko 

There seems to be controversy on the internet. Not about Dana Plato, that I know of, but about Dirty Sanchez. Now, when you're giving a Dirty Sanchez, do you stick your finger in her butt? And rub it over her upper lip? Or do you stick your finger in your own ass and then smear it across her upper lip? Or does it matter?

18:45 Shane Bugbee 

Are you asking me?

18:46 Doug Misicko 

Yeah I'm asking you, I thought you were the Dirty Sanchez master.

18:49 Shane Bugbee 

Oh no, I don't like that- I would never do that in a second. Just because I like a prostate rub once in a while has nothing to do with humiliation and degradation- degradation or you know... gross. Can you imagine-

Amy Bugbee  19:05

Oh I thought it was a mixed drink. "Dirty Sanchez."

19:09 Shane Bugbee 

I would imagine a Dirty Sanchez though the whole trip on that is to fucking do that to someone who doesn't like it you know? It's like humiliation right?

19:15 Doug Misicko 

All right. It's like the guys go out to get the prostitute and stay all dirty. Don't clean themselves. You talking about it...?

19:22 Shane Bugbee 

Oh on A or something like that? (Doug Misicko: Yeah, further back.) yeah, yeah, I would assume that's something that you would do to an unsuspecting victim for sure. (Doug Misicko: Yeah.) You know "serve and protect", man, you got to be protecting yourself. Watch out for that fucking stink finger rubbing under your nose.

19:39 Doug Misicko 

Yeah, yeah. Don't let somebody hold your head under the covers.

19:43 Shane Bugbee 

Yeah... What song we playing, Amy? You gave me a song here. What is it?

19:46 Amy Bugbee 

Die Warzau.

19:48 Shane Bugbee 

Are you gonna keep pumping out this fag tunes or what? You got any Venom in the mix? (Amy Bugbee: for V!) All right, well- Amy a good DJ, I'm not gonna fuck with you too much. I'm gonna say- Die Warzau all you know-

20:00 Amy Bugbee 

I'm gonna have to do another "D" song for E because I got nothing for E (Shane Bugbee: Eazy-E!) Oh there we go!

20:05 Shane Bugbee 

Easy-motherfucking-E! E that's what I got when I look flip on page E it says Ed the Creep and E- Easy-motherfucking-E and of course my favorite subject Eagle. Here, Die Warzau a good song I think right? Alright, enjoy the song. Kiddo.

Die Warzau song break


Shane Bugbee's Door Story

25:44 Shane Bugbee 

Yo! Song ended pretty... abruptly. Let's go, we're- that was Chris Connolly, was it? Or no. (Doug Misicko and Amy Bugbee, together: Die Warzau). They sound the fucking same to me... gay and Doug loves them. And that the letter is D, and this is an impromptu type of talk show we're doing, where we have not really a topic we're just using a letter.

26:09Doug Misicko 

You know what I wanted to ask you too? (Shane Bugbee: "D".) I don't know if you'll be able to cover it in time. The fucking door you had a story, somebody's trying to burst- bust down your door.

26:20 Shane Bugbee 

We'll- use that for another one, break-in, or robbery or something like that break- ah fuck. (Doug Misicko: Ehhh.) I was gonna say "dad", but I can't- I don't know, D, door? I'll go with door. Fuck it. Door. Amy? You want to talk about the guy tried to break in the door? Remember? Doug wanted to talk about it? Okay, we live in Hammond, Indiana. Home of the fucking asshole, cunt, dirtiest pot,dirty — D — dickhead politicians. They don't do anything here- anyway. I'm taking a train to the city once, and I see this dude hanging out in the corner. I get really creeped by it. I come home, talk to Amy about it. And she says, "Oh yeah, the guy was creepy." You know he's over here, over there. I shut the door, lock things up. Well, sure is shit. The next Saturday I'm sitting on the couch. And I hear someone trying to fuckin' and like they try to open the door first. And then they knock and then they're like trying to open it. I open the door and go, "The fuck do you need?" And he goes "blah blah blah," you know like he was "I-I- was looking for some kids". He walks away while I call the fucking cops. Fuck this shit man try to break in. When I go get my my beater. You know, my big stick my axe handle. And I go out there to fucking you know, do the smackdown or something. I'm worried someone tried to break into my place. Cops. And I got two minutes here but the cops come. Hammond, dickhead cops. And they beat his ass on someone's porch like they're beaten him like Rodney-fucking-King. It was- it was great to see because the asshole tried to break into my house. I wish they would have shot him fucking dead. But they really beat his ass, and the guy fought back a lot. So there's "the door story". How do you like that door? There in my office with the big inch gap there. On the top right now.

28:05 Doug Misicko 

Yeah, good for the winter. Oh, yeah.

28:08 Shane Bugbee 

Well, I have a hole in my bathroom ceiling. So in the winter, I sat here, I wonder why I got a walking case of pneumonia. And then I figured it out was the draft from the hole in my bathroom, and then no door there. You're speaking a door for D and this big fucking gap in my door. That's how I had gotten walking pneumonia. (Doug Misicko: So you get this breeze from the doors.) Yeah. So Doug wanted me to talk about door for D- boring. I wanted to say "dad", or my brother "Derek" or one of the bigger influences on me. Growing up, my real like my father was my father but my dad was Steve Dahl. This is a like a DJ in Chicago. If you got a - D A H L - you'll see. He's the guy who did- oh! Disco Demolition. He's the guy who did that. And growing up, it was cool. I'm like a fucking teenager, 10 years old or whatever. And he's, he's getting on the radio breaking disco records. "Disco sucks! Disco sucks!" So it was real cool to drive up to the local disco, and he'd have the van out there. And all these fucking prime fucking pieces of pussy hanging on him. And there- everyone's smoking weed and- he'd open up the van door and it's a loop man(?) known as a DJ, but he's nationally known and all that. "Wango Tango" is playing, right, and Ted Nugent. Big speakersm and they're blaring in at the disco causing trouble. It was cool. Anyway, we got 30 seconds. I'm Shane. Evil Amy?

29:33 Amy Bugbee  29:31

Amy, Whore Of

29:33 Doug Misicko 


29:35 Shane Bugbee 

Yeah, tune in next time for the letter E I think we talked, we'll be playing some Eazy-E

29:40 Amy Bugbee 

No more industrial music till "P".

29:44 Shane Bugbee 

Oh, come on. Amy. I'm not giving you grief your your music tastes are unprecedented. I'm sure everyone's entertained. I'm just giving- you know, I give everyone a hard time. The love of my life, Amy. Whore Of See you later everybody. All right I say we take a break and if anyone is listening on the live server I'm going to play some- [audio cuts out]

Letter E

Unknown Speaker  00:00

Oh It sure has been a long day.

Unknown Speaker  00:06

But there's still one thing I have to do before I fall asleep.

Unknown Speaker  00:09

What this does,

Unknown Speaker  00:11

I have to sing my ABCs so I won't forget them. A B C, D, E F G, H i j k, l m n o p, q r s, t, u, v,

Unknown Speaker  00:27


Unknown Speaker  00:28

x, y and z. Now I know my ABCs Next time won't you sing with me?

Unknown Speaker  00:39

Very nice big

Unknown Speaker  00:43

of you get to sleep

Unknown Speaker  00:45

like that. I know that you can

Unknown Speaker  00:49

actually be but I don't count. I count their bags of war. Listen. Bah Baa baa black sheep. Have you any? Yes sir. Yes sir. Three bags. One for the master. That's one bag of wool. And one for the dame. One plus one is two. That's two bags of wool. And one for the little girl who lives in the lane. Two plus one is three. That three bags of wool. Baa baa black sheep have you any bird? Yes sir. Yes sir. Three bags throughout the county by itself

Unknown Speaker  01:32

what about you Barry? How do you get to sleep

Unknown Speaker  01:36

I just look at all the little stars through my window and wonder what?

Unknown Speaker  02:15

Prairie That was beautiful.

Unknown Speaker  02:17

Yes. Let's all sing love Straub.

Unknown Speaker  02:32

See which way to go

Unknown Speaker  02:42

twin flame tween

Unknown Speaker  02:56

night young well. Good night everybody.

Shane Bugbee  03:19

Hey, wow, we took a 10 minute break and it feels like we're starting a whole new day. This is the ABC Alphabet ABCs of the alphabet show. Now ABCs of the last like the ABCs of the alphabet. That's my name now. Your name was as your brother would say. Very typical ABCs of hate or lost or something. Lunge was filth and yours was alphabet show. And I'm combining the two and saying this. This is the ABCs of the alphabet. And to to this show. It's not asked for stuttering it's E. E is the letter today. And Amy. Anything from E let's just start naming off a couple E's and we'll see what sounds the best. We'll go with the story.

Amy Bugbee  04:14

Me first

Shane Bugbee  04:15

well just name off a couple of your ease dunking them up. Okay.

Amy Bugbee  04:18

The expo excrement air.

Shane Bugbee  04:21

No Expo. Let's not talk about personal stuff. And remember, okay, this is the ABCs of the alphabet. It's a I don't know how to describe it to you. To you. I say it's impromptu type of talk show radio internet radio show.

Doug Misicko  04:35

Impromptu talk,

Shane Bugbee  04:37

right? And this is volume one we plan on doing the ABCs of alphabet Volume Two possibly if this works out, well. Doug's we're gonna get to ask for sleep soon.

Amy Bugbee  04:49

And the only criteria of our subject matter is that particular letter of the alphabet,

Shane Bugbee  04:56

right? We just say whatever comes to our mind first excrement I Love Why don't love it but that we did talk about dirty sanchez yesterday. I guess we have a running VM which had the ABCs of shit or something because we had the anal we had the thing A and we talked about a finger corneum and he said a corn coming out of a hookers on a hookers finger and what else Dirty Sanchez for de that's the smearing shit on your lip and not on your lip but on your victims lip.

Amy Bugbee  05:26

Talked about black women and cutting goalless or whatever.

Shane Bugbee  05:30

That's nice shed. Yeah, but that's not we're talking to excrement right?

Amy Bugbee  05:35

Oh, I thought we were just retracing, okay,

Doug Misicko  05:37

yeah, she's implying that because they're black. It's like waking shit.

Shane Bugbee  05:40


Amy Bugbee  05:43

What do you guys ever eat?

Shane Bugbee  05:45

Well, I have Eazy E easy motherfucking Excuse me. And at the creep and ego dog what do you have for IE?

Doug Misicko  05:56

I had another ad but I had Gien I thought

Shane Bugbee  06:00

again right you know this is a I had him for je geen he's cool. But this is a good way to start the shows from now on since we're doing this right off the cuff we should just name off our list two E's and go with the most exciting because I got to say door sucked my dick for D when you said door my door Yeah, well you can talk to me about that any time I was like Door Door versus dad I gotta get dad ask open story any day man or something. But anyway,

Amy Bugbee  06:26

what else do you have for eat dog?

Doug Misicko  06:30

Again, endowed you eugenics Oh, you

Shane Bugbee  06:35

got to do that.

Doug Misicko  06:36

Yeah, and evil now? Yeah, that's in and times which I feel I have to explain you know, they did that whole and time series.

Shane Bugbee  06:45

I don't understand that. That's good. excrement, excrement and endowed are the running themes of the show. We it is the ABCs of film

Doug Misicko  06:54

anima should be in their animal excrement.

Amy Bugbee  06:57

Oh, you're right.

Shane Bugbee  06:59

Why don't you start with one of your stories dogs and she seemed to have a good story there. For which one or I mean anyone jump in what do you want to do Amy? And times and times Amy's picking end times?

Doug Misicko  07:10

You guys haven't heard anything about this? I don't know what the fuck there's like some fucking 15 book series out it just ended recently but written by two fundamentalist Christians all about the end times. Jesus comes back down to earth. Final book you know his bullshit it sells a lot it's like New York Times bestseller stuff it's filthy people love it and it's it's scary it's scary that a lot of people buy this this shit

Shane Bugbee  07:40

you know I wonder why when we did be We didn't say book because Doug has to guide them bring up a book every fucking thing which is cool. I love that you are a bookworm. I love books. I don't have enough time to read them and that's cool. So n times explain more What do you want to is that it?

Doug Misicko  07:55

Well they actually did like a made for TV movie with fucking Kirk Cameron in it.

Shane Bugbee  08:01

Oh Kirk Cameron the guy from yeah so I

Doug Misicko  08:03

thought you would have heard of this you know he's a religious

Shane Bugbee  08:07

you gotta wait why would we know about a pitch

Doug Misicko  08:09

because you guys seem to know about film because he had made for

Shane Bugbee  08:13

TV but you keep implying we don't addiction or we'd know about Kirk Cameron

Doug Misicko  08:19

for TV when it came out on DVD

Shane Bugbee  08:22

to cut you with the fucking knife K for cut at night image. It can be the que que que no Kirk Cameron yet Amy he was a really he's a religious coup.

Amy Bugbee  08:31

Isn't that the guy from that?

Shane Bugbee  08:32

Right? wouldn't wouldn't start with the girl that was in Playboy, right? That's freaky. He's in this Christian movie and it was on ABC or major motion network or whatever. I don't really know. Amy was just talking about them trying to put God into TV more so it ties in with end times.

Doug Misicko  08:50

There's some there's some pop star bitch I think she's oh shit I have no idea who she is but my brother sent me an article about her where she's bad mouth and Britney Spears for looking like a sloth and telling all her listeners that they should refrain from sex you know practice abstinence which is

Shane Bugbee  09:10

what that was Britney's sales pitch when she was doing all that shit for the longest time

Amy Bugbee  09:17

or something

Doug Misicko  09:18

no I don't think so. She like that

Shane Bugbee  09:21

No, no Mandy Moore is not like that. I don't think

Doug Misicko  09:25

she'll maybe she'll they're peddling or is like

Shane Bugbee  09:29

I don't know but fuck them all.

Doug Misicko  09:34


Shane Bugbee  09:35

then times is that

Doug Misicko  09:36

it? Is about it

Shane Bugbee  09:39

all right, well, the ease is gonna be for silence

Amy Bugbee  09:42


Doug Misicko  09:45

enema now you well you haven't again story at least you get at least got it. One at Densmore. Yeah, I

Shane Bugbee  09:52

haven't had gained story. To admit to stealing the game stone I don't remember if I've done that on the air. I think I have. I'm not necessarily admitting to actually taking it. But I had a hand in obtaining the game stone. Let's let me let me phrase it that way. Well fuck it. I'll tell you I took the fucking thing. How about that? And it was for a good reason. I know it sounds crazy and odd for good cause Well, really, this is my I know this is maybe twisted, but it's not when you hear it. We go up I got to see at Greenstone right. And I've been there before, fun to go up and visit. It's always cool to go to Plainfield and have a slice of ham at the local place and pretend to eat and flesh and shit. You know, so it's cool. And, you know, Amy, we've been up the playing field before. It's a fun time. And creepy. Yeah, Amy, Amy's got a good story about playing field and stuff. It's fun. So I go up there, and I'm at the stone and it literally says, and you'll see pictures on my site evil From time to time, and I saw gravestone rubbings of the head gain rate gravestone, and in the rubbing jewel even see a 666 carved in the head of the stone. Look over your shoulder, Doug, there's a rubbing 666 carved in it. Yes. And it said I masturbate to your picture every day written in big black mark on the front of the stone over this cross. And on top, it said something about worshiping again. And I was looking at it, I had a kick out of it. It was funny it see a syringe sticking out of the ground and whiskey bottle roaches, it was fun for me. But I look over my shoulder. I said grandma and a family and they're going to put flowers on their relatives grave. And I didn't like being there. Because I don't like to bother other people with my fun and games, really, I don't want to upset them in their eyes. They have every right to be putting flowers in the grave and respecting their dead relative and I feel sort of odd being there. But I understand that this game stone belongs to the world. It belongs to my world. It belongs to our world. You know what I'm saying? That right, Amy? It belongs we would enjoy seeing that we don't have any problem looking at that. And it's not. It's not like that those people had a problem see bikers over my head gains don't add gains get more visitors than, you know, people that are probably worthy, worthy folks, you know, productive individuals and their society. And so I said fuck it. I'm taking this out of here. They're going to cheer me as a hero. I'm going to take a Tabor parade leaving town.

Amy Bugbee  12:28

Let's face it, you're getting the worst kind of people up there. If they're writing I masturbate to your photo every day and stuff. Like I have no respect for the people in the town. Yeah.

Shane Bugbee  12:37

And I had some respect for hard working productive society they have there. And so I took the Greenstone out of there with a couple of drug addict Mexicans and you know, paid them five bucks ahead and you know, and they took it out of there with me and it was it was interesting to say the least, and about a month later it pops up on the news at games don't stolen. And you know, we had it. Amy. Where did we have that stolen for the longest time

Amy Bugbee  13:09

in our van as the passenger seat? Yeah.

Shane Bugbee  13:13

So it was interesting. A lot of our friends would have to sit on the cushion then they'd know that we're sitting on Edgar in stone and I made a ton of grave Robins not a ton but a lot of multicolored grave Robins which no one's ever really done with grave Robins. I happen to know this. trace the history of grave Robins I've never seen a multicolored grave Robin, but that again no one's had a grave Robin sit in their basement for months to play with. So it was cool a lot of friends came over and took photos with it at Gaines cool as far as serial killers go. I don't really console consider him I like a serial killer. Just a eccentric eccentric another E word. I just considered him an eccentric I mean he was

Amy Bugbee  13:55

he was mostly digging up people really? Yeah

Shane Bugbee  13:57

digging up experimenting with dead bodies making furniture

Amy Bugbee  14:02

skulls for soup bowls.

Shane Bugbee  14:04

I think some of his kills were accidental really? Or you know misplaced you know I think he's like He was like a big bear that loved him so much he hugged them and just crashed him and crushed the spine or something he

Doug Misicko  14:17

wasn't a big guy

Shane Bugbee  14:18

No but I'm I'm I mean to put it like you know like a bear would or friendly big person big retarded guy in a mindset we would hug and break you like Frankenstein you know with the kid the girl right? Girl and picked it up and just broke the girl in half you know that's that's how it was. And so I saw again as someone like that really not meaning to kill you just like Dahmer just didn't want you to leave. Yeah, didn't want to kill you. He just didn't want you to leave. Right You know, so that was at Dean.

Doug Misicko  14:48

I know nothing about gains. Later years ago after he was caught his incarceration. I know nothing about oh, well that's

Shane Bugbee  14:57

interesting in itself for sure. You know he's lived in a state like psychology war didn't talk much. You know?

Doug Misicko  15:02

He's he they put him in psychiatric

Shane Bugbee  15:05

Yeah, he was imprisoned in a mental institution till the end of his life

Amy Bugbee  15:09

for like 35 years or something wasn't a real long time. Did he

Doug Misicko  15:13

have any public statements on you do a couple interviews

Shane Bugbee  15:16

with police lawyers, stuff like that, but not much. I mean, at one point it was That's all he would tell people. Everything that's to be said has been said. And that's any Ollie would ever say to people who worked at the institution.

Doug Misicko  15:28

Sounds like people we've been trying to talk to you lately. Yeah. Well, you

Amy Bugbee  15:32

know what the Sheriff of Plainfield said, This is good. That Ed gain had the finest collection and nipples he'd ever seen.

Doug Misicko  15:42

Was Was he serious that he'd seen more that he'd seen more than Ed's collection and nipples?

Amy Bugbee  15:48

I think it's possible in playing field

Doug Misicko  15:51

you know cutting off the nipples is sounding like it's really common remember that's

Shane Bugbee  15:56

that's a that's a fucking crime. You know, we get to and I plan on talking just about my nipples and waving them around for you. Yeah, nipples don't fight you next time

Doug Misicko  16:07

inspect your salami on your pizza. Especially in this neighborhood. So

Shane Bugbee  16:15

II ego a what is that skinny puppy song starts with an E of somebody eviscerate or something like that?

Doug Misicko  16:22

No, you're thinking assimilate and that's a similar

Shane Bugbee  16:26

you know, we should have never took that break

Doug Misicko  16:29

so far

Shane Bugbee  16:32

is we made it to D he's fucking crashing.

16:36 Doug Misicko 

I thought I thought by now I'd be spouting off about eugenics.

16:41 Amy Bugbee 

Well, get spouting.

16:42 Shane Bugbee 

Get spouting, bitch. Spout, bitch, spout. Where’s that timer?

16:53Doug Misicko 

Now eugenics for those who are unschooled--

16:56 Shane Bugbee 

Alright, I think we’ll play eugenics after Easy E.

17:00 Doug Misicko

Oh yeah, go ahead. Yeah, why not?

Shane Bugbee

I think we’re gonna play one song. You got Easy E in there?

Doug Misicko

He’s a good case for eugenics, yeah yeah.

Shane Bugbee

He’s a good case for eugenics. There you go.

Doug Misicko

He’s E.

Shane Bugbee

Easy motherfucking E

Amy Bugbee  17:08

I think it's

Shane Bugbee  17:11

just one easy motherfucking II Eazy E E

Eazy-E Song Break

17:36 Canned Audio


21:44 Shane Bugbee 

One way or the other bad brother and that was easy to the motherfucker. And that was Doug Doug's not really into Negros. You know, that was fun. Yeah, you don't really like rap there, either. "N" is for "Negro". We'll talk about that later. You know, I live with a Negro family. Ok. Eugenics. Doug at . Doug is the king dysgenics guy there, or no, he’s the Overlord. I’m sorry. is his email. Amy’s here with us. WhoreOfHorror. I’m Shane. Many websites. EvilNow, ThreeRingRadio, etcetera, etcetera. We are doing an ABC’s of the alphabet, and it’s an impromptu type of talk radio show, and the only thing that we’re starting off with is a letter, and we just go at it, and the first thing that comes to our mind, we rap about. So Doug had brought up eugenics.

22:57 Doug Misicko

Yeah, eugenics. Right right, right, right. No, no, no. Eugenics is the practice of proper breeding to produce a better gene pool, and a lot of people try to say that it doesn’t work, and that you can’t breed people better because of too many variables or anything else, but everybody knows through common sense that’s a bunch of shit because we’ve seen horse breeders, we’ve seen animal breeders, we’ve seen everything else. I mean, people give a shit about the papers when they get their dog. People give a shit about those things because they know it works. We know there’s facts of heredity. We know that smart people can have a stupid kid, and you know, stupid people can sometimes have a smart kid, but that’s called deviation from the mean, and it’s not uncommon. That happens, but nonetheless, I feel there should be a eugenics policy, or at least something to curb it’s opposite, which is dysgenics, which is producing inferior breeds through, like fetal alcohol syndrome, or crack babies, or whatever. We shouldn’t promote that, and often people will ask me, you know...

24:08 Shane Bugbee 

Oh really? Lots of people ask professor Doug. “Oh, people will ask me...”

24:11 Doug Misicko

People will often ask me “How can you promote an idea like eugenics? Who is qualified... Who’s going to decide who is qualified to have a kid, and who’s not?” You know? And I always tell them that I would be happy to decide. I would be happy to put up some kind of standardized test, like driving a fucking car, Y’know?

24:33 Shane Bugbee 

So you would decide?

24:35 Doug Misicko

Why not?

25:36 Shane Bugbee 

Why? Why is the real question.

24:38 Doug Misicko

Well, I think there’s a certain set of rules...

24:40 Shane Bugbee 

Are you a painter? Do you make twelve thousand dollars a year?

24:42 Doug Misicko

We’re gonna get to that. We’re gonna get to that on "G".

24:46 Shane Bugbee

What are your qualifications, sir?

24:47 Doug Misicko

Right, right. My qualifications is that if nobody else is willing to decide, I will!

24:51 Shane Bugbee

  • laughs* Doug, I think this is why we like you.

24:54 Doug Misicko

That’s right.

24:55 Shane Bugbee

Doug, I think this might be why we like you. It’s not just your quirky look.

Amy Bugbee  25:07

It's kind of an E word. I-

Shane Bugbee  25:10

Oh, wait, we've only got five minutes left. That's a start. You know, Doug almost told me last night. He's like, I go. So we started talking he started talking about I'm sorry to interrupt your eugenics. Doug has one eye got a no joke.

Doug Misicko  25:24

Oh my god, I got two fucking eyes and one's mangled and scarred. And that's it.

Shane Bugbee  25:29

Okay. Okay, one doesn't quite work, right? It's not

Doug Misicko  25:32

like I got one in the center of my head.

Shane Bugbee  25:39

You're fucking wonderful. That's great. You're right. He has one broken eye. And the other night we're talking about college, but then he tells me he's to smoke some weed to help out with design. It was a good medicine help. We felt that right away went right to the spot. And you know, he felt not as fucked up as pills. And I said, so we're talking about I said, what? I don't understand what happened here. I really I wasn't asking what happened and I don't understand how this weed helped. I want to know what did you have cancer? The eye is the you know, poked out. You know, he's like, I don't talk about that. I don't tell anyone that. I'm like well, you're talking talking about you got them. I man you're talking about smoking weed for your bed. I said what's wrong? And I say why? You got bum eye? You know, like, oh, man, My knee hurts. How do you get a bum knee? How can you tell the weather with your bad knee? You know, someone's fucking broke my knee and a horse. Dog won't talk about as I come on, dog.

Doug Misicko  26:36

I told you it's an injury. What kind of situation it doesn't. Oh, look, I don't tell you. I'm gonna tell whoever the fox listening. I mean, come on. Dad. It was an accident. I didn't you I didn't I've never even told my main

Shane Bugbee  26:51

kids a fuck man yet. I'll tell you made a lot of things. Start talking

Doug Misicko  26:55

about that. No, no, no. Carry on.

Shane Bugbee  26:59

No, really? Well, what's the big deal though? Really? Why is it so personal? It just wanted things. I don't know.

Amy Bugbee  27:06

I don't I don't know. Something really embarrassing.

Shane Bugbee  27:09

Yeah, like so I got it. If somebody somebody who's running with scissors, right? It's got to be somewhere he would be Pat failing his own eugenics test. It's one of those things where Okay, dude, if I tell you this, I would be put in the oven man. My own oven. My test. I failed. This is there you have all the qualifications to do the eugenics test now, because you failed your own test at some point.

Doug Misicko  27:34

I'm not that's not true.

Shane Bugbee  27:35

Did you stick your own electrical socket?

Doug Misicko  27:39

Put my fucking eye in there. Yeah, there's your reason. I used to stick my eye on everything.

Shane Bugbee  27:47

Now the dogs are cool, straight shooter and he's a cool guy no matter what.

Amy Bugbee  27:52

Well, you know, did you ever hear about the one eyed prostitute and at the Everly club in Chicago? She had a glass eye and she would take it out so men could do the No way. Yeah, this was in like the 1880s this is

Shane Bugbee  28:09

well documented. This isn't what Amy's stories were you don't know whether to believe or not until you get to know her and, and you've seen the blood on Amy's hands up to her elbows. This is a real story.

Amy Bugbee  28:19

Wow, this club was run by the release. I've heard of the Everly club man. Yeah, they had a one eyed prostitute there.

Shane Bugbee  28:26

So Doug, we've got a job for you. Is that what happened?

Amy Bugbee  28:28

Are you a descendant?

Doug Misicko  28:30

I can't take my eye out. I don't have a glass. I got my original parts.

Amy Bugbee  28:35

But you have a detached retina right.

Doug Misicko  28:38

I had a detached eye it's detached a few times. And they had to cut out scarring and all that other shit.

Shane Bugbee  28:43

I think you hit the scissor on the point. Amy when you said he asked me something so fucking stupid. He doesn't want to admit it. And he was experimenting on myself. I can make my brown eyes blue.

Doug Misicko  28:58

The knitting needle was so beautiful. I want to look closer. Right

Shane Bugbee  29:05

you know we got great. Two minutes let's come up with all the reasons

Doug Misicko  29:11

let's go on to another ie you got evil now at the beach Oh yes, the guy from that comic that was from there from like the gift box comic

Shane Bugbee  29:31

his brother over breadsticks? Is that a good one is I like the I in the electrical socket. Dog is about storm out of

Doug Misicko  29:43

the fucking knife.

Amy Bugbee  29:44

Well there's eyelash curler No,

Shane Bugbee  29:45

it's fucked up is the next one is F so I fear what Doug does with fat now. I'm setting the stage for fucking ritual abuse. Go ahead, Amy. Talk to talk to God.

Doug Misicko  29:59

Ciao. Talk to me. Don't talk to me talk. Talk amongst yourselves. For feelings.

Shane Bugbee  30:11

I think we lost a friend. All right, this is the ABCs of the alphabet or something like that. We're just bringing up a letter and talk about stories. That

Letter F

00:00 [singer]

A C D E F, G, H, I J, K L M N O P, Q R S and T U V, W X and Y and Z. I just said my ABCs now it's your turn. Follow me: A B C D E F G, H I J K L M N O P, Q R S and T U V, W X and Y and Z. Happy happy all are we, now we learned our ABCs. Now we learned our ABCs.

01:21 Shane Bugbee

Hey everybody. Yeah ABCs of, I can't still fucking remember what you said before - filth! Hey, F. We're on F this uh, this show. We're on F. We just finished up with I. We're on F and (Doug Misicko:: E!) Oh, I guess (Amy Bugbee: You're delirious) it wasn't I it was E - what a slip. Okay, we just, we just finished up with the letter E. And now we're on F. And this is a show- what, it's like a talk show but the only subject we have here we just start off with the letter we toss the first thing that comes to our mind - F. Oh I'm dead here I'm dead. We're gonna end the show with "fat". I wanna start it with fat. Oh God, I am fat. Okay, yeah, so we can start with F there. Fat, I have, so we started the last show was pretty fun. We started with talking about a bunch of things and we just pick things to talk about. On E, Doug had spoke about eugenics and he brought up Ed Gein for me to talk about. Was good conversation. Amy, F. What do you have for F, I have I have my man "Farrakhan". "Fat", of course, that's, that's my middle name. "Fucked up" - I like to get, and "failure". Right next to fucked up. You know, I like to get fucked up and it makes me a failure sometimes. Amy, what do you have for F? Oh, I have fuck too. But that's just you know, I don't want I, again, I don't want to be cursed by Doug's brother. Or maybe we can get him on the phone for a couple of these shows. Because he's just gonna sit there. "Very typical. Very typical. Not surprising." I think we have to introduce the audience to your brother now. You think he'll come on the air, Doug?

