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"Doug Mesner", left, and "Lucien Greaves", right
Doug Misicko
Born August 1975
Other Names Doug Mesner, Lucien Greaves, Mikoko Niikura, Konrad Josefsson, Val Riley, Neil Bricke (sic)
Occupation owner of United Federation of Churches, LLC, other corporations
Satanic Affiliation The Satanic Temple

Douglas Alexander Misicko, born August 1975, also known by the pseudonyms Lucien Greaves and Douglas Mesner, and perhaps others, is the co-founder of The Satanic Temple, which he owns jointly with Cevin Soling. Misicko also solely owns The Satanic Temple Inc.

Misicko claims to have studied neuroscience with a specialty in false-memory syndrome and graduated from Harvard University at some point.[1]

Sometime before 2002, Misicko began using the pseudonym "Mesner". He also befriended Church of Satan member Shane Bugbee, who ran an independent press. Together they worked on a new edition of the virulently antisemitic, misogynistic, and white supremacist proto-fascist work Might Is Right, which had formed the basis of the first section of Anton LaVey's book The Satanic Bible.

Process Church of the Final Judgment

[Under construction]

Flat Earth Books

Under the name "Doug Mesner", someone wrote at least five books about Flat Earth theory, per[2] However, as of 2021, Misicko denies having written them and claims it was a prank against him.[3]

  • Flat Talk: Talking To Your Loved Ones About Flat Earth Theory[4]
  • Suddenly Flat: How I Became a Flat Earther[5]
  • Flat Earth in Three Minutes: Breaking the Spell of Globe Belief[6]
  • The Flat Earth Revolution[7]
  • The Flat Earth Revolution: The World's First Flat Earth Novel (possible duplicate)[8]
  • The Globe Delusion: It's Time To Talk About Flat Earth[9]

"Might Is Right" stream

Misicko, as Doug Mesner, illustrated a reprinting of the 19th-century proto-fascist work Might Is Right by Arthur Desmond.[10][11]

On Sept. 11, 2003, they put on a 24-hour Internet stream with Bugbee's spouse Amy Stocky Bugbee to celebrate the book's release and talk about wide-ranging subjects such as the problem with evangelicals and where Timothy McVeigh did or did not go wrong. They interviewed white supremacists Tom Metzger and George Burdi as well as Church of Satan High Priest Peter H. Gilmore.[12][13]

Archival footage supplied by

In response to a listener's comment about the Nazis ruining the idea of Social Darwinism and eugenics in popular culture, at 3:31:05 into the stream[13], Misicko would infamously say:

Threw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak. It’s just like, ‘antisemitic’ to me isn’t a bad word. It just depends. Like, I think it’s okay to hate Jews if you hate them because they’re Jewish and they wear a stupid fucking frisbee on their head and walk around thinking they’re God’s chosen people.[14]

Misicko then clarified that it’s not okay to hate non-practicing Jews who only have "Jewish blood", however, leading Bugbee and Stocky to disagree while making increasingly aggressive claims about not liking anyone with a drop of Jewish blood as well as arguing about who and how many actually died in the Holocaust.

When directly asked if he was Jewish himself, Misicko also replied, “I’m an Aryan king!”

In 2018, the comments resurfaced as part of a broader schism between Misicko, Cevin Soling, and some other members high-ranking members on the one side and numerous local chapter leaders and members on the other, and many chapters chose to sever connections with TST that year.[15][16][17]

Actions in regards to dissociation and "false" memory

By the mid-2000s, Misicko had begun an (apparently ongoing) feud with self-described survivor and researcher of ritual abuse and mind control Neil Brick. [18] This mostly revolved around the non-existence of Satanic ritual abuse, which is now commonly agreed to have been a panic. However, Misicko also took aim at people who claimed to have only understood as adults that they'd been abused as children, leading to work with the controversial and now-defunct False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF).[19][20] [21] Under the apparent pseudonymous Facebook profile "Mikoto Niikura", Misicko also served as one of several administrators for the "self-monitored peer and discussion group" The False Memory Syndrome Action Network on Facebook, which was created in December 2012 and still active as of July 2021.[22][23] A 2013 press release under the name "Val Riley" was sent out, critical of a scheduled Dr. Phil segment. It quoted from "Douglas Mesner", referring to him as "a freelance journalist specializing in psychiatric abuse, conspiracy theory folklores, and the on-going recovered memory controversy" and referenced an open letter to Dr. Phil that "Mesner" had written several months prior.[24][25] In addition to the style, all of the contact information for the press release under Riley's name was Misicko's, linking back to the Facebook forum Misicko served as admin for, his website, his website, and an abortive Twitter profile, @falsememorysynd.

According to David Shurter, another self-described ritual abuse survivor Misicko has feuded with since at least 2015, Misicko has also used the Facebook pseudonym "Konrad Josefsson" to continue engaging with him.[26], as well as to tell others why Complex PTSD is beneath his contempt[27].

In his July 2013 "interview" with Bugbee, Misicko would describe this work as central to the work of The Satanic Temple as well[28]:

Innocent people have been convicted and imprisoned on the “evidence” of recovered memory testimony, even though this is the exact same “evidence” we have for alien abduction, and is the same “therapeutic” process by which people practice “past life regression.” I have a long and complex body of writing, much of which can be read at, where I detail in a number of articles how this cult-like therapy subculture continues to ruin the lives of innocent people. So one of my own goals is to destroy this harmful pseudoscientific practice, and dispel the myth of an international Satanic conspiracy. The broader goal of the Satanic Temple in general is to advocate for all of those who are unjustly maligned, demonized, or marginalized—victimized by conspiracy theorists and dogmatic supernaturalists.

The Grey Faction, a sub-project of The Satanic Temple, has continued such work toward Misicko's interests in this area.[29] this work expanded Misicko's targets to not only those who have "false memory", but those who have dissociative disorders, experience dissociation or repression of any kind, and those who come to terms with abuse later in life.

The Satanic Temple

According to Professor Joseph Laycock, in March 2012, along with David Guinan and Cevin Soling, Misicko organized a protest against then-Governor of Florida Rick Scott for a fictional organization called "The Satanic Temple", which later became an actual organization.[30] As the Penny Lane-directed film "Hail Satan?" showed, initially, another actor played the character of "Lucien Greaves" with Misicko using the pseudonym "Neil Bricke" when describing himself as the org's founder.[31][32][33]

Further mock protests would follow, including the "Pink Mass", which took aim at the anti-LGBT+ practices of the Westboro Baptist Church,[34] and the construction of a Baphomet monument in Detroit to compete with a 10 Commandments monument located on the grounds of the Oklahoma State Capitol.[35][36] The monument was later relocated to a newly-purchased headquarters in Salem, MA in 2016 for permanent display to the public [citation needed], then briefly relocated again to compete with another 10 Commandments monument in Arkansas.[37]

Further protest actions of The Satanic Temple revolve entirely around The Grey Faction.

Public Financial History

From 2013 to 2017, donations were solicited for The Satanic Temple on IndieGoGo through an account under Lucien Greaves' name.

Fundraising Campaigns (incomplete)
Year Name Donated Goal Result
2017 The Satanic Temple Veterans' Monument $12,673 $19,500 Ongoing litigation
2015 The Satanic Temple Reproductive Rights Campaign $45,613 $31,870 Litigation failed
2014 Untitled Draft Campaign $2,879 $75,000 N/A
2014 Put a Satanic Monument at OK Capitol $28,110 $20,000 Baphomet statue created, never placed
2013 The Satanic Temple Adopt-a-Highway Campaign $2,244 $15,000 UNK


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