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Winstonian Enterprises Ltd.
Established 01/12/2020
Entity Type For-profit
Incorporated State Colorado
State ID# 20201031390
Physical Address 64 Bridge st, Attn: Ada King, Salem, MA 0197
Mail Address 64 Bridge st, Attn: Ada King, Salem, MA 0197
Registered Agent Mallory Nicole Pokorny
Doing Business As The Satanic Estate, TST Virtual Headquarters
Past Names Goddess: The American Stripper

Winstonian Enterprises Ltd is a Colorado-based Limited Liability Company (LLC) registered in the state of Colorado. Mallory Nicole Pokorny is its registered agent, with no other governing officers publicly visible. The company was created Jan. 12, 2020, as Goddess: The American Stripper Ltd. before updating it to "Winstonian Enterprises" May 23, 2020.[1] It owns and operates The Satanic Estate and The Satanic Temple Virtual Headquarters.

Its only named person when forming the corporation was Kacy Crider, who in 2017, held the role of Media Liaison for The Satanic Temple Colorado chapter in 2017.[2][3]

Its principal street address is 64 Bridge Street, Attn: Ada King, Salem, MA 0197, the same physical location listed for The Satanic Temple and Salem Art Gallery. According to its website, "Winstonian" is named in honor of Estate Director King's pet rabbit.[4]

Relationship to TST

The company's exact affiliation with The Satanic Temple is unclear. The Satanic Temple's December 2020 newsletter stated "Winstonian Enterprises is a third-party platform and is not affiliated with TST"; however, as of 2021, the website for the Satanic Estate describes Winstonian Enterprises as "a small company affiliated with The Satanic Temple."[5][6]

Original Project

In January 2020, a Patreon and social media launched for "Goddess: The American Stripper". Its website described it as "Strippers leverage politicians in a new comedy series, advancing legal reform for strippers and opening the Club of Our Dreams."[7] The Instagram account described it as a "Media Empire for Sex Workers By Sex Workers", its IndieGogo described it as "creating advocacy for sex workers with an all stripper cast/crew" and "Political drama series about strippers leveraging senators, lobbyists to open the club of our dreams." [8]

It began fundraising January 2020 for a pilot with plans for three seasons.[9]

In the strip club of our reality. Caprice and Ada use their professional acumen to lobby their first politicians to advance a mutual agenda. The Club of Our Dreams begins to come into focus.
Strippers leverage politicians to open the Club of Our Dreams and begin to advance political reform for American strippers.
Strippers, fully actualized as their own Goddesses, have opened the Club of Our Dreams and accelerate their pursuit of political reform for American strippers. Their lobbying expands to political action supporting other American workers. The Goddesses open a series of new Clubs of Our Dreams across the country, inciting new power struggles for these once low-income workers.
Growing pains from opening clubs around the world weigh on the Goddesses and their friendships as they navigate international politics, significant sums of money and the ethical dilemmas that unfold. Can the Goddesses maintain their initial ethical goals under these pressures?

On April 14, 2020, King announced on IndieGogo "We Got Coronafucked" and the pilot was $98,000 short of its $100,000 goal, therefore donations would instead go toward covering the work already done by members of the team.[10][11]

Public posts indicated that 90 percent of the 75 person team lost their sex work jobs, film jobs, or both, and 75 percent of the project team members "did not receive the income they'd expected from the film". A new goal of $12,000 "to make rent and buy groceries" was created.[12]

On May 17, 2020, King announced on Patreon that the fundraising goal had been reached, with $4,635 raised to pay all of the goddesses, while $4,816 "from the original budget were to be paid back to the showrunner [King]. These will be dealt with over proportionate revenue to be determined and communicated through this channel transparently."[13]

The next public Patreon post addressing the show came in December 2020, announcing Goddess was on hiatus, and King's next project would be, which as of May 2021 redirects to[14]

Current Projects

According to its website, "The Satanic Estate is owned & operated by Winstonian Enterprises." The website also states that there are three virtual "buildings": The Satanic Temple Virtual Headquarters, Faction Hall, and Temple."[15]

The website states that the Satanic Temple's Virtual Headquarters logo was designed for TSTVHQ by Pope WonKa and inspired by the cover art for Revolt of the Angels by Anatole France.


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