03:27 Doug Misicko

I don't have his number on me.

03:29 Shane Bugbee

Can you call your dad?

03:30 Doug Misicko

He doesn't have his number. Those two don't talk.

03:34 Shane Bugbee

Oh, I'm sorry. That's sorry. How about your mom?

03:38 Doug Misicko

My brother doesn't talk to my parents.

03:40 Shane Bugbee

Right on I like your brother. I don't, I didn't talk to my parents for 16 years.

03:46 Amy Bugbee Would that be a "Feud"?

03:47 Shane Bugbee Feud, Family Feud, Doug! Come on. Give us a story. No, okay. Doug's like, "Leave me alone. Fuck you, fatty". Come on, say it Doug. Come on Mr. Nice!

03:58 Doug Misicko

No, no no. Just, you know, the private shit (Shane Bugbee: There's no reason.) - I'm a very closed individual.

04:08 Shane Bugbee

Well, we were talking about anal I forget what was it, no Dirty Sanchez. Okay, forget it. That was a couple shows ago.


04:14 Doug Misicko

Well, I was wondering about felching.

04:16 Shane Bugbee

Oh beautiful, you do have the ABCs of filth on your mind, bro. Felching. What else?

04:20 Doug Misicko

No, I know but no, but well felching we I gotta clarify what what exactly felching is.

04:26 Shane Bugbee

Felching is taking a straw and sucking the cum out of an orifice. (Doug Misicko: All right). Isn't that it?

04:33 Amy Bugbee

I don't know. What is it?

04:35 Shane Bugbee

Felching is it was it started in the gay community, what, at least what they rumored is, and you would cum inside the ass, and then you would take a straw and suck that cum out.

04:46 Doug Misicko

That well- I think it also applies to there's a vaginal felching right...?

04:51 Shane Bugbee

Right, but that's where it started. That was the origins of the joke. The felch joke, but sure. Now that's a big deal in porno now. They do do a lot of that. Yeah, very erotic.

05:00 Doug Misicko

Oh yeah, it's a big turn-on to people.

05:03 Shane Bugbee

It's not just the ass though it's also vagina. Oh, there was that great thing Clerks where they talked about snowballing. Remember, they kept talking about snowballing, and they were like, "What's a snowball?" It's like, oh, when a girl gives you a blow job, she she takes the load in her mouth and she spits it back in your mouth. It's something like that. They're like, "oh, dude you've done that?" You know, it's it was in Clerks. It was a funny scene, but reminds me of felching. (Doug Misicko: Yeah it's pretty bad) Have you ever felched, or been felched? Are you a felchee, or a felcher?

Doug Misicko on snowballing

05:31 Doug Misicko

No, no, I got snowballed too un-, unwittingly. I'd have to punch the bitch.

05:37 Shane Bugbee

Really? You make them brush their teeth afterwards? There ain't no making out if they had your dick in their mouth.

05:42 Doug Misicko

Right? Listerine first.

05:44 Shane Bugbee


05:45 Doug Misicko

Yeah. I'm one of those dudes though. Like soon as I'm done I'll, I'll wash off first, you know what I mean?

05:51 Shane Bugbee

So you're washing your dick in the sink. Your dad comes in, grabs you by the head and says son that was from that was we watched the movie the other night, Bully, and that was in the scene. We thought it was we didn't understand was the father raping him, loving him? What? (Doug Misicko: What was being implied?) Yeah, he's washing his dick in the sink. His dad comes in and says "Son, I have an electronics store for you," and grabs him by the face anyway. So have you've ever been felched?

06:13 Doug Misicko

No, no.

06:15 Shane Bugbee

Are you a felchee, or a felcher?

06:16 Doug Misicko

I'm neither - none of the above.

06:17 Shane Bugbee

If you were in prison, and you really had no choice. What would you pick?

06:21 Doug Misicko

Oh, somebody would be sucking the cum out of me.

06:24 Shane Bugbee

I see. So you're the ass-fuckee? Not the ass-fucker.

06:28 Doug Misicko

Oh, well, I guess you're right. That would imply I need to be ass-fucked.

06:32 Shane Bugbee

Ah ha! You are the ass-fuckee, buddy, you admitted it.

06:35 Doug Misicko

Well, no, I'm assuming you'd have to suck my own cum out. They'd have to have a straw up my urethra, I guess.

06:40 Shane Bugbee

Well, that's a whole new fucking... (Amy Bugbee: Youch) Yeah. All right. Well, felching any other Fs there?

06:45 Doug Misicko


06:46 Shane Bugbee

Oh, God you are- what happened, is it the pins, did the pins do it to you, fisting? We went over butter-fisting though. Now Amy's a professional butter-fister. Anyone would like to apply to be fisted? Male or female? I'm sure Amy will just stick a fist in any of you. Whore Of

07:04 Amy Bugbee You could put in an application.

07:06 Shane Bugbee Did we all introduce each other this time? I don't think we did (Doug Misicko: Yeah it could be...) this is Doug. He runs a website called Dysgenics and it hasn't been run since 1988. (Doug Misicko: That's right). There's cobwebs on it. And you when you go to there. It's funny. You'll see these- the only thing he's done, his brother put up these HTML style tumbleweeds that blow across it. It's really modern Flash. Flash of tumbleweeds rolling. And Amy does Whore Of A fabulous horror writer and lovely wife and a mother of my many books and dogs. You know, it's a wonderful life we have here. And I'm Shane, Evil Among other things, Michael, Mike Hunts On And so there's our introductions. Amy, what do you have for us?

07:54 Amy Bugbee

Not much good. (Shane Bugbee: Not much good?) I have something I can't read my writing. I don't remember what it meant. Fat, food, force, fiends, fuck, factories, fist fire, and fill.

08:05 Shane Bugbee

Boy I love that right in a row keep saying it, I'm gonna take my pants off. What was the force? Or forced? e-d or force?

08:12 Amy Bugbee

You know, I just put force but forced, either/or.

08:16 Shane Bugbee

I like that one. Forced, force?

08:19 Doug Misicko

What about fire?

Fire stories

08:21 Shane Bugbee

Oh, fire. Your father was a fireman. That's great. We were talking a little bit about crispy critters, when we talk C. (Amy Bugbee: That's true.) Talk to us about being the daughter of a fireman. I know being the husband of the daughter of a fireman has been a pretty creepy experience. Just to hear some of her stories growing up listening every morning at the breakfast table listening about how her father took burned babies, dead people out of buildings. That's what she grew up on. Amy, got any stories like why your dad quit the fire department? He just told us that really emotional story. And it was it was something a little touching.

08:58 Amy Bugbee

Well, he was eligible for retirement for a while, but he kept staying on and what finally made him quit was, he had gone to an early morning fire because firemen work 24 hours at a time so he would start work at like eight in the morning and get off eight the next morning. So I guess early the morning before his shift ended, there was a fire in this apartment. He went there. And the police were there and the mother- this woman was there and she said that she couldn't find her daughter, that there was a fire in the closet, but the policemen had looked in the closet and didn't see any children. The mother had looked in the closet said she didn't see any children. A couple other firemen had gone in to look for her and didn't see her. And I mean it's a closet, you know. You would think it would be really easy to find a child in a burnt closet, but in fires you know, nothing is as it seems and there's smoke and stuff like that. So my dad went in and looked around and carried the little girl out. And of course she was dead. And he put in his retirement papers that day and moved to Minnesota shortly thereafter. And read in a newspaper article a few years later that this woman had had another baby and done the exact same thing. So the little girl hadn't started the fire like they had thought. The mother had put the kid in there and lit the closet on fire to get rid of her and she did it to another child a few years later.

10:26 Shane Bugbee

No fucking way.

10:27 Doug Misicko

See, and she’s probably had ten more kids. That’s what I’m talking about with eugenics. Fucking people should be sterilized.

10:35 Shane Bugbee

We're on F, motherfucker. (Doug Misicko: Yeah I know, but still.). You felching, fisting, fuck. Wow, that's- that's fucked up. For sure. That's, look, at fucked up for sure. Wow, that's that's crazy that she went on to start keep killing like that. That's that's. That's sad. What do you think after all those times of your father carrying out babies? I wanted to ask him this, but I couldn't because he seemed to be really upset by that, sorry. I wanted to ask him what was different about that one than the others? What do you think it was, just too old and sick of seeing it? Too many years doing that?

11:04 Amy Bugbee

Well, yeah, I think it was just the straw that broke the camel's back. I mean, my dad, you know, before I go to school, my dad would come home from work and talk about stuff that had happened. And, you know, there were just so many stories like that, there was one where they went into an apartment, like a garret apartment, you know, an attic apartment that had burned and the guy and his children couldn't get out because they had put the refrigerator in front of the back door. And so they didn't, they didn't know anyone was home in the apartment. And my dad at the time was a lieutenant. And they're the first ones up the ladder. That's- that's the promotion you get after driving the fire truck. You get to be the first guy into the burning place. (Shane Bugbee: Wonderful.) And so he went up in there and no one told them that there was anybody in there and so he was walking around and kicking toys and debris and he kicked some dolls out of the way and realized that they weren't dolls that they were children. And it ended up being seven kids and their father all in the apartment dead.

12:12 Shane Bugbee

Fucked up. F, our letter for this week. Thanks, Amy.

12:17 Amy Bugbee

Sure! Well, that goes even beyond his own injuries and being airlifted to hospitals and helicopters and stuff like that. Ya know.

12:23 Doug Misicko

This is a great Father's Day story.

12:25 Shane Bugbee

Father F we're on the letter F we're doing a show. This is I'm Shane. Amy, Doug. One funny part to end the fire- fireman stuff on a rather funny note. F, funny sort of I mean, we watched this movie Backdraft once and I watched it with Amy, this was when we were first dating or maybe when we're first married. I don't know.

12:46 Amy Bugbee

We were first dating.

12:51 Shane Bugbee

Okay, and the firemen are all smoking in the movie. And I'm like, "God, what the fuck is this?" You know, and Amy's like, "Oh no, that's true. Every fireman smokes, they smoke like fucking fiends." And all of a sudden Amy pulls out this picture of her old man. Her father, F, and he's coming out of a fucking hole burned hole in the floor, smoke rising from the floor. Girl, you know, wood on fire in the background. And he's fucking smoking a cigarette. still burning building around him, smoke everywhere, smoking a big fucking cigarette. And you know, he had confirmed that they all firemen smoke. Crazy. Cra-zy man, crazy.


13:29 Doug Misicko

Maybe they all secretly have some kind of arson fetish too.

13:32 Amy Bugbee

A lot of them do. A lot of them are arsonists.

13:34 Doug Misicko

I think that was part of the profile for like, you know, serial arsonist. They think well, you know, I think they do a profile. It says, "Well, he's probably a fireman. You know..."

13:44 Shane Bugbee

Yeah. I'm gonna tell her to let you in on something, maybe Amy will make me edit this out of the show. But you fuck with- you fuck with Amy or anyone in our family. All of a sudden something starts on fire. And that's your house? And that ain't no joke, so I ain't saying nothing else but, a couple people that have fucked with the Stockys all of a sudden their shit burned down.

14:03 Amy Bugbee

Hey, hey, hey, no last names. (laughs)

14:07 Shane Bugbee

We'll bleep that out then. Fuck with Amy. And you know, whatever. They can't prove nothing, and they ain't going to. No, it's old- old news.

14:16 Amy Bugbee

No, even some of the firemen my dad worked with (Shane Bugbee: What are we playing for F?) were convicted for arson. They became firebugs.

14:22 Shane Bugbee

Yeah, so arson for sure firebugs, F. You know what after we play an F song here. I want to talk about "food" and "fat" these are something I'm obsessed with. I'm big fat lard ass. And I- we talked about addiction A and one of the things that I have — not an addiction but as a definitely comfort — I found is stuffing food in my fat face all starting with the letter F so fuck you. I've grown, you know. You know what? I have enjoyed eating though and I enjoy food and I gotta tell you I've got a really expensive bag on my fucking stomach here. bag of fat. I have to say I've got about 100 grand in fat because I eat prime rib I eat some good you know filets I eat salmon and you know really good meat and good food. I don't just I could appreciate fast food but I don't eat a lot of garbage food like that. You know shit food. I make a lot of food at home. I'm trying to teach Doug, you know to be a man you have to know how to cook. At least a chicken, base something I mean, he's a vegetarian. He's going to eat bark soon.

15:30 Doug Misicko

Yeah, I hardly ever even use the microwave.

15:35 Amy Bugbee

We actually have two. Fields of the Nephilim or Faith No More?

15:38 Doug Misicko

Oh, oh Fields of the Nephilim or Faith No More.

15:42 Shane Bugbee

Ouch. That's a hard one. Faith No More is very cool. But Fields of the Nephilim, I say we stick that one in. Have you ever heard them? (Doug Misicko: I don't know.) What. Oh, we ain't playing that fucking old school Faith No More. Oh, no. Here we go. Yeah. Fuck, Chuck. We know the deal. Who's producing...?

16:02 Doug Misicko

Right...Mike Patton?

16:04 Shane Bugbee

Oh, I just turned my own mic down, and that my friend is a sin. I gotta figure out how they...

16:09 Amy Bugbee

So if it was Mike Patton, Faith No More would've been on there. No problem.

16:13 Shane Bugbee

No, I wouldn't put Fields of the Nephilim I have a great. I have a great respect for Fields of the Nephilim. Not only because, anytime when we were dating, we used to fool around to Fields of the Nephilim so I like that- song eight. I like Fields of the Nephilim. I think they're a significant bend culturally. You read about them in interviews plenty. I mean, Amy turned me on to them. And like I said they bring, give me a sort of a pudgy because we always fooled around when you were dating and listening to Fields of the Nephilim so I think that was Amy's fuck music. Let me tell I think when she got you into her web, the fuck music came on. It was Fields of the Nephilim. I dig it though. But I think they were culturally significant because I'd read about them in articles about punk rock bands and death metal bands and black metal bands and gothic bands and industrial bands. And they all brought up Fields of the Nephilim and this, what's the gentleman's name that runs the band?

17:05 Amy Bugbee

Carl McCoy.

17:06 Shane Bugbee

McCoy, what song am I playing here?

17:08 Amy Bugbee

Number eight, "For Her Light". F.

17:12 Shane Bugbee

Oh look at you. "For Her Light." (Song begings to play.) :Alright, we'll be back.

Fields of the Nephilim Song Break

17:14 Canned Audio

Letter G

Unknown Speaker  00:00

E, F, G, H, I J, K, L M N O P, Q, R S and T U V, W X, and Y and Z. I've just said my ABCs now, it's your turn. Follow me.

Unknown Speaker  00:25

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I J, K, L M N O P, Q, R S and T U V, W X, and Y and Z. Happy, happy all are we. Now we learn ABCs. Now we learn our ABCs...

Shane Bugbee  01:05

You dumb fucking cunt. Hey, Doug.

01:16 Doug Misicko  Yeah?

01:17 Shane Bugbee  We're on now. And we're doing the letter G right now.

Doug Misicko  01:21


01:23 Shane Bugbee  Yeah, you could sip your soda pop.

Doug Misicko  01:24 Why not?

Shane Bugbee  01:26

So what we started last night. You know, we're doing this in a couple of days. Oh, that microphones... And what we're doing is a half hour talk show. And it's the only- I always say is- what we call this yester- "The ABCs of Hate" or "Filth" and "The Alphabet Show"? And it's basically a half hour talk show. The only thing we're going to start with is the letters of the alphabet. So we did A through F, yesterday. And we're going to do G through Z tonight. And we do a half hour, we just say the letter and the first thing that comes to our mind. And we say the letter "G", we start talking about and trying to tell stories and trying to tell stories. Well, we're gonna have to. So we're on the letter G. And here comes Amy, she's late. Ayy-mee.

Doug Misicko  02:20

Late to the studio.

Shane Bugbee  02:21 G to G for- I don't know

Doug Misicko  02:23 For Gary, Indiana.

Shane Bugbee  02:24

Gary, Indiana. Holy fuck.

Doug Misicko 02:25 The shittiest shithole.

Shane Bugbee  02:27 Michael Jackson's shithole. And I don't mean the fun shithole. *laughs* Amy knows all about Gary.

Amy Bugbee  02:37

It's party spot. Real good party.

Shane Bugbee  02:39

Yeah. You know, we live we live right down the block from Gary. And I mean, like little 15 minutes from the murder capital of the United States. Detroit thinks they have that title. But Gary's taken that over and exceeded and that's full of steel mills, old steel mills, closed down steel mills.

Amy Bugbee  03:00

Whole cities of steel mills.

Shane Bugbee  03:03

Do some talking, Amy. Tell us about Gary. Gary's your "G".

Amy Bugbee  03:07

Is that my "G"?

Shane Bugbee  03:09

You'd have a story about it. What else do we have for G? Last night- Oh, yeah. Last night, we started to- find my notes here. We started just by saying letter. You know, we started talking about what we had down for the Gs or whatever. What do you have down Amy? Anything? I've got I know I had G-spot down. But Amy?

Amy Bugbee  03:28

Go, gas, gag, gaggle. I don't know. Gardening...

Shane Bugbee  03:31

Amy will attest to that. I've never found the G-spot. So.

Amy Bugbee  03:35

Oh, that's not true.

Shane Bugbee  03:37

Have I found it?

Amy Bugbee 03:38 Of course.

Shane Bugbee  03:37 Really? "Of course."

Amy Bugbee  03:41

We wouldn't still be married if you didn't. Come on.

Shane Bugbee  03:47

I don't know if I found it or not.

Doug Misicko  03:48

You should be told. You should be told these things.

Shane Bugbee  03:50 You know, I've

Amy Bugbee  03:51

We've talked about it in detail. I thought.

Amy Bugbee  03:54 We did?

Amy Bugbee  03:55 Haven't we?

Shane Bugbee  03:57

Did I have a glazed doughnut around my face?

Amy Bugbee  04:00


Shane Bugbee  04:02

Maybe? I see you smoke some weed, Amy. Without me. Uh-huh. And what is that with green? G. You smoke the green? Come on, Doug.

Doug Misicko  04:14

Gregory Reed.

Shane Bugbee  04:16

Oh, Gregory Reed. We pray- we- Do we have his phone number?

Doug Misicko  04:20

Oh shit. Yeah, we do. Yeah, I do.

Shane Bugbee  04:22

Let's Let's call him real quick. Amy.

Doug Misicko  04:24

Let me explain who Gregory is. Well then explain. Gregory is a self-appointed expert in occult crime.

Shane Bugbee 04:34 Fuckface.

Doug Misicko  04:35 Yeah, he claims that there's a satanic cabal, murdering thousands each year. (Second one there.) And we call him the other day and we're calling him on his bullshit. He's saying there's a body pile being hidden by Satanists somewhere in Colorado. And we asked him for the location because we said we'd be glad- (Hey, you might want to start 67 Because we call remember we He called him the other day.) Anyways, they're gonna give him a call pretty soon. But he claimed also to have a 15,000 page dossier chronicling the crimes of the supposed Satanists, this "satanic cartel", as he called it, and we callrf his bluff. We told him to fax it over to us. We told him to tell us where the place is in Colorado. We told him we were doing a story. We basically ripped him apart. Now Amy is going to do the follow up call. Yes, it's Gregory. Remember?

Amy Bugbee  05:32

You guys didn't prepare?

Doug Misicko  05:34

You're doing the fact checking. We claim he's a he's a pedophile. *call goes to answering machine* Noooo.

Greg Reed (Answering machine)05:34 Hi, you've reached the number of Dr. Greg Reed with ORCC. Please leave me a brief message with your name and number, and I'll get back to you. Thank you.

Doug Misicko  05:34 See, he calls himself a doctor. He's not a doctor. We found out he's a painter.

Amy Bugbee  05:54

This is message is for Mr. Reed. My name is Amy Stockey. Location, my number is 219-931-

Shane Bugbee  06:13

Okay. I couldn't even hear that. No, I can't hear anything that you're saying. Hello? Alright, keep talking please, Doug?

Doug Misicko  06:23

No. Well, anyways, what Amy was going to do is try to call Gregory Reed and claim that we had turned in an article about him that wasn't very complimentary, and we're gonna see what his follow-up response was to her follow-up questions. As to our accusations of pedophilia and all the rest and ignoble behavior and lying. Which I feel very strongly is what he has done.

Shane Bugbee  06:51

Hey, Gregory Reed. It was fun talking to him. And when you hear the show that we did I get to- What's wrong, Doug?

Doug Misicko  07:02

I'm lost without it.

Shane Bugbee  07:06

There's your note pad. It sounds good flying at your head.

Amy Bugbee  07:12

Is that a good sound?

Shane Bugbee  07:14

Yeah, it sounds good. Gregory Reed then. It was cool. Well, we got him on the phone. I was asking him genuine questions. And he kept saying, "I can tell by your tone where this is going." And I had no tone, really. It was his own bullshit that Doug is whole- When you hear this interview, though. We played a little bit of it earlier. But when you hear it, it's funny because he, it he- he lets us know that he's a painter. And he's a youth counselor. And I want to know why the cops would hire him to do any kind of occult investigation. So I asked him his top top five or ten books that- that he had gotten his education from because he said he didn't go to school for it.

Doug Misicko  07:54 Yet he's a doctor.

Shane Bugbee  07:14 Yeah, he starts stuttering, he couldn't even name off one book. It was really funny. No.

Doug Misicko  08:00

Well, he named off two after you really pressed him on it when he claimed there were hundreds and one he mentioned we had already mentioned is being bunk and another one was just a common occult bookshop staple called "Black Magic" by Cavendish, which really doesn't tell you anything about a satanic "cartel".

Shane Bugbee  08:20

Well, Gregory Reed is barely a G, so let's get on with the G for "garbage". Anything else? Come on? It's boring.

Amy Bugbee  Garbage.

Doug Misicko  GG Allin.

Shane Bugbee  GG Allin, now that's exciting. Fucking Doug's the guy who suggests "door" for D and "Gregory Reed" for G. Gregory Reed being so fucking boring I'm falling asleep here... GG Allin, now that's cool. Where's my G- did we ever find my GG Allin CD?

Amy Bugbee  08:42

No, we never did find it. We found the case, but it was empty.

Shane Bugbee  08:48

And I guess that's my fault?

Amy Bugbee  08:51

It's just one of those things that happens.

Doug Misicko  08:53

Maybe we can just throw shit at each other.

Shane Bugbee  08:55

I like that. Or bean dip and pretended it's shit.

Amy Bugbee  Yeah, I'll go get the beans.

GG Allin and sexual assault attempt

Shane Bugbee  Yeah, well, GG Allin was great. I did the- GG Allin, I got a GG Allin story.

Amy Bugbee  09:06

You have a good GG Allin story.

Shane Bugbee  Which one?

Amy Bugbee  09:06 About when you used to write to him and talk to him.

Shane Bugbee  09:12

Yeah, so I used to write to GG Allin and longtime ago I used to do a zine. And GG Allin- we were corresponding before he went to prison. And after he went to prison- you know when you're in prison you really looking for people to call, and so he would call me collect all the time. When we talked for a long, long time and he did the his the GG Allin Manifesto, I think it's called. The GG Allin Mission. He wrote that for me, it's circulated widely now but that was written for my zine Naked Aggression. Originally, the- his mission statement. And the one thing I remember about his phone calls, he'd always talk about is- "People. Fucking people. They don't want to get close to me. They want to hang out with and they get too close to the fire and they get fucking burned, baby burned." And I always remembered that when he got out of prison, he invited me down to the show. They had- he had a couple of shows in Chicago. He's like, "Hey, why don't you come down and you know, have some beers and hang out." And I said, "Dude, I'm not getting too close to the fire, man."

Doug Misicko 10:09 That's goddamn right.

Shane Bugbee 10:11 Not at all. And later on, I had met a gentleman by the name of Mark Fagula Hayner. And "Fagula" was his real name, too. And he had toured with GG Allin and did a video did some video, GG Allin. And he talked about the time his- it was funny, hetell me, "why I hung out with GG Allin. And then one time he got drunk in a hotel room, and he tried to rape me." And I go, "Well, tell me about it." He's like, "Dude, he jumped on top. He's fucking beat my head. He's like, he was punching me, really beat my ass and trying to get my pants off," and he had his pants off, GG Allin was naked with a hard-on, fuckin' trying to rape Mark Haner. And it was really funny, like, "What happened, Mark?" And he looked- he started you know, that time when you could tell someone's lying when they pivot their eyes? You know, they don't look you in the eye. Marks like, "Well, I got out of there, of course. I kicked him in the head and ran out of the room." To me, when I heard that story right away, I said, dude, penis touched hole or something. Like, like, I think there was more than- I think his pants may have came down... And I didn't say he actually raped him. Because he did follow through with the rest of the tour.

Doug Misicko  11:13


Amy Bugbee  11:14

What can you do though? I mean, you know-

Doug Misicko  11:16

I don't think- GG wasn't actually a big guy, was he?

Amy Bugbee  11:19

I don't think Mark Haner was any match for him, though.

Shane Bugbee  11:22

You don't have to be though. It's those crazy fucking skinny fucks like you got to worry about because they got nothing- They just go crazy. It's called "retard strength."

Doug Misicko  11:28

All right, well, well, and I would I would obtain retard strength. Somebody's trying to rape me.

Shane Bugbee  Wouldn't you?

Doug Misicko  Fuck yeah.

Shane Bugbee  11:36

Right. So I think it's retard strength. I think GG Allin and had retard strength from the get-go.

Doug Misicko  11:41

...I guess so.

Amy Bugbee  11:42

I don't think Mark had retard strength.

Shane Bugbee  11:45

I think Mark had a confusion in his mind. "I want this. But he isn't- hasn't showered for days." That's torn between two lovers, feeling like a fool.

Doug Misicko  11:57

It's all fun and games till somebody starts throwing shit.

Shane Bugbee  12:00

Or pokes their eye out.

Doug Misicko  12:03

Right. So I'd never go to a GG show. We've already got one base covered.

Amy Bugbee  12:08

Yeah, right. I remember him touring and thinking, "Huh, that might not be the show to attend."

Doug Misicko  12:14

Oh, hell no.

Shane Bugbee  12:15

I found the Geeg.

Amy Bugbee  12:15 Excellent.

Doug Misicko  12:17

GG Allin. Or George- or George Michael.

Amy Bugbee  12:23

Didn't the Secret Service visit you because of GG Allin?

Shane Bugbee  12:27

Oh yeah, yeah, that's the story. That's why I asked which one. I couldn't remember. Yeah. Okay, so I got the- I am, I'm one of the people that you can tell you've met. Okay, you met me over the radio here. But I got a visit from a Secret Service, and it was after GG Allin and wrote the "Mission Statement" for Naked Aggression. He had also come up with a single- I think on the other one, but he has a single called "Kill the President". And it is it was like, "Kill the president fuck the pigs"

Doug Misicko  12:54

Hey! that's a it's quite a concept. (Shane Bugbee: Right?) Right.

Shane Bugbee  12:59

He, he going to put the CD out real quick. He had this this the site. So I get this. He puts it out. I have a review of it magazine. And I think I was running an ad for him for the same day where the Secret Service is looking for GGL and right before he goes to prison, and they come to a house. I'm living at this little Italian lady's house, on our couch in the basement. And the Secret Service comes there to question me. And it was wild why- it was really fucking scary man because they are like the Men in Black. They had the black suits and the black glasses. And after they talked me for a while they understood I was just you know, a kid, no harm, no foul. So the intimidation tactic stopped, and they laughed a little. And I'm like hey, that's really cool car and I'd ask him something to come on here and check out the trunk. It was like an intimidation tactic. I pop his trunk open, and this is before home computers now. I'm talking- this is before the big home-computer explosion. This is what tech technology wasn't as it is now. I wouldn't be so freaked out today had I've seen this. Rhere was literally a whole trunk full of computers and shit like that with like dot matrix printers paper you know paper the one off all TV I like TV screens in the middle and-

Doug Misicko  14:17

Like they're running an office from their trunk.

Shane Bugbee  14:20

Yeah, like they can run your fucking name you know and shit and get your whole fucking family [burden?] that they had the shit right there. And I was like, you know, it was- it was- it was there they had the tools, they had the tools to take you down right there.

Amy Bugbee  14:34

Imagine now how much more advanced they are.

Doug Misicko  14:37

Well now you gotta magnetic strip on your ID.

Amy Bugbee  14:40

I took a money order to a currency exchange, and they took a picture of me like a retinal scan or something.

Doug Misicko  14:47

That's fucked up because our IDs weren't even meant to be like national ID cards like they're used for now. Used- but they're not you know, used to identify- It was meant to be just a driver's license to license you to drive not to identify you to to law enforcement.

Amy Bugbee  15:02

it's really scary and it's a law not to carry one right? Some kind of identification.

Doug Misicko  15:07

Yeah I think so. I think I think in some states even if you're not the one driving, you get pulled over, you don't have any form of ID over a certain age, I think they can screw with you I think they can pull you in and check you, check- I could be wrong but I mean, if I am wrong now I will not wrong for-

Amy Bugbee  15:29

Stick around just like income [unintelligible] that was supposed to be temporary. Income tax was supposed to be a temporary measure. That's right that when the-

Doug Misicko  15:44

how do you feel about Greek openings?

Shane Bugbee  15:47

Are you talking about our film opening? "My Greek Wedding"? I loved it. "My Fat Greek Wedding"? I'm fat, man. I love Greek openings- Are you talking about ass play? "Greek" as in ass play? I know that I have Greek friends and they all say you got a Greek time that was all those motherfuckers digging in each other's asses, [unintelligible] fucking 'em like fuckin' mad. I think-

Doug Misicko  16:09

Well, that's what they're notorious for. They say a Greek person is somebody who believes in widening the circle of their friends. (Shane Bugbee: What was that?) The definition of a Greek person supposed to be somebody who believes in widening the circle of their friends.

