William James MacNaughton

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William James MacNaughton
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Occupation Business Attorney
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William James MacNaughton is a New Jersey-based attorney. According to his website, MacNaughton "specializes in Commercial Litigation and Business Transactions."[1]

MacNaughton litigated The Satanic Temple's two failed abortion-related cases in Missouri on behalf of the clients Mary Doe and Judy Doe. Prior and subsequent to this activity, MacNaughton worked as an attorney on behalf of The Satanic Temple co-owner Cevin Soling.

MacNaughton's role as primary attorney for The Satanic Temple was taken over by Matthew Kezhaya in later cases.


  1. wjesq.com, W. James MacNaughton specializes in Commercial Litigation and Business Transactions. He has 37 years of experience solving problems and guiding professionals, corporations, private citizens through the United States Judicial System. His proven track record has demonstrated consistent results in a cost-effective manner.