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The Grey Faction, a subset of the Satanic Temple's web presence, has been described by Doug Mesner as "some of the most important work we do here." [citation needed, some pre-ISSTD video]. Their Twitter feed describes them as "A campaign of The Satanic Temple dedicated to ending the ongoing Satanic Panic in the mental health field"[1], by which they allege that there is an ongoing epidemic of "conspiracy therapists" who routinely implant false memories into the minds of their patients, solely for the fame and money that this provides, thus perpetuating the so-called "satanic panic"[2].

For the last few years, the Grey Faction have waged multiple protest campaigns at the annual conferences of the ISSTD[3][4][5] and one at the annual conference of S.M.A.R.T.[6][7]

Formation and purpose

The Grey Faction appears to have been cut whole cloth from the template of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, which dissolved at the end of 2019.[8] It repeats the exact claims made on the FMSF website, which are no longer accepted by scientific research.[9]