Shane Bugbee  16:26


Doug Misicko  16:30

"Gopher holin'." Ever hear it? (Shane Bugbee: "Gopher hole"?) Yeah, gopher holin'. And it's like if you really got to take a shit real bad and it's just kind of peeking out. Or if you just kind of putting your head in a little bit, you know you're gopher holin'. Just a little bit, a little bit in the hole or a little bit out of the whole, you're gopher holin' on

Amy Bugbee  16:49

I was just gonna say, is that one of your accomplishments in the Urban Dictionary.

Doug Misicko  16:54

I didn't- In fact, I haven't looked it up there.

Shane Bugbee  16:56

That's one of his accomplishments in life. Putting in "gopher hole"

Amy Bugbee  17:00

Someday in a thousand years, all your words will be in the regular dictionary.

Doug Misicko  17:06

It's true. Webster's soon enough

Amy Bugbee  17:09

Instead of Greek or Roman origin it will be "Doug"

Doug Misicko  17:16

"Gastronomic"? (Shane Bugbee: "Gastronomic"? Speak up.) I don't know I don't have any anecdotes that are gastronomical.

Amy Bugbee  17:26

Hmmm. Baking soda helps. Have you ever used baking soda and warm water?

Doug Misicko  17:33

"Worm water"? What's that.

Shane Bugbee Warm water.

Amy Bugbee  17:37

You mix a little baking soda in with some warm water like a shot. (Crosstalk, Shane Bugbee and Amy Bugbee repeating "warm" and "worm")

Doug Misicko  17:51

It's that Gary, Indiana, accent. (Cross talk about smoking something from bag.)

James Earl Ray's Brother

Shane Bugbee  18:03

But baking soda and warm water will help my gas, like, better than everything, and you know who will agree with me on this? We hit it off famously after we said we [unintelligible] both you guys talking to James Earl Ray's brother on the phone.

Doug Misicko  18:16

Nobody noticed you had gas yesterday. Yeah, I didn't know that.

Shane Bugbee  18:22

I did the James Earl Ray's brother had- had we- we got along famously after we agreed that we use baking soda and warm water get rid of our gas problems.

Doug Misicko  18:30

Yeah, that was a common linkage there, huh? That's why you talked to him for gastronomical advice?

Shane Bugbee  18:38

I do love getting advice from people like that but he was an old man. He was a good was cool. He was uh he invited me to James Earl Ray's funeral. You know, if I could have done anything that was the one thing I'd like to- like to have done. And I regret not getting it do that because it's such short notice. When I heard he died, I called his older brother in the funeral. Good to go to the guy accused of shooting Martin Luther King because I really didn't like Martin Luther King. I think he was [asking for it].

Amy Bugbee  19:03

We're supposed to go down there like the week before he died. We had plans because Shane had been talking to his brother, and they had found common ground the baking soda and warm water use.

Shane Bugbee  19:18

We've been going on for hours about me. I'm a special kind of guy and let's just talk about "G".

Doug Misicko  19:23

And you brought up James Early Ray. I know that's not-

Shane Bugbee  19:25

You know as I look at you, I think "gay". (Doug Misicko: Really?) Gay. Yes. I don't know why.

Doug Misicko  19:30

No, James Earl Ray. Do you remember the stories-

Shane Bugbee  19:32

Amy brought up gay when she was looking at you the other night. She said, "I just think gay." And now that's all I can think when I'm looking at Doug. Why do you why do you think "gay" when looking at Doug's eye?

Amy Bugbee  19:40

Hmm, I don't know. It must be [unintelligible] thing. Yeah. And the butterface discussions.

Shane Bugbee  19:46

Yeah, it's the butterface discussion.

Doug Misicko  19:47

Do you know the story of James Earl Jones getting presented the plaque for like Black History Month

Shane Bugbee  19:56

Yeah, and it says, "James Earl Ray" on it? You know it was some guy.

Doug Misicko  19:58

You know it was. You know, they said it was a mistake (Shane Bugbee: Some fuckin' Klansman, fuckin' fucking with him.) No, no somebody on his last day of the job was pissed his job or something. (Amy Bugbee: Or they smoked too much weed.) (Shane Bugbee: Amy, Amy...) Smoked the good one. The nugget-

Shane Bugbee  20:12

Thanks for bringing the fucking show [down]. (Amy Bugbee: Ohh nooo.) Now it's the Cheech and Chong Show. (Doug Misicko: The green.) So you're more fuckable- and I don't mean in the physical way. I could fuck with you more when you're stoned and I'm not. (Amy Bugbee: Are you playing GG Allin now or what?) Yeah, you want to play a song? (Amy Bugbee: Oh, we're not playing-) Which one? Well, we're playing "Unrest", but we have a choice from here's some GG Allin this is off the CD Freaks, Faggots, Drunks and Junkies, "My Revenge" (Amy Bugbee: Masterpiece.) Yeah, we can play "My Revenge". "Dope Money". "Be My Fuckin' Whore". "Suck My Ass It Smells". "Dog Shit". "Wild Riding".

Amy Bugbee  20:49

You have to play "Suck My Ass It Smell" in honor of Mark Gainers near-

Shane Bugbee  20:55

me off all the songs. That's a good suck. My acid smells dodgy. But what I'm interested in, in playing actually is the one that number six is called Wild writing. I wonder what he's writing? I've never thought to play subgraphs it's mostly the obvious one but wild writing. Could you imagine Gigi talking about riding a horse or something?

Doug Misicko  21:14

He's riding Hayner maybe it's dedicated.

Shane Bugbee  21:18

Sleeping in my piss. And when we get to wetting the bed I'll talk about sleeping in my purse. Antisocial masturbator that was written for me. last in line for the gang bang also written for me die when you die, which is one of my favorite GGL ins. commit suicide. I'm not telling you to do that but it's a song. crash and burn. Outlaw scum fuck which is also one of my favorite GM sayings. Caroline and Sue Conte sucking cannibal Oh, here's another one that for one family 16 Family young little meat that works for you. That has all the age restrictions written down girls in every country you know if you go to Sweden you get 13 year olds legally correct is that after that I want to kill you and my bloody mutilation so what do we play? You want suck my ass and smell hating? Suck my acid smells Amy we want to hear

Amy Bugbee  22:23

I don't know you're the expert you're

Shane Bugbee  22:25

the DJ alright I'll do what I think we'll just go with the you know I'm gonna play a little bit of that. Here it sounds like while fighting just for a joke shits and grins as they say in Hammond.

Unknown Speaker  23:33


Unknown Speaker  23:42

died everyone's afraid what happens

Unknown Speaker  23:58

want to talk about now he doesn't know that stuff knocking straight to

Unknown Speaker  24:27

the horse and I don't care. You can set what you want to say about

Unknown Speaker  24:42

the guy whiskey by the doubt Santa will get some nights and shale. So crunchy

Unknown Speaker  25:06

Everybody stop chronic

Unknown Speaker  25:44


Shane Bugbee  25:52

dug, pull your pants back up and quit your weapons ship

Doug Misicko  25:57

wasn't he put in his coffin with his pack in his hand?

Shane Bugbee  26:00

Yes. went out of style.

Doug Misicko  26:05

No, he went out puking on his. Are you choking on his own puke? Danny? Yeah. He was supposed to kill himself on stage. Oh,

Shane Bugbee  26:15

no, he had a heroin overdose vomit, you know all that stuff. Wow.

Doug Misicko  26:21

Heroin. Yeah. Okay,

Shane Bugbee  26:23

so why he left us all disappointment he didn't kill himself on Halloween on stage. He disappointed everyone. It was great.

Doug Misicko  26:30

Yeah, you know, I guess it still fits

Shane Bugbee  26:33

everything. Jesus you know Jesus Jesus, man. There's you can't fuck with him either. His philosophy is stage show nothing. That's what's wrong with the fucking youth of today. They have no GG Allen to look at what an extreme is some dude who punched cops in the face when we did the expo. All right. We're gonna end we have two minutes here. When we did the expo the extreme number two, we had a band play called bad luck. 13 right experience, experiment extravaganza. And they came out and they do like fake wrestling and hit each other with ball bats with nails and kill rats and all this shit on stage. Right? Well, because the cops were there. They decided to do this protest where they laid on the stage and act like they're asleep and and play. They didn't do their normal show because we had a lot of cops and stuff like that. And the guy came up to me EliteSingles Yo, this is sort of lame, dude. We expected to be able to do what we wanted. And I said, expected to do what you wanted. And I said isn't GGL and your big role model guy? And he goes yeah, and I go GGL would have said fuck off to these cops. He would have flunked shitting their face. The show lasted about 30 fucking seconds and there would have been a riot. And that's what GG down did and I booked people on the show like you to fucking kill cops to kill kids to smash the fucking venue down burn the place to the fucking ground. Dude. You should have brought guns out and started shooting. I don't give a fuck. Where was your GGL in spirit then motherfucker you laid down on your back like a bitch. The guy looked at me and he they're bigger dudes. And they're scary dudes. And they looked at me and they looked at their guard. They said, You know, you're right. And they knew I was right. And you're gonna say Gigi and your role model then you better fucking be ready to have a 32nd show. Because that's what Gigi Allen shows were they were fucking two minutes, man. They were 30 seconds. When he went to friendly situation when there were no cops. He's in a punk rock bar and he fucking to his show. They wouldn't last but two songs because he started throwing shit and the bounces were beating his ass and he's fighting them smashing bottles on their head. I mean, it was a riot man. He couldn't fucking play anywhere. Seattle was the shit. Quite literally. We have one minute left. So Geez government, fuck him. Burnham guns, government and guns. Exactly. And God, I have this great Malcolm X speech where he talks about it's the ballot or the bullet. It's the Year of an election is we need to vote with the ballot or we need to vote with the bullet. I think we need to vote with the bullet. And if this is Malcolm X speaking, of course, I do not endorse any kind of assassination attempt. Or any kind of Amy's gonna have to get us in trouble again. Right?

Amy Bugbee  29:02

I do. No, no, I learned my lesson.

Shane Bugbee  29:05

No, but this is coming from Malcolm X. You know, it's, I'm talking about history here. Okay, just quoting him quoting right. I could quote Doug Wright endorsing was quoted by quoted dog on what he says off the air. He'd get a visit from the Secret Service and I wouldn't be as special.

Doug Misicko  29:20

All right, I get more than a visit. My real beliefs were known. I think I'd get more than a visit. I wouldn't see what those beliefs are. But

Shane Bugbee  29:29

hey, we do know what we have. 15 seconds. I'm Shane evil That's Doug from dis And that's Amy from the horror of Check us out and tune in next time for the letter H that's a good one. And oh, make sure the catch the letter. Tony, Spock you hey, go. So I'm going to count I'm gonna wait a minute, Amy while you do this. I'm gonna start the next one and it's just gonna do a Giving

Letter H

Jeff Foxworthy Southern Alphabet routine

00:01 Jeff Foxworthy, recording, with audience laughter 

-'Cause you see (C), it's about a friend of mine. He's from Dee-(D) troit. And I'm gonna tell you something about him. 'e's (E) crazy. Why? Eff (F) you dare him to do something, he'll do it provided the money's right. Jee- (G)sus Christ, I remember the time we's in this pet store. We bet him a dollar he wouldn't bite the heads off one of them little white rats. He did it. I said, Damn. What would you do for $2? He picked up two more and he bit the head offa haitch (H) one of them. I laughed so hard. I nearly threw up. I said, "Jay (J), you the craziest bastard I've ever seen in my entire life." He said, "That's O-K (K), I'm $3 richer too." And that was all that was important to him. 'ell (L), I remember one time, we's at this party, and we dared 'im (M) to pee in (N) the punchbowl. He did it. See, Jay can be a real ass-'oh (O) sometime. But it weren't no big deal to him 'cause he could pee (P) right on cue (Q). Are (R) you believing that shit? Cause if not you can kiss my 'ss (S). I guaran-damn-tee (T) you (U) it's true. (applause) I remember one time we bet him he wouldn't make love to this girl that had Vee- (V) D... for $10. He said hell, if you'll double ya' (W) money... I'll make love to her brother. He would've done it too- ex-(X) cept we didn't have $20 between the six of us. Now why (Y) Jay did this shit, I'll never know. Because when it comes to getting poontang he got zee- (Z) ro. (Unknown speaker: This has been-) [audio cuts abruptly]

02:25 Shane Bugbee 

Doug, Amy, you're not going to be happy. When you hear what I played in front of this Alphabet Show. I played Jeff Foxworthy. The Redneck Alphabet.

02:38 Doug Misicko 

That man is not funny.

02:40 Shane Bugbee 

And it's really stupid. (Amy Bugbee: Oh really?) But you know, that's what happens when you're downloading stuff and just put "ABC" and "alphabet" and then whatever. But this is the "ABCs of the Alphabet" or the "Alphabet of ABCs" or the "ABCs of Filth" and, or, the "Alphabet Show"- whatever. We don't really have a name. It's a concept, and all our topic is, all we do is start this half hour Internet talk show with the- a letter and this week or not this week but this show is the letter "H". Don't look at my Hs motherfucking jerk, you're a cheater. (Amy Bugbee: Good old H.)

Hot Carl

03:16 Doug Misicko 

"Hot Carl.

03:20 Shane Bugbee 

God dude, don't talk about my name on the weekends, don't ever tell people what you call me on fucking Saturdays again. The- you know the mics are on, Doug?

03:29 Doug Misicko 

Okay, well there's- right okay I gave away your stage name.

03:34 Amy Bugbee 

(laughing) Hot Carl. (Shane Bugbee: Amy.)

03:37 Shane Bugbee 

It's when Doug shaves my chest, he- (laughing)

03:40 Doug Misicko 

Actually there's debate as to what a proper "hot Carl" is.

03:43 Shane Bugbee 

What is a hot Carl, and why are you all into the phil(?) stuff? Are you reading all my pins?

03:48 Doug Misicko 

Yeah, you do have a hot Carl pin, don't you?

03:50 Shane Bugbee

I have all of them. It's like you- It's like you're ripping- (Doug Misicko: You have dirty Sanchez, you have felching...) It's like you're ripping off the idea that all your words are from my own fucking pins, and I don't like it.

03:57 Doug Misicko 

All right, go ahead. You talk about- you talk about your hot Carl. (Shane Bugbee: What is "hot Carl"?) How do you give a hot Carl?

04:03 Shane Bugbee 

Listen, I am a hot Carl. (all laughing) No, what is hot Carl? What is it?

04:07 Doug Misicko 

"Hot Carl" 's a scat sex act. It's got to do with shit.

04:12 Shane Bugbee 

What's with you, dude?

04:13 Amy Bugbee 

Is it when you eat too many hot peppers?

04:14 Doug Misicko 

See, that's the debate! The debate is: some people say it's it's when you put plastic wrap over somebody's face and then take a shit on it. Some people say that is in fact actually a "Cleveland Steamer". Or as other people say a hot Carl is- is, got- Anyway you cut it, somebody's taking a shit on somebody else. Some people say it's when you break up with somebody. (rustling noises)

04:36 Shane Bugbee 

That's me pulling some weed out of a baggie. (Doug Misicko: And then you-) And then this is a letter H for "high". I'm sorry, Doug.

04:41 Doug Misicko 

Well, okay.

04:43 Shane Bugbee 

You want to hit me? (Doug Misicko: No, no.) You getting mad? For interrupting you?

04:46 Doug Misicko 

I am. It's here comes the hot Carl. (Shane Bugbee: Ah, dude.) Now it's when you- other people say it's when you leave, and you shit on somebody's belongings before you go. Uh, I'm leaving tomorrow, you know. (all laughing) My train leaves tomorrow.

05:04 Amy Bugbee 

That's funny. I had someone shit on my windowsill one time in my apartment, and no one would own up to it. They all blamed the dog.

05:12 Shane Bugbee 

You know, that's a story I'd never heard but you definitely had a hot Carl, performed on you didn't you.

05:18 Amy Bugbee 

It just was sitting there in the windowsill, and it was a second-story apartment. So...

05:23 Shane Bugbee 

That's- that's hot. As Paris Hilton and Nicole Richards would say, "That's hot".

Doug Misicko taking a shit on a neighbor's doorstep

05:27 Doug Misicko 

I shit at a neighbor's doorstep before. (Amy Bugbee: Really?) I lived in like this apartment complex, one floor kind of thing. You know, separate buildings. That type. I was working late night shifts, and this person playing music very loud all day, and I'd always beat on the wall. But they'd start early. They start at like 6 a.m., you know?

05:47 Shane Bugbee 

I don't understand were you beating on the wall just on a different time. Or did you beat on a wall because they played well (Doug Misicko: Because they're playing music.)

05:56 Shane Bugbee 

Because they play loud music, I'd beat on the wall. It was a perfect relationship. The Odd Couple.

06:01 Doug Misicko 

So one night, I really had to take a shit. So I just went over there and I shit on their doorstep and the loud music did stop. I think they put two and two together. (distant train noise) And what was funny is it was kind of-

06:12 Shane Bugbee (interrupting)

Horn! Train horn. H. Horn. Right? You missed it.

06:16 Doug Misicko 

It was kind of a busy street. You know, I was squatting there taking a shit, and anybody could have driven by and saw.

06:22 Amy Bugbee 

Did you use tissue or anything?

06:25 Doug Misicko 

I took a few with me, and then I finished the job when I, you know... I wasn't, I guess I wasn't- I wasn't thinking clearly enough to stick the used tissue on the door also. That would have been- there would have been a distinct message to it. (Amy Bugbee: Exactly.) I should have written on them beforehand, "Fuck you," you know and stuck them... On the door.

06:46 Shane Bugbee 

Why did you- what does this have to do with H? (Doug Misicko: We went from "hot Carl"). I know but you keep reverting back to shit and assholes and I- Doug (Doug Misicko: It's a hot Carl!) Doug I'm sending this CD to a psychologist and I'm gonna have her analyze your fucking life. But you know what you hear this?

06:56 Doug Misicko 

I don't need to be anal-yzed.

06:58 Amy Bugbee 

All this shit talk coming from Doug, though, who says he's never touched another person's butt or had his own touched.

07:05 Shane Bugbee 

I'm sipping a cup of hot coffee, hot, H. Ah, I know that's not the good H like hot Carl, but I'm having hot coffee. And I'm going to- hear this? (slurping noises) I'm going to try to get as high as Amy, but I don't know if that can ever be achieved (Doug Misicko: From the hookah.) From the hookah. Doug's disgusted, "From the hookah!". Doug's straight edge, (Amy Bugbee: Freaks!) Doug's straight edge, and he just wants everyone to consume more and more until they all explode and fat bubbles, dead-

07:32 Doug Misicko 

I like everybody getting high around me. It's cool. (faint farting noise)

07:36 Shane Bugbee 

Oh God, Jesus Christ. (Amy Bugbee: Was that a hot Carl?) We missed that for gas where I would have-

07:42 Amy Bugbee 

Was that a "busted Daisy"? We learned yesterday. (Doug Misicko: That's if he left some-)

07:46 Shane Bugbee 

I did not bust the daisy. (Doug Misicko: Right.) And you know what, Doug? That's true. We're talking about the shit and anal stuff from a guy who's never had a finger up his ass. And that's not, you know, I know that sounds like you know, "Hey, dude, you've never had a finger up your ass. What? You could have least slipped your own finger out that one time." I think you have and you won't admit it. (Amy Bugbee: That's why he's so obsessed.) You know the frozen hotdog story, and every high school there's a frozen hotdog person.

08:07 Doug Misicko 

Yeah, it all started with me. One frozen hot dog, every high school's talking about it.

08:13 Shane Bugbee 

This is "H", we need some H stories. Amy, what are your H words?

08:17 Amy Bugbee 

Well, of course horror. I have "hypocrisy", "Hohman", "Hammond", "Holmes", and "home".

08:26 Shane Bugbee 

I love it... Well, what do you want to- you want to- you want to say, Doug's been spouting off about something?

08:31 Doug Misicko 

H.H. Holmes. That's Triple H. (Amy Bugbee: Exactly.)

08:33 Shane Bugbee 

Ah, we're sick of him. (Doug Misicko: Yeah, fuck him.) Say that guy is-

08:36 Amy Bugbee 

He's been dead 100 years.

08:39 Shane Bugbee 

Good serial killer but who gives a fuck? Let's get some- kids? Or something to go for. Some goals out there. Two- three hundred dead. H! H! anything else? Your horror, Whore of Horror. Speak up! Let's hear a story about whores or something, from the whore.

08:56 Amy Bugbee 

Well, we watched a couple of horror movies just today.

08:59 Shane Bugbee 

Yeah, they were cool.

09:00 Doug Misicko 

We also watched Head. (Amy and Shane Bugbee: Head!)

09:02 Shane Bugbee 

The Monkees, Head, the best fucking movie in the world.

09:05 Amy Bugbee 

Wow. We were preparing and we didn't even know it. (laughs)

09:09 Shane Bugbee 

Yeah, never seen The Monkees Head. Doug just watched the tape. And this was the first time you've seen it. Doug: give an honest review, man. Head.

09:16 Doug Misicko 

I thought it was, well, I- (Shane Bugbee: The movie.) I'm not sure what movie it was. I mean, I'm not sure what year it was. But it seems well- well above- well before its time. It seems like, you know, something like Oliver Stone was probably inspired. Yeah. Yeah, it was very avant-garde. It kind of- you watch it and it kind of goes it almost seems like it goes nowhere, but it's one of those things you keep watching anyways, seems like it's going somewhere. If you walk away you feel like you're gonna miss something, you know?

09:43 Shane Bugbee 

That's sort of like the theme song that they have there. "Just when you thought it over, the beginning might begin" or something like that. (Amy Bugbee: Yeah, exactly.) And so did you have any respect for the Beatle- uhh, Monkees? Oh, bad note Beatles. Oh my god. I'm a Monkees fan, too.

09:58 Doug Misicko 

Well, before I saw it?

10:00 Shane Bugbee 

Before you saw it, what do you think of The Monkees?

10:01 Doug Misicko 

No, I always thought, what I heard of them, that they were just put together as kind of like, a corporate answer to the Beatles something that... (Shane Bugbee: And what do you think after you saw that?) Yeah, they they obviously weren't. They obviously had their own ideas and their own thoughts, and they seem to mock themselves a lot. At least the image that they were portraying before that a lot, you know. Like I- what I made of the- in one point in the movie, they're playing on stage. And then when they leave the stage, they become these mannequins that are being torn apart by the crowd. And I thought that was very indicative of how they felt of- how they're being treated, how they're being portrayed, and how they're owned, and, you know, how they're supposed to be these plastic games.

10:40 Shane Bugbee (puffing)

I'm getting high - for H. I do my duty, Doug, do you do yours?

10:45 Amy Bugbee 

And it had so many weird little second, like, uh, sub-stories and plots, you know, like it was really a strange film.

Shane muses about circumcision

10:52 Shane Bugbee 

I like Head, in more than one way. Oh! (Doug Misicko: It was supposed to be-) Do you know what I found about getting head? Is that, and this should we I wish we would call the circumcise guy, but I know- I noticed since Amy's turned me on to nipple play. I really enjoy my nipples, almost as much if not more than head? What? (Amy Bugbee: That's "N". That's "N.") No, we're talking about "head", and I'm comparing the two, I used to really love head, but my nipples are so much more sensitive than my penis, and I think it's because I had a circumcision. You know, I think they cut off that feeling, and the feeling how your nipples feel is probably how your penis would feel. It would feel so much better if I wasn't circumcised. I think! I wouldn't- I will never know that ,but I really wish I could see my parents and I, you know- but that I guess that circumcision, which is we've missed that one. (Amy Bugbee: Yeah, it's a disgusting thing.) That's the Volume Two of our, our ABCs of Hate and Filth And the Alphabet Show that we're doing here. Which is, I'm Shane. Evil-

11:46 Doug Misicko (interrupting)

And I'm Doug. (Amy Bugbee: And I'm Amy.)

11:49 Shane Bugbee 

And I run among other things, Mike Hunt Is On, Three Ring

11:55 Doug Misicko 

And I own the domain name (Shane Bugbee: Well, actua-). oh, (Shane Bugbee: did you hear that explosion?) Yeah, there's something booming.

12:02 Shane Bugbee 

Well, we live in Hammond, Indiana, (Amy Bugbee: On Hohman.) On Hohman, and if you ever- have ever seen The Christmas Story, that's "Hohman, Indiana", which is really Hammond, Indiana. He just changed the street name and stuff. And "he" being Jean Shepherd. But Amy, any Hammond stories? Hammond, where we live- we're broadcasting now, is where A Christmas Story the movie is- is written about. This is- this is- this is the area.

12:28 Amy Bugbee 

Exactly. Yeah. Christmas Story, a Summer Story. And then there were a bunch of other movies that Matt Dillon started that are really good too. That, uh, "Phantom of the Open Hearth"-

12:40 Doug Misicko 

Who's Matt Dillon? (Amy Bugbee: Matt Dillon? Drugstore Cowboy?)

12:43 Shane Bugbee 

You don't know who Matt Dillon is? (Doug Misicko: I dunno) We are old. I think Amy, like that's out of his timeframe. That was the eight years he was still fucking in his Mama's womb or something. His daddy's ball sack.

12:56 Doug Misicko 

I'm not good with names of actors and everything else. I've never actually even seen Drugstore Cowboy.

13:02 Amy Bugbee 

Have you ever seen The Outsiders?

13:05 Doug Misicko 

No, that was- no that was like what junior high girls liked, I thought. Wasn't it? (Amy Bugbee: Yeah, it's a book.)

13:09 Shane Bugbee 

No, it's a good, it's a good movie. I like that shit. I'm not a junior high girl, and if you say it I'ma fucking hit ya. H. (Doug Misicko: For hit!)

13:16 Amy Bugbee 

You ever seen Over the Edge ? That's a great movie. It's like his first movie.

13:21 Shane Bugbee 

Yeah, Over the Edge is fucking stellar, cult, man. (Amy Bugbee:Really good.) He's a different generation though. Doug's a youngster, man. You Know.

13:28 Doug Misicko 


13:29 Amy Bugbee  Wow, Matt Dillon. I'm trying to think of a recent movie he's been in.

13:32 Shane Bugbee 

Hey, high school. H, I bet you we all have good high school story. (Doug Misicko: Oh, fuck.) But we only have five minutes each. Cool. We’re gonna play High on Fire. Which song are we gonna play, Amy?

13:40 Amy Bugbee 

Oh, you know. They’re all three good. I don’t know.

13:42 Shane Bugbee 

Just pick one. Let’s see. What are the names?

13:45 Amy Bugbee 

“Blood From Zion”, “Ten Thousand Years”, or “Master of Fists”.

13:51 Shane Bugbee 

Master of Fists.

13:53 Amy Bugbee

Alright, number three.

Doug casually expresses hate for Jews

13:54 Shane Bugbee

What do you think, Doug?

13:55 Doug Misicko 

I don’t know. I kind of like the idea of blood from Zion (Shane Bugbee: For Zion, or from Zion?) 'cause that would make it go over there... Oh.

14:00 Amy Stocky

From Zion.

14:01 Shane Bugbee

Ok, that’s it. How about you, Amy? Are you gonna say...

14:03 Doug Misicko

Bleed them dry.

14:04 Amy Bugbee 

I'm not gonna go with the third- the only one that didn't get picked, so-

14:07 Shane Bugbee 

That'll be good. We'll just play the whole CD and forget the- fuck the H show. Nah, we'll play. Is that 1?

14:12 Amy Bugbee 

One. Let's start with 1.

14:14 Shane Bugbee 

Cool, High on Fire. And let me, let me, let you kids know. This is from a demo literally hearing, too, a demo before- this was not released. (Amny Bugbee: Before they were signed.) So you hear an unreleased High on Fire.

High On Fire song break

[Song: High on Fire - Blood From Zion] (- which is cut off abruptly after a minute)

Meal album one-take story

15:35 Shane Bugbee 

You know I'm gonna pause that song. And I'm gonna tell Doug this story about High on Fire. (Doug Misicko: Let me hear it.) Okay, so High On Fire, they play this expo- they're great, great musicians and Doug you've never heard High on Fire right? (Doug Misicko: Never heard 'em.) So we turned up the speaker here and Doug is acting like he's mocking my metal-ness, and so I have to explain to him how God-like High on Fire is. So High on Fire. They write this album called Jerusalem, this album, okay, it takes them a year to write, dig, they go out to the desert in this little hut and write the song. They write the song on the walls of the hut. It's one song. It's 80 minutes long. It took them a year to write. They do it in one take and record it perfect. It's a great album. But it doesn't impress you?

16:22 Doug Misicko 

I'd have to hear it, I guess. (Shane Bugbee: I mean, but isn't that cool?) That is cool. I can see an album like that being good-

16:28 Shane Bugbee 

Well, you're gonna hear some High on Fire right now.

16:29 Amy Bugbee 

Well, that's one of the guys from High on Fire. "Sleep".

16:31 Shane Bugbee 

Yeah, that was Sleep. That was the band Sleep. That's a different band.

16:36 Amy Bugbee 

Matt Pike is like the leader of-

16:39 Shane Bugbee 

Matt Pike is a rock god, he's like a Jimmy Page or some shit, man. He'll- you know in the history annals of metal or rock-and-roll he will be known as one of the great guitar players. And you're into the faggy, Skinny Puppy type stuff which, Amy said the thing about Skinny Puppy is, uh, the bad thing about Skinny Puppy is there's just no heterosexual dudes there.

17:02 Doug Misicko

N- n-nah, nah I proved heterosexual-ness right at the-

17:04 Amy Bugbee

Yeah I said not many-

17:05 Shane Bugbee 

Maybe that's why you felt so strongly about proving heterosexual stuff.

17:13 Amy Bugbee 

No, just a lot of gays gravitate towards industrial.

17:18 Shane Bugbee 

I'm gonna start that High on Fire song again.

