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Cevin Soling, left; "Malcolm Jarry", center, (per NYT); and "Malcolm Jarry", right, (per Shane Bugbee)
Cevin Soling
Born August 5, 1966
Other Names Malcolm Jarry, Calvin Soling, Paul Anson; possibly also Samuel Hines, Paul Fillmore
Occupation owner of United Federation of Churches, LLC, other corporations
Satanic Affiliation The Satanic Temple

Cevin D. Soling is a Massachusetts-based business owner whose Wikipedia article describes him "an American writer, filmmaker, philosopher, musician, music producer, and artist". In a Village Voice article in 2014, Shane Bugbee identified Soling as using the pseudonym "Malcolm Jarry" in his public capacity with The Satanic Temple.[1]

Real Estate

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Music, Film, Publishing, and Entertainment Corporations

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Opposition to Public Schools

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Position on State of Israel

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TST Corporations

Soling is the listed manager of United Federation of Churches, LLC[2], which also does business as "The Satanic Temple".[3][4] The LLC owns the trademark "Lucien Greaves," the public name used by the corporation's registered agent and other signatory, Douglas Misicko. [5][6] However, according to an archived version of TST's website, as late as May 2013, posts with the display name "Lucien" were still coming from the author username "cevin".[7]

As of 2021, a "Malcolm Jarry" is still listed as the legal registered agent of Cinephobia LLC[8], which owns and operates TST's streaming service "The Satanic Temple TV", along with Soling and Misicko. [9] Soling is president and treasurer of Reason Alliance, Ltd[10], with Misicko serving as director, vice president, and clerk. Soling is the sole owner and fills all officer roles of Alliance for Integrity and Justice Ltd[11].

Additionally, Soling is the sole owner of 64 Bridge LLC[12], through which he owns 64 Bridge St, Salem, MA 01970, "the international headquarters for The Satanic Temple" and "Salem Art Gallery".[13][14] It is also the registered address of many of Soling's Massachusetts-based corporations.

Outside of Massachusetts, Soling is listed as the owner of Spectacle Films Inc[15], Xemu Records Inc[16], and according to third party registers, many others (see below).[17][18]

Other Corporations

Associated Corporations Listing (Incomplete)
ID# Legal Name Company Type Registered Agent State Physical Address Established Dissolution
001343142 Cinephobia LLC Domestic LLC Malcolm Jarry (Registered Agent), Cevin Soling (Manager), Doug Misicko (Manager) MA 64 Bridge Street, Salem, MA, 01970 8/26/2018 -
001325870 Alliance For Integrity And Justice Ltd. Nonprofit Corporation Cevin Soling MA 47 High Street Suite #444, Medford, MA, 02155 3/3/2018 -
001299281 The Satanic Temple Inc Nonprofit Corporation Douglas Misicko (registered agent),[19], Lucien Greaves (principal officer), Malcolm Jarry (co-principal officer)[20] MA 64 Bridge Street, Salem, 01970 MA 11/14/2017 -
001230217 The Alliance For Self-directed Education, Inc. Nonprofit Corporation Peter Gray (Resident Agent, President), Cevin Soling (Director) MA 9 King Philip Trail, Norfolk, MA, 02056 7/2/2016 -
001178574 Sixty Four Bridge LLC Domestic LLC Cevin Soling MA 64 Bridge Street, Salem, 01970 MA 6/23/2015 -
720461 350 Village Street LLC Domestic LLC Cevin Soling NH 112 4th Street, Medford, MA, 02155, USA 1/26/2015 1/6/2019
471933964 Reason Alliance, Ltd. Nonprofit Corporation Malcolm Jarry MA 64 Bridge Street, Salem, 01970 MA 9/6/2014 -
001127600 United Federation Of Churches, LLC Domestic LLC Douglas Misicko (registered agent), Cevin Soling (manager) MA 64 Bridge Street, Salem, 01970 MA 2/4/2014 -
3775372 MK-ULTRA, LLC Domestic LLC Cevin Soling NY 2 East Broadway Suite 901, New York, New York, 10038 2/17/2009 -
3250795 World Watch Productions Inc. Domestic Not-for-Profit Corporation Cevin Soling NY 609 Kappock Street #1A, Bronx, New York, 10463 8/31/2005 -
2755378 A2X Records, LLC Domestic LLC None[21][22] NY 31 East Main Street, Suite 200, ROCHESTER, NEW YORK, 14614 04/16/2002 -
2268917 Monolithic Industries, LLC Domestic LLC Cevin D Soling NY 609 Kappock Street #1a, Bronx, New York, 10463 6/12/1998 -
LLC4571-1997 Mad World, LLC Domestic LLC Cevin Soling (Managing Member)

Samuel Buckingham (Registered Agent)

NV 8005 Cetus Circle, No 201, Las Vegas, NV, 89128 11/17/1997 11/30/1998
000568580 Olmstead Leasing Corporation Foreign Corporation Chester Soling (Registered Agent), Cevin Soling (President) MA 600 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10016 3/10/1997 3/31/2008
1967068 Carleton Holdings, Inc. Foreign Business Corporation Cevin Soling, Chief Executive Officer NY 19 West 21st St #503, New York, New York, 10010 10/23/1995 -
2547256 Carleton Holdings, Inc. Domestic Business Corporation Corporation Service Company DE 251 Little Falls Drive, Wilmington, New Castle, DE, 19808 9/28/1995 -
1644388 Xemu Records, Inc. Domestic Business Corporation Cevin D Soling NY 2 East Broadway, Suite 901, New York, New York 10038 6/16/1992 -
1644379 Spectacle Films, Inc Domestic Business Corporation Cevin D. Soling NY 10 Fiske Place Suite 319, Mount Vernon, 10550 New York 6/16/1992 -
1619263 Carleton 130, L.P. Foreign Limited Partnership Cevin D. Soling NY 609 Kappock Street # 1A, Bronx, New York, 10463 3/9/1992 -
2289637 Carleton 130, L.P. Domestic Limited Partnership The Corporation Trust Company DE Corporation Trust Center 1209 Orange St, Wilmington, New Castle, De, 19801 3/2/1992 -
1610835 Carleton Kappock, L.P. Foreign Limited Partnership Cevin D. Soling NY 609 Kappock Street #1A, Bronx, New York, 10463 2/6/1992
1610833 Agsard Industries, Inc. Domestic Business Corporation Robert E. Hill (Registered Agent), Cevin Soling (Chief Executive Officer) NY Cevin Soling, 279 W 231st St, Bronx, New York, 10463 2/6/1992 *Not Confirmed In NYDOS Files
2287220 Carleton Kappock, L.P. Domestic Limited Partnership The Corporation Trust Company DE Corporation Trust Center 1209 Orange St, Wilmington, New Castle, DE, 19801 2/5/1992 -
1453193 SYK Corporation Foreign Business Corporation Cevin D Soling NY 16 North Broadway, Apt 1P, White Plains, New York, 1060 6/5/1990 6/27/2001
1554102 SYK Corporation Foreign Business Corporation Cevin Soling (President)

Adam Kristol (Treasurer)

PA 800 N 2nd St Harrisburg PA 17102 2/28/1990 -
2198418 SYK Corporation Domestic General Corporation Inactive Agent Account DE - 6/6/1989 -
1097219 The Soling Family Foundation Foreign Not-For-Profit Corporation none NY None 12/05/1986 11051 E Placita Cumbia, Tucon, AZ 85730-5814
2064805 The Soling Family Foundation Domestic Exempt Corporation United States Corporation Company DE None[23] 6/21/1985 -


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