United Federation of Churches LLC v. Netflix, Inc. et al

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United Federation of Churches LLC v. Netflix, Inc. et al
Filing Date
Original Jurisdiction
Plaintiff United Federation of Churches LLC
Intervenor N/A
Original Result
First Appeal N/A
Second Appeal N/A
Final Result

Netflix Makes ‘Amicable’ Deal With the Devil Over Sabrina

Warner Bros. “amicably settled” a suit by the Satanic Temple alleging its Netflix show, “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” infringed on the Temple’s copyright, WB spokesman Paul McGuire told Bloomberg Law Nov. 23.
An attorney for the Temple, Bruce H. Lederman, told Bloomberg Law Netflix agreed within 10 days of the Temple’s suit to give the it copyright credit for the statute on all episodes that have been filmed. Lederman is with D’Agostino, Levine, Landesman & Lederman LLP in New York.
The show portrays Baphomet, a “goat-headed, angel-winged, hermaphroditic” deity whose image is often considered by non-Temple members to be that of Satan or the Devil. The Satanic Temple commissioned a statue of Baphomet in 2013.
The Temple alleges the show infringed on its registered copyright of the statue’s unique design by displaying its likeness in trailers, advertisements, and four of 10 episodes.
The terms of the settlement are confidential. However a member stated on Facebook that the settlement amounted to US$300,000.