High On Fire song break resumes

[music restarts] [Song: High on Fire - Blood From Zion]

The psychic ability of Matt Pike to talk to turtles

22:15 Doug Misicko 

Oh, uh, nice song.

22:16 Amy Bugbee (drowned out by music)

Matt Pike told us what our turtle's name was. (Shane Bugbee: What was that Amy?) Matt Pike from High on Fire, communicated with our turtle and told us its name.

22:28 Doug Misicko 

Oh, so the turtle told him what its name was.

22:31 Amy Bugbee 

Yep, he was over having pizza with us and he asked what our turtle's name was. And we said no name had stuck. So he sat there for a few minutes, and about a half an hour later, he said, "Your turtle just told me. Her name is Myrtle".

22:51 Doug Misicko 

(laughing) "Myrtle" of all things. (Amy Bugbee: She's been Myrtle ever since!). Isn't that a Dr. Seuss book? Myrtle the Turtle?

22:58 Amy Bugbee

I don't know.

22:59 Shane Bugbee 

It could be. But Matt Pike is cool.

23:02 Doug Misicko 

All right. I don't- I don't doubt that it's name is Myrtle. Is that what you call it?

23:06 Amy Bugbee 


H is for Heil

23:08 Doug Misicko 

Then he was right! Then he was right. (Shane Bugbee: Heil. H.) Heil. Yep, true. Hand in the air. Heil John Ashcroft.

23:17 Shane Bugbee 

Heil. Heil! Hitler! Hitler.

23:20 Doug Misicko 

Aw, I couldn't think of another H for that. (Shane Bugbee: H! H!) Just couldn't do it. (Doug Misicko laughing)

23:24 Amy Bugbee 

It's such an obvious one. (Doug Misicko laughing)

23:27 Shane Bugbee 

What, you guys didn't have it? (Amy Bugbee: No.) Are you- are you doing an imitation of Doug's brother? "That's so obvious." (Doug Misicko: "It's typical.") "It's very typical. Yes. I expected that. Not surprising." I think that's all he said to us all weekend. That's all he said. Isn't it, Amy? "Not surprising." No, but what do you say Amy?

23:45 Amy Bugbee 

It wasn't on my list. And it would seem such an obvious one. Was it on your list?

23:50 Shane Bugbee 

It's on my list.

23:51 Amy Bugbee 

What else is on your list?

23:52 Shane Bugbee 

"High." Like I was getting... at high school. High school. I had some good stories, but I'm afraid to tell them. I don't know. High School is a drag to me. I hated it.

24:04 Doug Misicko 

I fucking hated it, too.

24:05 Shane Bugbee 

I know one time I tied a belt around some books and whacked a big fucking linebacker in the head with them because he kept- What he did was- every, every time I leave class, he'd take the history book, which was the thickest book, and he smashed me on the top of the head with it. And so hard I was fucking dizzy. You know, like damaged. As you can tell today... Um, I think he whacked some of my vocabulary out of one of my ears... And so one time I took a belt and wrapped it around books. Something like one of my father, my uncle would say that- said something like that. And I took the idea from something like that, whacked him real hard in the head with it.

Doug commits arson in high school

24:47 Doug Misicko 

I once lit a pep assembly on fire, and I did not get expelled for it. All those people! I used to get in trouble for most everything I did, and I thought it wasn't fair. And then I was sitting at this boring pep rally because they caught me trying to leave. And there's a big paper banner, and I just lit it on fire. The thing went up. [German marching music starts playing] And I thought, "Oh shit, it's all over." But they put it out and they never figured it out. And apparently nobody saw me do it. (Amy Bugbee: Wow, you never got caught?) It was the most amazing thing I never got caught for... (Shane Bugbee: I love it.) But speaking about whacking you on the head with a big book or whatever. There was a- in my high school...

25:27 Shane Bugbee 

Doug, you don't mind I'm playing "Hitler Youth" songs underneath you, do you? (Doug Misicko: No, it's fine.) It's a good march there. We got four minutes.

25:34 Doug Misicko 

Maybe I can tell a story then. (Shane Bugbee: Marching, Doug, like this. [goose-stepping noises]) In high school I used to have a swim class first hour. Yeah? And this was when I was like, yeah-

25:42 Shane Bugbee 

He's like saying that because I get high. And then I, in high school. I always, if we had if you had swim class first period, that means you could roast bowls — yes, I'm stuck in the Eighties — all day. And you could just say, "I had a swimming class first period." Ha-ha, ha-ha.

25:58 Doug Misicko 

And chlorine made you bloodshot, right? (Shane Bugbee: Yeah.) But anyways- I didn't do that. But, we had this stupid teacher in the class who would sit in his office, and then we're all supposed to not get in the pool. "Don't get in the pool until he comes out and takes attendance," which was us lining up and calling off a number. Every fucking morning we get there. And there's this fat kid, Jeremy something.

Shane takes offence at the word 'fat', using the n-word

26:19 Shane Bugbee 

Hey. That's like saying "nigger" in front of a Black guy. I'm fat. You can use, the "rotund".

26:25 Doug Misicko 

Right- (laughing) Pleasant- pleasantly plump lad. Every morning. Every morning, the dumb shit wouldn't figure it out. This kid would walk out, we throw him in the pool. He'd splash around screaming yelling and the teacher would come out and yell at him every time he said (shouting) "JEREMY! GET OUT OF THERE!" (laughter) But it happened Every. Single. Morning. They were both so stupid. (shouting) "JEREMY! GET OUT OF THERE!" (laughter) ...High school was all provoking people and getting in fights.

26:57 Shane Bugbee 

High School was all about gettin' high.

26:59 Amy Bugbee 

Yeah, high school was all about getting high, and not going.

Shane's criminal past

27:04 Shane Bugbee 

I dropped out at 16. So. And then I went back because I got, well, I got "housed". Let's put it that way. I got "housed" for a month and a half in a county jail, and uh, for residential burglary. And so I went back to high school because it looked good for court. (Doug Misicko: Ohhh.) And that was absolutely the way different experience. (Doug Misicko: Because it was a different school, right?) No, because I was very mature. Having been in a county jail and stuff life is so serious after that. When you come back to school and they're just fucking kids. And they're just fucking off talking about garbage. My life took a dramatic turn at that point. I mean, I was stuck in a fucking building with a bunch of kids, and I did not feel like a kid. I thought it's a waste of time to be there quite frankly, I wanted to get a job and try to dig out of the ditch that I was getting into. You know, they make it hard to get a job, you know, you're so young it's hard to get a full time job so it's not that you have nothing to do but commit crimes that you know- just because you don't want to go to school that's a bad person.

28:10 Doug Misicko (sarcastically)

Jail sounds like a great resource for our kids then!

28:13 Shane Bugbee 

Absolutely I tell you I learned a strong lesson, now I walk the line, but I don't break the law. I absolutely will not- that was a fucking definite learning experience and I fucking came out of there a fucking sober person, saying, "You do that, there's repercussions for what you do." And that taught me to accept responsibility for my actions, every single one of them that's why I can say without a doubt to my little brothers: "Wuit blaming other fucking people, it's your problem every situation you're in." And six weeks in jail will do that to you. During that time I broke- I had my pinky broken. Tried to punch someone, I'm not much of a fighter, and hit the concrete wall. And my pinky broke because the guy was stealing my food, and as a fat fuck, you don't do that. I'll fight anyone for that. Fucking Mike Tyson takes my fucking corn or something and he's gonna-

29:00 Doug Misicko 

Eats your hoagie.

29:01 Shane Bugbee 

Yeah I'm gonna fucking eat his kneecap.

29:04 Amy Bugbee 

You had your pinky broken in jail?

29:06 Shane Bugbee 

I broke my own pinky. Yes. Came out, I was in a cast. You see that picture? That one parade picture? Yeah, pinky. What a gay fucking thing. Gay. Well, it's honest though. 26 seconds.

[German marching music ends]

29:57 Doug Misicko


29:59 Shane Bugbee

The ABC show next week is- what letter comes after H? (Doug Misicko: Oh, shit.) "I." Eye, Doug. (Doug Misicko: Eye.) Doug, Amy, Shane, goodbye. Evil

29:35 Doug Misicko

29:36 Amy Bugbee 

Whore Of

29:37 Shane Bugbee 

See ya. Right, Amy? Is it over? Next week I, this was H. ABCs. [timer bleeps]

Letter I

Music  00:01

[The Three Stooges - Swingin’ The Alphabet - 1938]

Shane Bugbee  01:31

God making a train wreck out of it, but now that I've gotten high the I show has been destroyed almost with all my fucking up. Okay. What? What?

Amy Bugbee  01:56

Everything's okay. Do you want to?

Shane Bugbee  01:59

Yeah, no we won't start over, we're cool dog. Since this is a half hour talk show it impromptu about the ABCs are not about the ABCs but that's the only topic right? i Yeah, this shows I did you get high to know off the eight show you sound it? Okay, I know I'm high. i

Amy Bugbee  02:23

I wish I wasn't high anymore.

Shane Bugbee  02:27

I drink some coffee. Then.

Doug Misicko  02:28

What were you saying? Really? You're going somewhere that?

Shane Bugbee  02:33

I don't know. Okay, I'm stone. Oh, shit. So eyes anyone? Anyone? Anyone any word? I have Illuminati. But not any really good stories about the Illuminati. I just I just like everything. And everything they do. And next to the Nazis. They got the shit as far as imagery.

Doug Misicko  02:52

Now they're typical. Everybody's everybody blames the Illuminati, whoever that really is, you know what I mean? If that's really there, if it is in Freemasons,

Shane Bugbee  03:04

it may be fun but I 20 years and 1518 years ago I was publishing scenes with Illuminati stuff in it. It still interests me and isn't a very interesting as typical as it is for you. Such a well rounded Gothic kind of guy.

Doug Misicko  03:20

Right right.

Shane Bugbee  03:21

You know some would say the process is typical.

Doug Misicko  03:26

Oh yeah, you know, it does cheer my ass to that we hear all this shit now. Currently

Shane Bugbee  03:31

picture of George Bush's father sitting on the bed with the fucking pyramid is fucking an awesome photo. Have you ever seen that? No, we're sitting Indian style the old man is got his fucking feet together here's a real photo no Photoshop this is back in the day. George Bush's father's feet together sitting there and he's holding in his hands like this is hidden is sitting in himself holding a fork in the pyramid with the eye in

Amy Bugbee  03:58

the eye on New World Order. Yeah. His skull and bones days

Shane Bugbee  04:02

that's from his presidency or running for president right before he was present. Maybe it was from his CIA days. It's from his government days. Skull and Bones is in college so that wasn't from his college days but that was from his government days. I can't say if it was President or it was even the the the lead CIA dude. Yeah, he's like, alright, so dude. Dec fuckhead fuck Hall. Fucking prick. Well, this is the I shall though. So I have to say I hate bush.

Doug Misicko  04:32

There's a picture of George Washington. Masonic not the stinky sweet pink on the apron with the eye and the trash and everything. Where was this? Oh, this is picture George Washington. Oh, yeah. So I was gonna say they always talked about the Christian roots of our nation. That ain't the case. And it really chaps my ass just like three new biographies about Ben Franklin now they they don't not a one of them. Fuck there's boom and go on. It sounds like World War Three.

Shane Bugbee  04:59

Fireworks There's an AI in there somewhere.

Amy Bugbee  05:01

Yeah. Works legal in Michigan.

Shane Bugbee  05:03

Doug. Doug thinks he's in Detroit and l might

Doug Misicko  05:06

just like no just like little black cat poppers and stuff are legal and in Michigan.

Shane Bugbee  05:12

Take a look at that explosion. You guys keep talking. Oh, it's

Doug Misicko  05:15

gonna be a crater.

Amy Bugbee  05:16

You can buy anything in Indiana fireworks wise legally.

Doug Misicko  05:20

Anyways, as saying about Ben Franklin, the guy co authored a book with Francis Dashwood. You know, the leader of the Hellfire clubs in England so they can't say that there was there wasn't really a connection they can't say it's overblown, you know, and yet they never mentioned them biography just like like a champ. My answer is a Jane Mansfield biography on one of the stations and they they mentioned LaVey but briefly saying that it was just like a publicity stunt just like they do that with Sammy Davis Jr. to new new Sammy Davis Jr. Book. One sentence it just says it was part of his wild guy image at the time was just a joke, you know, can't be it gotta make their biographical subject unto themselves, you know, they, they can't tell the truth. You know, they can't tell the beyond what the truth is.

Amy Bugbee  06:07

Their image for biography is not as you don't ever get the truth about people

Doug Misicko  06:12

know, it's wrong. It's wrong. If you're when you're gonna hear about Ben Franklin, the Hellfire clubs you're gonna hear it in a book about the Hellfire clubs, you know?

Shane Bugbee  06:22

To give you a clue before Indiana you can get any anything in Indiana that I were in there and

Amy Bugbee  06:29

I didn't even think about it.

Shane Bugbee  06:32

I just love the dog and so you're hearing Cheyenne run around


Doug Misicko 06:35

I thought I thought we just say Israel but let me go to down

Amy Bugbee  06:40

Israel don't get me started.

Shane Bugbee 06:44

Well, you know the funny part is Amy yelled at Peter Gilmore about ILS Peter Gunn was the head dog chief dude of the Church of Satan. And he we did an interview with him on a 24 hour radio show. And Amy yelled at him Did you

Doug Misicko  07:06

beheading an intense intercourse about Israel? Palestine?

Amy Bugbee  07:13

Palestine Hmm Yeah, well, you know, I mean, and it's not even that I know or like any Palestinian people I

Shane Bugbee  07:19

mean, you actually do one Palestinian we know we hate

Amy Bugbee  07:23

exactly so I wish they were dead and then I think genocide may be the one but I've got to say anytime you hear about you know I mean it's just ironic that the Israeli army and the Israeli people are doing exactly what was done to them by the Nazis to these Palestinians they've taken everything from them they've making them live in you know camps and then they're bombing the camps when these people act out I mean, what are they supposed to do?

Doug Misicko  07:52

Well any anytime as well that's what they've been saying about Iraq also Iraq anytime a place is occupied there's gonna be resistance right yeah. So

Amy Bugbee  08:01

which part is might is right isn't it might is right when those kids throw rocks they do a suicide bombing.

Shane Bugbee  08:08

Peter he's not here.

Amy Bugbee  08:10

I'm not yelling at anybody. You know, I'm just saying it's both sides. Might is right.

Doug Misicko  08:18

And Israel Israel,

Shane Bugbee  08:19

Israel and Iraq Amy Ah,

Doug Misicko  08:23

maybe not irate but intense

Amy Bugbee  08:25

there he go. Okay,

Shane Bugbee  08:26

go ahead Amy.

Amy Bugbee  08:27

Well, it's just the same thing both of them are using parts of Might is Right to try to get their way you know, it's ignorant

Doug Misicko on nuking "the Holy Land" and setting fire to churches

08:35 Doug Misicko

It's ignorant. And I have respect for ancient history and archaeology, but I would say make the fucking "Holy Land" to crater, a radioactive waste, and then tell them, "Go to town. It's all yours. All you assholes." Fuck it. Solomon's Temple? Who gives a shit. It's just it's gone too fucking far. It's gone too fucking far.

08:56 Amy Bugbee 

Exactly. Fence off the whole country, and it can only be for tourists, you know, no one can live there or something.

09:01 Doug Misicko 

Yeah, free zone, UN, whatever. Martial Law! No- none of those assholes should be there. If people really are- have some orthodox religion they shouldn't even be allowed close. They should be taken as terrorists to begin with. (Amy Bugbee: Exactly.) Churches- churches are terrorist organizations. They're fucking terrorist organizations perpetuating this idea of a lease on a land written on ancient holy document, and it's stupid.

09:27 Shane Bugbee 

Ignite the church.

09:30 Doug Misicko'


09:31 Amy Bugbee 

We need to ignite some churches. Here in Hammond we have all the Hammond Baptists. (Doug Misicko: Really?) it's they've taken over an array whole city blocks they're building something that's like the size of the, uh, you know, like a dome. Like a stadium.

Inebriation stories

Shane Bugbee  09:50

Yeah, that's an Indiana and fuck them and what else do we have for I?

Doug Misicko  09:55

Any abbreviated I'm sure we all have some fairly good inebriation stories.

Shane Bugbee  10:00

Did we get you an E rated at a sushi bar once?

Doug Misicko  10:03

Yeah, it was on. Actually not too long ago, I got an E read because when I got back from Europe, I had some bottles of ABS and I noticed you didn't bring any data. Because we drank it. Yeah, thanks me, dude, me and some of my friends, we drank it and this was the real shit too. You can get some absence without the wormwood and everything that's not hallucinogenic or whatever. But we are drinking the real deal all night. And for me, alcohol usually is just varying degrees of sickness, I drink it, I start feeling a little sick. I drink more I start feeling more sick, but absence was different. I was like, I had that was kind of good feeling or whatever, then drank more and just kind of amplified it. I wasn't getting sick. But later in the night, me and some of my friends started Christmas caroling around my parents neighborhood. And this was just like, last month, you know, this is like, May were Christmas caroling. And my friend Monty started telling these kids who came outside that he was a tutor and to give them a call anytime. That's when I thought the parents come out with a hatchet But to their credit, nobody in the neighborhood called the police. Some lady came over and told my mom the next day. Those boys were really out of hand yesterday. And I knew I knew it must have taken all the balls she had to come over and say that my mom took it for a joke and she laughed.

Amy Bugbee  11:28

Bring out cider any gifts? Money?

Doug Misicko  11:33

Gifts. What?

Amy Bugbee  11:34

caroling? Aren't you supposed to get something for that?

Doug Misicko  11:37

Oh no. They came out nervously chuckled no we moved on Christmas carol somewhere else it was it was alright. And they're very withdrawn neighborhood. Nobody in that neighborhood knows anybody any anything else.

Shane Bugbee  11:48

I used to Christmas Carol. Christmas. Yes and Christmas. And I used to make money. Christmas Carolyn. Capri Carolyn.

Doug Misicko  11:59

The tips are great. Maybe we should do it tonight.

Shane Bugbee  12:03

No, that's an eye Christmas day. Sometimes $20 from someone

Amy Bugbee  12:07

that was back when you were an Oliver Twist? No,

Shane Bugbee  12:10

no, but I've done it. Whatever. Oliver Twist miasma, the fox as well as back hustle and money. Like a fog of war can fool since I was 14. So Oliver Twist my ass. I was making money not spending my old man's hard earned money.

Amy Bugbee  12:26

Good for you. All right. Do you work?

Shane Bugbee  12:29

I didn't complain about one pair of jeans. I bought more with the money I earned. So Oliver Twist my eye as an eye. I deliver Well, it was hard work. It was work. It's not you know, I wasn't doing it to fucking queer off and sing it people. Believe me, I feel odd telling anyone I care about.

Doug Misicko  12:52

So you wouldn't wear you're not high.

Shane Bugbee  12:55

What? I possibly Yes, possibly. All right,

Doug Misicko  13:01

what about engrade? Isn't that one of your favorite words?

Amy Bugbee  13:05

That is one of Shane's favorite words.

Doug Misicko  13:08

And that's one of the first things I think you said to me is I use the word ingrate you both said oh, you know you said I can see we'll get along and Amy said That's his favorite word. First thing we said is that not the very first thing but one of the first

Shane Bugbee  13:22

first memories of birth of Shane for from shrine AMI your eyes

Doug Misicko  13:27

both went up when I use the word ingrate.

Shane Bugbee  13:30

Well that is true there's a lot of integrates I have in grades come in and out of my life there integrates you know, pretty much everyone you'll be an ingrate someday and I'll you'll be labeled as an engraved possibly keeps the one you know how I know this is because everyone says But I'm different. I'm the guy everyone I swear has been engraved

Doug Misicko  13:50

Okay, I can't wait to be among the ranks of notable ingrates is

Shane Bugbee  13:56

notable because when I leave the scene they seem to fucking stick in the fucking bottom of the barrel lower and lower and lower and you don't hear from them again and then

Doug Misicko  14:03

they're committing incest in some backwater town and

Amy Bugbee  14:09

stop and be introspective about it out there ingratitude

Doug Misicko  14:14

but they're not intelligent enough

Shane Bugbee  14:17

know what in great serene grace they should be fucking shot. drawn. The court has hung up

Doug Misicko  14:25

I can add to that. You're right. Being an engraved should be considered a crime.

Shane Bugbee  14:31

I don't like it. Scared simple. Thank you. Yeah. Character flood simple. Thank you. That's it. So I'm asking for what I deserve. Which is probably 1000s of fucking dollars in your first board. Doug.

Doug Misicko  14:44

You're too late for the first one probably. I never met it either.

Shane Bugbee  14:48

None that you know now.

Doug Misicko  14:55

Oh, now it's too bright.

Amy Bugbee  14:58

We need a sunglasses.

Shane Bugbee  15:00

If you want it off I turn the lights off here in the studio. Want me to keep me off?

Doug Misicko  15:06

Doesn't matter. throwing us off with the flashing lights

Shane Bugbee  15:09

trying to keep you awake I'm trying to get not high anymore through strobe light pressure.

Amy Bugbee  15:13

Okay need curtains

Shane Bugbee  15:14

Amy what song are we playing?

Amy Bugbee  15:16

We're playing some Insane Clown pass I don't know

Doug Misicko  15:23

I don't know I see they usually do

Shane Bugbee  15:35

I'd like to sweat

Doug Misicko  15:47

or there is

Amy Bugbee  16:02

you put the CD in. I think so.

Shane Bugbee  16:05

I was playing for Ghazi

Doug Misicko  16:09

almost same band icpm Fugazi beautiful everybody and

Amy Bugbee  16:18

everyone would be running out to get that insane con pass the CD with that song on it.

Doug Misicko  16:23

The last jazzy song

Unknown Speaker  16:32

going on

Shane Bugbee  16:34

now you know someone that works with ICP?

Doug Misicko  16:39

Yeah, he's like their bit she gets some coffee and shit and spray in science or checks and everything he's telling me a story about how he cut a check to Mike Pat and one time I think Pat and contacted them on a sample they used to him needed to cut them a check. Oh no. He tours with them everything else? random shit.

Amy Bugbee  16:59

You ever see that movie? They did big money hustlers?

Doug Misicko  17:03

No, I was you know, I've heard some of their stuff. See, my friend Steve has worked for him for a long time.

Shane Bugbee  17:08

What Amy so fucking high. She put a DVD and Insane Clown Posse DVD in there and fucking told me it's a goddamn CD. I'm trying to play a fucking DVD Ah,

Doug Misicko  17:23

there's another CD in there isn't there? Isn't that two CD c one

Shane Bugbee  17:26

is Hitler use songs. Another one.

Doug Misicko  17:30

Oh, Hitler Youth songs.

Amy Bugbee  17:32

Go back to Ghazi McKay. Oh,

Unknown Speaker  17:39

yeah, yeah. And McCain. Okay,

Shane Bugbee  17:40

Amy, you are right. We can't blame guys. And I like the guys he's talking to Ian Mackay. He should be President really. In Mackay ran for president I'd vote I'd vote for him in a second?

Unknown Speaker  19:59

Right The shower

Shane Bugbee  21:50

fucking forgot Z.

Doug Misicko  21:54

Ian Mackay Ian McKay.

Shane Bugbee  21:55

Yeah. i

Amy Bugbee  21:59

Are you a big Ian Mackay fan, Doug?

Doug Misicko  22:00

Yeah, he's not bad. I like to pay overhead. But they only did that was like, what, eight tracks and then do another CD. (Shane Bugbee: Exactly.) I thought it would have been cool if they did more.

Shane Bugbee  22:09

Why don't you or Amy explain what we're doing toda?

Doug Misicko on The View and Network N-words

22:15 Doug Misicko

We're doing the alphabet. We're starting each show with a letter, and just going- That's our very generalized theme. It's our theme without a theme. We bring up a letter, first word comes to mind, and we discuss this is our panel kinda like those five big, fat black Negros and sit and talk about-

22:34 Shane Bugbee

Rotund. (Doug Misicko: Yeah.) We don't use the "f-word" in this house.

22:38 Doug Misicko

"Inflated" for "I".

22:40 Shane Bugbee

Oh god, inflated? (Amy Bugbee: There you go.) Worse than- worse than fat. "Inflated". (Doug Misicko: Right.) But like the five big flat- fat black Negro, what?

22:49 Doug Misicko

Big- uhh, I think it's five big, big inflated Negros that discuss things on a show. I dunno, there's some morning show.

23:00 Shane Bugbee

I've never seen it. (Doug Misicko: Yeah, nevermind.) Is it "The View"?

23:01 Doug Misicko

Yeah, I think that's what it is.

23:02 Shane Bugbee

Are they all Negros?

23:03 Doug Misicko

I think so.

23:06 Shane Bugbee Barbara Walters is on there.

23:08 Doug Misicko

She's a Negro.

23:09 Shane Bugbee


23:11 Amy Bugbee

Yep. She's Jewish.

23:13 Doug Misicko

She's some- No, oh, uh, she's a- she's a network (Shane Bugbee: Idiot?) -nigger, is what she is. (Shane Bugbee: Right.) She was paid one time- she did an interview with the CEO of Philip Morris to give them good publicity at the time when they were having a lot of bad publicity. Now, if that's not being a network nigger, I don't know what is. (Shane Bugbee: Exactly.) You know, she talked to him, and he was able to cry crocodile tears and talk about what a beleaguered, nice man he is and everything else. And the guy's making a fucking killing off of lying on medical reports. They made the issue into, "Everybody knew that smoking was bad for you." And they took away from the issue of they fucking lied on medical reports and their corporate charter should have been revoked. Anytime you do that, you set a bad precedent you should be stopped. Shane Bugbee: Or killed.) Had they not been lying, it would have been different story. (Shane Bugbee: Or killed.) Right? (Amy Bugbee: What were they lying about on medical records?) Yeah, they were lying and saying that there was no evidence that smoking caused cancer and everything else. And I have no problem with a company selling something that's carcinogenic. Something that's going to kill people and everything else. It's fine. People want to take it then after that, It's up to them. (Shane Bugbee: Right) When they lie about it, that's a whole different story.

On fatty foods

Shane Bugbee  24:21

Same thing I was talking about on the the fat, the F show about fat and McDonald's lawsuits and stuff like that. It's the lies that they try to say.

Doug Misicko  24:29

Like this is healthy food, right?

Shane Bugbee  24:32

Well, they just say it's entertaining food. It's not healthy. It's entertainment. It's junk food. It's junk, right? entertainments, like TV, a lot of sitcoms and stuff. It's garbage. It's a waste of time and every breath life but it's an entertainment. There's nothing nutritious about French fries was well they push it like that all the time. I thought there was until I was in my later teens. They But then the basic food groups Well as I said, I'm the fat show on the app show that didn't get recorded and I have to re record as I said then the the food groups are the wrong shape in the first place when you look at the food groups they teach and health class so they teach you the wrong way they teach you that breads are a very important part of your diet when it's not as important as you know they, it's they're up. The food groups are upside down from the beginning. And McDonald's does promote themselves as every fucking What did you say? Snickers used to promote themselves as

Amy Bugbee  25:32

a Snickers bar a day helps you work rest and play.

Shane Bugbee  25:36

That's obscene. That's what I'm talking about that kind of double mass marketing is is the problem with their message they're lying. When McDonald's says you get the five basic food groups when you get a burger and fries they're fucking like there's nothing there. Maybe you're getting some salt when you get in too much salt. You know, I mean, but there's nothing there nutritious. Maybe the cheese and their cheeses will process by now. It's gone but there's nothing fucking there. There ketchup is so loaded with fucking sugar. It's taken with any goddamn healthy properties of fucking tomato or tomato paste would have for you. So that's what I'm talking about. They fucking lie with that shit. They just say you should say cheeseburgers or just entertainment especially with McDonald's. Not like the local burger stand we have. There's are there is probably a little nutrition in those burgers. You know,

Doug Misicko  26:25

just within the last year they revised the food pyramid for the schools and just this last year, right but But you wouldn't be some you probably wouldn't be surprised how lobbies really pay for their, their placement on the food pyramid like the meat industry pays a good chunk of money to get meat and high placement on the pyramid.

Doug Misicko on Italian Fascism

26:46 Shane Bugbee 

Tune in for the last five minutes- or 10 minutes of the F show, and you'll hear more talk about this. This is the I show. Doug? We have three minutes. Talk about Italy in the start of fascism and where you visited. That was a very interesting story. And you have three minutes to do it.

27:01 Doug Misicko 

Okay. Yeah. So I went to Italy. I got back about a couple months ago, and I was there for a couple of months. And I went to a place in Northern Italy called Gardone Riviera. And that's where Gabriele D'Annunzio's house was. Most people don't know who Gabriele D'Annunzio was, but he's like this Italian World War One war hero. He was a playwright and a poet- (Shane Bugbee: Italian, "I".) Yeah, Italy... So, we went over there- I went over there. And it was a beautiful place. He was he's a poet and a playwright. And he talked- but he basically talked Italy into going into World War One because he thought Italy deserved more of the Balkan territory that they didn't have and everything else. And the Allies told them that if they came into the war, that they would get those territories. Well, D'Annunzio was considered a war hero because not only did he talk everybody into going to war, but he actually participated in the war, much unlike our Rumsfelds, Colons, Dicks, and Bushes, but anyways, he lost an eye in World War One. But after World War One, they didn't give Italy these territories. So he took his volunteers, the Blackshirts, they went unoccupied the territories for a while. And that was the original Blackshirts. Those were the original fascists, and Mussolini aligned themselves with him and them. And he was writing for a newspaper at the time and claiming that he was all about them. D'Annunzio didn't like Mussolini, he was saying, "You say you're going to support us but you haven't sent provisions? You haven't sent men. You're just a you're just a fucking idiot" — for "I". And so when Mussolini came to power, right, D'Annunzio was basically confined to his house because he was he was a liability to the fascists. He could make them look bad. So he spent fascist money like it was going out of style, basically on the agreement that he was exiled to his home. So anyways, I went to this home, being that he spent their money like it was going out of style, It was beautiful. It was a palace. He's a very eccentric man, too. He had a room that- his rooms all had themes. One was like a funeral room, it was like it had like a coffin-

29:12 Shane Bugbee 

Oh I love that- I've always wanted. And it's funny, you say that: I've always wanted to have themed rooms.

