Organizational Documents of The Satanic Temple

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The following is a list of known documents relating to the internal structure of The Satanic Temple (TST). This includes codes of conduct, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), meeting notes, and other procedural documents created to outline the structure within TST at both a local and national level.

Be advised that many of the documents below are subject to revision and removal from internal circulation by the officers of TST, including the Executive Ministry. Consequently, the documents in this list may differ from the versions used by TST. If you are aware of a revised version of a process document, please contact the wiki administrator.

Codes of Conduct

Code of Conduct - General Membership (2022) (PDF)

Code of Conduct - General Membership (2021) (PDF)

Code of Conduct - TST Virtual Headquarters Staff (PDF)

Congregation Handbooks

TST Alberta (2022) (PDF)

TST Arizona (ca. 2019) (PDF)

TST Atlanta (2022) (PDF)

TST Austin (2022) (PDF)

TST Delaware (2022) (PDF)

TST Northeast Gulf Coast (2022) (PDF)

TST Oregon (2022) (PDF)

TST Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania (2022) (PDF)

Congregation Structure

Transformation Policy (2023) (PDF)

Transformation Policy (2022) (PDF)

Recognition and Onboarding Committee (ROC) Operational Document (2022) (PDF)

Congregation Leadership Policy Document (2024) (PDF)

Sexually-Positive Event Guidelines (2021) (PDF)

Social Media Guidelines (2024) (PDF)

Best Practice in Congregation Logos (2024) (PDF)

Candidate Facilitator Agreement (2024) (PDF)


Non-Disclosure Agreement - General (2018) (PDF)

Ministry Documents

Conduct Agreement for Ministers of Satan Ordained By the Satanic Temple: Unofficial Companion Guide (2024) (PDF)

Ordination Study Guide (2021) (PDF)

National Council Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes (6-24-2018) (PDF)

Meeting Notes (7-8-2018) (PDF)

Meeting Notes (9-9-2018) (PDF)

National Council Announcements

Zeke, Cain, London Chapter (PDF)

Fundraising and Merchandise (3-17-2017) (PDF)

Marches and Rallies (4-23-2017) (PDF)

Updated NDA and Affiliation Agreements (8-31-2018) (PDF)

About the New NDAs and AAs (9-3-2018) (PDF)

Other Documents

TST Organizational Hierarchy Structure (2-16-2018) (PDF)