Satanic Temple, Inc v. Jessica Snow

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Satanic Temple, Inc v. Jessica Snow
Filing Date 11/23/2022
Original Jurisdiction 261st District Court (Travis County, Texas)
Plaintiff The Satanic Temple, Inc.
Defendant Jessica Lynn Snow
Intervenor N/A
State Texas
Case# D-1-GN-22-006797
Original Result Ongoing
First Appeal N/A
Second Appeal N/A
Final Result

Satanic Temple, Inc v. Jessica Snow is an ongoing court case filed November 23rd, 2022, by the nonprofit religious corporation The Satanic Temple Inc against Tik Tok user Jessica Lynn Snow, a/k/a “The Satanic Housewife”

Summary of Alleged Charges

The Satanic Temple (TST) is suing Snow for "Business Disparagement" and "Defamation – Libel" over a video posted to Tik Tok on May 3, 2022. The video alleges:

  1. The organization's co-Founder Doug Misicko had admitted that he had taken funds donated to The Satanic Temple and had used them to pay personal bills referring to testimony he had given for the ongoing Cave et al v. Thurston case
  2. Had sued previous members into silence referring to the dismissed United Federation of Churches LLC v. Johnson et al case
  3. Kicked out a former member after they were sexually assaulted by a chapter leader referring to allegations given by ex-TST Austin members about the abuse
  4. The upper echelon is friends with people involved in the alt-right movement using Milo Yiannopoulos as an example referring to Greg Stevens' article "I’m anti-feminist, if by “feminist” you mean…"[1] where he talks about his friendship with Milo.

Snow issued a public apology and retraction on a follow-up video on June 17, 2022 after receiving a "Request for Correction, Clarification, or Retraction" from lawyer Matthew Kezhaya. This was then followed up on June 21, 2022 posting a video of the letter as proof that she had been sued herself.

The Satanic Temple is arguing:

  1. All of the above statements are provably false
  2. Doug Misicko didn't embezzle funds to himself to pay for personal needs
  3. TST is innocent of any abusive wrongdoing because these statements "...directly conflicts with TST’s actual conduct"[2]
  4. People discovering that members of the TST were involved with alt-right may hurt donations and membership
  5. They haven't lost any cases related to abortion because they have two cases The Satanic Temple, Inc. et al v. Hellerstedt et al and The Satanic Temple, Inc., et al v. Young et al currently ongoing
  6. Snow was trying to use the video of the lawyer's letter to imply TST was silencing her

The Satanic Temple is seeking the following:

  • Damages to be paid according to a jury at trial
  • A temporary injunction requiring removal of the defamatory statements from social media accounts
  • A permanent injunction to refrain from publishing further false statements disparaging TST
  • Attorneys’ fees, court costs, and other reasonable expenses incurred in bringing the action[sic]
  • Such further relief, at law or equity, to which plaintiffs’ show themselves entitled


The Satanic Temple, Inc. v. Jessica Lynn Snow
Date PDF File Docket entry
11/23/2022 📄 PLAINTIFFS ORIGINAL PETITION (12 pages)


  2. See: Section 12 of the docket titled: PLAINTIFFS ORIGINAL PETITION