29:16 Doug Misicko 

He had one where the+ the theme was severed hand. There was hands all painted on the walls and everything is just he was into it. He was- he was great.

29:26 Shane Bugbee 

Well, see you guys later. This was the I show of the ABCs next week, it's a Q no J No. K. J. Evil

29:38 Amy Bugbee 


29:40 Doug Misicko

29:41 Shane Bugbee 

Only one. That's because of his addiction. "A" show, addiction. See you later. All right, Amy.

Letter J

Unknown Speaker  01:00


Shane Bugbee  01:13

You? Right What was that Amy? What did you ask me Amy?

Amy Bugbee  02:56

Did you have another Jackson?

Shane Bugbee  02:58

Why do you ask that?

Amy Bugbee  03:00

Cuz I don't have anything for Joe

Shane Bugbee  03:03

nope I don't that was it. We can use that as our song about that. That was the Jacksons. Go ahead Amy do some talking to that microphone. Go ahead. You can do the introduction for the show.

Amy Bugbee  03:18

Okay, well, I guess you're listening to the alphabet show or a show about alphabets? Me, Shane from three ring radio and Doug from discogenic stat calm and

Shane Bugbee  03:35

a knee is Amy from the horror of Not me, but that was who said me? Oh, yeah, me.

Amy Bugbee  03:40

Yeah. And it's a show about the alphabet, right? That's our one common thread each shows about a different letter from of the alphabet

Doug Misicko  03:50

sponsored by a different letter like Sesame Street,

Shane Bugbee  03:53

just like Sesame Street. Exactly like Sesame Street. What

Amy Bugbee  03:56

did you say before the top 26

Doug Misicko  03:59

Yeah, well Jays within the top 26 letters one of my favorite,

Shane Bugbee  04:03

really, so you can just talk the whole half hour and I could take a nap.

Doug Misicko  04:06

Go ahead. It's just i j is great. I've always loved Jays.

Shane Bugbee  04:11

I like Jay for what did I say when we weren't recording? Jack off and you fucky fucking jagoff or Jesus? Jesus Christ you the jean jagoff

Doug Misicko  04:25

we have a double J and Jim Jones. Oh,

Shane Bugbee  04:29

oh, I have the Jim Jones CD for sure. We can play Jim Jones music. Yeah, Jim Jones rules. I love Jim Jones.

Doug Misicko  04:36

I've heard the CD but

Shane Bugbee  04:39

you know, I have one here. That's no one's heard. So I'll pull that out. And we'll flip through it real quick.

Doug Misicko  04:43

Is it their music? Again?

Shane Bugbee  04:44

It's different stuff. Yeah. More of that. More of that. Yeah. If you've heard you can say with Jim Jones. If you've heard one, you've heard them all. Okay. Did they record them on the island? Is that yes, this is recorded on the island. The one you heard was recorded in San Francisco.

Doug Misicko  04:59

Okay. Okay, so CDs,

Shane Bugbee  05:03

I have it. Okay, only me.

Doug Misicko  05:06

I like the speech at the end though. Jim Jones. I will fight speech

Shane Bugbee  05:11

while you do the speech for us now we have the manuscript right here if you want to read it.

Doug Misicko  05:16

Do Yeah, I think so hopeless. No, I think I can.

Shane Bugbee  05:21

When you typed it, you typed the whole thing. Yeah. And we typed it up for something that we did.

Doug Misicko  05:26

I got my cross. I got my compass. I got guns. I've got dynamite. And I will fight.

Amy Bugbee  05:35

Yeah, no, no, what I did was I think the last speech

Doug Misicko  05:39

I'm talking the one he says they're gonna have to come and take all of us if they want any one of us.

Shane Bugbee  05:46

Is this the end the last speech? I don't know

Doug Misicko  05:48

if it was the last one. But it's the one where he screamed and I will fight I will fight.

Shane Bugbee  05:52

Yeah, I know what you're talking about. Amy type the last speech. That's, you know,

Amy Bugbee  05:56

yeah, there was no fighting left in that last one.

Shane Bugbee  06:01

So you're talking about something different? Me Right. Correct.

Doug Misicko  06:03

me when I'm talking about people, because

Amy Bugbee  06:06

it's sounding dogs talking about a different speech, then

Shane Bugbee  06:09

we have to spell it out. Right. So Doug, talk more about Jim Jones. I don't know enough about him. I know a lot more bitch. We fucking have a half hour to Phil.

Doug Misicko  06:21

Know what Island were they and I they drank the cyanide? I think there's a isn't there a helicopter view from overhead all the dead body science. That's

Amy Bugbee  06:35

what they say he was called. Some say they didn't drink Kool Aid.

Unknown Speaker  06:39

And according to some books I read, of course, you know, Jim Jones called before my time, but according to some sources, it was a turning point. Like, that's when the alternative religions were killed and everything else. A lot of people got the whole go back to church, you know, conventional church attitude after Jim Jones. And I think a lot of people were afraid of mind control and called so I think Jim Jones had a lot to do with that. Because it seems like in that, you know, it seems like is that timeframe, and a lot of the anti called stuff started off after Jim Jones. Ironically, anti satanic called after Jim Jones was very, he was Baptist, wasn't he? I think some form

Shane Bugbee  07:17

Yes, he was out of Indiana, home of the fucking Baptist. Well, maybe not the home of them. But the Klan almost had a spot in Indiana history has been the first state run by Klansmen and the Baptist. They at least Ron Hammond that we know. So Jim Jones was a Baptist. I've picked up a lot of my business practices from Jim Jones. How so? I just like to weigh ran an organization. I wouldn't a drink you want to read that first speech again. They come from one of us. They come from all of us.

Doug Misicko  07:52

And it's it's not bad. Exactly. He's he's a good speech.

Shane Bugbee  07:57

He's a master.

Doug Misicko  07:58 Oh, he said, Oh, this

Shane Bugbee  07:59 fucking cunt a Yahoo was killing me.

Doug Misicko  08:04

He said Love is the only weapon bullshit. Martin Luther King died with love. Kennedy died talking about something he couldn't even understand some kind of generalized love and he never even backed it up. He was shot down. Bullshit. Love is the only weapon with which I gotta fight. I got a whole lot of weapons with which I can fight. Yeah. I got my gun. I got dynamite and I will fight. I will fight. Damn, you know. I hit on my voicemail for a while and people start bitching because it was like really long for voicemail message, you know?

Unknown Speaker  08:39

Well, I like that.

Doug Misicko  08:40

I love it.

Amy Bugbee  08:41

Why the Green Berets all joined up. They said he had a bunch of Green Berets and like militant arm guards all around the camp. And they said, people you know, we're supposed to be able to come and go, but they couldn't really

Doug Misicko  08:54

well. What the fuck are they doing there? Then they didn't stop from committing suicide. They didn't stop from doing anything. They're just standing around. It was like an escort keeping people from getting in and talking with them. I don't know. What were they doing there? Well,

Amy Bugbee  09:07

they said there were so many found dead in the camp. And then there were like another 100 or so found shot or in the jungle around there. So anyone who tried to run out rather than die in the camp was shot

Doug Misicko  09:20

shot by Jim Jones or by Greenbrae by his Greenbrae troops. Oh, these were supposed to be his Greenbrae true. Yeah. Jones on people. Oh,

Shane Bugbee  09:30

I get j so what's your favorite word? Why? Because Jesus starts with A J. I'm

Doug Misicko  09:34

just saying it's one of my my. It's one of my top 26 favorite letters. Really? Why? Yeah, because because of Jesus. He changed my heart. I used to be a drunk fuck all the time. But now that I found Jesus, I'm gonna run for president,

Shane Bugbee  09:50

I believe. Jim Jones quarter. Yeah.

Amy Bugbee  09:55

That'll be as accepted speech.

Doug Misicko  09:57 J:ive as Jim Jones quoting I have jail written down, but I don't I've never been to jail.

Shane Bugbee  10:05

I told the jail story for I didn't I about the Irish writer.

Doug Misicko  10:10

I think it was. I don't know how it got there. Yeah.

Shane Bugbee  10:13

Breaking my pinky. And

Doug Misicko  10:15

is it the only time you're in jail?

Shane Bugbee  10:17

Yeah. Yeah, I've been arrested lot numerous times when I was young man for silly things. That was the only time anything stuck. Okay. Fucking nosy prick. Well, I

Doug Misicko  10:31

put down jobs too. And I got fired from a lot of jobs. Really? It's kind of interesting. I was working at a Burlington Coat Factory before. And I got fired for lacking a man in the fitting room

Amy Bugbee  10:46

on purpose or by accident.

Doug Misicko  10:49

No, it was on purpose. This rather Roatan fellow. It was, uh, I worked in the men's department, you know, and it was just my job to like, fold clothes and put them back. I didn't have much to do all day. But still, if I had anything to do, it pisses me off. You know, it's like, I was like, 17 or 18 This guy was coming in trying shit on me had signs on the fitting rooms that said, if you try shit on, hang it up, you know, put it away when you're done. This guy brings a pile of shit in the fitting room and walks out. I wonder what is he doing? You know, he's just got piles. You can't even be trying all this stuff on. So finally I told him I was like, Listen, if you're gonna take all this crap, put it back where you found it, you know. So he gets all pissed off and out of spite, he grabs a big load of stuff and walks in. I thought Fuck this. So we had padlocks for the fitting rooms. So if we left we could, because we were supposed to watch over things. People were stealing in the fitting rooms and stuff so we could lock them up. I went out on break. And I was sitting on this bench outside were cars to drive by and I'd always scratch my nuts and pretend I didn't notice because everybody looked at you and they're driving by but that's beside the point. Anyways, I'm out there talking to this girl. And she's smoking. We're about to go back in. I told her. I liked some guy in the fitting room. She said you did not. And I said I did too. And then when we walked in, I was told just to leave and wasn't even allowed to punch out. I didn't see the guy but the store manager just said just go just leave. That's awesome. And

Shane Bugbee  12:17

I'm playing a little Jim Jones music underneath right now.

Amy Bugbee  12:22

They set you packing,

Doug Misicko  12:23

I haven't made a lot of jobs. I worked at Target and I was the cart guy, you know, the thankless fucking job. And it was this target was uphill just slightly. But you notice the angle you you pile up like 50 carts, they're heavy, you know, you're pushing uphill. And it was just a crappy job. And I had this female manager always looking at you know, breathing down my neck. She didn't like me. And she started time and everything I was doing time and my brakes and everything like that making sure that they're only 10 minutes or whatever. My lunch break was only, you know, half an hour an hour. And their break room was upstairs ready to punch out for my lunch my mom came in to visit me. We're gonna go out to lunch. Just irritated. This irritated me this woman walking behind me to see what time I go to check what time I come back and everything because I'm getting paid hourly, and I'm getting paid jack shit, you know? So if I'm gonna come back late, who gives a shit? You know, cards don't pile up that much, at least not that time of year. So she's walking right behind me. And luckily, I was flatulent, and I just let one guy you know, right. And she's like, as level, like, at its level, you know, and I just got one go, and it's loud enough. And she's mortified. And I look back and I look at her. And she says to me, she says, you know, she's all flustered. And she's like, she's like, What do you say? And I said, I say you better look out or I'll shit on you. And I punched out. And I went downstairs and I was really worked up about this. And they had a whole roll of carts at the side of the building, you know, and I pushed them out into the street. I got in my mom's car and she was confused. You know, she's like, don't you collect those carts? Aren't you supposed to put them there rather than put them out in the lot? And I said, Yeah, I don't think I'm going back to work. And that was it for that job.

Shane Bugbee  14:14

I've had some pretty interesting jobs. You've had a lot of jobs. I had over 25 jobs in a year. And I felt really bad about having a lot of jobs until I live with a Italian woman. And she had told me that it's good for young kids to have a lot of jobs because that way you figure out what you don't want to do. I think so too. I felt really good about it. Then, coming from my family, though they made me feel bad if you lose one job, you know, there was a great guilt to losing a job that was bad. And so I felt like I was a bad person at the time when this woman had told me you know, you're just figuring out what you don't want to do. And I said you know you're absolutely right. The coolest, the coolest job well, not the coolest. But, but a job I had is was I was a security guard.

Doug Misicko  15:00

Oh really for where a bar concert? No, no,

Shane Bugbee  15:03

no, no I security guy with the hat the cop hat.

Unknown Speaker  15:06

Like for an office building? Yeah, for Office bills.

Shane Bugbee  15:09

I was a security guard for a an auto yard where all of the cars came in for like Toyota for Illinois. So it was a huge like acres and acres of cars and the trains would pull in, they would train cars and unload them. And there'd be like a pile of cars in the back where the train cars would fall over when they were unloading the damaged cars. And they'd have like 100 of their piled on top of each other when they were damaged. They just send them back, whatever. But it was wild working for them. One time I worked at an office building and I would go through everyone's desk. I'd use the keys open up everyone's desk. I'd look through everything other personal stuff, anything that locked up I get in. So it's sort of fun. Yeah, I started doing a zine. There. photocopying stuff, too. I started I did some sort of Beanie Baby like your beanie baby thing. I remember doing a flyer where I put all these bands on there. Van Halen, Black Sabbath, all these crazy bands are gonna fit these woods. Big mega concert and put them all around and stuff. I heard people talking about it at school. Yeah, yeah. Somewhere. You know, we go swimming, cycling, skating like that. But you know, heard people talk around in crowds, whatever, hanging out the Dairy Queen. And we weren't that Dairy Queen.

Amy Bugbee  16:23

Oh, yeah. That was my Well, one of my first jobs working with Dairy Queen. And it was in Harvey, Illinois, and it was all black. It's like the kind of town it looks like. All the buildings are crumbling, and it's really horrible. And it was all of us a bunch of white kids working there. It was weird. Did you get fired? I did get fired. For what?

Shane Bugbee  16:50

Give it up. Amy. Go ahead.

Amy Bugbee  16:52

You know, they were really bad managers.

Shane Bugbee  16:56

She's laying down the excuses. Oh, how are they been? Amy give the story. This is a good story. And you're holding back you're, you know, you haven't? Maybe you need some liquor.

Amy Bugbee  17:07

Yeah. I got fired for stealing.

Unknown Speaker  17:13

Money, money. Okay, well, I was gonna say, better than money rather than product. That stuff is crap, I think. But I think it's good for people get fired from jobs. So for stealing. I don't know any young person. You got to see your limits. You know, like, when I was young and getting fired from every job. I really think I did feel bad about it a lot. But I was also learning my limits. I dealt with a lot of assholes. And I was glad I didn't put up with them. You know what I mean? I felt better for not putting up with assholes for minimum wage job. I worked for Office Max for a while and I worked overnights and that was wild because I worked with a ghetto crew. They used to have people who had to present their paycheck to a parole officer the next day. And then they had me supervising this one crew that didn't like the other crew just because I didn't like the other guy supervising them and one guy stabbed another guy with a screwdriver like crap,

Shane Bugbee  18:07

you know, it's a shame that jobs not only take up, take five days that we trade five of our days, for two days of freedom. It's so much jobs take up so much of our life. And now they've taken up our whole alphabet of J show. Yeah, kill a horrible fucking deal. Trading five days for two and I know what that's inspired me to try to do anything I can not to work for someone else. I assume that me and Amy both we seem to work. Double the hours we'd normally work for someone else. But we work 80 hours now. For a lot less money just so we could work for ourselves and not have a j ob. In the J side of things.

Amy Bugbee  18:47

It's rough work in a job you know.

Shane Bugbee  18:50

What else is for j? I have Johnny rebel. And I'm playing Jim Jones right now underneath was talking Johnny rebels fun.

Doug Misicko  19:01

I don't know Johnny rebel.

Shane Bugbee  19:02

You've never heard Johnny rebel.

Doug Misicko  19:03 No. Is he like

Shane Bugbee  19:04 y:ou've never heard from the great Johnny rebels CD for segregationists only number track number one some niggers never die. tract number two. Stay away from Dixie. Number three. Amy's favorite nigger hate me. Number four. Who likes a nigger? Ooh, this is Johnny Robbo, the J becomes the J train. All right. Track number four truck number five. Nigar Nigar. truck number six moved on knickers north. Number seven caging. Klu Klux Klan.

Amy Bugbee  19:41

He's got kind of a theme going there.

Shane Bugbee  19:43

I think he got the idea.

Doug Misicko  19:44

Now get it? Want to hear some of it? Yeah, definitely. Really? Yeah, I guess I just need to know what he's all about.

Amy Bugbee  19:51

Do you know now do you feel you are

Doug Misicko  19:53

getting to hear him to know what he's all about? I didn't know I might be ANNA political though we also have Jews for J

Unknown Speaker  20:13

The other day I took a fishing trip just me and my boat and obey and your manual was my guys

Shane Bugbee  20:23

ship. No.

Unknown Speaker  20:25

He wasn't very dark. He was a high stamp in yellow. So we lost Stephen yeller. And I cranked my motor in up to my nose came up terrible odor. I looked all around trying to find something did but it was manual with his arm up scratching his head. Some Nigar never die. They just smell way

Unknown Speaker  20:58

a more heat sweat and you don't get to say he was a choking I just couldn't go on all the way home when I dropped the mall. I was next.

Doug Misicko  21:14

Show some respect.

Unknown Speaker  21:18

In my eyes, the smells gorgeous. Out of my nose.

Amy Bugbee  21:24

It doesn't feel right to talk with some beggars you just

Doug Misicko  21:35

kind of like kind of like some of the David Allan COE I used to hear

Shane Bugbee  21:40

I have some of that too.

Doug Misicko  21:44

It's funny because he still has a mainstream market. I was up to see him in the music store as it didn't seem to stain him as much as I don't think Johnny rebel could release an album now and get on mainstream country so

Shane Bugbee  21:57

they should be able to that because I love Johnny you're

Doug Misicko  22:01

forgiven forget to hate behind.

Shane Bugbee  22:04

I've actually got some Johnny rebels CDs sent to me that no one has from Johnny Bravo. Yes. Johnny rebels, friends and family.

Doug Misicko  22:13

Why is easy dad? No. 80s 90s

Shane Bugbee  22:20

boy, he looks about 60 In this photo 50 or 60? I don't know the history of John Rambo. But someone can look at that guy up there for the Jays and the alphabet show here. Yeah, I don't know anything about it. Well, I'm working with this guy and evil now yahoo group trying to release a box set for January. And he'll educate your insurance.

Doug Misicko  22:41

And I only married them sounds like an Entertaining. Entertaining piece of work.

Shane Bugbee  22:48

Exactly. Exactly. What do you have for Jamie?

Amy Bugbee  22:56

Yeah, I got Jodorowsky

Shane Bugbee  23:00

Oh, that's great. When you talked about that's not that's great. Right there that say awesome subject.

Doug Misicko  23:05

I don't know it at all.

Amy Bugbee  23:07

Satisfying grade school. I'll

Shane Bugbee  23:08

say. School us.

Amy Bugbee  23:10

Yeah. He's a filmmaker. You know, I was trying to get some info on him because I really don't know anything about him. I just have seen his film. But he was born in Chile and raised in Mexico. And he's like this filmmaker, he did el Topo. you've ever seen that?

Doug Misicko  23:24

Okay. Yeah, I know what you're talking about now. And then

Amy Bugbee  23:27

he did Santa Sangren his son and his grandson and stuff are all in it

Doug Misicko  23:32

in something called the Holy Mountain. Right? Yeah. Holy

Amy Bugbee  23:34

Mountain. Okay. And he was supposed to be the director for dune. But it I think in pre production or something his

Doug Misicko  23:43

somebody watched all Topo

Amy Bugbee  23:47

he had Salvador Dali in it and stuff like that. And it never made it past pre production. They fired him because he went so over budget when they hired David Lynch.

Doug Misicko  23:56

Oh, see, that's called like, I think el Topo was supposed to be like Zen Gore films on Western Gore film. It's like I saw it once. I actually fell asleep when I saw it. But it looked interesting, but it looked like it went on too much guy walking through the desert. And then yeah, he's killing weird kung fu masters and shit.

Amy Bugbee  24:15

He has to fight the four gunfighters of the desert. So he travels in a circle

Doug Misicko  24:20

and one of them's popping out of the sand. They all have weird like a call it powers or whatever. Yeah, because this dude No, this is all Topo Topo

Amy Bugbee  24:29

it's like three movies in one though because after all that then he gets like left behind any and then it's like a whole other movie when he lives with all the like freaks and you know deformed people and stuff and he really I mean we're I don't know where he digs up these deform people. But

Doug Misicko  24:47

yeah. I don't know where you get those films. I mean, we're, I don't know if anybody sells those. You

Shane Bugbee  24:55

can get them on eBay.

Amy Bugbee  24:56

Yeah, I'll Topo and holy mountain are banned in America. So anytime. You get a copy of it. It has Japanese subtitles on the bottom because it's from Japan. Look for it and Italy. Yeah. And then walked up to sangria. I have

Shane Bugbee  25:10

tell you what have you seen Santa San gray? No. That loses us friends, man. Maybe we should watch it while we're on doing some of these shows tonight.

Doug Misicko  25:18

Why? What happens? Give me the gist.

Shane Bugbee  25:19

Is there there is no just you can't have just a just all right, dude. That movie

Amy Bugbee  25:26

we just watched circus family.

Shane Bugbee  25:30

I guess give them a just you want to watch it while we're doing this?

Amy Bugbee  25:33

Sure, do that. We've got a bunch of good lines in it.

Doug Misicko  25:39

In Japanese and

Amy Bugbee  25:42

English subtitles.

Doug Misicko  25:45

Oh, I see. I see. Okay, now I'll tell you what DVDs cost a lot in Italy because most of them were even Italian films like Dario Argento and Mario Bava they're great Italian directors in the Italians respect the gore film over there, they really do. But uh, I went over there and I thought I'd be able to get these great DVDs probably cheap over there. Went over there like deep red and Tenebrae and stuff like that by Argento they're like 40 bucks. And I asked the guy at the shop why? And he said well, because they're being imported from America. I said, Why? Why is it Italian films? And he said, Well, they're owned by American production companies or studios or whatever, you know, or can distribution so that's where I know. So you couldn't get Argento film. They're getting the American version. You know, they're getting Oh,

Amy Bugbee  26:34

that's disappointing because they are edited differently. It from America to Italy to

Doug Misicko  26:40

their crap used to be on TV over there. When I was there. I turned it on, like middle of the day you'd see some slaughter films. It's pretty cool.

Amy Bugbee  26:47

That is cool. They're not so uptight about gore and stuff. No or two.

Doug Misicko  26:51

It's an S you'd see tits and ass on posters out there for weight loss formulas and stuff like that. Once we break that, and you could tell it's always been that way because they didn't it wasn't on everything. You know, if we broke that boundary here, you'd see tits and ass on absolutely every fucking thing. Like as soon as they break that, you know, soon as they like Something About Mary or whatever that movie they show a Jewish shot you know, you know now every movies got some come wide on somebody like that. Once a barrier is broken, it's the cool thing to do and they just don't get enough of it makes you sick.

Shane Bugbee  27:26

Well with Bush in the office and what's happening now we're going backwards. We're back to the 50s Yeah, yeah, he's propelled us back 50 years.

Doug Misicko  27:34

Right. You know, you know, well, they've got a stronghold on radio. We know that

Shane Bugbee  27:41

then TV everyone's censored their stuff cut things out. chop things up we've we've seen shows that make almost absolutely no sense on TV No.

Amy Bugbee  27:50

And look at all these shows that are like religious that around Seventh Heaven and Touched by an Angel all these like weird religious shows.

Shane Bugbee  27:59

MJ for Jesus Yeah. Jesus.

Amy Bugbee  28:02

Now they have a new one Joan of Arcadia. I mean, come on. It's just disgusting. I don't know

Doug Misicko  28:09

any of these. Joan of Arcadia is supposed to be like modern times isn't it's not even Joan of Arc would

Amy Bugbee  28:15

like some girl Katie Holmes or somebody or no, it's some soap actress or something.

Shane Bugbee  28:21

Bush and Jesus, Jesus and bush. That was a good What was that call that show primetime or something like that. And

Doug Misicko  28:28

bush and religion you had labeled

Shane Bugbee  28:30 bush and religion but whatever it is, was great to see him hold up. This is the manual to raise our kids with hold up the Bible.

Doug Misicko  28:37

Yeah. The handbook. Jesus's bush.

Shane Bugbee  28:42

Well, we have one minute anymore, J's, J, the alphabet show J jagoff. jagoff. Jerky jerky go. Anything else?

Doug Misicko  28:51


Shane Bugbee  28:52

Junk, the junk smack heroin horse? Man, I bet you can do a show each time about heroin probably have a different name for each letter.

Doug Misicko  29:00

We've all known junkies.

Shane Bugbee  29:02

Yeah, well, yeah. We have 44 seconds. That's what about what they're worth is three.

Doug Misicko  29:08

All right, well, I cleaned a an overdose and a heroin junkie with a prosthetic leg off up off the floor of the fucking bathroom where

Shane Bugbee  29:15 “I work once. That's awesome dog dis dis Amy,

Amy Bugbee  29:21 “horror of and TV's

Shane Bugbee  29:25 “ And I'm Shane. Evil This is the alphabet. Yeah, and next time it's okay. K, K K K. I can only think of one thing with the K and that's three K's

Doug Misicko  29:43

Wow, there's always Contin cake. Yeah, pick

Shane Bugbee  29:54

all right, Amy. Should I start it right away? Well bang in

Letter K

Canned Audio: Sesame Street ABCs

03:15 Shane Bugbee

Amy? How you doing?

03:17 Amy Bugbee

I’m doing just fine. Am I introducing the show?

03:21 Shane Bugbee

I hope so.

03:24 Amy Bugbee

Uh-oh. It's the alphabet show and I'm here with Shane from Three Ring Radio and Doug from

03:35 Doug Misicko

I'm...not here

03:37 Amy Bugbee

And the great artist from Might is Right too. That's Doug (Doug Misicko: Thank you.)

03:42 Shane Bugbee

Well, not really from Might is Right, he really attached himself to something that was already moving, and grabbed on to the coattails and somehow he's getting mentioned with such a great book. I still can't figure it out.

03:52 Amy Bugbee

Soon to be a great artist for more than just (Shane Bugbee: Soon to be, exactly.) known just for Might is Right. And Shane got what? How many websites? (Shane Bugbee: I don't know.) Evilnow. Club Hate. Mike Hunt is on fire. Pogo the Clown. Three Ring radio. What else?

04:13 Shane Bugbee

Pogo the I don't know what else Amy if you don't know. Nobody knows. But that's good enough. You know,

04:23 Amy Bugbee

I don't want to overlook any you know.

04:24 Doug Misicko

Check his signature on your emails. I think they're all there aren't they? (Shane Bugbee: Sometimes.) Yeah.

04:31 Amy Bugbee

And then I do TV is God and "The Whore of Horror" or, "Whore of Horror".

04:38 Shane Bugbee

We better get The Whore of Horror. Some prick out there tonight probably listening they're gonna get it - you're fucking us. You're fucking us. (Doug Misicko: Fucking prick.)

04:45 Amy Bugbee

Oh it's the Alphabet Show and today's letter's what? K?

04:48 Doug Misicko

Brought to you by the letter K?

04:49 Shane Bugbee

I think it's k. That was three Ks, K, K K.

04:53 Doug Misicko

We're all three here and we're all three on K. (Amy Bugbee: Special K.)

04:56 Shane Bugbee

K K K and you know we played some Johnny Rebel, but now we have an excuse to play Cajun Ku Klux Klan if we wanted to (Amy Bugbee: Excellent, let's do it.) Do you have any K songs, then Amy?

05:09 Amy Bugbee

I got Karma to Burn, but I think we could hear some- (Shane Bugbee: Some more Johnny Rebel!)

05:16 Doug Misicko

Some more of the triple K. Okay. Yeah. What about Special K? Isn't that ketamine? Isn't that a veterinarian drug? I thought it's like a veterinarian anesthesia.

05:26 Shane Bugbee

If it's a veterina- well, that's just PCP then, they've just renamed it. That's all PCP is.

05:30 Amy Bugbee

Yeah, it's like a new version. Like they have Prozac and then they have Zoloft. You know, it's probably similar.

05:35 Shane Bugbee

Yeah, it's just gotta be PCP because that's what PCP is, is an animal tranquilizer?

05:41 Doug Misicko

I’m pretty sure it's special K, isn't it?

05:43 Shane Bugbee

I don't know. I've never- and like I said, I'm an old man. But I like PCP. PCP is for me. Okay, I stay away from it though. It's so deadly. It'll fuck you up making it really schizophrenic bad.

05:57 Doug Misicko

Oh, that's that's where I think it's the police legends. A guy who gets-

06:02 Shane Bugbee

Bites the bumper leaves his teeth mark in it, shit like that?

06:05 Doug Misicko

Yeah, gets shot five times and runs at a guy and rips his head off with his bare hands. Those are PCP guys.

06:10 Shane Bugbee

I have a good PCP story it was funny I remember taking- I smoked PCP for like three weeks in a row. Oh man the first time was like heaven I thought it was in heaven. Snowflakes are trailing floating around this car. We're doing donuts in this- in this court, you know, [makes car noises]

06:29 Doug Misicko

Gee, I see this this well directed scene with little snowflakes and a car going around in circles and some like some I don't know some suburban Yeah. Some easy listening tune and playing in slow motion, you're smiling-

06:42 Shane Bugbee

Something like fucking Ozzy Osbourne or something like that, you know, Crazy Train or something nutty, and maybe not. It couldn't have been that because

06:49 Amy Bugbee

In a car full of guys with their eyes like wide open.

