Cave et al v. Thurston

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Arkansas State Sen. Jason Rapert stands with 10 Commandments monument on state Capitol grounds in Little Rock, Ark.
Cave et al v. Thurston
Filing Date 5/23/2018
Original Jurisdiction US District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas
Plaintiff Donna Cave, Judith Lansky, Pat Piazza, Susan Russell (deceased); consol plaintiffs American Humanist Association, Arkansas Society of Freethinkers, Freedom From Religion Foundation Inc., Anne Orsi, Eugene Levy, Gale Stewart, Joan Dietz (terminated Dec. 5, 2019), Teresa Grider, Victor H Nixon, Walter Riddick
Defendant John Thurston (Arkansas Secretary of State)
Intervenor United Federation of Churches LLC a.k.a "Satanic Temple", "The Satanic Temple LLC"; Doug Misicko a.k.a. "Lucien Greaves"; Erika Robbins
State Arkansas
Case# 4:18-cv-00342
Original Result Ongoing
First Appeal N/A
Second Appeal N/A
Final Result