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64 Bridge LLC
Established 6/23/2015
Entity Type For-profit
Incorporated State Massachusetts
State ID# 001178574
Physical Address 64 BRIDGE STREET, SALEM, MA 01970
Mail Address 64 BRIDGE STREET, SALEM, MA 01970
Registered Agent Cevin Soling
Doing Business As Satanic Art Gallery
Past Names N/A
Website SalemArtGallery.com

Sixty Four Bridge LLC, also 64 Bridge LLC, is a Domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC) registered in the state of Massachusetts. Cevin Soling is its registered agent as well as its Manager and only signatory. Per the city of Salem, the company also does business as Salem Art Gallery, but this does not appear to be indicated on the state Secretary of State documents.[1]

Not to be confused with "64 Bridge Street LLC" which existed from 2010 to 2015.[2]

64 Bridge Street

The corporation is the legal owner of the property 64 Bridge St, Salem, MA 01970-4131, which is "the international headquarters for The Satanic Temple" and "Salem Art Gallery".[3][4]

Shortly after purchasing the location in July 2015, the corporation petitioned the city of Salem to convert office space on the first floor of the building into an art gallery with an accessory gift shop.[5][6] The building was originally constructed in 1882, and the property, bought for $426,500, was worth $539,100 as of 2021.[3]

It is also the registered address other Massachusetts-based corporations belonging to Soling, United Federation of Churches, LLC, Cinephobia LLC, and Reason Alliance, Ltd. It is also the registered address for Colorado-based business Winstonian Enterprises Ltd., which owns and operates The Satanic Estate.[7]


In April 2020, Sixty Four Bridge LLC took out a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan of $52,894 for payroll purposes relating to four positions.[8]

According to frequently asked questions for The Satanic Estate, also known as The Satanic Temple's Virtual Headquarters (TSTVHQ), the tickets charged for virtual events was to offset the costs from the closed physical headquarters in Salem due to COVID-19.[9] The Salem Art Gallery ultimately reopened April, 1, 2021. [10]

It is not made explicit or obvious what these costs are given that, with Doug Misicko, Soling himself owns The Satanic Temple and, through 64 Bridge LLC, solely owns that property and ultimately would collect any rents.


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