06:54 Shane Bugbee

Just to, just to go up to get beer. He's driving around. I'm freaking out. And I remember smoking for like three weeks. And I know there was a big riot everyone, PCP was in town. So everyone was on it. And we're gonna go into this beer party. And we pull up and there's a huge riot going on. And, you know, I'm- I think we're all getting scared and we're starting to walk up to it and see this big riot break out. Next thing I know I'm holding hands with the guy next to me, we're walking up there real scared. And you know, there's my PCP story.

07:26 Amy Bugbee

Are you walking up to a riot? Shouldn't you be walking away?

07:30 Shane Bugbee

I think I feel like it was our duty to not, we couldn't run away. I think it was, we were walking towards it. We were walking right into the eye of the storm. I don't know why I guess because I was on PCP.

07:41 Doug Misicko

I get it. I guess the real scary part of this, was you and some guy were holding hands. (Shane Bugbee: Yes. Yeah. Well that's-) It's a horror horror story.

07:47 Shane Bugbee

That was the horror story. Because I remember we weren't so high that we didn't go you know, like all of a sudden we look at each other's hands go. Ah! It didn't scare us the riot didn't scares as much as the holding hands. You're right. There you go. There's my humiliating story for K.

08:02 Doug Misicko

Well, how is PCP similar or different to crystal meth?

08:07 Shane Bugbee

Oh, meth is an upper meth is fucking make. You know, when I was on crystal meth. It's horrible. I met all these drug users. But I went to see a psychotherapist one time and he asked me the list of drugs I've done. And I'm like, yes, yes, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. And he looked at me like, you know, it's over for you. (Doug Misicko: Forget it. I can't help you). You are done. It's over for your brain. I was like, you know, I can see the look in his eyes. You know, like, it's, I don't think I can do anything for you. But recommend an institution.

08:35 Doug Misicko

I thought PCP was an upper. (Shane Bugbee: No, no! No, no.)

08:36 Amy Bugbee

It's more like a hallucinogen.

08:39 Shane Bugbee

It's a mind altering thing. So if you get someone- someone gets mad at you, you know if you're mad at them, I can see the police saying I shot him five times because you'll have, uh, extra adrenaline. (Doug Misicko: Okay...) but it's a downer. It's a tranquilizer. As you say an animal tranquilizer. (Doug Misicko: Okay.) Crystal meth is an upper, like the highest upper you can get like I thought of stringing Mike Diana's intestines throughout my house. A violent upper. Amy enjoyed it. I think she did. (Amy Bugbee: Mm-hmm.) Maybe she didn't ever do it. It's up to her. (Amy Bugbee: It was nice! It was fun.) She enjoys uppers though because Amy's a mellow kind of person in real life. So I think that's why she enjoys you know, uppers. Me, I enjoy downers because I'm so amped I need something to fucking you know, relax me. It's just sort of a natural you know, you're in chemical imbalance or you're really your food. What you ingest makes you have this imbalance and so I'm naturally attracted to downers because I'm (Doug Misicko: Attracted to your opposite.) Yeah, I'm up, and Amy is attracted to uppers. So it's wild between us. It's funny, she's- she's down with the crystal meth. She's like, Oh, I'd do that shit again. I'm like, fucking never I was so up. I will kill.

09:49 Doug Misicko

I remember you told me once we drove to Indiana, from Chicago. We're on the way back and you told me never to touch crystal meth because you were positive I'd murder somebody. (Amy Bugbee: laughs)

10:00 Shane Bugbee

Yeah, I'm positive I almost murdered someone and I know that thought passed through my mind. And I was clicking up and I was like, oh, and I don't know what, you know, just something that I had that one piece I've been cowed up enough where I'm so tamed and- I can't kill, you know it's, it's not in me I don't think.

10:19 Doug Misicko

I don't know- I think about, I think about murder a lot.

10:21 Shane Bugbee

Amy tell us your crystal meth story. (Amy Bugbee: Which one?) I don't know you were saying how nice it was, before Doug interrupted, but it's not murder it's K, cunt, for Kill. (Doug Misicko: Killing.) Killin, with an -in not an -ing. Tell us your crystal meth lover story. We're gonna spell crystal with K today.

10:39 Amy Bugbee

Um, I feel I've had fun on it a number of times, you know-

10:44 Shane Bugbee

How about driving home from Austin on it.

10:46 Amy Bugbee

Yeah, that was funny. We were driving- me, Shane and Mike Diana, and Mike was driving. Because we had to get back to Chicago really fast. (Shane Bugbee: To be on TV.) We were driving along the Mississippi river bank, and it was super foggy. You couldn't see five feet in front of you. And we were on this road that went like, every second you had to turn the wheel turn, turn turn the wheel. And Mike was driving and he was doing 95 on this pitch black road that you couldn't see five feet in front of you. And you had to turn the wheel every second you were driving. I thought we were goners for sure. But we survived and made it and they were on the TV.

Discussing how Doug would prefer to murder someone

11:31 Shane Bugbee

And now Doug I did say you would kill on crystal meth. Killing, K, ABC show.

11:37 Doug Misicko

Right? I think I would. I don't know. I think about m- I think about killing a lot. And that's why I don't like to lose control. I don't like to take too many drugs.

11:48 Shane Bugbee

That's what I said earlier. I think when we were talking about addictions, or maybe we were on the couch and we weren't on the radio. But I did tell you I think you don't see it when we're in there. (Doug Misicko: I think we were on the couch.) We're watching Saturday matinee. I said I don't think you- I think you stay away from drugs and alcohol because you know you'd fuck- you, you'd lose it.

12:05 Doug Misicko

I might. I might. I've gotten close to it.

12:06 Shane Bugbee

I think so. Are you scared of yourself?

12:08 Doug Misicko


12:12 Shane Bugbee

You're afraid of yourself, Doug. (Doug Misicko: I dunno.) Admit it. You have a personality disorder.

12:13 Doug Misicko

I remember one time I was just at a- I was just in Tennessee visiting Joel. And for- we were walking around at night.

12:21 Shane Bugbee

Whole? (Doug Misicko: Yeah.) Here comes the whole Joel. Here comes the hole Joe. [laughs]

12:28 Doug Misicko

We're walking around this (Shane Bugbee: Make sure Joel hears that.) cemetery and there was all this open space and there's these big piles of hay. And all I could think about was murdering somebody out there. (Shane Bugbee: Did you ever think a-) It's just something about the whole atmosphere just screamed for murder.

12:42 Shane Bugbee

Did you ever think about Joel's hole?

12:44 Doug Misicko

No, I never thought about it.

12:48 Shane Bugbee

Fuckin' good old Joel.

12:50 Amy Bugbee

If you were gonna kill someone, how would you do it?

12:53 Doug Misicko

Well, it depends on how hypothetical are we? Are we talking like, no law? Are we talking like, just what I'd want to do or- (Amy Bugbee: Preference.) what I could (Amy Bugbee: Your preference.) get away-

13:03 Shane Bugbee

Right now what would you do now? Today.

13:05 Amy Bugbee

What do you think would be the most enjoyable?

13:07 Doug Misicko

Killing somebody with my bare hands, just bludgeoning somebody until they're just a flesh sack you know, just 'til the bones are fucking crushed and they're just a wad of skin and meat you know, and crushed bone. (Shane Bugbee: [laughing] Ah, that's a good one.) You know?

13:19 Amy Bugbee

Yeah, I think that's- bludgeoning is definitely the way to go. (Doug Misicko: Yeah, bludgeoning, or-)

13:22 Shane Bugbee

Yeah, but there's laws you're saying, she's saying most fun that's what you'd do.

13:27 Doug Misicko

Well, most fun that's what I'd do. In, in- respect to the law I would use poison.

13:35 Shane Bugbee

Yeah, exactly, you have to do poison. And I would enjoy a poison kill anyway, I think about killing myself and I think poison would be- it wouldn't be so bad because they'd have, you know, if you know, they have to choke.

13:45 Doug Misicko

Oh, no poison, poison can be the worst way to go. It might not be the most gratifying because you don't get to crush somebody under your own hand.

13:53 Shane Bugbee

I don't know if I want to touch them. They're so disgusting to me. (Doug Misicko: That's true.) I don't want- Why do I want to touch someone I hate so bad. I don't I mean, I don't I you know, I wouldn't want to touch him.


14:04 Doug Misicko

But a lot of poisons are easy to manufacture, hard to detect. You know, they talk all about ricin now as a terrorist tool, but-

14:12 Shane Bugbee

It's like, in South Carolina. Their their their bush, their state bush is a leaf that's poison, and if you dried it out and made it into a tea it could kill you with no trace. That's what they tell us on the tour. (Doug Misicko: What tour?) (Amy Bugbee: Of the town.) We went, we got married. We got married in South Carolina and (Doug Misicko: Oh, okay.) you know.

14:33 Amy Bugbee

We went on a tour with a guy dressed like a Civil War soldier and a horse drew the carriage you know?

14:40 Doug Misicko

Oh, that's cool. Ricin comes from just from castor beans. It's not hard. It's like, you know, it's a, it's a castor bean oil, but it'll kill you. (Shane Bugbee: Really.)

14:52 Amy Bugbee

Wow. Where do you pick it up at?

14:54 Doug Misicko

You can buy a castor bean plant and you can make your own ricin.

14:57 Shane Bugbee

And what do you do with ricin Doug?

15:00 Doug Misicko

Ricin, you put it in some ways food or you make contact it's one of the, it's one of the most potent poisons.

15:04 Shane Bugbee

What do you do with it Doug?

15:05 Doug Misicko

I don't do anything with it.

15:07 Shane Bugbee

Tell us again how you put it in food.

15:10 Doug Misicko

[laughs] People, people could do that. [Amy Bugbee: Castor beans are-) And you know people talk about arsenic but the problem with arsenic is, it's, it's a hard measurement you give somebody too much they'll just puke it out. You give somebody too little well, (Amy Bugbee: It won't kill'em.) it won't kill them either gotta strike a happy medium with arsenic and it's hard to do. It's a prolonged death and it's stupid. Because you can give people carcinogenics and they die. Coroner says it's cancer you know, I think there's a lot more poisoning going on than people like to acknowledge you know (Shane Bugbee: oh yeah), I think it happens a lot.

15:41 Amy Bugbee

If it's a slow poison it's perfectly okay. (Doug Misicko: Or you could make your-)

15:45 Shane Bugbee

Basically I think Amy has been trying to kill me through poisoning plenty. And I think the times I go to the hospital, I think there's something going on.

15:52 Doug Misicko

Oh yes, she told me about that.

15:53 Shane Bugbee

So if I die, I've told people to check into it.

15:57 Amy Bugbee

Oh really? (Shane Bugbee: Yes.) Oh well- watch your back. (Doug Misicko: Well, well you can make your own-)

16:03 Shane Bugbee

That's, uh, is character flaw with a K? No that's a C.


16:10 Doug Misicko

That's fine. But botulin spores you can put your own botulism in people's food. There's Klebold from Columbine.

16:20 Shane Bugbee


16:21 Doug Misicko

I don't even know which one Klebold was though. I don't, I'm not very Columbine savvy. (Shane Bugbee: Klebold.) Which one was he? Was he the one with the longer hair?

16:30 Shane Bugbee

You know, they really were like married and they became one, didn't they?

16:33 Doug Misicko

I guess so. I know what they look like.

16:36 Shane Bugbee

They're just like one entity, does it really matter which is which? Without one you don't have the other.

16:42 Doug Misicko

That's true. They probably neither of them probably would have killed without the other.

16:46 Shane Bugbee

Yeah, out of the two I have to, I think Amy's favorite is Klebold.

16:51 Amy Bugbee

Yeah, he's my favorite. (Doug Misicko: Why?) I don't know. There's just something so nice about him. You know, he looks like such a nice person.

16:59 Doug Misicko


16:59 Shane Bugbee


17:02 Doug Misicko

Okay, I get it.

17:04 Shane Bugbee

Yeah I can't figure out, I don't think either of them are my favorite. I think I just look at them as one unit. One efficient killing machine.

17:11 Doug Misicko

You're looking at their unit?

17:13 Shane Bugbee

I look at them as a unit.

The KKK and killing Jewish people

17:15 Doug Misicko

Alright. So weren't we talking about kiddie porn earlier?

17:21 Shane Bugbee

No, we were talking about the Ku Klux Klan. (Doug Misicko: Oh, okay.) Amy was talking about kikes during the- you know, when we were off the air, for K.

17:30 Amy Bugbee

I was just mentioning it was a K-word.

17:32 Shane Bugbee

I think you said, "Fucking kill the kikes".

17:35 Doug Misicko

What does "kike" mean to you, Amy?

17:39 Shane Bugbee

Go fly a kike.

17:40 Amy Bugbee

Yeah, exactly.

17:41 Doug Misicko

Kike-y tennis shoes.

17:44 Amy Bugbee

Yes. "Just do it."

17:50 Doug Misicko

[laughing] I don't have any good KKK stories. I- (Shane Bugbee: No?) I gotta say I've never met anybody in the KKK.

17:55 Shane Bugbee

We just the other night had a gentleman. A friend of mine. Maybe even though I'm getting worried he's gonna end up killing me. Friend of mine came over. Andy.

18:07 Doug Misicko

Isn't that a good friend?

18:08 Shane Bugbee

He's in the Klu Klux Klan. That's gonna kill me? I guess so, as long as he doesn't let me live through my miserable life, that might be a good friend.

18:17 Amy Bugbee

And his wife were over. They're both active members in the Klan.

18:21 Shane Bugbee

Yeah, and they were cool. We watched- what do we watch with them? We watch any movies or did we just hang out? And watch Bum Fights? (Amy Bugbee: Oh, that's right.) Yeah we watched Bum Fights (Doug Misicko: Oh, that's funny.) and they were disgusted or the wife looked disgusted by it but they were, you know he's our you know Andy was a good guy he was listen I'm talking past tense was a good guy. He wasn't into all this religious shit at least in the Klan, seems that, you know (Doug Misicko: There's "Christians" in the Klan.) I parted ways with a lot of that their beliefs you know, Jesus Christ.

18:50 Doug Misicko

What the fuck do they do anymore? Um, what's the Klan do?

Moving to Europe

18:54 Shane Bugbee

What does any group do? What does any any group matter? Really? (Doug Misicko: Yeah, I guess.) What does it matter to really anyone who's not living for themselves and going at their own personal goals is a waste of fucking time and breath. Any groups - that's from the ACLU to PETA to the fucking voting? All that shit is a waste of fucking time and air and space. Shouldn't be doing anything but trying to get your fucking shit together and be able to survive with all the shit hitting the fan even with George Bush. You know? Most people I know can't even escape this fucking country.

19:26 Doug Misicko

I tried. I fucking tried.

19:29 Shane Bugbee

Why can't you get over? You could have got over there.

19:31 Doug Misicko

I was there, I- you can't get a job over there now.

19:35 Shane Bugbee

Oh, I could get a job over there though. See? That's a good thing about being me. Sorry, sucker. I get over there and fucking, I'll be over there man.

19:42 Doug Misicko

I was- I couldn't even apply.

19:44 Shane Bugbee

I got enough friends over there. I'd get over there in a second. (Doug Misicko: Yeah, I don't have any friends over there.) I tried to talk Amy into moving to Amsterdam. I don't even have to talk Amy into it though. She's up for anything.

19:54 Doug Misicko

I say go for it. It's great.

Opposition to religions in public

19:57 Shane Bugbee

I'm thinking about it, man. I'm thinking about getting the fuck outta here, I can't handle these kinds of politics Kerry, Bush, Skull and Bones bullshit mother fuck this place, man. It's really lame. I mean a lot of the freedoms we have, they don't matter to me. I don't give a fuck about most of them. The freedoms we don't have are the ones I want and that seems to be what has what's going on in Europe. You know, in France I when I spoke with Peter Gilmore, the Church of Satan guy in Three Ring Radio, we had spoke about the, in France, going to France and he said there was blasphemy laws. So that sort of scared me away. This other jamoke emailed me and told me about the blasphemy laws are a lie. I don't know who's telling me what, I don't really care if I moved to France I'm not really going to run down the street with a fucking upside down cross yelling, "Kill Christians". I ain't gonna give a fuck I don't give a fuck now about Christians or fucking satanists or any Buddhists or anyone. I don't really care about fucking jack shit about that.

20:58 Doug Misicko

Oh, I know recently in France, they were talking- they were trying to pass a law that nobody could wear any religious apparel at a school. No- no turbans, no goddamn little Jewish- (Shane Bugbee: Where was this at?) In France! No goddamn Jewish little frisbee caps on their heads.

21:11 Shane Bugbee

Well, I like that as long as it’s no religious stuff. Fucking none-

21:14 Doug Misicko

I'm with you. I'm all for it. I'm all for it.

21:16 Shane Bugbee

It's like like smoking in public- it's like smoking in restaurants wearing religious garb all over. It's offensive to me. I don't want to see that shit and smell your stinky fucking incense ass. Fucking take that shit to your house man and what you're smoking cigarettes and everything else. Smoking in restaurants. I don't like religion in fucking public, either.

21:33 Doug Misicko

God damn right. I would like to slap everybody's fucking turban off their head, every goddamn Jewish frisbee off the back of somebody's fucking skull.

21:42 Shane Bugbee

Rip the crosses off their necks. Stick it in their nose, their eye. Eye revenge.

21:46 Doug Misicko

Stick it in their fucking eye, right.

21:48 Amy Bugbee

It's like, the start of school uniforms was to, you know, eliminate the differences between kids so they'd learn better. Maybe if we did that with everybody, you know-

21:59 Shane Bugbee

Yeah, exactly. (Amy Bugbee: A better society.) Exactly. There. It should be a little stricter out there.

22:04 Amy Bugbee

Like, ooh, like the cubicle! K for cubicle.

22:07 Shane Bugbee

Hey, isn't that C? (Amy Bugbee: Well...) Today it's K?

22:10 Amy Bugbee

It was "character flaw" worked. Why not cubicle? (Shane Bugbee:You're right.)

22:14 Doug Misicko

Got a point. (Shane Bugbee: Touché.)

22:17 Amy Bugbee

I had this theory about cubicles because we had this office where we lived before. And we've all everyone who worked there. We were all back to back. You know, I mean, Shane would be back to back. Anyone else would be I'll be back to back. And it would keep, I felt it was hindering us from getting stuff done. And I theorized that the cubicle is, the reason the cubicle is used is because it makes people more efficient because they can't talk. You know, they'd have the little room around them sort of. A cubicle.

22:45 Shane Bugbee

Yeah, we were both in desperate need of an office just to get the fuck away from each other. I was like, I'd be fucking, I'd be saying- "You're fucking typing fucking loud!" You know? "Jesus Christ. You're typing loud."

22:57 Doug Misicko

No, I know how that goes. Somebody's watching the TV and I'm trying to type or anything like that. I start getting pissy. Real pissy.

Visiting the KKK Museum

23:05 Shane Bugbee

What do you say? "Ma, turn down the fucking soaps"? (Doug Misicko: "Yeah.") (Amy Bugbee: He throws a shoe at his parents.) Are you deaf? (Doug Misicko: All right.) All right, Klan. When are you going joining you know me and Amy went to the Klan Museum when we got married. You see what kind of wonderful woman I got married to. (Amy Bugbee: On our honeymoon.) She picked she goes pick whatever you want. Pick these three places. These are the places I want to go to. Beautiful spot South Carolina, Seattle and somewhere in Canada, Toronto,

23:32 Amy Bugbee

Montreal, or Toronto, wherever weed was legal or something.

23:35 Shane Bugbee

Yeah, right. So, so Amy picks these three great spots and I go you know, and South Carolina is the last place to fly the Rebel flag let's go there. So we go there to get married and we go to the Klan museum on our honeymoon. And the Klan guy like I called a newspaper and asked him where it was and they direct gave me his home phone number to call them said "we're on my honeymoon" and he goes "well I'm closed but I'm gonna open that place up for you kids." Kids K, (Doug Misicko: alrighty) and he- KKK, Museum, and so he takes us down we go out there we meet them down there, opens the store and we're let in, it was great because I'm buying a bunch of souvenirs Klan-y is "Honey, don't let him cheat you, get something for yourself" so so Amy goes runs over gets a t-shirt, "the night time is the white time". (Doug Misicko: laughs) (Amy Bugbee: I love that shirt!) Tell him what else, tell him how they showed us the backroom was was like Raiders of the Lost Ark this back room.

24:27 Amy Bugbee

John Howard, the guy who ran it his son, he's like what a sacred Cyclops or something? His son took us down-

24:36 Doug Misicko

That's me I'm the sacred Cyclops.

24:38 Shane Bugbee

You gotta talk into the microphone, though.

24:41 Amy Bugbee

From the movie The Klansmen, you know what they say. What is that, an ordained Cyclops or something? He says-

24:47 Shane Bugbee

Doug is the Cyclops (Doug Misicko: That's right). That was funny yesterday or the other day we're talking eye, E for eye. We're talking about Doug's missing eye. "I'm not a fucking Cyclops. I have two eyes, just one's broken!" Ah, that's fucking funny, dude.

25:05 Doug Misicko

So anyways, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

25:08 Shane Bugbee

The back room was like Raiders of the Lost Ark when they open that door. It was fucked up. I'm sorry, Amy, go ahead.

25:14 Amy Bugbee

Well, that's alright. You got it. Go ahead. Well, the guy's son gave us a tour and we got there at like 1030 in the morning. And his son's walking around with a cup with one of those like foam things to keep it cold. And it was Jack and Coke. You could smell it on him. It was like, you know 10am.

25:34 Doug Misicko

Yeah, I think their political movement is getting some momentum this year. Oh,

25:38 Shane Bugbee

With Bush in office. I mean, Bush is the Klan. Those fucking people are just sucking each other's dicks fucking over Bush. I hate I God I hate that guy. Fucking driving me nuts. (Doug Misicko: He's a retard.) Speaking of the Klan. Yeah, yeah, it was a good Museum. It was, it was fun to go on our, on our wedding. It was pretty cool. I'm gonna play this lovely Klan song by Johnny Rebel. I think we can actually dedicate this one Amy. What was Andy's wife's name? (Amy Bugbee: Cindy.) This is for Andy and Cindy.

Johnny Rebel song break

26:24 Canned Audio
Editor's note: lyrics contain flagrant anti-Black racism, slurs and narrative description of a lynching

29:30 Shane Bugbee

All right. Three Ring - Evil - Whore Of -

And this is K in the ABCs of well, the alphabet show. Listen next time for [beeping]

29:55 Singer


Letter L

Unknown Speaker  00:00

Oh, h i j k, l m n o p, q r s, N T U V, W X, N Y and Z. I've just said my ABCs now it's your turn. Follow me. A B, C, D E, G, H, i j, k, l m n o p, q r s, n t, v, w x and y and z have had be all our way. Now we learn ABC

Unknown Speaker  00:57


Unknown Speaker  01:03


Doug Misicko  01:19

all right, Doug. All right. This is the ABCs we're devoting a half hour segment each letter the alphabet.

Unknown Speaker  01:28

Right now we're on the letter L, which means we're almost halfway through the alphabet and we've had an interesting topic. The local locomotive locomotive correct. We can hear a locomotive in the background

Shane Bugbee  01:43

here that locomotive it was good. We're broadcasting from beautiful downtown Hammond, Indiana.

Amy Bugbee  01:59

Home of the most train tracks in the world.

Shane Bugbee  02:02

And I don't know if that's true. But Amy, I'll throw those facts out there and promote wrong information any chance she gets

Amy Bugbee  02:09

it's close enough.

Doug Misicko  02:11

Is that supposed to be true?

Amy Bugbee  02:13

That's what I hear at least in the United States. Hammond has the most feet or whatever of train track.

Doug Misicko  02:20

I would have guessed Tennessee because they're like the biggest distribution center in the United States

Amy Bugbee  02:25

as far as local state Hammonds the city.

Doug Misicko  02:29

Oh, yeah, right. Right. Right.

Shane Bugbee  02:30

Amy will fuck you up, man. I know. She pulled a knife and now she's got an attitude. I

Doug Misicko  02:35

know. She's next to me not you.

Shane Bugbee  02:37

That's why That's how I like it. When TVs everything got a chance to run that way. Every chance I can get large L I'm living large and I am because my poncho and under my shirt is expensive to get this way. large and in charge. Yeah, I didn't. I didn't get this way. Eating cheap food. Okay.

Doug Misicko  03:01

Oh, you earned it right?

Shane Bugbee  03:03

Before I can write if you aren't for our love. Lies Love of minus food. But locomotives. We we live between we live about 1010 feet from I guess we should save this for trains. T T did you give out our websites? I have evil I'm Shane. This is Amy.

Amy Bugbee  03:26

Oh, I have horror of and TV is

Doug Misicko  03:31

and I'm Doug from the half defunct dis Yeah, it's

Shane Bugbee  03:35

just And you know what we're all going to be selling and we should start doing this for the rest of the alphabet telling people we're all going to be selling fuck John Ashcroft shirts on each website. We're going to be selling T shirts through the election.

Doug Misicko  03:54

What it's a pretty picture right? It's

Amy Bugbee  03:56

a beautiful design.

Shane Bugbee  03:57

And then Doug here drew the design you'll be able to see that on the web. When you're hearing this show broadcast you'll hear you'll see these on the on the web evil Three Ring Horror TV has got well maybe not TV has got that it says

Amy Bugbee  04:13

defunct as dis Genex and this

Shane Bugbee  04:17

So go go find the fuck John Ashcroft shirt.

Doug Misicko  04:21

It's It's sweet. It's a cute image. He's got a crosses in his eyes and he's a rag doll pinned up like Jesus and it says fuck John Ashcroft and nobody can disagree with that sentiment when you wear it. Motherfuckers will know where you're coming from

Unknown Speaker  04:35

anyone even people will say

Doug Misicko  04:39

good work. I can see your your thoughtful citizen.

Shane Bugbee  04:42

And anyone who would be on like the George Bush side would say who's John Ashcroft?

Amy Bugbee  04:46


Doug Misicko  04:48

That's right. patriotic. What? Never heard of it.

Amy Bugbee  04:51

Jesus was a white man.

Shane Bugbee  04:55

Hey, and that brings up L for losers.

Doug Misicko  04:58

Right right Jesus You can right up there. George Bush

Shane Bugbee  05:01

George W. John Ashcroft. Losers losers losers losers l lippie. Losers.

Amy Bugbee  05:07

Lot of losers a

Shane Bugbee  05:09

lot of losers L

Doug Misicko  05:12

A lot of losers like Lollapalooza.

Shane Bugbee  05:15

He didn't like Lollapalooza.

Doug Misicko  05:18

I you know, I went to one of them, I think when like the Smashing Pumpkins were with them, which is probably one of the stupidest ones in the early days. But it was it was stupid. I never really liked the Smashing Pumpkins either.

Shane Bugbee  05:33

I've got a Lollapalooza story. Alright, let's get the first Lollapalooza. Funny. Did it did help out with it. Okay. Yeah. I, they used it, they started. They wanted to do booths there. And I sent in, I did a zine naked aggression in the day. And I sent in the zine and they invited me to do a table. And I did that with rock out censorship, John Woods. And so we toured a good chunk of the Lollapalooza, especially the Midwest, did the booths. And it was a good time. And we helped, we really, we took charge that we got all these people to join up and do the booths. And I did this thing called the underground Press Syndicate at the time, and that was the firt It was when ziens were just happening. And in each town, we'd have someone else come from a zine and distribute ziens there and stuff like that. The coolest thing about it was, we had free we had free reign of Lollapalooza, so we get to pull our cars in and unload them. At these booths, we just bring big coolers of beer and whiskey and stuff and drink them at the tables and get donations. You know, it's funny, I never thought of getting a donation, we put an empty cup out there. And we're giving away stuff for free. And I'm stealing flyers from Kinkos and shit and just making it happen. And we put a cup out there. And people start putting dollar bills in it like crazy. And all of a sudden the cups full of dollar bills. And we're like, Holy fuck, this is great. You know, so we're putting in our pockets, and we got a good, you know, two 300 bucks the first day out of donations, just people walking by. And all we would do is in every area, we'd call up all the alternative papers and ziens and they just drop off a bunch of resumes and we just stand there and hand out their

Doug Misicko  07:16

their stuff, right Cami,

Shane Bugbee  07:18

you know, Nazi we didn't give a shit. And so we had people throwing stuff back at us, you know, Nazi magazines, fuck, you know, like, I go get magazines from the Klan and Nazis or the gay papers or, you know, every single thing you could think of when we were handing it out. And we got refused and resist involved in Lollapalooza. And the thing, the reason I never did two or three, I sort of quit after the number, the first one, when they called me to do number two, I didn't help them out with that. But that because refusal resist was, was invited. And they refused and resisted every single rule. And Lollapalooza was mad and wanted to kick them off the tour. And we're all like, what do you expect when you invite refuse and resist? They refuse and resist? You know, they're like, Fuck your rules. Fuck this. They were all great. You know, they were hostile people, but they were cool people unless you started laying down a lot of rules. They just weren't rule kind of people.

Doug Misicko  08:13

But you said you got people to help out at the tables. You just get people to do the work for you to

Shane Bugbee  08:20

win in certain two cities. I couldn't afford to travel so we just let other people take it over. Oh, we did the Midwest but do what work. It was fun. We just hung out and did that shit like oh, you know how I got on the Lollapalooza was ministry Ministry had taken a liking to liking L to naked aggression. I was doing a zine back in the day before the home computer explosion. So we'd literally like break into offices to use the computers and use photocopy machines and stuff. And ministry took a liking to naked aggression. This guy that owns a star 99 floor Mickey Levine L. And his brother Ted Levine, the guy who starred in Silence of the Lambs. Well, Mickey took a liking to me and my zine and that introduced me to like people in ministry and they took they actually like Al Jourgensen. And these guys carried magazines onto their bus parked in front of the thing and put them on there and handed them out on some of their tours. So they gave them out to the right people. And I started getting attention from the right people.

