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Cinephobia LLC
Established 8/26/2018
Entity Type For-profit
Incorporated State Massachusetts
State ID# 001343142
Physical Address 64 BRIDGE STREET, SALEM, MA 01970
Mail Address 64 BRIDGE STREET, SALEM, MA 01970
Registered Agent "MALCOLM JARRY"
Doing Business As The Satanic Temple TV
Past Names N/A

Cinephobia LLC is a Domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC) registered in the state of Massachusetts. "Malcolm Jarry" is its registered agent with Cevin Soling serving as governor under his own name along with Doug Misicko.

It was founded Aug. 26, 2018, in Salem, MA. The general purpose of the company is given on Secretary of State documents as "film production." [1]

The Satanic Temple TV

According to its website, Cinephobia LLC owns and operates The Satanic Temple TV.[2]

Launched in 2019, Cinephobia provides a wide range of video content relevant to The Satanic Temple including but not limited to: live-stream video of rituals, ceremonies, protests and other gatherings; original new media series written and created exclusively for The Satanic Temple TV; video footage of lectures and interviews; and documentary-style features about our campaigns, protests, and other activities.

According to its statements page, Misicko as Lucien Greaves is identified as "spokesperson and co-founder, The Satanic Temple"; while William Morrison and Greg Stevens are both identified as "Executive Producer, The Satanic Temple TV".


[Under construction]

"Pay It Forward"

On Oct. 14, 2020, TST TV announced its "Pay It Forward" program, which it said made it possible to for people to "[donate] money into a pool that is then distributed lottery-style as coupon codes for free access to content of their choosing." It was not obvious from the description how these funds were tracked.[3]

"Satanic Video Creators"

On Jan. 11, 2020, TST TV announced its Satanic Video Creators program. It was not obvious from the description what compensation or resources were being offered in return for the content pitches.[4]

Connections to other corporations

The business is one of many others owned by Soling at 64 Bridge Street, including United Federation of Churches, LLC, which does business as "The Satanic Temple." In previous years, Soling's business Spectacle Films Inc, based out of New York State, had promoted itself as documenting TST activities.


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