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Jump to navigation Jump to search LLC was a for-profit corporation originally registered in Florida in 2006.[1]

In 2013, Cevin Soling sued the owners Anthony and John Gabriele in federal court in the Western District of New York.[2]

Soling sought the return of his initial $100,000 investment along with $200,000 in punitive damages.[2]

The Gabrieles countersued and July 28, 2014, the case was dismissed after an agreement was reached out of court.

The lawyer used by Soling in the case, James MacNaughton, would go on to represent "Mary Doe" in The Satanic Temple's failed reproductive rights case in Missouri, Mary Doe v. Jeremiah J Nixon et al.[3][4]

A business partner of Soling, Bruce Pilato, was VP Director of Marketing in 2009.[5] As of 2020, Pilato seemed to continue to own part of a new version of the company registered in New York.[6][7]


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