Doug Misicko  09:20

That sounds like the good Lollapalooza I went to a shitty while Dude, it was

Shane Bugbee  09:23

the one where they had that one display with the flag where you had to walk on the flag to sign a book at every stop on the tour, man, someone got their face busted open, there'd be a guy standing there and you step on the flag and it was like a line it was funny. There was a line of fucking guys with shirts off you know, bait you know, football guys jock mentality, guys, and there'd be a line of fucking other people, you know, like my kind of people and they'd stand in line walk on the flag to sign the book and some guide fucking hit him back. You know, they'd fight and there'd be blood drips off from this flag. It was beautiful. It was so fucking cool, because people would fistfight over this display and It's all fucking day, like every 15 minutes on the hour, it was like every 15 minutes on the 15 minute it was like, bam and other fight by that flag fucking display. And then by the end of the show, there was just drips of blood leading away from this flag. So the really the end result, there are some photos of that. I'm sure they're out there somewhere. I saw people taking pictures of it. The end result was this nice drip of blood. And it was really like that fights all the time. But that display was cool.

Amy Bugbee  10:26

Was that the first level? Yeah, Jane's Addiction. Yeah,

Shane Bugbee  10:29

yeah. And iced tea and all that stuff. And it wasn't ministry number two.

Amy Bugbee  10:34

Yeah. And iced tea couldn't play cop killer because all of a sudden, like four years after this CD came out, it was a big deal. And so every other band on that show to play saying, Yeah,

Shane Bugbee  10:46

Pearl Jam, Soundgarden. They all did. Everyone did a version of cop killer. But

Doug Misicko  10:51

that's all right. Oh,

Shane Bugbee  10:52

it was great. Because this rise to copula. You have to love that song. You have to, I guess unless you're a cop.

Doug Misicko  11:00

I think there's a lot of Palooza this year.

Amy Bugbee  11:04

It's so super commercial now, though.

Shane Bugbee  11:07

Oh, yeah. You know what Lollapalooza this year got canceled. Oh, no. One bought tickets rule just got cancelled? Yeah.

Doug Misicko  11:14

That's embarrassing. I think it was Jay. I think Jane's Addiction was coming back to and playing with him and everything else. The old farts are coming back even if Guns and Roses not well, not goes and Rose Velvet Revolver or whatever.

Shane Bugbee  11:26

That's always a it's usually a bad thing. Ministry. Skinny puppy. You want to talk about old timers coming back? Just getting puppies coming back. You like them. So they're not old timers, but they are 20 years in the making or something like that they belong. They're eligible almost for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at this point.

Doug Misicko  11:42

It's true. First out was like 84, I think was 8284 Skinny puppy.

Amy Bugbee  11:48

Oh, yeah. They when they played assimilate. When we saw him, they said, we recorded this song. 20 years ago, I mean, skinny

Shane Bugbee  11:55

puppies eligible for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And you don't look at him like that, because they still somewhat do some cutting edge stuff. And they're still hit, but you got to think about it. I 15 years later, I'm just hearing getting hip to the shit through Ami. So they're just I'm just understanding their relevance on the whole community. And how they started the trend of Goth, industrial, that whole movement that's going strong now. And it almost seems a shame they play such small venues. They should be in this fucking stadium being worshipped like Metallica. You know, like idol worship, because they're doing some fucking good stuff better than Metallica. Oh, for sure. God, I hate Metallica. I don't mean even compare skinny puppy that, but they sort of deserve that huge recognition that the same recognition that would make you and Amy skinny puppy fans probably hate them. But they sort of deserve that when I see and they deserve some commercial success. Probably no,

Unknown Speaker  12:45

I've gotten over that whole elitist music thing. You know, I actually want to see people who do good work be recognized for it. There was a time when I thought you know that this is my band. I don't want anybody else to hear it. You know what I mean? Well, then you go through with it. Anybody deserves that? Oh, for

Amy Bugbee  13:02

sure. For sure. Most of the people at the show when we saw him had never seen him before. It was their first

Doug Misicko  13:08

12 years. 12 I mean, last time they came through Detroit, I was too young to see him.

Amy Bugbee  13:12

Exactly. Well, they did two shows in Chicago and one was all ages. So it was all kids who would have never been able to see them before

Shane Bugbee  13:18

sort of skinny puppy have anything to do with L is it love lost.

Doug Misicko  13:24

Now we went from Lollapalooza to bands.

Shane Bugbee  13:28

I'm just kidding. I'm just saying. Amy loves skinny puppy. I know. She absolutely loves them. I've very rarely do I see her have such a good time at a show. So it was really cool to take her to skinny puppy.

Doug Misicko  13:38

I love lesbians. And that's an owl. Ooh, do

Shane Bugbee  13:40

I love lesbians and love watching girls kiss even if they're not lesbians just to watch girls kiss? I don't even need porno like blatant porn. Just to watch girls kiss would be very nice for me. That's all but you know what? We're gonna play another al LaVey right? You know your father. Yep.

Amy Bugbee  14:00

Love A we saw those girls kissing in a horror movie today though. They looked like they hated touching each other.

Shane Bugbee  14:08

Maybe what song Am I playing here?

Amy Bugbee  14:10

There's one here lies love. That's Oh, Here

Shane Bugbee  14:13

Lies Love. Which one is that? Trek 14 on this wonderful Anton LaVey Satan takes a holiday entitled a founder of The Church of Satan. And this this fine recording is put out by reptilian records. You should check out reptilian Chris X is one hell of a guy.

Amy Bugbee  14:35

Yeah, and so no, um, you only know his name.

Shane Bugbee  14:37

Yeah, you don't know Chris X. You only know his name. You got it motherfucker. Chris sucks. Oh Fuck yo X stands for cutting the axe in your fucking windpipe and sucking the life out of you. I can't wait to meet them. Excellent Chris X reptilian And this is Anton LaVey. And Here Lies Love. For the l show alphabet L A And we'll come back I mean Amy have a really cool and time of a story. We were the last people to interview so they're

Amy Bugbee  15:07

the last L

Shane Bugbee  15:09

yeah the last contract the old man who who tried to be relevant now 25 years later you know I'm talking to you Boyd rice or whoever is telling people that you did the last interview. All right. It's me and Amy and we know better so fans of Boyd rice just relaxed Am I right Amy it's true it's true and we have credit for that so so you losers

Unknown Speaker  15:58

when melancholy when finale for my tragedy, like very mad for only me while I linger weary NEPA WillowTree right here our romance was started here again we are when I said you free Oh my God everything is blue all the word has shattered

Unknown Speaker  16:39


Unknown Speaker  16:42

my heart is

Unknown Speaker  16:52

I can't believe

Unknown Speaker  16:55

you're gone

Unknown Speaker  17:05

guys daughter

Unknown Speaker  17:08

I hear a lot he sounds sad as in mournful Michael is so late

Unknown Speaker  17:33

last dreams is up

Unknown Speaker  17:41

to you gave you gave I gave all

Unknown Speaker  17:56

cry my eyes are dry

Unknown Speaker  18:02

there's only one thing I only know I can go

Unknown Speaker  18:14

darling and?

Unknown Speaker  18:57

I ought to cry my eyes are dry there's only one thing I'm conscious

Unknown Speaker  19:11

I only know I can go

Unknown Speaker  19:17


Shane Bugbee  19:36

Well, that was Nick bogus singing and Anton LaVey. pounded on the libraries. The Calliope L the alphabet show the alphabet of ABCs. The ABCs of the alphabet. We don't really have a solid name for this concept. Dog.

Doug Misicko  19:57

Yes, this

Shane Bugbee  19:58

Correct AMI horrid and Shane from evil

Amy Bugbee  20:05

That's us. Yeah,

Shane Bugbee  20:06

you should pick up the fuck John Ashcroft shirt we're gonna sell on the websites while you can. It's cool. What else for law? L we have LaVey Anton LaVey. We have good story for that. Yes. What else do we have for Al? Anything else?

Doug Misicko  20:24

Oh, Ron Hubbard, who? L Ron

Shane Bugbee  20:25


Doug Misicko  20:26

but none of us ever interviewed him? I don't believe

Shane Bugbee  20:29

no, but what else do we have for Al?

Amy Bugbee  20:33


Shane Bugbee  20:34

Oh, yeah, let's do we have nine minutes. We got to have to fucking stick an LSD story in there. Well, the way stuff is old with me and Amy. Anyway, we did that we did the last interview with et al. last interview with

Amy Bugbee  20:46

Anton LaVey. People can read it online if they're interested. Yeah,

Shane Bugbee  20:49

it's on the Church of Satan website. And you can click that and find out that it is the last interview with Anton LaVey through the church of website. And you can read that online and we had a hell of a time hanging out with Anton LaVey. We ate double stuffed Korean cookies, Oreo cookies, and drank instant coffee and listened to him listened owl to tickle the ivories in his kitchen in his kitchen. It was real cool and hung out in his room got to see RAS Putin's a chair from Ras Putin's and Crowley's pipe relay and the coffin Susan Atkins. Oh, yeah, man, he had all that shit laid out they'd love a fucking the shit no shit in his parlor parlor. We hung out there and we saw the we saw the mantel like the fireplace the the altar altar, the altar, I'm sorry, the mantel, the altar, whatever, that that Jane Mansfield was bowing down in front of so it's real cool. It's a real cool experience at all. It was really and you know, you'll pick up go to Amy site or my site. And we'll we have stories about that. And, you know, links and whatnot. Yeah, we talked about this a lot. So it's not something we want to do on the oil show. You should just buy our book, Memoirs of a madman and No, that's not our book. But you know, eventually it'll be there. If Doug has anything to do with it, we're going to be on Two or three books faster. He's working on a book about Ami. That'll be out in October.

Doug Misicko  22:33

Right, right. I'm working on a cure to that we're gonna book for each you just compiling information.

Amy Bugbee  22:39

Have you ever done LSD? Dog? No, no,

Doug Misicko  22:42

I worked for the Homeland Security Department. You fucking have to be straight a loser. I have to collect information on you and turn it into John Ashcroft.

Amy Bugbee  22:50

Asshole. The first time I did LSD. I was a freshman in high school.

Shane Bugbee  22:55

LSD l Oh, yeah. Did you put lick Tottenville LSD? Okay, forget that.

Amy Bugbee  23:04

I would say it was liquid, but it wasn't a this friend of mine got this acid for me and a girlfriend of mine. And this other girl we knew wasn't going to take it in case anything bad happened because she had taken it before. So this guy takes us to his friend's house and Hammond and this house was so scary and it was in such a bad name. So

Shane Bugbee  23:26

in Hammond in Hammond, Sudan lived in Calumet City at the time. Right? Right. So it was over now, but

Amy Bugbee  23:31

yet I lived on the Illinois side of the border. And Hammond is just across on the Indiana side. And it was people from Calumet City in Illinois thought ill Hammond. So anyway, and they were right. Yeah. So we ended up with this weird little house. These people who had sold us the acid and they were friends of this, this guy knew. And we're hanging out with them. And it was like a couple of couples and they were real freaky, hippie looking people. And this girl came in and she was like, all freaking out. And she was showing the other girl she had blood on her knife. And I guess the two girls were prostitutes. And this guy had attack. slots, the guy had attacked this girl one of her jobs. And so she stabbed up and then got out of the car and ran over to these people's house. And so all this drama is going on the lady, the couple whose house it was the guy comes up to me and my girlfriend and we're both tripping. And he starts knocking on his leg and it sounds like I work freaking out because we're tripping our brains out. And we're like, oh my God, what's going on? And the guy's like, look at my leg and he had a wooden leg and he was knocking on it for us. We were totally free.

Shane Bugbee  24:43

Oh, that's fucking awesome.

Doug Misicko  24:45

Did you peek through the knothole and his wooden leg?

Amy Bugbee  24:47

No, no, I didn't see a knothole but it was quite an evening and lascivious.

Doug Misicko  24:53

That doesn't sound like the time to be high. l lewd No,

Amy Bugbee  24:57

it was really scary. And then all of those people threw us out out because the girl who had just stabbed the guy was freaking out. So this other couple was like, Oh, we live in the back house, come come back to our house. And we go in their house and it's not a house. It's a garage, like a one car garage. But they've built this little plywood floor. And they have this twin bed in the corner. And this like really likes cricket couch on the other wall. And then they just had this weird like shower with like a plastic bag, you know, like with no drainage. Like they must have had to go empty the bag after they took a shower. And that was their house. It was freaky

Doug Misicko  25:38

in somebody's backyard in the other garage. Oh, boy. I

Shane Bugbee  25:42

can't remember the first time I took acid. I may be that burnt out.

Amy Bugbee  25:48

Unfortunately, I can't forget. Yeah, right. I

Shane Bugbee  25:51

wish I could remember the first time I took acid I'm sure it was a beautiful experience. I really like LSD. I liked it. I find my old age and I prefer just mushrooms because it's something more I can control. LSD, you can lose control, you know you can have, you might poop your pants maybe.

Doug Misicko  26:10

So you have lost control on LSD. You know

Shane Bugbee  26:13

what you do lose control I did you get more emotional, you can have a bad trip on mushrooms I can cannot see having a bad trip ever. I mean, I am a person who if I could. And when I get older in my retirement, if I made a lot of money I would want to, you know, eat mushrooms every fucking day. Like in my 50s or something if I'm retired, I just chew mushrooms for months on end and be on a fucking beach in Hawaii and chew mushrooms and hang out because it's it's something that it and alters your reality but not so bad that you're not in reality. It's just sort of, you know, it's fun. I don't know you'd giggle at shit that maybe most people wouldn't giggle at but I like mushrooms or LSD. L we have two minutes left.

Doug Misicko  27:02

I was gonna add though with LSD. This is for the kids. With LSD you're supposed to take in sugar with it. That's why they used to put it on sugar cubes. It opens your capillaries helps the blood flow to your head better. And they say when you get that because sometimes that's what a bad trip is it gets you don't have as much blood going your head and people start tripping tripping out big.

Amy Bugbee  27:25

No, but you know how you get rid of a bad trip?

Doug Misicko  27:28

How's that dairy,

Amy Bugbee  27:30

eat it milkshake? Or you could you know, snort some coke. But that's how you get rid of okay, cocaine will get rid of an acid trip and so will dairy products acid

Shane Bugbee  27:40

right now I'd give you a try. We give you some of this cocaine we have here and see if it would get rid of your bad trip or a trip. We could do the Serbian experiment if anyone's listening and we have the cocaine we want to do an experiment normally, this is not to ingest drugs. It's true.

Doug Misicko  27:59

You take one it cancels the other and you say Amy will

Unknown Speaker  28:02

know Amy will go dear, you're wrong,

Shane Bugbee  28:04

bro. If Amy cuts a line of cocaine, it's gonna be like a fucking cigar. Amy does not fudge she does not do dainty drugs. That's all I'm saying. She's not the dainty drug user.

Doug Misicko  28:15

And if you're gonna do it, you might as well do it right.

Shane Bugbee  28:18

But she'll fucking fuck up a guy. I mean, you know there's there's certain things it's like you don't think holy motherfucker it'd be if you're gonna party with him and be ready. So I'm saying that'd be prepared.

Doug Misicko  28:30

Ready for the fucking heart attack. We're

Shane Bugbee  28:32

talking about lines now. Lines. Okay, and I've seen her dump out a whole goddamn thing and put a line on it. Is that it? What the fuck?

Amy Bugbee  28:43

The first one's the best one. Why not just make the first one to remember the kind

Shane Bugbee  28:47

of ladies that put you in the grave early. That's it.

Doug Misicko  28:51

Now this is a lesson to me.

Shane Bugbee  28:53

You know how to have lady killers. She's a man killer. Heartbreaker. Heartbreaker soul taker. Line maker.

Doug Misicko  29:01

She's a maniac. Whoa. Well, I

Amy Bugbee  29:05

like war. I felt like I do drugs and you love lines.

Shane Bugbee  29:09

lol Oh, I

Amy Bugbee  29:11

haven't done lines in 20 years.

Shane Bugbee  29:12

But you have some here to do. Don't you know comment?

Amy Bugbee  29:15


Doug Misicko  29:18

well, we got to no comment. You can't come.

Shane Bugbee  29:21

But she's not doing it for the show. That's the good thing. It's only for you know,

Doug Misicko  29:24

for recreation. Other time not for experimental headaches. She has migraines. It's not for your entertainment you Fox.

Shane Bugbee  29:32

Yeah, that was it. That was the alphabet show. L M is next week. Shane evil Doug Amy Horeb See you later. Bye. Say goodbye Amy.

Doug Misicko  29:47

Goodbye. See your for em.

Shane Bugbee  29:52

Can I start the other one up right away? Yeah. Cool. We shall

Letter M

[Needs auto-generated text]

Letter N

ABCshow N

Missing N Section I

[Needs auto-generated text]

Doug Misicko on N-words

08:36 Shane Bugbee

What are your N words, Doug?

08:40 Doug Misicko

I have neighbors, Nazi…

08:43 Shane Bugbee

Did you say neighbors?

08:44 Doug Misicko


08:45 Shane Bugbee

Is that the other N word? (Amy Bugbee: *laughing*)

08:48 Doug Misicko

Other N word? You mean be-

08:50 Shane Bugbee

That’s the other N word. Like "nigger". And then you go, "nigger", and the other N word is neighbors. They’re a nigger.

08:55 Doug Misicko

Why "nigger"! I didn’t think of that.

08:56 Shane Bugbee

Amy’s uh, father gave us that one.

08:58 Amy Bugbee

That’s what my dad says.

09:00 Doug Misicko

What? He says "neighbors" is the other N word?

09:01 Amy Bugbee

He says that "neighbors" is the other N word, yeah.

09:03 Doug Misicko Oh, Right. Well... then what- what do you do if your neighbor’s a nigger?

09:11 Shane Bugbee

Fuckin' hang him high. (Amy Bugbee: Sell your house.) Hang him high, OK?

09:14 Doug Misicko

*laughs audibly into the mic* I also had news, nurses, and noise...

Missing N Section II

[Needs auto-generated text]

Doug Misicko on Fascist Neighborhoods and Hidden Heroes

12:01 Doug Misicko

Well, I gotta tell you, the f-word still has 'em all beat. (Shane Bugbee: What?) F-word still has 'em all beat internationally. I go to other countries, I still see "fuck" on the wall. I never see "nigger" written on a wall.

12:13 Shane Bugbee


12:14 Doug Misicko

When I was in Italy, I didn’t see "nigger" anywhere.

12:17 Shane Bugbee

But you went to the fascist leader’s house. (Doug Misicko: Actually, I was in a fascist-) The guy who started the fascist-

12:21 Doug Misicko

I was in a fascist neighborhood, right outside the Vatican, and it was a real nice, clean area, but you would see swastikas spraypainted. You know, like the crosshairs. I don’t know what you call that, you know, but it was a fascist symbol. A circle with just the crosshairs in it. With… little fascist logos or anything else. It was a clean area, nice area. If you went to the shitty side of town on the wrong side of the tracks in Rome, saw little hammers and sickles painted on the walls and shit like that. That was the difference.

12:54 Amy Bugbee

Wow, that’s crazy.

12:56 Doug Misicko

Well, I think it says a lot, and I think it stands to reason...

13:01 Amy Stocky

And you bought that T-shirt. What did your T-shirt say?

13:04 Doug Misicko

Uh, in Italian it says “you’re with us, or you’re against us.” And it was- it’s a- It’s a fascist shirt. It was a fascist logo on it. I actually got it at a little fascist kiosk outside of Gabriele D’Annunzio’s palace.

13:19 Shane Bugbee

And who is that again?

13:21 Doug Misicko

He was a- y’know- he was like the first fascist. He was the godfather of fascism. Italian World War One hero that occupied the promised territories, after the First World War. With the Blackshirts. One of those- One of those hidden heroes. People should look him up. Look him up on the internet... Good deal.

Missing N Section III

[Needs auto-generated text]

Letter O

ABCs song

Canned Audio, Sesame Street ABCs 00:01 Unknown Adult Male

(cuts in mid-song) -H I J K L M N O P, Q R S and T U V, W, X and Y and Z. I just said my ABCs. Now it's your turn. Follow me.

00:25 Children and adult together A-B-C-D-E-F-G, H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P, Q-R-S and T-U-V, W, X and Y and Z. Happy, happy, all are we. Now we've learned our ABCs. Now we've learned our A...B...Cs...

Letter "O" introduction

01:17 Doug Misicko

Hello. Welcome back to the alphabet show. We're doing the ABCs, and we're doing a half hour segment each time, each one representing a different letter. Different letters leading to different topics, leading to all kinds of conversations. I'm here with Shane Bugbee from "Evil"; Amy, his wife from "Whore Of"; and I, myself am Doug from "". And today's letter- tonight's letter is "O" (snippet of ABCs song plays again) for Oprah, Oklahoma City, orchids, onanism, organ-theft, OnStar, ovaries, Orientals and orifice.

02:01 Shane Bugbee

No. I like those. (Amy Bugbee: That's a lot of O's.) Right now I'm enjoying some ice cream. But I have "Oregon", as in "Portland, Oregon"... Um, "Orville." I know, a guy named Orville.

02:17 Doug Misicko

Oh, okay.

02:18 Shane Bugbee

And "oral". That's all for me, Amy?

02:22 Amy Bugbee

Oh, boy. I got- (Shane Bugbee: Any music?) Yeah, I got a actually I have two songs for "O". (Shane Bugbee: Orgone Accumulator?) Yeah. From Hawkwind, Orgone Accumulator. I thought we could talk about 'em. And then Otep, the "O" band, the anti-American, Muslim band.

OfficeMax gay Hindu organ harvester "prank call" story

02:46 Doug Misicko

O-okay. Well, I have an organ theft story from OfficeMax (Amy Bugbee: Excellent.) Because I used to work at OfficeMax, and it suddenly struck me that every day I had been going into the break room and ignoring the fact that they had an anonymous tip line there that I could, presumably, call at anytime to give people "snitch tips". You know, if I needed to report my management for theft, or whatever else, or I was afraid to go to anybody else, I could call this number. So at one point, I decided to exploit this about daily. So one of the more "classic calls" I made to the OfficeMax tip line- snitch line, whatever you call it. So I called them and I reported that our store manager was gay, and that his friend had been proposing- propositioning people in the men's room, and it made me afraid to go in there and take a shit. I told them I had an eight hour shift, and I was afraid to go in there. Take a piss.

03:44 Shane Bugbee

Now, was this true?

03:46 Doug Misicko

No, it wasn't! Not at all.

03:48 Shane Bugbee

So this is like your Beanie Baby story under "B". You really torturize, torture...

03:54 Doug Misicko

I torture my employers.

03:56 Amy Bugbee

You are wicked, wicked man, Doug.

03:59 Doug Misicko

But anyways, it gets better. So this guy's on the line. He says, "My God has your store manager's friend ever propositioned you for sex?" I said, "No!" Oh, here comes the train. I don't know an "O-word" for train. Anyways, so I said, "No-".

04:21 Shane Bugbee

What do you say when you get hit by a train?

04:23 Doug Misicko

I say, "Oh."

04:24 Shane Bugbee

Oh shit. There you go.

04:26 Doug Misicko

Oh... No, so he says, "Has his friend over proposition you for sex in the bathroom?" And I said "No." And he said "Has he proposition anybody, you know, for sex?" And I said, "Dude, what is your fixation with gay sex?" And he said, "Hey, you- you called and I thought you were saying that this guy's propositioning people for sex and bathroom." I said, "I never said that. I said he's propositioning people in the bathroom that he's gay. That doesn't mean wants to have sex with every guy." And he's like, "Oh okay, I don't get it then." And I said, "he's asking people for their organs. He just wants the kidneys." And he said, you know "What do you mean?" I said, "He's this little Hindu fucker. He's this greasy, smelly, little hairy Hindu guy. And anytime somebody comes in the bathroom, he asked if he can take their kidneys for, uh, people overseas." And this guy was intrigued. These people, they were too stupid to hang up on me. So he said, "Why is he in the restroom asking people for their kidneys?" And I say, "Well, because he's got his whole office set up there. He's got wheels in a little table. He's got rusty tools and everything else. I'm just afraid that if I go in there at any point drop my pants the lights are going to be out and I'll be anesthesia-ized and I walkway minus a kidney." And this guy, he assigned me a case number and everything- I had like an anonymous number. You didn't have to tell them who you were, they assigned you a number. I used to call this crap every day was stories as outrageous as that. And what was the hard- the hard part for me was that I knew that they had to investigate him each time. And that somewhere somebody was getting these faxes. And they probably could tell it was me. But they couldn't do anything about it. And I was never able to see that end result. You know, I was never able to get the satisfaction of saying, "Oh, that son of a bitch did it again. It's not fucking funny anymore." Anyways, that's my whole story.

06:17 Amy Bugbee

Do you think they did something about it? Or do you think that the store was so lackadaisical, they didn't care?

06:23 Doug Misicko

I don't know. I actually called the FBI and one of my managers once for opening a program there, copying it and resealing it, and the FBI didn't do a whole lot in that case, but I can only... You know, I can only hope it fuck with somebody in the bureaucracy who had to go through the paperwork and was bitter about it. Because that's what they get for having a stupid as snitch line setup anyway.

06:48 Shane Bugbee

Yeah, I gotta say, Doug, you are one fucking havoc-wreaking motherfucker.

06:53 Doug Misicko

Gotta have fun.

06:55 Shane Bugbee

Yeah, I love it. I'm impressed. Oh, Doug!

OfficeMax fat co-worker flatulence "prank call" story

07:00 Doug Misicko

Oh, another good call I made that I did get hung up on but only because I started laughing and this was outrageous. You know, I called up and I said that one of the other employees was- Oh, I got to explain. At OfficeMax up in the top of their, I always... It's where they keep all their stock, up on top of the shelves. You know? The shelving unit, they'll have all the extra boxes and everything. The stuff that goes in that aisle. So if somebody has to get something that's not on the shelf, that's up top, they get one of those rolling stairways. You know what I mean? It's they call them ladders, but they're like metal stairs that roll and lock into place. (Shane Bugbee: I know what they are. For warehouses and shit like that. Yeah.) Right, right. So I called up. I don't know what the technical term is anymore. (Shane Bugbee: But I called up the the tip line. And I told them that, and I was picking on the "large kid", you know, he's we had this inflated lad. He was, he was overweight. And anyways (laughs) I said that- (Shane Bugbee: Oh, overweight.) Yeah, that this John fellow was using this, this rolling staircase and he wasn't locking the wheels in place when he climbed it in. The woman said, "Well, okay." And I said, "It's a hazard. It's dangerous, you know, you could roll away." And she said, "Well, yeah, I agree." And I said, "What's more, he gets up on top of that thing without the wheels locked in place, and he's flatulent." And she said- and she paused for a moment, I thought, that's when she'd say "fuck off!" and hang up. But she said, you know, she said, "Let me get this straight. He, uh, he uh, he goes on this ladder with the wheels not locked in place and he's flatulent?" And I said, "That's, that's correct." I said, "He's, he's fartin' up a storm on this thing." And I could, you know, there was a pause, and I could tell she's trying to figure out what the relation is here. And I said, "Well, you see what the danger is that sometimes he gets up there, the wheels aren't locked in place, and his flatulence causes him to propel down the aisle way... potentially causing, you know, a disaster running running over customers."

09:10 Shane Bugbee

Do- What's wrong with you, man? You have too much time on your hands. You gotta record this stuff.

09:15 Amy Bugbee

Yeah, right?

09:17 Doug Misicko

Oh, this isn't being recorded?

09:18 Amy Bugbee

So what did the lady say to that?

09:19 Doug Misicko

She stayed on the phone! She stayed. She said- That's when I thought she'd hang up, when I offered this scenario of this, of this overweight fellow getting on this ladder and it rolling down the aisleway, being propelled like a rocket because he's farting, you know, because he's got rocket propulsion behind him. And then she's repeating the story to me, she says, "Okay, let me get this straight." (Shane Bugbee: That is so funny.) Doug Misicko: Yeah, I know! And then I fucked up. I started laughing and that's when she's she said, I'm pretty sure she said, "Don't you have anything better to do?" and hung up. That was my office. That was my Office Max days. I played hell with that place.

09:59 Shane Bugbee

That's funny, man. Funny motherfucker you are.

10:01 Amy Bugbee

Was it always the same person to complain to? Or were there different people?

10:04 Doug Misicko

No, they had like a whole department, yeah. (Shane Bugbee: OfficeMax, "O".) Yep, Office Max. No they had they apparently had a big office for that one too. It was out of hand.

10:15 Amy Bugbee

That was a good "O" story. OfficeMax, organs, crazy...

Oklahoma City Bombing

10:22 Doug Misicko

Yeah... Oklahoma City. I... don't have any stories for that. But...

10:30 Shane Bugbee'

Amy does.

10:31 Amy Bugbee

We went there. It was craaaazy. It was before they had the monument up. It was just all fenced off. And like millions of people...

10:41 Doug Misicko

Where the Federal Building was?

10:42 Amy Bugbee

Yeah, yeah, it was after the bombing.

10:45 Shane Bugbee

It had pieces of things from the bombing that were blown all over the place. Pacifiers from victims... You know, pieces of clothing. Like, people would come there- if their child died there, they'd leave things of the child that's child- (Amy Bugbee: Put it on the fence!) Like their favorite bear. You know, a kid that died that- their favorite bear would be hanging off the fence

11:05 Amy Bugbee

And big pictures, like posters, of the people who died with pictures and stories about them and stuff. And it was like this whole fence went around the area where the explosion was, and it was just nothing. And then all this stuff was stuck to the fence. You couldn't even see through the fence, barely. It was like a barrier of the fence. There was so much stuff.

11:24 Doug Misicko

Wow, I never saw pictures of that. But then I'm not a big follower of the news.

11:31 Amy Bugbee

Oh, and then all these other buildings, all the buildings around there... Oops. "Oops", "O". ...were, uh, were all like unoccupied. You know, they weren't fit- they weren't sound anymore because of the blast. Like, block two blocks away. high rise apartment buildings were all evacuated. And this was, had to be, what? Two years later, at least.

11:55 Doug Misicko

And it didn't even take out the whole federal building, did it?

11:58 Amy Bugbee

No... No, it didn't.

12:03 Doug Misicko

Must have been some sturdy shit. I guess they- I guess they were looking out for the federal buildings, even back then. But you guys drove me past a federal building that's supposed to be bomb-proof. Or you did Shane.

12:15 Shane Bugbee

Hammond? Hammond.

12:18 Doug Misicko

It looks- It's not aesthetically pleasing, but it looks solid, I must say.

12:23 Amy Bugbee

And it's not attractive at all.

12:26 Shane Bugbee

That's the one Amy tells me is the replacement for the Oklahoma City one.

12:31 Amy Bugbee

I read- (Doug Misicko: Oh is it?) Yeah, I read in this article a long time ago, right after the Oklahoma City bombing that because of all the departments that that Oklahoma building housed, you know — like the DEA and all these different certain parts of these organizations — they were going to move it to a town where no one would notice and that they said the people would just be happy to have the extra commerce like you know, they were going to build something bombproof and the description of the city it sounded like on The Simpsons, when they talk about Springfield, like "lowest voter turnout", you know, that? That was like the requirements in this article. And I remember thinking, "That's totally insane." And then all of a sudden, like, the next year, I'm driving down the street and I see the sign: "Home of the next Federal Building".

13:21 Doug Misicko

"Federal Building, coming soon."

13:24 Amy Bugbee

I thought, "Oh, my God, it's Hammond."

13:25 Doug Misicko

And can you swelled with civic pride.

13:28 Amy Bugbee

Yeah, it took 'em like, what, how many years to build that thing?

13:33 Shane Bugbee

Probably our whole relationship. Eight years, five years? Six- six years?

13:39 Amy Bugbee

Yeah, they've been building that thing forever.

13:41 Shane Bugbee

It seems like it just opened though, recently.

Doug Misicko's low opinion of people who use GPS

13:45 Doug Misicko

I feel I got to explain why I had OnStar on my Os though.

13:49 Shane Bugbee


13:50 Doug Misicko

OnStar. you know that service you get in your Cars? I just wanted to comment that I think that's fucking retarded. And anybody who has that in their car.

13:59 Shane Bugbee

Why is it retarded? Sounds cool to me.

14:01 Doug Misicko

Got a homing device in your car? I don't think it sounds very smart to me. I don't trust John Ashcroft.

14:08 Shane Bugbee

If you aren't doing anything wrong, it really doesn't matter.

14:10 Doug Misicko

I still don't want them to know. I still don't want them to know. I don't think I'd ever use OnStar, push a button. Say, you know...

14:18 Shane Bugbee

Just think of the Freedom Albert Einstein would've had if he had OnStar. They say he couldn't figure it out around his block. He'd get lost.

14:26 Doug Misicko


14:27 Shane Bugbee

That's what Amy tells me.

14:28 Amy Bugbee

Yes. When he was over here at the University of Chicago at the end of his life, students would have to walk him home because he would forget where he lived.

14:38 Doug Misicko

...That's interesting. Albert Einstein-

14:40 Shane Bugbee

And overnight, so OnStar would have saved Albert Einstein would have given him a freedom that he didn't he never had.

Serial Killer Brains

14:46 Doug Misicko

They have his brain somewhere, don't they? ...I'm pretty sure Albert Einstein's brain I heard it got transferred somewhere something else, but one thing I know is they wanted to study Jeffrey Dahmer's brain, and some cocksucker judge said, claim some kind of human rights bullshit and said that we couldn't do that. "It's not right", or whatever, whatever the fuck, but you asked me, I mean, the guy was still in his prime. Whatever it makes a serial killer a serial killer, he had it, and he had it hardcore. If that could be isolate- if that could be seen, it could be seen in him. (Amy Bugbee: Yeah-) And I think whoever the judges that ruled against studying Dahmer's brain should have his own brain fuckin' bashed out of his ears.

15:33 Amy Bugbee

Exactly. It's not like dimers using it anymore. What's the big deal?

15:36 Doug Misicko

No, no, he got it. Well, I wonder how much damage there was to the brain when Dahmer got killed because I think he got bludgeoned by- he got bludgeoned by broken broomstick... in the... in the shitter. I do believe.

15:52 Amy Bugbee

What a way to go.

15:54 Doug Misicko

Yeah, well.

15:55 Shane Bugbee

Gacy's brain has been studied.

15:57 Doug Misicko

Oh, really?

15:59 Shane Bugbee

There's a book out there you you didn't see this book in your store. You work at Borders. You didn't see My Life with the Serial Killers (sic) or- by Hellen Moran. Morin. Moron.

16:13 Amy Bugbee Morisson. She's-

16:14 Doug Misicko

Is that m-o-r-a-n.

16:16 Shane Bugbee

It's Morrison, but I call her "moron".

16:18 Amy Bugbee

She had to have done a book tour. Maybe she hasn't gotten to Detroit yet.

16:22 Shane Bugbee

It's a big selling book, though.

16:23 Doug Misicko

It's a new one?

16:24 Shane Bugbee

Yeah, it's been on Good Morning America. She's been aroun- making the circuits. She has gates his brain in her basement. (Doug Misicko: Wow.) She has studied it. When she talks about- there are no serial killers that are addicts or drunks. Um, she has a real twisted way of thinking of viewing serial killers. She says it's genetics.

16:51 Doug Misicko

I can- I can see that.

16:52 Shane Bugbee

And there are no female serial killers.

16:55 Doug Misicko

Right. Well, like... Yeah.

16:57 Shane Bugbee

It is true... No, she's wrong. And she's wrong about- every fucking serial killer has a drug problem or something like that. Alcohol problem, anything. They smoke cigarettes. She's wrong, man.

17:09 Doug Misicko

Oh, yeah. Yeah. Dahmer did do drugs.

17:12 Shane Bugbee

All of them did! Gacy had marijuana. Dahmer had alcohol.

17:16 Doug Misicko

Oh. even Bundy was pulled over! He was smoking weed when he was pulled over. (Shane Bugbee: Exactly.) But, you know, the serial killer designation is a little misleading sometimes because you know, now they've got their Monster movie with Aileen Wuornos- you know, the Aileen Wuornos story? That's not really a serial killer to me. I think of the lust more(?) thing. You know? I don't think it's somebody who goes out like is a- is a habitual mugger, murderer. I don't really think of them as a serial killer so much as somebody depraved who goes out for the kill, you know?

17:49 Amy Bugbee

Yeah, she was doing it to survive or whatever. You know, it was, um, more like a mass murder or a-

17:56 Doug Misicko

You meet her in Hammond all the time. I bet.

17:59 Amy Bugbee


18:00 Shane Bugbee


18:02 Doug Misicko

I mean, she's-

18:02 Shane Bugbee Dorothea Puente, now. She was a female serial killer.

18:08 Doug Misicko ...Yeah! Poisoning, right?

18:10 Shane Bugbee


18:11 Doug Misicko

Old woman.


18:13 Amy Bugbee


18:15 Shane Bugbee

Mmm, "overdosing".

18:16 Doug Misicko

I mean, I think I've heard stories of nurses that habitually kill patients.

18:22 Shane Bugbee

"Overdose". "O"

18:23 Amy Bugbee

They usually say they're helping them out. (Doug Misicko: Over-dose.)

18:26 Shane Bugbee

Hey, has anyone here seen

18:29 Doug Misicko

Yeah, yeah, definitely. (Shane Bugbee: That's an "O".) I know you can download the beheading on there.

18:34 Shane Bugbee

Right. Let's talk about overdoses and ogrish, after we play Orgone Accumulate-u-or. Boy, that was rough. Why don't you say who it is, Amy?

18:44 Amy Bugbee

Orgone Accumulator. The uh- (Shane Bugbee: Whoohoo!) Let's see. Okay.

18:50 Shane Bugbee

This is Psychic TV?

18:52 Amy Bugbee

It's Hawkwind

18:53 Shane Bugbee

I'm joking. Same thing Psychic TV, Hawkwind.

18:56 Doug Misicko

I don't know of Hawkwind, I know Psychic TV.

18:59 Amy Bugbee

They're the Psychic TV of the '60s.

19:02 Doug Misicko Oh, okay. Psychic TV was... did they start in the '80s? Or did he start that in the '70s?

19:10 Amy Bugbee

Early '80s.

19:12 Doug Misicko


19:13 Amy Bugbee: Okay, it's playing I think. (long pause)... (Shane Bugbee: Is it?) It should be.

19:29 Shane Bugbee

You might want to start that over.

Hawkwind Song Break

19:40 canned audio starts over

19:43 Amy Bugbee

Did it work?

19:45 Shane Bugbee

Yeah... Sounds good.

"O" closing comments

29:01 Shane Bugbee


29:02 Doug Misicko


29:02 Shane Bugbee


29:03 Amy Bugbee


29:05 Shane Bugbee

All right. We have 45 seconds left. We came back and said, "Well, overdoses suck. rules." There we go.

29:20 Doug Misicko

We decided that?

29:22 Shane Bugbee


29:22 Amy Bugbee

Oh and orgasms? Have more of them. That's an "O".

29:27 Shane Bugbee

Excellent Amy. (Doug Misicko: *laughing*) Excellent. Exactly. That would be a better world. Period. If you had more orgasms.

29:36 Doug Misicko

Because you can't over orgasm.

29:39 Amy Bugbee

You can't overdose on orgasms.

29:42 Shane Bugbee

Oral orgasms.

29:45 Doug Misicko

Right on.

29:47 Shane Bugbee

ABC show next, "P". (beeping) All right, Amy. I think I'll start up the next one-

Letter P

[Needs auto-generated text]

Letter Q

Unknown Speaker  00:00

The Yubo Biggie by Bobo aka J AEC. See Isaac is IC o Soseki. guys I'll see you soon as they decide so So, the idea of arrows are all joined together on the letter D II think

Unknown Speaker  00:28

Da da da, da di Di Di, di GUAQJJJ J J, J, J, J J J J J J U

Unknown Speaker  01:25


Doug Misicko  01:49

don't not even sure which what the track is called but it's got a real cool like Calliope type loop, you know?

Unknown Speaker  02:00

What are you talking about that

Unknown Speaker  02:01

skinny puppy used to play guinea pig to in the background at some of their shows in one of their songs makes reference to it that he says something about the samurai Doctor dismembering.

Amy Bugbee  02:16

While it's cool, I'll have to listen to that. Yeah, that was a crazy movie that was really gross. Which one companion to the pig.

Shane Bugbee  02:25

Okay, what do we do you know what? Who's going to introduce this this segment? This letter sponsored by the letter Q.

Amy Bugbee  02:33

I'll do Q.

Unknown Speaker  02:34

Q. What up? It's a Q What up? Hey, wow.

Amy Bugbee  02:38

You ended up for Q? It's the alphabet show. Or as Doug says the ABCs of Phil. Shane, what are you calling it?

Shane Bugbee  02:50

I really haven't heard anything that sounds good. At all. It sounds quiere que I have to be honest. I mean,

Doug Misicko  02:56

nothing is quality. Quite clear what nothing of quality.

Shane Bugbee  03:01

Exactly. But it's the concept that counts.

Amy Bugbee  03:04

Every every episode of the show is another letter of the alphabet. And we're at Q so we're more than half I thought

Unknown Speaker  03:11

this was W so I have some weed. Oh, by all means,

Amy Bugbee  03:16

and it's Shane bugby. Doug Messner. And me. I'm Amy.

Shane Bugbee  03:23

I thought this was W for weed.

Amy Bugbee  03:28

Q for

Doug Misicko  03:30

Q and so, control No, I

Shane Bugbee  03:32

like to think of when I think of weed I like to think of quitter. Because weed reminds me to just quit. Why? Why play the game? When there's no fucking possibility of winning? The fucking quitter.

Doug Misicko  03:49

gotta quit. gotta quit anger

Unknown Speaker  03:53

to quit refusing the weed.

Amy Bugbee  03:55

No, no, none for me. Are you quitting? I'm quitting for now.

Doug Misicko  04:03

Now in the spirit of Jay, when you describe to me what a Jehovah's Witnesses are all about, perhaps somebody can fill me in on what the Quakers are all

Shane Bugbee  04:09

about. Quakers about sucking and fucking.

Doug Misicko  04:13

They're like Amish people, aren't they? Except they're not Amish.

Amy Bugbee  04:17

They're kind of like a cross between Amish and Masonic or something because they have their weird kind of

Shane Bugbee  04:22

religion. They do a good oatmeal.

Amy Bugbee  04:26

William Penn. I remember doing a book report on him in third grade.

Shane Bugbee  04:30

That's fucking P not q.

Amy Bugbee  04:33

Well, he was a Quaker Penn stations named after him, but I'm not quite sure what he did.

Doug Misicko  04:43

So Quakers they have secret handshakes?

Amy Bugbee  04:45

I believe so. And they have funny beards. They've got the Cambo going on.

Doug Misicko  04:51

But they don't have like the Jewish curls at this on their sideburns. Do they

Amy Bugbee  04:56

think they're more of the powdered wig people

Doug Misicko  05:00

Are they queers?

Amy Bugbee  05:04

I don't know. I think a lot of those secret societies have some weird gay sex rituals going on. Fucking A spell working. I didn't talk about that for pee. The Paris working in Crowley called rally we'll figure Paris working and it was just about him. You know, doing his assistant in the butt.

Doug Misicko  05:31

Well, you got Queen Latifah

Shane Bugbee  05:34

cleanly TV. You know what Amy has a good CD to play. There's a lot of two minutes songs. So you want to just play like five of those two minutes songs. Amy? Yeah,

Amy Bugbee  05:43

that'll be fun. You know,

Shane Bugbee  05:44

they're like one and a half. I'll just find the shorter songs and go in order. Yeah, that sounds okay. Well, why don't you introduce this first song, we'll do it. And I'll talk about Queen Latif when we come back

Amy Bugbee  05:55

all right, we'll just say hey, we just got

Doug Misicko  05:59

Shane and Queen Latifah match made in heaven or something

Amy Bugbee  06:14

World Peace world peace from the kromaggs from the agent?

Unknown Speaker  06:45


Unknown Speaker  07:51


Amy Bugbee  08:01

it kromaggs And you know I was thinking that the kromaggs are Harry Krishna was the Harry cruiser hardcore mother Q.

Doug Misicko  08:36

My mother, Harry Krishna hardcore ban. The market is saturated with them.

Amy Bugbee  08:46

I saw him live one time and they were telling everybody between each song Don't forget to buy our vegetarian cookbook $5 at the table.

Unknown Speaker  08:54


Shane Bugbee  08:55

can you explain why you're talking about the kromaggs on the letter Q of the letters show or alphabet show or

Amy Bugbee  09:03

cuz I'm really stretching it and the name of the CD is called the age of quarrel. That's a cue.

Shane Bugbee  09:10

And it is one of the best Olds old school albums or CDs.

Amy Bugbee  09:15

Absolutely. It's funny. I always thought these guys were like walking with your mic, dog and talk really holy, you know, because they were Harry Krishnas and stuff. And they were vegetarians, and they live like these clean lives. And I remember they were in Chicago when the or at least the singer was John Joseph. He was in Chicago when the mentors were in town. And he made a trek all the way across town to come and meet the mentors because he loved the mentors. And I thought that was the oddest thing that this holy guy this Harry Krishna would want to meet the mentors.

Doug Misicko  09:51

Your mom like their album cover.

Amy Bugbee  09:53

It's true.

Unknown Speaker  09:54

Cliff or not to

Doug Misicko  09:56

Cliff. Sure, when you gotta you got Yeah, sometimes you really pumped some air into there too.

Shane Bugbee  10:04

Well, I wouldn't know. I think Doug is admitting to have a vagina and a penis right now.

Doug Misicko  10:10

I'm admitting to pumping some air into some vagina.

Amy Bugbee  10:12

Do you have a cloth? What is it? Are you a hermit for quite? What is the cloth?

Doug Misicko  10:20

I think it was off is like some type of hair. Do you know something less than 30 is

Unknown Speaker  10:25

good. Is that the kind of hair to Penn Jillette as does he have a cloth?

Amy Bugbee  10:30

Because Quakers have a cloth

Doug Misicko  10:33

or hair slicked back at the sides but really poofy at the top guy

Unknown Speaker  10:37

that's pendula isn't a cloth. That's Foley, the cue cloth. That's funny. What a funny word. I love funny words like schmuck. And what else do we put Putin? Because your Putin Putin,

Doug Misicko  10:52

Putin never heard it as your Putin. Sorry. Okay, is

Shane Bugbee  11:00

your Putin hanging? How's your Putin hanging? Right? Putin is funny smock is funny if you think say smart three times. Do it. Dog smack smack

Doug Misicko  11:09


Shane Bugbee  11:10

that doesn't start with Q.

Doug Misicko  11:12

I don't think so.

Amy Bugbee  11:13

I always liked Qaddafi. And you know, that's a cue. Yeah, they spell it with a cute

Shane Bugbee  11:19

dog you should do a fuck Qaddafi shirt.

Amy Bugbee  11:22

I love Qaddafi he's

Doug Misicko  11:23

old he's kids don't even know

Amy Bugbee  11:28

it to a Metallica concert

Shane Bugbee  11:29

Paris Hilton. I love wearing that shirt because it's so retro. Qaddafi retro retro right it's retro what leaves me with Well, let's well it's retro wore

Amy Bugbee  11:44

the crucifix have a song about Gaddafi.

Doug Misicko  11:48

glorifying Him or otherwise

Amy Bugbee  11:50

saying they're sorry that we bombed that his house and killed his children. I guess they're on his side.

Doug Misicko  12:02

Maybe ya know a lot about it.

Shane Bugbee  12:06

Quiet riot. que

Doug Misicko  12:09

nada. No.

Shane Bugbee  12:11

You know what I thought when I said Q is a quiet riot. And then I remembered I had a story for quiet, right? It's quite simply there. The reason I dropped out of high school. I remember going to some sort of assembly or something. And they played quiet riot. And it drove me nuts.

Doug Misicko  12:27

It does it we're gonna ban all heavy metal music.

Shane Bugbee  12:30

No, it was just quiet riot. It was so clear. It's an odd I drove me like I was embarrassed to be anywhere around there. And it was really clear. And I couldn't handle it. And I ran far away from it. And it was quiet riot pumping through the sound system. In high school that I think drove me it was one of the reasons crucial reasons and that's no joke.

Amy Bugbee  12:52

I'm surprised you didn't hang yourself in the bathroom. I know. Is that what tonight? No after hearing quiet riot

Doug Misicko  13:00

night's not over yet.

Shane Bugbee  13:04

You're surprised I didn't hang myself in the bathroom myself specific.

Amy Bugbee  13:09

I don't know in school, you go to the bathroom. I would think if you're going to commit suicide, I would think

Doug Misicko  13:15

Yeah, you never you never skipped class to hang yourself in the bedroom. Like a rite of passage.

Amy Bugbee  13:21

Somehow I just imagined students being tortured with quiet right running into the school washrooms and committing suicide. Not specifically you I just means

Doug Misicko  13:32

I might have committed suicide my high school bathroom but my body would have been sodomized and I can can deal with it.

Shane Bugbee  13:39

You have committed suicide. Because you're right. I think we should play another kromagg So

Amy Bugbee  13:45

yeah, let's have it

Unknown Speaker  14:05


Amy Bugbee  15:37

Oh, al Qaeda,

Shane Bugbee  15:39

you got talking to the mic the al Qaeda

Amy Bugbee  15:41

network, you know, home of angry Hispanics

Doug Misicko  15:45

are they banned

Unknown Speaker  15:48

queef qui force dog?

Doug Misicko  15:51

I'm trying I've been fine.

Unknown Speaker  15:53

If you go to dis Doug has photos of his posi and his dick.

Doug Misicko  16:00

I'm trying to queef out of either one of them.

Unknown Speaker  16:02

They call dog the queef Master General

Amy Bugbee  16:07

that's lucky you know if you're going to be a hermaphrodite you want to just be a hermaphrodite. Rather than have your parents or a physician decide which sex you should be.

Doug Misicko  16:15

I want to be able to fuck yourself.

Shane Bugbee  16:17

You think that's what Chuck Schneider meant by the with the song pull the plug.

Doug Misicko  16:26

Maybe what is that slang for fucking yourself? On the blog?

Amy Bugbee  16:31

hermaphrodite? Zach says you

Unknown Speaker  16:33

could you add that? Could you add that to the Urban Dictionary? Please duck that, you know, the guy from death does this great song. Oh, that blog. It gets listed in the urban dictionary is fucking yourself. Ruin ruins his song. He's like Chuck Berry. Or was that guy? Little Richard

Shane Bugbee  16:55

or whoever else? Barry Hasselhoff? Yeah, right, David?

Doug Misicko  16:59

He's just a pussy.

Shane Bugbee  17:00

Is there a q&a that?

Amy Bugbee  17:02

I didn't realize that was the scientific term for that? What? queef No. pulling the plug when you when hermaphrodites have sex with themselves?

Unknown Speaker  17:12

You pull a plug.

Doug Misicko  17:15

It's better than giving yourself a blow job. I'd imagine.

Amy Bugbee  17:19

queef I've only seen pictures of that. Yeah, me

Doug Misicko  17:24

too. I sent Shane those pictures to

Shane Bugbee  17:30

dude, what was wrong with you? I want to know what's wrong with you say? Hey,

Doug Misicko  17:36

I thought we should interview this guy who can suck his dick and put it on the internet. And you don't want to talk to this man.

Shane Bugbee  17:44

Doug's admitting that while the things running on tape.

Amy Bugbee  17:46

I wonder if it's the same guy from the no nothing circus who used to do that?

Shane Bugbee  17:51

It probably is.

Doug Misicko  17:53

The guy just goes around the country sucking his own. Does

Unknown Speaker  17:55

this have to do with a queue?

Doug Misicko  17:57

I don't. It's we're

Unknown Speaker  18:00

okay, there you go.

Amy Bugbee  18:04

I was bummed when that circus stayed at our house because the guy we saw him in the in this little magazine that they sent before they came pictures of him sucking his own deck but then when he was over, he just sat there quietly watching television politely.

Doug Misicko  18:20

Quietly What did you want from him in your own house?

Amy Bugbee  18:25

Well, I would have put down a towel quiet for a demonstration Quiet

Doug Misicko  18:33

quiet some quality and

Shane Bugbee  18:34

if you come to my house be prepared to serve and our protect.

Amy Bugbee  18:39

That was crazy.

Doug Misicko  18:41

I don't sleep belly down. That's right. I wake up I can steal my mud.

Unknown Speaker  18:49

He's way you know it was after Amy and the B and the B show he told a little story about butter fist at Doug's afraid, likes real afraid.

Doug Misicko  18:58

We're chesty belt.

Amy Bugbee  19:00

I do have a pair of rubber gloves unused in my in the rooms.

Unknown Speaker  19:04

boudoir. Yes. And the boudoir, rubber gloves.

Doug Misicko  19:09

Rubber gloves in the boudoir.

Unknown Speaker  19:14

What's next letter R as our ream ream

Amy Bugbee  19:24

rim job.

Doug Misicko  19:26

You can't skip ahead. You can't skip ahead. Yeah, that's true. What about Queen

Amy Bugbee  19:30

Latifah? Shane. You were on Queen Latifah before I don't

Shane Bugbee  19:33

feel like telling any stories don't know why

Amy Bugbee  19:38

I guess it's time to take a break

Doug Misicko  19:40

I'll be getting people aren't going to infer anything from your facial expression

Shane Bugbee  19:44

I'm getting what so silly and stone I'm getting quiet you know quiet cue this is this. This is what I think

Amy Bugbee  19:51

quiet sure, but I guess let's play another song. It's quiet.

Shane Bugbee  19:55

Oh yeah, we will play another song right

Doug Misicko  19:56

or will that people feel are

Shane Bugbee  20:24

there. coro age of Korra Amy?

Amy Bugbee  21:35

Yeah, Doug. Yep.

Shane Bugbee  21:40

I'm just making sure everyone's awake still. You're not quitters?

Amy Bugbee  21:44

Right? No quitters here. You've got quality

Shane Bugbee  21:55

What were we talking about? Quality? That was age coral. Coral que Queen Latifah. I was telling Doug yesterday, Doug had never heard that I was on Queen Latifah. So it's a story fresh in my mind. Sort of fresh, Queen Le t for those. They asked me to go out to the on the show for internet. Bad stuff on the internet, what was in unsavory stuff on the internet? And so I was like, fine, no problem. I would love to get a plug for some of the websites. And it was for a website called Dana Plato. I used to have. And so I go out there and find out right after I get some makeup on that. Dana planos Plato's family's there and not wanting to get lynched.

Amy Bugbee  22:56

And they wanted to confront you, right? Yeah. They

Shane Bugbee  22:59

wanted to confront me and I, the show wasn't live. And I didn't want to get edited down and I wanted, you know, I knew anything could happen. It was it was in their control. So, boy, this is a this is a hard story to tell. I mean, I feel like talking anymore.

Amy Bugbee  23:23

You've had it with the queen Latif.

Shane Bugbee  23:25

Tell Doug this this fucking story. Last night I tie these stories get old

Amy Bugbee  23:30

quandary about the queen.

Shane Bugbee  23:33

Yeah, they get old after a while. I've told the story 100 times probably people have already heard it anyway. But they fucking lied to me. And I wanted to leave the show. I didn't want to be on there. I wasn't gonna get stuck on a segment with Dana, Plato's family by myself. And I tried to leave they had these two big black cards that like are from Rikers Island, the prison. They brought me back down to my room and locked me in it. I used my cell phone called 911 got the New York Police Department there. The producer of the show comes down threatens to sue me for $100,000 for the cost of the show that I'm destroying. long and the short of it, I tell him, he's got to he had to pay to get me on the show. And I made him pay out of his pocket like a parking ticket, you know, for lying to me because he said he wouldn't pay. He wouldn't pay. They couldn't pay for me to be on the show. So I said, you know, empty out your pockets. Because I was going to leave and I guess the show would have been ruined and he would look bad. So he paid me the money. We went I went out there was funny. They sent these big black guys to stand around me to take me out there and all these people had heard what happened and had gotten riled up the whole crowd. So they started spitting on at me, but these big black guys were all around me so they were getting hit by the spit. So it's sort of funny. It was black spitting on blacks because the whole crowd was Black was like all these really degenerate people like all on welfare it look like it was just a real smelly fucking crowd.

Amy Bugbee  25:13

You were on there after the Dana Plato's x in laws or whatever was I after? I think, yeah, you were after. So they were all angered up because you did the segment's separately. You had your own

Shane Bugbee  25:24

set. Yeah. And they tried to accuse me not wanting to face off with them, which is not true. And we later did live on Court TV, me and Amy, but that I'll tell you about that in a second. So I go out there and they're yelling and screaming about making money and I say what do you know about making money? You're on fucking welfare. Fuck you. Queen Latifah comes out tells me I'm exploiting Dana, Plato's death. And I said no more. The only thing that's different about me and you as you're making hundreds of 1000s of dollars off exploiting Dana, Plato's death off of the show here. I'll be lucky to make a couple $1,000 You know, and I had embarrassed Queen Latif and with the first couple of questions, I saw her turn red, she'd left the show for a little bit and came back on and had said, and you'll see if you ever see a videotape of it, it says she says, uh, you know, This show isn't live. And they edit me down. They blur my face. I don't get to say anything. But it's fun. It looks cool. I've always wanted to be someone like that. So it's like I was on spring or something like, fuck you fuck you was like, and Jimmy Kimmel does this bit every Friday called Unnecessary Censorship. And it's real funny. You got to see I can't describe it. But it was similar like they were blurred my blurring me where it looked like I was probably yelling obscenities. But I was and I was just talking, and they blurred all my answers. And it was an interesting experience. Because we were yelling at each other. I was yelling at Queen Latifah. I was yelling at the crowd. I was telling them, they're on welfare. They smoke crack, and they're losers and quitters. Cue. And at the end of the show, Queen Latifah came up and shook my hand and said, thanks for being on the show. Everything was cool. And I was shocked. They wouldn't she wouldn't take a picture of me with me. And that's the only thing that's the only thing I didn't tell you yesterday dog was what was the only thing I wanted? Was her to take a picture with me. And she wouldn't. What? Why?

Doug Misicko  27:20

Why did you want that?

Shane Bugbee  27:21

Um, it because she was she's famous. It's good for PR. I mean, I plan on doing a book stuff like that. So I wanted to document me being on Queen Latifah. And you know, I'd had I've met Oprah, Oprah Winfrey, Winfrey. You know, I've met people like that. And it's nice to have a photo. I have a photo of Jerry Springer. Why? one more photo with Oprah. No, but I would love to have it. See, that's why we're clean the teeth. And now look, she's won an Oscar award or whatever. Yeah, so. So I mean, if I would have that, and there's a reason she wouldn't let me because she was protecting her, her,

Doug Misicko  28:00

her image investment or whatever image.

Shane Bugbee  28:03

And so that's, I want it for that for that because I'm in this in this kind of business where I want something that promote some of the things I do and sell. So that's just a way to promote things I do as a person. I've shied away from things like that. Well, I guess I did stand in line and meet Ozzy Osbourne and do but I guess I like meeting famous people want to know, but quality if it was business, but she wouldn't take a photo with me. And that was that. And this is the ABC show. And I'm Shane. Evil That's Doug from dis Until stage right, that's Amy from horror of Look for the fuck John Ashcroft shirt on all those lovely websites and you're gonna get a free one inch pin that says Pope's nose. That comes straight from Amy's Pope's nose tears.

Amy Bugbee  28:54

You gotta have the Pope's nose.

Shane Bugbee  28:56

Yeah. And this show is going to be the last for the night. I think you guys want to try to do our I'll take that as a no done. So this is the last show and this was this has been two days now. We've been going through the alphabet, just thrown out letters and the first thing that first things that come to our mind. Boy, it's like 3am So it's pretty late. Yeah, well check out evil Three Ring, three ring dis horror of and TV is and tune in next time for our our

Amy Bugbee  29:39

hires an exciting letter.

Shane Bugbee  29:43

Our robot are like a pirate fucking redundant.

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